Summer Dress


Cindy opened the door when I knocked. She was wearing a bright summer dress to the party. It was pretty, and she looked terrific! You know, really sexy!

For a second or so I might have stared at her with my mouth open. I knew that she was the sexiest woman I knew. I tried to stop that line of thought. After all, she was the wife of my friend. And she was my friend too. I failed in that attempt.

I could see the outline of her nipples through the fabric of the dress. It crossed my mind that other than sandals and maybe a thong, she was wearing nothing more than that flimsy summer dress. Then I wondered if she was even wearing a thong. I guessed that I would never find out.

I knew that I had lusted after Cindy for the past nine years. I had wanted her since tenth grade. Maybe it was my fault that I had never gotten anywhere with her. She dated other guys in high school, lots of guys. I was too overawed to try to go out with her. We knew each other from a couple of classes and when I would see her at parties. Cindy was invited to all the parties. I was too intimidated to try to break through the circle of guys talking to her.

I knew plenty about Cindy’s reputation back in high school. Guys talked, and Cindy had been the topic of plenty of locker room or drinking with buddies conversations. Despite my interest, Cindy and I had never hooked up. Still, I had heard the stories about Cindy and lots of guys. Like the one Mike told about them doing it in Hugh’s swimming pool and then her having to fuck Hugh to keep him quiet. I had also heard that Cindy would double date with her boyfriend, Danny, then have Danny take her home, so she could meet up afterwards with the guy they had doubled dated. Then she’d fuck that guy the same night. Lucky guy. There were even a few rumors about gangbangs when she went away to college or came back for breaks. Anyhow, there were a lot of stories. Cindy was a wild one then. Maybe she still was.

We didn’t see each other for a while after high school. She went away to college in DC, then she got involved with Chuck. They got married a few months later. Chuck and I had been friends since high school. After the wedding, things changed and I saw Cindy and Chuck often. I had kept all my old fantasies about her in check since Chuck was my buddy. Up until I saw her in that dress of course. Now I found myself completely and totally obsessed with Cindy.

That night, after a few seconds of looking at Cindy’s delightful image, my brain started to work again. I actually started thinking about how I could get Cindy out of that dress before the night was over.

It suddenly didn’t seem to matter that Chuck was a good friend. I had wanted to fuck Cindy since high school. The three of us were going to a summer party, and she was just too sexy to ignore. I was now part of her circle. It no longer was a circle of guys, really just Chuck and me and Cindy. Still, I was part of her circle.

If anything, Cindy was even more stunning than in high school. She had gone from that pretty high school girl that I always dreamed about to a stunning twenty-four year old woman with a great figure and jaw dropping good looks. The entire package, great looks, great figure, great tits and most importantly, my dream woman. All I had been able to do was dream. I fantasized about her and maybe I could find a way to make my fantasies come true.

I started to think about how I could make it happen. Chuck drank and partied way too much. I knew that from hanging with him. I figured that he would be falling down drunk within the hour, and likely passed out well before the party was over. I just needed to play my cards right and maybe, just maybe, Cindy would get interested in me before the night was over. That would get the door opened even if just a little. I could take my time if I could only get started with her.

Still, I definitely thought that Cindy was giving me vibes right from the start that evening. I thought that she made a point of pressing her tits against me when we hugged. The hug lasted a second or so longer than usual. She kept her hand on my arm as we walked into the house , and kept it there as we waited for Chuck to get to the door. Now surprisingly, Chuck was finishing a drink when he greeted me. He offered me a drink as he swallowed the last of his. Cindy gave me a look that said that she really wanted to go to the party and not stay there and drink. I told Chuck that we should go to the party. Chuck said sure, there would be plenty to drink there. We went in their car, Chuck driving with me in the front and Cindy sitting behind Chuck. I glanced at her and got a big smile in reply. She silently mouthed a “thanks” to me. Then she winked at me. I tried not to read too much into that. Still, it seemed a great start for what I wanted.

As soon as we got to the party, Chuck was off to get a drink. Cindy shrugged as if to say that she wasn’t surprised that he had deserted her so quickly, then asked if I would get canlı bahis şirketleri her a glass of wine. As I got to the drinks table, Chuck was just turning around, a drink in each hand.

“Is one of those for Cindy?”

“Naw, they’re both for me,” he replied. “Oh, I guess she probably needs a drink too. Be a bud and ask what she needs and take care of her would you?”

“Sure,” I said. I was thinking that I would be happy to take care of Cindy if I could.

Chuck drained one a drink and set the glass back on the table, then wandered off. I didn’t know where he was going but he did not head back toward Cindy. I thought he was a fool, but maybe that was okay. For me at least.

I went back to Cindy and not surprisingly, she had three guys around her, all talking and grinning and clearly interested in seeing her.

“Damn!” I thought, “just like the old days.”

When Cindy saw me, she grinned and told the guys that it was great to see them but she and I needed to go find Chuck.

Cindy stepped away from the guys, taking the drink I had for her. We walked away in the general direction of something, but not toward where I had last seen Chuck.

Maybe not quite like the old days, I thought.

Cindy and I wandered around, talking to people and enjoying ourselves. There were a lot of people from high school, including several guys whom I had heard Cindy had hooked up before she got with Chuck. Like I had said, she had gotten around. Cindy was friendly to everyone, just not overly flirty and she never moved away from my side as we mingled with the party.

Suddenly she pulled on my arm. I looked across the party and saw Chuck sitting against a wall. He looked like he was about to fall over. We hurried over. He was so drunk he mumbled something and seemed to doze off. I guessed that he barely even knew we were there.

Being the good friend that I am, I asked Cindy if we needed to take Chuck home. She said that he was totally wasted and might get sick if we didn’t get him out of there. I said that I thought that was a good idea and that it was better to get him home while he could still walk a little.

Okay, there might have been some ulterior motives going through my mind as well, like getting Cindy alone back at her place. She had been with me all night, hardly away from my side and was even flirting with me whenever we had a minute without other people close by. I had totally enjoyed it and as I looked at her all I could think of was that I wanted to kiss her. Well, I wanted to do more than kiss her, but kissing would be a good place to start.

As we were talking, Cindy put her hand on my arm again. It started as a casual touch, but she left her hand there, resting on my arm, gently sending electricity through me. I could tell that she liked touching me. Her touch, the smell of her perfume, being so close to her, well, it all created a stirring in my pants. The party was crowded, so all I was going to get was that touch. I needed to get her out of there.

Cindy stood up, looking down at Chuck, with a disgusted look on her face. I stood up too, standing as close to her as I could. She shook her head, looked at me, then lightly pressed against me.

When Cindy didn’t move away from resting against me, I started to wonder if she was aware what the decidedly flimsy fabric of her dress was doing to me. I was very, very aware of everything about her. I almost tried to kiss her right then, but she pulled away just enough to be discreet in front of other people. I made a slight effort to pull her back against me.

“Later,” she whispered, “we’ll get Chuck home, then we can talk.”

I knew that “talk” wasn’t what interested me.

I looked at Chuck again. Frankly, I was curious if he had noticed the contact between Cindy and me. One glance and I knew that he was plastered, and on the edge of passing out. He didn’t give any indication that he was noticing much of anything.

Just about then, Chuck started to fall forward. I managed to catch him so he didn’t crack his head or something. After all, I was just being his good friend. I certainly didn’t want to spend the night in the ER. I had other plans.

“Hey buddy, I think that we need to get you home,” I said.

I glanced at Cindy to make certain that my suggestion was okay with her. In response, I got a huge smile. She really did look hot in her little summer party dress. I guessed that she would look even hotter without it.

I managed to get Chuck into the back seat of the car, where he immediately passed out. Cindy climbed into the passenger’s seat. I glanced once more at Chuck, and started the car. The drive to their place was short, about ten minutes. Even before we pulled away from the party, Chuck was snoring in the back seat while I drove and Cindy sat in the front next to me.

As soon as we drove around the corner, I casually put my hand on Cindy’s bare knee. Cindy glanced across at me and smiled. She didn’t shift away or canlı kaçak iddaa suggest that I move my hand.

Since Cindy didn’t discourage me, I waited a few seconds, like maybe two seconds, then gently moved my hand an inch or so above Cindy’s knee, enjoying the feel of her smooth skin. Again, she didn’t say anything. I shifted my hand up a little higher. I almost drove off the road when Cindy spread her legs for me. That was all the invitation I needed, I gently moved my hand up to the top of her thigh, and Cindy spread her legs a little more to accommodate me. I was trying to pay attention to driving when my fingers touched the silk of her panties.

I could feel the heat from her right through the fabric. Cindy spread her legs a little more for me. I slipped my fingers underneath the fabric, without wrecking the car. She shifted a little and slipped my fingers onto her slit. I could feel her moisture. I couldn’t quite finger fuck her, but damn I was close! I was hard as a rock when we pulled into their driveway.

I no sooner turned off the car, than Cindy was leaning across the console, her arms around my neck. I could feel her tongue pushing between my lips. I started gently playing with one breast as we kissed, my other hand was fingering her wet pussy. I had one finger inside her, but I needed to get her in a more accessible position before I could do more. I doubted that either of us was going to call this off. I could tell by her breathing that she was getting more and more excited, hell, I could tell by how wet she was as I fingered her.

Cindy started to pull down my zipper. Her hand slipped inside my jeans. I dropped my hand off her breast just long enough to get my cock out of my pants. She stroked my cock a few times, getting me even more excited. Cindy leaned over, getting her mouth around the head of my cock as she stroked it. The feeling of her mouth around my cock was almost too much for me to handle. For a second or so I thought I might cum right then, but I controlled myself. I really wanted to fuck her. A blowjob would be great, but fucking her would be so much better.

Just then, Chuck kind of snorted, shifting around in the back seat. Cindy and I jumped apart, panicked that he had discovered us going at it in the front seat of his car.

I quickly realized that he had only shifted position and was not awake. We looked at each other and laughed quietly, but nervously. There we were, her dress hiked up over her hips, my fingers working in and out of her cunt, my cock out of my pants, jutting straight up with Cindy’s mouth and hand wrapped around it. This would be tough to explain. We laughed quietly again. We both realized that we had to take care of Chuck before we did anything else.

About five minutes later Cindy had Chuck in bed, a towel under his head and a wastebasket next to the bed. Cindy actually leaned over and kissed him on his forehead as I stood in the doorway waiting to close the door after she walked out of the bedroom.

Cindy walked toward the couch. Just as she got to the couch, Cindy spun around, in one motion wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me full on the mouth. I may have actually stepped backwards half a step when she did that. We held the lip lock for several seconds. I had my arms around her, pressing her tightly against me. I could feel her delightful tits against my chest. I dropped one hand down to her butt, once again enthralled with the feel of her against me and the scent of her filling my senses.

Cindy broke off the kiss, still in my arms.

“Well, are you going to fuck me while Chuck is passed out or not?”

I dropped the hand I had on her butt just enough to grasp the fabric of her summer dress and lift it up to her waist, caressing the smooth contour of her ass. I put my other hand under her chin and lifted her face so that I could kiss her again.

“I was beginning to wonder if you really wanted me to?”

Cindy stepped back, then pulled her dress over her head. Just as I had thought, the only thing she had underneath was a thong. For a second all I could look at were her tits. I know that I unconsciously licked my lips. Then I looked at the rest of her body. She was stunning!

“Wow!” I said.

Wearing only the thong, Cindy sat on the couch. I drank in every inch of her body with my eyes.

She enticingly pulled the thong off, stretching out one gorgeous leg with the thong hanging on the end of her foot before she flipped it toward me. I managed to catch it just as it brushed against my face. I could feel my erection starting to press against my jeans. Cindy spread her legs, slowly sliding one hand across her stomach down across the delta of dark hair. She leaned back and spread her pussy open, showing me her pink pussy lips. She slipped two fingers into her cunt, moved them in and out a few times, elaborately smearing the juices on her erect nipples.

“Well, are you going to get undressed?”

I didn’t need any more encouragement. canlı kaçak bahis I pulled my shirt off over my head, dropping it on the floor. I ripped off the rest of my clothes. Cindy smiled, then lay back on the couch, spreading her legs, giving me a great view of her pink, swollen pussy lips. Again, she reached between her legs with one hand and slipped a finger into her pussy, painting the moisture from inside her over her swollen lips. I think my cock grew another inch.

“Oh, nice,” was all I had the wit to say.

Cindy spread her legs farther apart, using two fingers to open herself. I stepped toward the couch. Actually, I jumped toward the couch. I dropped onto my knees getting my face between Cindy’s thighs so that I could taste her. I opened her cunt with my fingers, then slowly licked my tongue across the hood of her clit and down to her vagina. I slipped my tongue in and out, enjoying Cindy’s soft moans. I was going to enjoy this and do everything I had ever imagined with her. Who knew if I would ever get this chance again?

“Wait!” she exclaimed. “I need to turn off some lights. You know, just in case.”

She jumped up, running across to the light switch in a couple of steps. Damn she looked great naked! She turned off the light, and bounded back to the couch, her tits bouncing. There was still a little light from the kitchen, enough to see her nakedness, yet not likely enough for any one, like Chuck, to see us on the couch from the bedroom.

“Now, where were we?” she laughed, as she settled back on the couch, lying down and spreading her legs.

I moved back between her legs. I leaned forward and kissed her as I slipped two, then three fingers inside her. She was so wet! I slid my fingers in and out of her. Cindy moaned.

I slipped my fingers in and out faster and faster. I lowered my face and licked her clit, while I kept fingering her. Cindy moaned again.

I could hear that her breathing getting more rapid. I slipped two of my fingers inside her, feeling for her G-spot, as my tongue played circles around her clit. I could feel my cock twitching as I ate her pussy.

“Ahh, there,” I thought as I felt the bumpy, firmness of her G-spot with my fingers. I fingered her G-spot while I licked her clit, hearing her breathing speed up, her excitement rising.

Cindy moaned that she was going to cum. I sucked her clit, my fingers still buried inside her pussy. Cindy hips rose off the couch, pushed against my face. She was moaning so loud that I thought she might wake up Chuck. Her orgasm was explosive, shaking her entire body. She thrashed and bucked, barely keeping her moans quiet enough for me to feel safe. Then she was pulling me up on top of her, telling me to fuck her.

I mounted Cindy, pushing my cock inside her with one push. Cindy moaned again as I penetrated her. She was so tight and wet that I thought I might cum right then. I wanted to hold off long and enjoy this. Her husband was asleep in the other room and this was maybe my only chance with Cindy. I wanted her to remember how well I satisfied her.

As my cock pumped in and out, Cindy moaned, “Yeah, yeah, that feels so good! Fuck me, give it to me! Yeah, fuck my pussy! Ou, oou, oou, yes, oh my god, oh yes, oou, oou, oou yes! Yes, Yes, right there, hold it, don’t move. Oh yes, oh God, oh god!

Cindy moaning so loudly that I was worried she might wake Chuck. I thought for a second that she was doing it on purpose. Still I kept fucking her, pounding her pussy with my cock, riding her hard, pumping in and out of her as fast as I could.

In seconds Cindy came again, thrashing and moaning even more loudly. That was at least three times for her. I was close, but I wanted to do her from behind. I pulled out and told her to get on her hands and knees. Cindy quickly shifted position. I opened her with my fingers, then pushed my cock deep inside her. Cindy moaned, arching her back and pushing her hips against me. I started to pump in and out, her ass cheeks bouncing with every thrust. This was the best fuck of my life.

Then I felt Cindy’s fingers touching my balls. I could also feel her touch my cock as it slipped in and out of her. That pushed me over the top. I could feel the explosion taking off in my balls, surging through my cock and erupting inside her cunt! I bucked and thrust, plunging in and out of her, wave after wave of hot cum bursting inside her pussy. I don’t think I made much noise, I just pounded, filling her tight cunt.

I slowly thrust in and out a few more times, feeling the last pulses of cum squeeze out of my cock into Cindy. I thought my knees might collapse if I didn’t pull out of Cindy. That was possibly the greatest orgasm I had ever had. I started to pull out.

“Wait!” Cindy said. “I don’t want cum all over the couch so let me grab some tissues. I put some on the end table earlier just in case we needed them.”

She reached forward, getting the box of tissues, grabbing a handful, then held them where she could catch any cum that dripped as I pulled out of her. I slid out of her. Cindy shifted around, holding the tissues between her legs. She reached back to the box and offered it to me. As I whipped myself off, I realized what she had said.