Sucking My Straight Mate


Sucking My Straight MateThis all took place about 7 years ago but still makes me incredibly hard. More followed and perhaps there’s yet more to come.I befriended a guy at work who was a few years older than me. Mike was good looking, married with a k** and pretty cool. What was especially cool was that Mike was very heavily into the Church but had no problem with me being gay.As time went by we hung out quite a bit enjoying each other’s company, going to the pub and generally put the world to rights. Mike was curious about being gay and I explained terminology like bottom and top; I also talked about how my partner and I had threesomes, and described some of the things we’d gotten up to. He seemed shocked but interested.Mike’s wife was visiting her family who lived some distance away istanbul escort so wouldn’t be home for a few days. We went to his local for a few pints. Whilst there he seemed quite nervous and a couple of hours in he made his big revelation. Nervously he told me how he’d messed around with a guy when he was at uni. Mainly mutual masturbation with some sucking.After a couple more drinks we ended back at his empty house, sat talking in his living room about what we liked sexually. Although it’s all a little hazy around this point I’m pretty sure it was me who suggested we get naked and wank off. It can’t have taken a lot of persuasion as minutes later we were both sat there naked rubbing our cocks, whilst looking at each avcılar escort other; Mike on one sofa me on another. Mike was smooth chested with a really thick rod. I enjoyed watching him moving his hand up and down his throbbing shaft as I stroked my own.Tentatively, I asked if I could touch his cock; caught up in the heat of the situation Mike motioned towards his dick. I crawled over and wrapped my hand around Mike’s burning hot dick and rubbed and fondled his massive cum filled balls. He threw his head back and groaned, his hands pinching and rubbing his nipples. I leant forward his pole still in my hand and began licking and sucking my mates nipples.It was at this point I remember looking into Mike’s eyes and suggested I suck his rock solid member. şirinevler escort He nodded and I lowered my mouth around him. I remembered him telling me that his wife rarely sucked his dick and that it wasn’t that good when she did. I was determined to make this count.I went to work teasing him with my tongue and taking his cock into my throat. The latter resulting in Mike thrusting his ample tool into me. His hands found their way from his sides to the back of my head. He pushed me down to meet his upward strokes, his dick completely filling my mouth.It wasn’t too long before he announced that he was going to come, more of a warning than anything else I felt. I sucked his tool with increased vigour that took him by surprise. His thrusting slowed as his cock began to swell; a huge amount of hot spunk erupted into my mouth. Hot and sweet his juices flowed over my tongue and down my throat. Not a drop was wasted.We had a break and repeated this several times that night covering each other in cum and filling my mouth again.A hot night made even hotter that it was my “straight” mate I spent it with!