Summer Again


I could never have realised how speed could turn me on so!

Here I was, sitting beside Mark in his beautiful Jaguar convertible and we were racing around the quiet country lanes at speeds well in excess of the safety limits. I gripped the side of the seat, my heart pounding with a mixture of fear and exhilaration. Mark was relaxing confidently in the driving seat, his arm draped casually over the side of the car, his free hand skillfully spinning the steering wheel as he expertly negotiated the sudden sharp bends. Every now and then he would flick a grin at me and I couldn’t fail to notice his momentary glance at my bouncing cleavage, nicely exposed from the scooped neck of my new summer dress.

Mark was a friend of my lover, James and we sometimes all went out in a foursome with whoever happened to be his current girlfriend of the time. He seemed to have an endless trail of attractive girls interested in him, but I was not surprised at that. He was all the things that a free-spirited woman would like in a man: rich, handsome, romantic and especially fun-loving…

…I can remember one weekend when the four of us went to the coast for a visit. His newest conquest, Sophie was lying on the warm sandy beach beside me. Mark and James were playing some silly ball game about fifty yards ahead of us. Sophie was soaking up the sun, her eyes closed beneath pink tinted sunglasses.

‘Mark looks fantastic.’ I said unconsciously to myself.

‘Doesn’t he?’ The soft voice of the beautiful blonde lying beside me said, causing me to jump as I had not realised that she would have heard me.

I turned to look at her. She was starting to raise herself to rest on her elbows. My eyes went at once to her naked breasts, thrusting proudly forward, the pink rubbery nipples glistening in the sun with the subtle moistness of perspiration.

‘I’m sorry.’ I giggled. ‘I was just thinking aloud.’

‘He works hard to keep his physique.’ She said, ignoring my excuse for studying him. ‘His body is so hard and powerful. It’s so beautiful to make love to.’

I made no response to that, but was a little surprised at her frankness. After all, it was the first time that we had actually met.

‘Have you known him long?’ I asked, trying to move the conversation away from Mark’s sexual prowess. I was a little afraid that hearing about Mark in bed would raise a little thrill in me. But I was nevertheless unable to stop my gaze slipping to the rather bulky bulge in the front of his tight fitting swimming shorts.

She must have calculated the angle of my stare when she chuckled triumphantly, again ignoring my question. ‘The answer to what you are thinking is yes. It is as impressive as it seems.’ Then leaning close to me removed her sunglasses and whispered. ‘And he certainly knows how to use it on a girl.’

I bit on my bottom lip. The atmosphere was starting to become decidedly erotic and I needed to control the sudden heat that was welling up inside me. Sophie’s pale hair brushed my face softly. I gazed into her cool blue eyes and suddenly wanted to kiss those soft pouting lips. She was all sex and knew it. I had no way of knowing if she was bisexual like me but she was doing all the right things to turn me on.

Suddenly she jumped to her feet and stood over me for a moment turning her head to watch the two men chasing after their silly ball. I was able to look directly up to her plump pussy swelling the thin covering of her tiny thong. The undersides of her firm breasts looked so inviting, crowned by the proud points of her erect nipples. She called after Mark who turned his attention towards her. Then without warning she started bounding off across the hot sand towards him.

‘Mark, you sexy thing.’ She called as she ran towards him. ‘Take me somewhere private and make love to me again. I haven’t had you for almost two hours.’

As soon as she reached Mark, she jumped up and wrapped her thighs around his waist as she planted a passionate kiss on his surprised mouth. James, realising that the game was over, picked up the ball and slowly made his way over to me. I watched as Sophie wriggled against Mark, being supported by his hands cupping her beautiful rounded bottom, exposed totally exposed by the briefness of her tight little bikini.

As James dropped to the sand beside me Mark and Sophie started to walk hand in hand towards us. I could not fail to notice the increase in the prominent bulge in Mark’s shorts.

‘Hey, you two. I’ll meet you back at the hotel later.’ He said, a little sheepishly. ‘Sophie and I are going for a walk.’ Sophie said nothing. She was too busy nibbling his ear.

‘God! I can’t believe her.’ I said to James in amazement when they had disappeared from earshot. ‘She’s so blatant.’

‘I know.’ James chuckled. ‘Poor old Mark can’t keep up with her. She wants sex all of the time. He is going to cool the relationship down after this weekend.’

‘She’s a very sexy lady.’ I said.

James grinned knowingly. ‘Fancy a little yourself, do you?’

I tossed my head haughtily. ‘I might. What is it to you?’

‘Nothing at Şerifali Escort all.’ He said as a broad grin stretched across his face. ‘But I know you too well.’

‘Humph!’ I shrugged. ‘And so what? It’s no business of yours if I do fancy her.’

He bent to kiss me and I quickly softened. He is a fantastic lover and feeling as I did at that moment, thanks to Sophie, I was not going to miss the opportunity of a little fun myself…

…And now I was sitting beside Mark in his lovely sexy car being whisked off to heaven knows where. We pulled out of a bend and suddenly the car slowed as Mark eased it into the car park of a large country pub. He hopped out of the driving seat the moment we stopped and hurried around the car to open my door for me.

I smiled graciously as I eased myself out of the seat, but I could not fail to notice his sudden glance at my thighs as my dress pulled slightly to expose a little more of my legs than would have been considered modest.

But modesty was not my greatest priority and I just let the thought wash past me. After all, he had seen me in my tiniest bikini on the beach and that showed off much more than he was taking in at that moment.

He took my hand and led me into the pub. People were sitting around both inside and outside in the garden. It was such a lovely day and I stood at the doorway enjoying the view outside as Mark made his way to the bar to order our drinks.

Suddenly he was back beside me whispering into my ear.

‘Do you want to sit inside or in the garden?’

I turned to smile at him and take in that beautiful sexy grin.

‘I don’t mind.’ I said.

‘Well, you can’t stand there.’

I raised one eyebrow as I waited for an explanation.

‘The sun is shining through your dress and everyone in the pub can see your silhouette through it.’

‘Oh my God!’ I gasped as I looked down. He was right. My little summer dress was high waisted and gathered in just below the bust. It was made from fine cotton and it hung loosely about me. The powerful sun was beaming through it allowing the shape of my body to be outlined through.

I quickly stepped into the shade of the pub and hurried over to a table in the corner. Mark followed me and as I sat to watch him place our drinks onto the table top I couldn’t fail to notice the subtle swelling that had developed to the permanent bulge in his designer jeans. Had I really done that to him by just standing in a sunlit doorway?

‘Is that better?’ I asked.

He gave me a questioning look.

‘I mean that I am not displaying everything now.’ I giggled.

‘I wasn’t complaining.’ He grinned. ‘I was just thinking about your modesty.’

‘Oooh! You are such a gentleman.’ I laughed.

‘Not all the time.’ He grinned widely.

‘Really?’ I raised my eyebrows showing my interest. ‘Tell me more.’

He leaned close to me. ‘Sometimes I can be positively wicked.’

I let my tongue slide casually across my lips. ‘Tell me more.’ I breathed.

‘Don’t ask questions.’ He grinned lecherously. ‘You might get a surprise.’

‘Oh, but I love surprises.’ I teased.

‘If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to tempt me.’

‘Tempting you to do what?’

He gazed into my eyes and remained silent for a moment.

‘Tempting me to talk you out of your knickers.’

‘Do you think you could?’ I smiled.

‘I could try.’

‘Is that what you would like to do?’

‘Wouldn’t any red-blooded male?’

‘Mm!’ I sighed. ‘I love my men to be red-blooded.’

With that I excused myself and headed for the ladies room. When I returned he was watching me walk over to him. I sat down in my chair and placed my clenched fist into his open fingers. His eyes widened with surprise when he realised that I was passing him my tiny panties.

‘That wasn’t too difficult, was it?’ I chuckled.

‘You are a temptress.’ He grinned as he slipped my panties into his pocket.

‘I know.’ I smiled. ‘But you are a very tempting target.’

‘How do you mean?’

‘I was watching you on the beach when we went with James and Sophie. You have a beautiful body.’

‘I noticed yours too.’ He said awkwardly.

I went on without responding to his compliment.

‘Although I couldn’t see everything, Sophie filled me on with the details.’

‘She what?’

‘Sophie said that you had a magnificent cock and that you know how to use it to a woman’s complete satisfaction.’

‘She told you that?’ His face went a deep crimson.

‘Maybe she didn’t need to. It was obvious how she felt about you. She couldn’t keep her hands off you.’ I smiled. ‘But I can’t really blame her. I don’t think that I would either.’

‘What are you saying?’ He stuttered.’

I bent to put my mouth to his ear. ‘Mark, you sexy man.’ I hissed. ‘I’m saying that I want you to fuck me.’

‘What?…When?’ He spluttered.

‘As soon as you like.’ I grinned, enjoying his discomfort. ‘I’m already moist with anticipation.’

He groaned and threw his drink back, then got to his feet. I followed suite and hurried to the pub doorway Ümraniye Escort where I stood waiting for him. I turned to look over my shoulder as he approached me. ‘Is that nice?’

I watched his eyes take in my silhouette showing through my fine dress.

‘Beautiful.’ He smiled as he slipped his arm around my waist and led me to his waiting car. We giggled all the way.

Moments later we were speeding through the quiet country lanes. After a while he pulled off the road and parked amongst some trees. He turned off the engine and turned to slip his arm around me and draw me to him. His kiss was hot and sensuous. I clung to him as his tongue slithered snake-like into my mouth. His hand covered the swell of my breast and my nipples tensed and swelled up in response to his touch.

I felt the back of my seat retract and suddenly we were lying horizontally as his hot kisses continued. My head was spinning when our lips finally parted. I gazed into his burning eyes.

‘Now kiss my other lips.’ I panted. ‘They are ready for you.’

I bent my left leg as he moved down me. The skirt of my dress floated up my thigh.

Suddenly his lips were on my inner thighs. I parted them and heard his sigh of approval as he first saw the smooth plump lips of my freshly shaven pussy.

I buried my fingers into his curly hair as I urged his mouth to my swollen lips. I felt the tip of his wet tongue trace the slit of my sex, gently brushing my tingling clitoris. A surge of moisture flowed from deep inside me. My heart was pounding in my chest as his mouth moved over me. His tongue slipped inside me, wriggling sensuously and drawing waves of delight from my heaving belly. I was moving my hips in unison with his teasing mouth and from somewhere in space could hear my sighs of pleasure.

My first orgasm took me by surprise. I was unable to stifle a thin scream as wave after wave of ecstatic pleasure swept over me.

‘Oh, Mark.’ I sighed as he moved his face up my body to kiss my neck and ears. ‘That was so lovely.’

‘Would you like to go for a walk now?’ He smiled.

‘No.’ I retorted. ‘I want to make love.’

‘All in good time, my temptress.’ He grinned mischievously

He climbed out of the car and made his way around to my side, opening the door for me. I eased my legs out, not bothering to stop the hem of my dress slipping up my thighs to reveal the soft vee where they met my creamy lap.

As we walked, his arm around my waist he told me how he found me sexy and wondered why I was so prepared to be unfaithful to James. I told him that James and I were not betrothed and we had no hold over each other. We were both free spirits and had no jealous feelings should either of us stray into temptation.

I asked Mark when he had first decided that he would want to take me on a date. He said that he became interested that weekend when he had brought Sophie. He went on to say that he found me particularly sexy in my bathing suit. I said that surely he’d had his hands full with Sophie.

He nodded and grinned. ‘Sophie is certainly a handful. She is a sex bomb waiting to explode. Do you know that she is permanently wet?’

‘She seemed to like you.’ I laughed.

‘She also fancied you.’ He said, suddenly serious.

‘I didn’t know that she was bisexual.’ I said innocently.

‘She kept on saying that we would make a nice threesome together. That I could fuck you both and then you and she could make love together while I watched and recovered.’

‘Would you have liked that?’ I smiled.

‘What man wouldn’t?’ He grinned back.

‘It was a pity that you didn’t suggest it.’ I winked.

‘Have you ever made love with another girl?’ He asked tentatively.

I stopped to face him. His cool eyes pierced into mine. ‘Regularly.’ I said seriously. ‘I have a couple of girlfriends with similar interests.’

His hand was cupping one cheek of my bottom and he pulled me closer to him. My body tingled as the tips of his fingers slithered down the valley between those plump mounds. I always felt that my ass was too big, but men seemed to be attracted by it.

The front of our bodies were now lightly touching, our mouths only inches apart. I could feel his hard bulge pressing into my soft belly. With his left hand continuing to caress my bottom, his other hand went to my breast and with a feather-like touch brushed over it. I felt my nipples tense and swell with a rapid surge. The soft cotton of my dress suddenly felt like sack-cloth, rasping against the tenderness of those aching buds.

His fingers noticed my response to his touch and the edge of his thumb grazed over the little erect button which was now forming a prominent peak against the smooth roundness of my breast. I was unable to stifle a soft moan as little sparks of electricity shot out from my aching breasts and down to the hot centre of my belly.

I felt the sudden rush of moistness lubricate my swollen pussy lips. We kissed slowly at first, then with a growing passion. He ground his hips into mine and I felt the rock hard mound of his urgent erection pressing Üsküdar Escort into my softness. I lifted myself so that I could feel it’s hardness against my pussy lips. Even through the thickness of his jeans and the soft material of my dress, it felt as though he was against me and preparing to take my willing body.

‘Make love to me.’ I moaned. ‘I want you now.’

‘Patience my sweet.’ He said soothingly. ‘There is plenty of time.’

‘But I know that you want me.’ I gasped excitedly. ‘Use me. Let me make you come. How can you bear to tease yourself so?’

‘Shh!, my sweet.’ He whispered. My legs were becoming weak and I was pleased when he lowered me to the soft mossy grass.

I parted my thighs as his tantalising kisses made their way slowly up my legs. He gently lifted the skirt up to reveal my nakedness and I watched as he paused from his kisses so that his eyes could take in my tingling pussy.

‘Oh, Tonya.’ He said soothingly. ‘You have a most beautiful cunt.’

The use of that crude word can sometimes cool an otherwise romantic occasion, but on his lips it was like poetry.

‘Oh, Mark, don’t.’ I panted. ‘You are driving me crazy.’

‘Don’t worry. We are alone with nature. There is no-one here but me to enjoy your craziness.’

He was right. Why should I care? I was loving every moment, and it was just Mark and myself in that lonely corner of the countryside.

‘Would you like me to be nude?’ I said after a moment’s pause.

‘That would be wonderful.’ He smiled.

I kicked my shoes off and with a quick movement pulled my dress over my head. He stared at me for a moment to take in my nudity, then slowly, starting at the tips of my toes covered every inch of my body with tingling kisses. I came twice before he stopped. Once when the tip of his tongue slithered along the slit of my ‘cunt’ and nudged at my swollen clitoris. The other time was when he was sucking one of my hard, rubbery nipples.

It was when the tide of passion had eased slightly and I was lying on my back enjoying the soft caresses of his fingers over my thrusting breasts, that he began to speak in words that started my sexual urges again. He had stripped off his shirt and my fingers were playing with the dark springing hair covering his chest.

‘Your body is perfect.’ He said softly.

‘My breasts and bottom are too big.’ I said quickly.

‘Not at all.’ He smiled. ‘What man could resist sliding his cock between those lovely full breasts or spanking that sweet ass as he fucks her with all his might?’

‘What is it about big breasts that turn a man on so?’

‘Because they are so beautifully feminine. They are as feminine as a soft moist cunt.’

‘Stop it.’ I giggled. ‘You are succeeding in making me very moist by talking like that.’

‘I know.’ He smiled as his eyes moved to the swollen lips of my pussy. ‘I am going to taste those lovely juices one more time before I ravage your insides with my big throbbing cock.’

His hands cupped my bottom and lifted my hips from the ground so that he could press his mouth against my streaming pussy lips. I buried my fingers into his hair as I pulled his face against me. His long tongue teased my lips apart and played with the bursting bud of my clitoris before slithering deep into my hot pussy. I had given up all hope of resisting the waves of satisfaction flowing through me. My climaxes came in quick succession…one…then another…then ANOTHER!!!!!

I think that I must have passed out for a moment because when I opened my eyes he was standing over me and was climbing out of his trousers and underpants. My eyes fixed onto the lovely bag of his balls, the shin pulled tight by the huge shaft of his magnificent cock. He noticed that I had opened my eyes and knelt down beside me. I reached out to hold the beautiful specimen of his manhood with both hands. My fingers could barely encircle it. I stared at the smooth vermilion head that mushroomed out to form a deep ridge where it crowned the huge, thick shaft. The veins clung vine-like along the length of the shaft. Fully erect it pointed out and up from his belly with a gentle upturn. I could almost feel the pulse inside it as it throbbed aggressively in my grasp.

My legs wrapped around his hips as he positioned himself between my thighs. He gripped the shaft and pressed the silk-like head against my pussy lips. I felt myself opening involuntarily to accommodate the massiveness of the oncoming onslaught, but even then he held back and slithered the tip up and down along my streaming lips, mixing his precum with my flowing juices.

I was crying out for him to take me but he grinned mischievously as he continued to tease me to the limits of my endurance. Slowly I felt the swollen head just enter me. He held it just inside and despite my eager thrusts to draw him ever deeper into me; he was gripping the shaft with his fist to block any further entrance.

By now I was beyond control. I had waited patiently to feel his beautiful manhood filling me and yet he was still teasing me beyond my ultimate patience. I began to cry out for him to ‘fuck me’. He waited until I was sobbing my pleas out to him and suddenly without warning he gave a quick lunge and my insides were filled with him. The surprise was more than I could stand and my immediate orgasm shook me with its intensity.