Stuffing her turkey

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Stuffing her turkeyI checked my watch again and was unpleasantly surprised it was only 1:30pm; was hoping it was more like 3pm. It was a boring day at work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I was also horny and thinking about how I was going to get laid over the holiday weekend. Fortunately, I had recently reconnected with my old friend, Pam. About 3 years ago, Pam got married and moved to Dallas. She had been a very reliable fuck buddy for some time. She was about ten years older than me and lived nearby. She was great in bed and taught me a lot about pleasing a woman. But, we were nothing more than friends with benefits and she wanted more. Honestly, I never thought I would see her again after she moved away and I missed the great no strings attached sex just about any time I wanted it. As luck would have it, I was in a crowded bar a few weeks ago and decided to make one more walk around before I headed home. Much to my surprise, there was Pam sitting at a table by herself. She had just gotten divorced and moved back to town. She had lost some weight and looked fantastic. We chatted for a few minutes and then headed out to the dance floor. Pam pressed her voluptuous body against me as we swayed together. I reached around and cupped one of her huge breasts. She signaled her approval by pressing her loins against my stiffening cock. Needless to say, we soon left the bar and went directly to her apartment. We fucked like mad all night long! Pam always had a very strong sex drive, but I swear it was stronger than ever. Pam told me her and her ex-husband had a great sex life, doing it nearly every night. But, they had other problems, including him cheating on her, that led to the split. She described how difficult it was to go from frequent sex to none at all. Obviously, she was horny as fuck! Thinking about Pam had my cock stiffening as I sat behind my desk. I decided to try something I had done a few times before when I was bored and horny at work. The thermostat was in my office and it also controlled the clerks office next door. We had recently hired a new clerk named Debbie and she was the only one there this afternoon. Debbie was not much to look at, but had huge breasts. She was very proud of her assets and always wore tight fitting tops. Today she had on a rather thin sweater that clung extremely well to her mammoth tits. She must have worn rather thin bras, because yalova escort her stiff nipples were frequently on display. I would sometimes lower the temperature in the office to accentuate her nipples. Debbie would usually then come over to my office and ask if I would turn up the thermostat- with her long nipples pointing right at me. A cheap thrill – yes! But, what can I say, I love hard nipples! This afternoon I lowered the temperature again and waited. As expected, Debbie was at my door in a few minutes, with those long fucking nipples standing out predominantly. I chatted her up for a while with my eyes fixated on her huge tits and my penis becoming fully erect. Finally, I stood up to adjust the temperature, making sure she had a full view of the growing bulge in my pants. She definitely noticed as I saw her staring and her face flushed. I hadn’t tried to fuck Debbie yet, because I didn’t know her well and wasn’t sure I could trust her. I am a horny fucker, but try to avoid any trouble at work. Several months later, I would end up fucking Debbie, but that is another story. Now very horny, the phone rang and interrupted my impure thoughts about Debbie’s long nipples. I was delighted to hear Pam on the other end of the phone. She said, “I took the day off, did some cooking and then got a massage”. She described how the massage had made her horny and said, “now I’m home having some wine and really wanting some company!” This was music to my ears, “I will be there in an hour, darling” I replied quickly. I wrapped up things at work and headed to her place. Pam had this way of answering the door in a sexy outfit, or no clothes at all, that I remembered from our past fuck buddy days. Today was no exception. She came to the door wearing nothing but an apron! The apron barely concealed her 44EE breasts, with tits hanging out on each side as well as the top of the apron. Of course, her ample round ass was completely exposed in the open back of the apron. I had never thought of an apron being a sexy outfit, but Pam changed all that! She did a little twirl showing off her barely covered sexy body and my cock was quickly raging. Our mouths locked as I embraced Pam and pulled her close. I sat her on the couch and pulled up the apron as I kissed my way up her legs. She immediately threw her legs apart and pulled my head toward her hot pussy. I licked her slit good, escort yalova amazed how wet she was. As soon as I focused my probing tongue on her clitoris, she grunted, pulled my head closer to her writhing hips, and exploded into a quick orgasm. As soon as she recovered, she grabbed my hand and said, “let’s go to the bedroom, hun”. She told me her daughter was fixing Thanksgiving dinner at her house for the first time and may call if she needed help. Pam tossed the apron on her bedroom floor and jumped into bed. I was quickly taking off my clothes and Pam smiled as my thick, erect penis swung free. “Damn, I love that good dick, baby!” Pam said in her sultry bedroom voice. Pam started sucking my cock which she does better than anyone. I had been horny as hell afternoon and was trying not to blow my load too quickly. About then, the phone rang. Sure enough, it was Pam’s daughter asking a question about preparing the turkey. Pam pulled my penis out of her mouth and quickly gave instructions to her daughter in a raspy voice. Fortunately, the call was over soon and Pam went back to sucking my dick. Pam must have sensed I was about to cum and demanded, “I’ve gotta have that cock inside me, NOW! Put that big fucker inside my hot cunt and fuck me good!!” Pam was wild in bed and was getting cranked up. I teased her for a bit, sliding my thick cock along her pussy lips. Her hips hunched wildly trying to get me inside her, but I kept teasing her. She grabbed at my ass trying her best to guide me into her throbbing womanhood. But I resisted and my cock grew even harder, veins popping out on the side and the huge head slipping along her wetness. “Come on damnit, give me that big cock!” Pam screamed. Finally, I slowly eased my large penis inside her surprisingly tight love hole. I slowly slid it all the way inside her. Pam let out a moan of extreme pleasure and I grunted as it felt so damn good. But, to continue teasing her, I slowly pulled my cock all the way out. Her pussy juices were glistening all over my cock as she looked at it while demanding I put it back in. I was just about to enter her wanton cunt again when the damn phone rang again. This time Pam was breathing very hard and her daughter must have asked if anything was wrong. “No, just had to run to get to the phone” Pam said. This conversation seemed to take forever as Pam rattled off instructions on baking a pie. yalova escort bayan I sat there stroking my cock covered in her wetness. Pam didn’t remove her eyes off my cock as she continued to hunch her hips. Finally the call ended and Pam turned around on the bed. “Fuck me from behind, I need to cum so bad and that way makes me get off faster!” I love doing Pam doggy style! Her pussy is really tight like this and I can tell I’m hitting her GSpot. I drove my cock deep into her, faster and faster as we moved in perfect rhythm! I reached around and caressed her mamouth tits, pulling on her long hard nipples. In no time at all, Pam moaned, “oh God, I’m gonna cum baby! Right there! Yes, YESSSSS, fuck yes! Now, NOWWWWW!” She exploded as her hips bucked wildly. Amazingly, I was able to hold off, despite her cunt convulsing like crazy. I know Pam loves to have multiple orgasms, so I always try to hold off as long as possible. I slowed down my strokes, but continued to fuck her as she recovered from her powerful orgasm. But, just as I thought, she started hunching me in no time and was quickly on her way to another hard cum. Pam’s orgasms tend to get stronger and this one was no exception. She squirted a pretty good load of woman cum this time, due to the G spot stimulation and I could feel it dripping out of her hole and running down my balls! Pam lost her breath with this huge squirting cum and her pussy was still convulsing around my cock. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer and started fucking her with long deliberate strokes. I grabbed her huge tits and started fucking her really hard. I was just about to start cumming when the phone rang yet again. Fucking hell!! Pam answered again and was barely able to talk this time. There was no way I could stop this time and I started to cum while she was still on the phone. My cock was twitching and shooting out load after load of thick hot cum right into her amazing pussy. I tried to be quiet, but the moans and grunts were obvious. Pam tried to cover the phone, but I think her daughter figured out mom was getting laid. Pam finally gasped, “I will call you later, kinda busy right now!”Pam and I fucked the rest of the afternoon and in to the night. In between sessions, she went in the other room and talked to her daughter. “She was glad to learn I was getting some and apologizes to you for interrupting us. I had to tell her, she thought something was wrong with me!” Actually it was rather exciting and I especially liked knowing her daughter could hear me shooting a load into her mother’s tight pussy! I still think about this great fuck session every Thanksgiving.