Summer 86 part 6 ‘Donna’

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Summer 86 part 6 ‘Donna’Well, this summer so far had been out of this world. Each sordid experience I encountered I thought was it yet another one would come along. When would this stop? Did I have enough energy to carry on doing it? Who was the next one? When was the next time going to happen? All of these questions were running around in my head and I couldn’t concentrate properly and that’s were I got in to trouble. I was in the garage helping my dad as he was working on our car. It was another warm day and I was doing nothing so I asked me dad if he needed a hand. All was well and good until I started to think about things and my mind wondered and I didn’t listen to what me dad was saying until suddenly he shouted “if you’re not gonna help me then bugger off out”. I turned around and went for a walk and just walked about. Not paying attention to the world passing me by. Before I knew anything I was at the local Library where I thought sod it they had aircon and the day was only getting warmer so I ventured inside. I went to a section of SCIFI books and took a couple and sat at a secluded snook near the fire exit at the back of the building and started to read.I was half way through one of the books when I heard a voice “well I never, it’s Tracey’s little brother isn’t it?”. I looked up to see Donna. She was one of my sisters long friends from her youth and lived near us. Her mum and dad still see our parents on a regular basis but we did move quiet a distance away and as k**s we never really kept in touch. “Hi!” I said looking up at her taking in her figure outline. She was standing in front of the window and the sun was shining through casting her front in a shade however what I did notice was she was wearing a loose fitting pair of dungaree’s which seemed to be made of a very thin light fabric that gently flowed as she moved ever so slightly. She had long hair past her shoulder nearly to the bottom of her back. I couldn’t make anything else out except and this is the part that got my attention. The sun was making her bottoms transparent and I could see the outline of her crotch perfect. Her thighs were slightly apart giving me a great view fo what looked like the outline of her cameltoe. I could just make it out but with me staring so intense I suddenly realised that Donna was aware of me staring as she stopped talking. The silence brought me back into the room and I felt my face go red. I looked up and apologised saying it was rude of me and I waited for her to resound of disgust and storm off but she didn’t. “No need to apologise” she muttered as she sat down on the vacant seat opposite me. “Nobody has payed that much attention to me before” and she smiled. As she was in the light now I could see her properly and I smiled at her. Her eyes were greeny blue and she wore a v-neck t-shirt under her dungarees which showed off her cleavage very nice. “So what you doing in here” I asked puzzled to some extent as she had made a beeline for me and there were other people in here that I knew, knew her from school. “I work in here part time helping out my aunt”. “I bet you are loving it, I can remember you being a bit of a book worm”. I laughed after my remark which I was told to be quiet by an old woman sat behind me. “Silly cow” I muttered quietly. “Hey….that’s my aunt” Donna snapped back. “Oh shit I’m really sorry” and felt my face go red again. Donna started to laugh now and said “only k**ding my aunts over there”. I looked at her and I liked Donna. She seemed to have the same humour I had which gelled well with me. “What are you doing now then?” she asked shuffling her chair so she sat further away from the table. I don’t know why or what was attracting me to her but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. There she sat twirling her finger through her hair the way the sunlight glimmered off her face she just shone like an angel. God this girl had me hooked, line and sinker. She could ask me anything and I would oblige without protest. “nothing really just passing the time as I am so bored”…..”Help me then, I’ve got so much to do its ridiculous. So that was my day sorted and off I scooted and helped her sort through a load of books. The next day Off I went back to the library bright and early where I was met by Donna who on seeing me had a big grin across her face. “High stud” she said as she opened the door. What did she tekirdağ escort bayan mean by that ‘stud’ me a stud ha ha I thought as I walked in. “I went to see some old friends last night and I’ve heard so much about you”. “Really, what have they said, could things I hope” I said looking at the floor feeling a little awkward. “Oh yes, yes good things” she replied with a glimmer in her eye. Today she had a summer dress on and sandals and what I could see nothing else. The thoughts of yesterday and the siloutte come flooding back and the feeling in my pants murmured again. I stepped in and Donna directed me straight to the back of the library into the store room. Once in there she closed the door rather quickly that it startled me. I turned around ready to ask what she wanted to do and I was met by her smacking her lips onto mine. Her arms went around me and she pulled me closer to her. Her kisses got heavier and more passionate as her tongue found mine and started to do battle with it. God she was hot and I was standing to attention in no time. My arms were around her back and feeling her back running my hands up and down. She moaned gently into my mouth and moved my arm lower towards her bottom. While rubbing her back I sensed that something wasn’t normal here as I could not feel her bra strap. I just thought maybe she had a sports bra top on or something and didn’t really think of anything else.My hand moved lower to her bottom. I massaged her bum cheek through her dress and I stopped and gasped. The dirty little minx wasn’t wearing and knickers. She was now aware the I knew and still kissing me reached down and rubbed my cock through my shorts. The atmosphere in the room was hot and I was really turned on. I moved my hand under the bottom of her dress and ran it up her thigh. Her skin was so soft and it felt smooth to the touch I had to control myself to stop me ripping her dress off and taking here then and there. I thought I would play it cool and let her take the lead. Oh and she did taking a break from kissing she pulled herself away slightly and looked down at my groin. She pulled my shorts down along with my pants in one sway move that left me gobsmacked at the speed of this happening. My cock standing to attention doing me proud. Donna gasped and took hold of it. Her gentle fingers wrapping around it and slowly caressing it, slowly building up the tempo till she was fully wanking me. She leaned into me and continued to kiss me re inserting her tongue were it had previously been. I was breathing hard now and shaking slightly as I now had my hand on her bare bottom I was rubbing her cheek and slowly started to bring my hand around towards her pussy. Donna’s hip felt so smooth with no restriction due to no knickers it felt so wrong, so naughty but was this that was driving me on. I couldn’t stop now if I tried the lust was my driving force and it was in control.My hand was now near her pussy, the heat was pouring out from down there and with my fingers on her thigh and I waited, waited for her to give me a sign. She stopped kissing me and placed her head to the side of my head and kissed my neck. I moved my head slightly towards hers and nibbled on her ear. Her moaning grew louder and I started to lick her ear slowly at first but as she wanked my cock harder I stuck my tongue into her ear and went to work on it. Slurping around her ear she must of loved it as she opened her legs placing one foot on a nearby chair. That was the sign I was waiting for and moved my finger up higher. The inside of her legs were soaking from her juices and finding her lips I eased my finger in, parting them as I went in further moving it up and down until I found her clit. I rubbed her bud slowly in small circles using the goo from her pussy. Her legs were starting to shudder and shake as I played with her. My cock was still doing me proud under the pounding it was getting from Donna’s hand. I was still tonguing her ear when she sank her teeth into my neck and sucked hard. I moved my hand down slightly and shoved 2 fingers into her snatch. I rubbed her quickly, creating a loud sloppy noise as I did and that was it she really went to town on my neck and shuddered as her orgasm ripped through her. She moaned into my neck, whimpering as her orgasm started to die off. I was ready I turned her around and started to escort tekirdağ get her into position bending her over the table and I stopped. I got onto my knees and started to take off her sandals. I wanted her to be bear foot something about bear feet that does it for me. I stood back up and pushed her over the desk and lifted her dress up over her waist. She stopped me and stood up turned back towards me and lifted the dress off over her head. God she looked beautiful and she stood there completely naked. I sniggered as I was right about the bra. She sat on the edge of the table and leaned back opening her legs inviting me in. I grabbed hold of her ankles and sank into her pussy and started to pump. It was a good job the table was a sturdy one as I was really going to town on Donna. I leaned forwards and took a nipple into my mouth and nibbled on that beaut. Her tits were not huge but they were perfectly formed and god I wish I could capture this image. Donna looked amazing lying there starkers with the sun shining off her body rejuvenated my urge to satisfy her. I grabbed her foot and licked her sole of her left foot and took her toes into my mouth one at a time. God, little did I know how this fetish was to play on my sex life as I got older. Donna had one of her hands on her tit fondling her nipple when she suddenly put her hand to her mouth and managed to shove her fist into her mouth to stop the squealing she was doing as another orgasm racked through her.Her legs went around my back pulling me further into her as I continue pumping into her tight pussy. I fucked her for as long as I could and soon the familiar build up was stirring in my balls and I knew I was close. I told Donna I was about to cum where she didn’t respond but moved a hand down to her clit and rubbed. That was it. I erupted spewing my contents into her warm and very inviting love hole. She just looked amazing, lying there still playing with her clit. I sat back in the chair and stared at her. My cock started to deflate still coated in both of out juices and was soon resting on my leg.Donna still rubbing her clit in search of another orgasm. Again I found myself drawn to her and got to my knees now only inches from her soaking cunt. My ooze was leaking out running down towards her asshole and I reached out my tongue and licked that goo. I sucked on her pussy with gusto concentrating on all of her private area which was now on show to me. I had everything in front of me…..her ass and her pussy and I ate more and more. The little pube mound that she had was soft and blonde and was in droplets of sweat and while licking I looked up towards her face and she was looking down back at me. Her face was flushed bright red and she was panting. She stopped playing with her clit and had her hand on my head pushing me further and closer into her snatch.She tasted amazing, her juices were sweet mixed with a musky taste which I knew was my goo and now it was all over my face. I took the opportunity to delve lower. Another fetish I was going to encounter a lot more as I grew older. I soon I was running my tongue up and down her bum cheeks purposely avoiding her asshole then I worked towards it and bingo I was there. I spread her cheeks further apart and shoved my tongue into her ass and ate her out. That was it she couldn’t hold on any further and again came. Now grabbing my head with both hands she climaxed on my face. I drank as much as I could taking in as much of her sweet nectar as I could and again she subsided. “God that was fucking amazing, where the hell did you learn to do that” she stuttered out in between panting and fanning her face with her hand. “Years of practice” I replied standing up holding my now hardened cock “Now Im in charge so get up and bend over”. “What!! are you still not done” Donna said getting up and bending over the table with a wicked look on her face. “You will soon find out” as I pushed her into the table making her tits spill out either side of her and fucked into her now open pulsating fanny and fucked hard. I was like a possessed an***l and leaned forward and grabbed her hair and pulled it tightly. I don’t know why I did that I just did, and Donna loved it. She let out and long low moan and said “ooooohhhhhhhhhhh fffffuuuuucccckkkkkkkkk me” rather loud which registered worrying me, as we were in a library. But tekirdağ escort fuck it I was in the throws of ecstasy and nothing was going to stop me. Again I could feel the same feeling brewing and Donna’s toes started to curl and another climax started and that was it. She shuddered and at the same time I felt my cock explode into her quim filling her up again. Donna’s whole body started to jerk as she climaxed over and over. I was still indie of her and her ass was there below looking at me. I leaned over and spat on it and watch the tight puckered hole contract tighter bringing in her cheeks as well. She looked stunning there and while I withdrew and again stared at her nakedness. Looking all over her body as she laid there bent over. Her nipples were hard sticking out of the side of her squashed tits and her arse lovely and curved still stuck out waiting for something and down to her feet. Her bear feet on the cold stone floor looked so god damn sexy. I was in awe looking at this beauty. Donna got up and turned around and grabbed her dress. “My god I though they were k**ding….bloody hell they weren’t” Donna said as she placed the dress back over her head and straightened it out over her body. “What do you mean…have you seduced me into this scenario on purpose” I said as I gathered my pants and shorts and got dressed. Donna looked at me with those gorgeous eyes placed a hand on the side of my face and said “Yes I did. You have got quiet a reputation young lad and I needed to find out how true….and boy you are good…..very good…Not that I am a slapper or anything to compare you with past conquests but you were great” .My head now on cloud nine. I must be doing something right as she was not the first to say that and I had the biggest grin on my face like the Cheshire cat.Once dressed we just stood there and looked at each other in silence. The smell in the room was pungent with the strong aroma of sex present that we need to get rid of. “Climb on the table and open a window” Donna instructed and watched me climb on the table she had just been laid on naked. I placed my knee on the edge and went to lift myself up and found my knee slipping to the side. The table was covered in our juices..”Shit we forgot the table” Donna said and looked around for a cloth. “Fuck it” I said and leaned down and licked it up, slurping it up as I went till all the evidence was gone and just a light wet film coating the table from my tongue. Donna looked at me opened mouth and said “my god that was soooo hot, you better stop doing shit like that or you are going to get me going again”. I laughed and got on the table and opened the window allowing the cool air to flow in. We decided to sort some books out for a bit to show we had been doing something other than shagging and soon the air was definitely fresher and soon we walked out into a deserted library. There were nobody in it at all. Donna remembered that it closed early on a Wednesday and her Aunt had gone home. Jesus we had been in there for hours but god it was worth it. Donna had a spare key and locked the door once we were outside. The sun again blazing down now making us both squint. Donna looked at me and asked if we could see each other again. I smiled and said that I would like that. “It’s a date then….but you are not my boyfriend just so you know” she quickly replied. She leaned down to my ear and whispered” I just want to shag you again and experiment further on something you touch upon”. Well I couldn’t believe my ears and couldn’t really think of a reply. “I coming around your house tomorrow to catch up with your Tracey, so I will see you there…Okay?”. Then she turned around and walked off down the street making sure she held on to her dress in case the wind lifted it up. I just watched, still gobsmacked, at what she had said and hoping that the wind would suddenly come and lift up her dress and reveal all but alas no. It was many many years later at my fathers funeral when I met up with all of these 6 women together again and it was there while talking to all of them that they told me that they all talked together with Celia whom had told them I was a good fuck and as a pact they all decided to find out. Donna was an addition as she joined the group later on. It was at the said funeral that my sister found out about my deeds with all of her friends and was furious. I was not bothered as this wake gave me the opportunity to revisit some of my previous encounters and now they had their own houses there was nothing to stop me…. I did meet up with Donna again and it was an amazing experience which I will let you all know in time