Studying Hard at Magic University

Group Sex

The soft grey stones of Craven’s first Magical University soaked in the summer heat. They were rough, but Larry couldn’t help but feel joy at brushing his fingers across them. This was his second year, and he was quietly confident about his chances with the presentation. High marks here would set him up for a better class next year. Talent was a responsibility. He could work in a small shop over the break, allocating the seven —

“Larry! Have you got a minute?”

Squinting in the sun, Larry smiled goofily in recognition before heading over to his friend Sam, who was hanging with the rest of the group, at one of the picnic tables, which thankfully today weren’t being rained on. Weather magic was tricky… Larry had actually worked with Sam on a project doing theoretical magic to make the summer last a little longer at the college, but every equation seemed to end in more problems. They’d ended up deciding it was easier to just enjoy things while they lasted. They were all in their early twenties, with the study of magic being off-limits until you were over eighteen. Who’d trust anyone else with this stuff? Doesn’t bear thinking about.

“Afternoon, all. So, what’s up?” Larry stretched his skinny frame, yawning before sitting down.

“Christ, Larry. Interior Design got you up late again? Making sure all the shelves are the right colour?” asked Thomas, who’d dropped out of Larry’s class to go look at beetles or some nonsense, but Larry held his tongue, not interested in taking the bait.

“Maybe it’s a woman,” smirked Rachel, twirling her black hair as she gazed into Larry’s eyes.

“Ha. Rearranging her furniture. That’d be new.” Thomas chuckled at his own joke. Larry laughed a little too, his lack of a love-life fairly well-tread territory at this point.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t attractive, not that he spent much time on his appearance. But with coursework, and studies… Larry had to admit, it had been a few years since he’d dated anybody. Or fucked. Or, god, even kissed… Sometimes he could swear, if Rachel wasn’t dating Thomas now, with the way she looked at him…

Larry’s quiet laughter turned into a groan, and he sunk into the table, running his hands through his mousy brown hair. “Urgh.”

He felt Sam stretch to put their hand on his back. “You okay?”

“Urgh,” continued Larry. “Fuck, he’s right.”

Parting his hands, Larry peeked through and glanced at his friends around the table. “I know I’ve not been very… Y’know. Social, and stuff…”

Sam’s hand patted heavily and reassuring upon his shoulder.

“But, I just, with mum and dad and everything… I just want to make sure I’m not wasting this, you know? Like, with work and stuff…”

Sam leaned in. “We know. I’m sure Thomas didn’t mean anything by it, we’re just…”

“Listen, if you want to talk about wasting this opportunity,” said Thomas, spreading his arm around Rachel, “I mean… It’s not just work, mate! There are other things you can do with your time here.”

Rachel smiled at her boyfriend as he squeezed her side.

“Look, if you’re interested,” she said, looking back at Larry with a serious face, “I met this lovely lady in a Lighting course a while back who seems equally… güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Work-focused and, based on her Facebook posts, maybe just slightly frustrated and ready to fill a Larry-shaped hole in her life, I could set you up?”

Larry pushed himself up off the table, and raised a questioning eyebrow. “This… And how long have you had this friend of yours, waiting in the wings?”

Sam laughed. “Larry, we love you. But Jesus, you’ve got to get laid.”

At about eight o’clock the next evening, Larry sat down on the floor by the steps in the University’s student union area. Dressed in blue skinny jeans with a brown belt, a faded white t-shirt and green converse, he hoped the work he’d done on his hair would make up for his kinda basic wardrobe.

His butt. His butt was a good feature, he remembered Rachel commenting on that. Fuck. Should he stand up? He literally just sat down. He took out his phone to check the time, hands shaking slightly. New message from Rachel: “She’s on her way in now. Red hair!” Larry glanced up at the doorway, trying to breathe and calm down a bit.

Suddenly, he felt a presence as someone leaned in from his left.

“Um… Hi, um… Larry?”

He looked up, dazed at the source of the sweet voice.

She smiled, a shock of bright dyed red frizzy hair drifting over her face as she leaned over forward, grinning. She held out a hand, which Larry glanced dumbfounding towards, trying really hard not to notice her low-cut vintage top and the way her bra pushed her tits up to almost spill out of it. Fuck. Back to the face. Okay… Gorgeous makeup, sweet red lips — don’t stare, fuck he hoped he wasn’t imagining the look she was giving him. He took her warm hand like a lifeboat and stammered.

“Uh, uh yeah, hey! Uh, Michelle, right?”

She pulled up a chair and sat opposite, her short plus-sized figure wriggling into the seat. He reached for a bottle of water he’d been drinking from earlier, hoping to clear his head and glad that he wouldn’t have to stand up and go to the bar.

“That’s me. I do Tactile Projections,” she smiled, her fingers twirling as she conjured a rose. “For example.”

Larry stared in awe at the rose, taking it into his hands and feeling the brush of the soft green leaves, the harsh prick of the thorn. “This is amazing… I thought Tactile was all army stuff, projecting force and all that?”

“Not if you’ve got the imagination…” Michelle purred, “And yes, that is why I haven’t dated in a while.”

Larry blushed, almost choking on his sip of water. He could definitely see how someone as adept as her could find ways to occupy her time.

“So, um, well… Why uh, why did you decide to break the habit? Um, I mean, why are you here?”

Michelle brushed her fingers lightly over Larry’s hands as she retrieved the rose, playing with it. “Well… My own imagination is nice, very nice in fact, but I think you’ll agree that the point of all this education is to go out and share that knowledge…” She stared deeply into his eyes, and he felt himself nodding.

“So, what do you do here?” The beautiful, thick, big-titted woman who Larry was definitely still picturing sucking and fucking multiple magical güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cocks lazed back into the chair, shifting slightly in her seat.

“Oh, um… Ambient Amplification, uhh… I mean, y’know, mood stuff mostly. I like creating spaces for artwork, y’know make people feel scared, or happy… I helped a bit with this place.” Larry was quite proud of that, he hadn’t been alone on the project but the Student’s Union remodelling had been a big success.

“Oh, did you now?” Michelle said, “So I suppose that explains my urges, then…” She looked thoughtful, rising up off the deep armchair and on to her black high heels, tottering over in her fishnet stockings until her black skirt was at eye level with Larry, her hot wide hips begging to be grabbed and the scent of her hot wet cunt powerful in the air, “I suppose you’ve rigged this place up to have me come unzip your jeans and take you into my mouth? Put my high heel up on this step here and have you come unload your dick into me? Fuck, sorry if I misread this, it’s just… It’s been a while, and I don’t want to fuck around when we could be… Well, y’know.”

Larry made a mental note that he owed Rachel his life. “Um, fuck.” He gulped. “No, no you haven’t misread uh, it’s been a while for me too, I…”

“Get up.” She stated. Larry rose. “I don’t live too far from here, and people are going to start staring and… Ooh, nice butt.”

“Thank you.” Larry felt a flush of inner pride.

“I um, I might want to put something in there at some point… Is that okay?” Michelle asked, lightly thrusting her hips back and forth as she talked.

“Yeah, definitely… I guess we should talk about what kinda stuff we’re into? And like… Y’know, is this just a fuck thing, or…” Larry got kinda nervous towards the end, hoping that this wouldn’t be a one-time thing.

The large woman stepped in front of the skinny man, turning to face him.

“Larry, I think you seem nice. Your work seems interesting and I’d like to see it, in both a sexual and non-sexual context. Right now, I would like to fuck and be fucked, and I think you would too. My bedroom is fairly close and sufficient for this fucking. After that, I would be interested in further contact. Please, come put your dick in me.”

They left the building.

Michelle flopped face-first down into her bed, her thick, full incredible arse wiggling in the air, still covered by her skirt. “Condoms in the top drawer,” she said, face muffled by the duvet, a hand gesturing in the vague direction of a set of drawers.

“We’ve barely even kissed yet,” laughed Larry, reaching into the drawer and placing the half-empty box on to the counter. “And I thought you hadn’t done this in a while?”

“Want fuck,” came the muffled reply before Michelle rolled over on to her back, her face suddenly innocent as she lifted up her skirt to play with herself. “And I like to make my cocks come. It’s less messy with a condom.”

“Well, I can’t argue with you there.” He replied, taking off his shirt.

“Wait,” she said. “Your thing. Your Applied Ambiance thing. Can you make people fuck?”

“Oh, shit, no, sorry.” Larry stopped unfastening his belt, and put it back güvenilir bahis şirketleri on, standing by the dresser. “I mean, y’know, I enjoyed the dirty talk and stuff, but, yeah, no that’s not me at all. It’s um, that’s actually a whole thing I worked with the University on, like safeguards against that stuff and, it’s more of like a creating spaces that allow for-“

“No, I mean, like, can you make it so that when we fuck, it’s like, hotter or whatever. Like your amplification thing. So my arse tingles better when I make you lick your come out of it.” She continued playing with her clit beneath her skirt.

“Oh! I mean, uh, I guess? Again, ethically, I dunno how-“

“Just do the thing and fuck me, my cunt needs to get fucked.” She ran a finger over her stomach and over to her left tit, and started squeezing, bucking her hips.

Not needing to be told twice, Larry began concentrating and moving things around the room, applying his knowledge to the bedroom. His cock twitched and strained under his jeans.

Finally, he unbuckled his belt and pulled his blue skinny jeans partway down, before freeing his cock under Michelle’s intense gaze. This time, she definitely licked her lips, as he reached for a condom and climbed up the bed, putting it on. He thought back almost in disbelief at all the months he’d spent since the last time he’d had sex, and stared questioningly at the full-figured goddess beneath him, her thick hot thighs, her round incredible ass, her kissable soft round stomach, and her wonderful tits, her left hand rolling and playing with her nipple. Was this… Okay? Was everything about to drop out from under him and this all just be some kind of a dream?

“Cock. In cunt. Now. Fuck me.”

Larry felt Michelle’s fingers help stretch out her cunt around him as he slowly pushed the tip of his cock into her unknowably wet pussy. His hands felt the glory of her wonderful hips as he steadily rocked back and forth, warming up into the rhythm as she moved underneath him, rolling her hips off the bed as she pushed up on to his cock. He saw her hand move down, slide and form a pillow underneath her, which expanded and felt soft against his hands. He kissed her, and felt her hot, wet mouth longing as he pulled back, seeing the pure, unbridled lust in her eyes.

The room stank of fucking, as he built up to a steady pace inside of her, before her hand pulled away, replaced by a floating vibrator. She eyed him greedily, before putting her hands to his hips, and he felt he knew what was coming, as his arsehole began to feel slick with lubricant.

“Fuck, that’s hot, I’m gonna come soon.” Larry moaned, pushing back with each thrust as Michelle pushed a finger inside, then two.

“Me too. I wanna fuck your arse while you come in me.” Michelle rounded her hands over Larry’s hips, stretching him open more for her magically projected fingers.

“Fuck!” growled Larry, as Michelle pushed inward into his arse with a thick, proud cock. She grinned coquettishly from under him, before moving to circle and play with her nipples as she moaned, loudly, orgasming as Larry pumped his own come inside of her.

“Mmm… Yeah, yes that was nice.” Michelle ran her fingers over Larry’s chest. “I definitely needed to get a quick fuck out of the way. Now bring that butt up here so I can kiss what I’ve fucked.”

And so, Larry straddled his beautiful new friend’s face, her tongue buried deep in his arse while she played again with her clit and her tits, and resolved to spend less time on his studies.