Summer with C Ch. 09

Big Tits

When the knock came on the door the next day, I was already naked and semi-hard in anticipation. C was rather surprised to see me like that when I opened it and decided to take advantage of the situation by reaching out to greet me by fondling my shaft, turning it rock hard in an instant by doing so. We stood there for a minute with the door open and her hand wrapped around my manhood. No one came by, but the fact that they might was tantalizing.


She took off the skirt and blouse, the same attire as on the first day we met, but this time minus panties and bra. Still not closing the door, I pointed to the sofa cushion I’d strategically placed on the floor just inside the entrance and said simply “Kneel.” She lowered herself to the cushion as I instructed. I stood in front of her and positioned my cock inches from her face her so that when she opened her mouth like a good little slave I was able to slide it right in. It felt wonderful in there.

Never closing her eyes, she accepted it and proceeded to suck, kiss, lick and fondle it. I loved the sight of it going in and out of her lips as I mouthfucked her. I pulled it and out and stood Bostancı Escort just out of reach for a few moments with her kneeling there mouth agape craving to be filled again and then obliged her by shoving it back between her lips. She couldn’t yet take it very deep, but it felt exquisite anyway. I knew I wasn’t going to last long but that wasn’t the objective today. I needed release and my little suckpuppy was going to take care of that for me.

Soon enough I felt the familiar crescendo approaching and told her to hold my balls. As soon as I felt her delicate fingers gently cup them, my cock throbbed in her mouth, blasting a load down her throat, my balls pulsing as they emptied the pent up jizz. It went on and on but eventually stopped. I pulled it out so that she could swallow everything. Inches from her face it continued to quiver slightly and a small bead of aftercum oozed out which she dutifully attended to with her tongue, holding it steady with her hand as she did.

She looked up at me for approval.

“Good girl. Now dress and leave.”

I finally closed the door once she had disappeared.

Twenty minutes later the phone Kadıköy Escort rang. It was C. That morning I had arranged for a delivery of fresh flowers to her office so that they would be waiting for her when she returned.

“Thank you,” she whispered “For both gifts.”

“My pleasure.”

She giggled and said she needed to get back to the project she was working on. I suggested we go to the beach the next day.

“Okay, Bye.”

I also had an envelope delivered to C’s office before the end of the day. In it was her attire for the beach, a tiny turquoise blue thong with a g-string style back. The next day she wore it to the beach and was stunning in it. Now that she was completely shaven, the way it clung to her crotch resulted in her pussyslit telegraphing through in what we these days we refer to as a cameltoe. Very very sexy.

The day after was the same routine, only a bright yellow version of the same thong. Victoria’s Secret had them in a zillion colors and I’d bought her a fistful. Her tan was getting deeper and deeper and the bright colors against her browned skin looked terrific. Always a nice cameltoe was in evidence.

That Göztepe Escort evening after dinner I gave her a call and asked if she would be home around ten. She said yes, and I told her I’d stop by then for a few minutes.

At ten, after buzzing me in, she opened the door to her apartment wearing nothing more than the stockings and heels from the Starbucks/raincoat escapade. The only illumination was from candles scattered around the room and she had lit some incense as well. I had worn a pair of paisley silk boxers and a black T, both of which came off immediately. She sank to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Her hands grasped my thighs as she slurped and sucked, sliding up and down, in and out. It felt wonderful and I wanted it to last forever. On and on, in and out, her eyes closed most of the time, but occasionally opening them to stare up at me.

“Cum for me,” she said, breaking the silence “I want your cumjuice.”

That did it. I ejaculated in her mouth and she squeezed my thighs harder as I did. After swallowing, she licked my shaft, then rose and disappeared for a moment, coming back with a damp washcloth which she used on my cock and balls. We embraced and kissed, then I hung around for a while, waiting for my hard-on to subside enough that I could slip the T and boxers back on to head back to the car without making a total spectacle of myself. I slept very well that night.