Succubus Wasteland Ch. 06


Rydia led the man to the inn where they took a room. She closed and locked the door behind her, preventing any unwanted interruptions. The man could only stare at her, not believing what was happening. To be in the presence of this woman was all he could handle.

“Relax, I’m going to ease your suffering,” Rydia took out her rainbow sword. The man started to recoil when he saw the double crossed blade. She was a demon after all. Perhaps this was all just a trick for her to torture him, just to have some fun with him before she threw him back to the others. Rydia saw the fear in his eyes and started to reassure him.

“Don’t worry. This is for your protection,” she then placed her finger on the edge of the blade and drew a small amount of blood. The man looked on, curious as to why she was inflecting damage to herself. The sword glowed a smooth shade of violet before returning to its rainbow colour.

“There, all done,” she said as she laid the sword against the wall. She slowly walked over to the man and kisses his lips. The man could only stand there, not sure what was going on. Rydia reached out and starting peeling the bandages from the man’s face.

“Wait… stop,” protested the man. He brought his hand up to try and brush hers away. He did not want his wounds to be shown to such a beautiful creature as her.

“I can heal them,” she said as she continued removing the bandages. The man found this hard to believe. He knew a succubus did not possess the power to heal, only to steal energy and use it for their own. Even knowing this, the man still looked forward to the comfort. Whatever her body did to him afterward would be nothing compared to what he’d have to endure in the mines.

His bandages were completely off now. He felt the air hit his burn marks where the demon had slashed at his face earlier. Rydia moved her lips towards his cheek and kissed along each of the marks. Her hands rested on his bare shoulders, gently massaging his aching muscles as she did so. The man sighed as he felt the cool touch of her lips on his burning flesh. He then realized that as she kissed him, the marks were slowly fading away. Rydia pulled back, allowing the man to touch his face and examined it. As he did so, he noticed that his skin was smooth, smoother than it had ever been. It was as though new life was restored to his face, it looked less heavy, more youthful and light.

“Thank you… but how?” Rydia put a finger to his lips canlı bahis to silence him.

“We don’t have much time. I need this as much as you do.” With that, Rydia unclasped her leather armour and let it fall to the floor. The man looked at her, his eyes almost drinking in every inch of her body. He reached out for her, his hands shaking with desire. Rydia took his hands and placed them on her breasts. She guided the man’s movements, making small circles over her nipples which started growing hard from the friction of his skin against hers.

The man’s moans were becoming more audible now, and Rydia wondered how long it had been since he was with a woman. It didn’t matter; he was with one now. She placed her hands on his chest. His body wasn’t overly hard like the warriors that spent their time fighting in the fields. Yet, it wasn’t soft either. He was just a man. He was also, apparently, a man that knew what he wanted. He reached over and starting kissing Rydia on her neck and down to her collar bone. Rydia leaned her head to the side, giving him more access to her skin as she sighed.

Rydia’s head was tilted upward but she could feel the man’s hands sliding down to her waist and started stroking the outer lips of her pussy. Now, it was Rydia’s turn to moan, it had been a long time since a man took time to please her this way. Unfortunately, time was growing short. She needed to draw his energy and there was only one way to do that.

Rydia gently pushed him on the bed and straddled his waist. The man was taken aback by the sudden urgency in her movements, but enjoyed it none the less. Rydia wrapped her fingers around his cock, stroking it slowly while bending down to kiss him properly for the first time. The man reached his hand around to massage her ass, gripping her tightly in his strong hands. Rydia loved how sensual he was being, and she knew if they had more time, he’d be a great lover.

“Remember this,” said Rydia as she kissed the man’s ear. She then placed the tip of his cock against her pussy and slowly pressed it inside her. Rydia had to cover his mouth with his hand to cover up the loud moans from the man. She could feel his body twitching but knew he wasn’t done just yet.

Slowly, she moved her body up and down over his cock, feeling his hardness complete her. Every inch of her pussy was starting to burn with a longing for him to go deeper. The man seemed to sense Rydia’s desire as he arched his hips, allowing bahis siteleri his cock to explore more of her now wet pussy.

This was unfortunately his limit as Rydia felt his cock twitch inside her. She almost didn’t notice it. Once the man’s cock reached new depths inside her, Rydia was momentarily stunned with a spasm of pleasure. She squeezed her pussy around his cock as she came back to her senses, wanting to milk as much of him as she could. The man’s body lunged forward slightly as he spilled stream after stream of his seed inside of her. Rydia’s body was at once filled with rejuvenated energy. Her wings spread out the moment she hit her own climax. Each flicker of her wings matched the rhythm of the pulsing waves of her orgasm.

When they finally came down from their orgasms, Rydia climbed off the man and dressed, feeling better than she had in days. The man also noticed changes in him. Like before when Rydia kissed his burn marks, his body felt younger and more energetic than before. It was as though the days of suffering on the plains with the other Outcasts were gone. Rydia smiled at the man, seeing him take notice in his changed body.

“Are you really a demon?” his voice was no longer fragile, but deeper and more confident. The smile on Rydia’s face vanished when he asked what she was.

“Yes… I really am a demon,” They spoke no more. Rydia walked with him back to the restaurant, kissing him once more before he was put in chains.


Nimbus was chained to the floor in his room in the Sky Temple. He was fifteen, five years had passed since he’d failed at the Sword of Anima. During that time, only his brother would occasionally visit. Those visits were mainly meant to torment him about stories from the Demon World and how he was at least lucky he had not been banished there.

One day, a girl with blondie hair came to his room carrying food. She was a servant, one that Nimbus had not seen before. He was used to having his brother bring him his meals.

Nimbus looked at the girl, his eyes never seeing anything so beautiful in his entire life. He felt a strange sensation in his body as she bent down in front of Nimbus to hand him his food. He was able to catch a glimpse at her breasts as her tunic hung low. Nimbus, who had never known even the simplest pleasures of a woman, was speechless in the presence of this treasure.

“They’re right, you ARE abnormal,” said the girl as she bahis şirketleri sat down in front of him. “This wasn’t right,” thought Nimbus, “why would she stay here after handing me my food? Her task is done. She has no reason to be here.”

“I wanted to find out myself. It’s not every day you see someone who’s been rejected by God,” she said, smiling. Nimbus, eventually, found his voice and spoke.

“Do you think I’m a monster then?”

“No, if you were, they would have sent you down below. I’m sure one-day Anima will bless you with His power,” She reached out her hand and touched his cheek. Nimbus felt heat cover his body even from this simple action of contact. “I’m Rosa by the way.”

“I’m Nimbus,” Rosa laughed.

“I know who you are silly! Everyone does.” They sat and talked for a while. Rosa told him what was happening in the Sky Kingdom, Nimbus could only come out of his room for short periods and barely received any news. His brother only deemed it necessary to tell him about the Demon World.

The more Rosa talked, the more Nimbus became infatuated with her. He was young and believed it to be love though. At least he was no longer alone, which was the worst punishment of all.


Nimbus was sharply awoken from his dream by the sound of someone entering his room at the inn. It was Rydia.

“You slept with that Outcast, didn’t you,” It was more of a statement than a question.

“I had to. I needed the energy,” said Rydia. Nimbus laid back down in his bed. Rydia could not see the sickening look on his face but could hear it in his voice.

“Demon she-devil.” Rydia was about to say something in return but was stopped by a loud rumble outside. Nimbue quickly got up, “another earthquake?” he asked. His question was answered by a loud roar fallowed by shouts coming from the streets. Rydia pulled out her sword and quickly ran outside. Her fears had finally come true. The Dorcha from the dungeon had finally caught up with them. Nimbus soon joined her.

“No! Don’t look!” said Rydia as she placed her free hand over Nimbus’s eyes. The Dorcha let out a wave of fire which burned several carts and part of the restaurant. Nobody was foolish enough to try and fight back, they all ran past Rydia and Nimbus, trying to leave the village. The Dorcha saw Nimbus standing next to Rydia and immediacy charged towards him.

“Let’s go!” shouted Rydia. She grabbed Nimbus’s hand as she took flight into the night sky. Rydia ignored Nimbus’s protests for her to fight back as she looked below. The village was set ablaze by the enraged Dorcha. It would never stop hunting them. No matter how many people it killed.