Student Relations


Chapter 1. The Introduction

Inadvertent clumsiness is what finally earned me that kiss. Let me explain. I study Tae Kwon Do as a sport, hobby, recreation, and self defense with a local instructor. He’s one of the best in the area, and after years of instruction, I was his principle student. That is, I was the last person he’d ever teach from start to finish at my current rank, and the only one left in the class to sponge up any kernel of knowledge he might have left to offer before fully retiring.

As such, I had a rather privileged status as head student. Sometimes his other high ranking students would stop by, but usually every other week I was the highest rank. As such, I was often left with the lower belts, to instruct them while my instructor offered the upper belts more one on one training. This worked out well because I was relaxed and fun loving when practicing anything physical. This was important of course, because the lower belts were usually the new people, and thusly the most tense and nervous. After several sessions though, I could have everyone relaxed and moving more like veterans, and having a good time at the same time. Many of us ended class with large smiles, even after the hardest workouts.

That was how I got to meet Amber. She was a slender blonde with a petite frame, not much past eighteen. She had studied somewhere else and had come to us from a different school. Which was evident in her belt color. It wasn’t white, and it wasn’t a color we used. So I was sent to introduce her to our class and find out what I could about her. A double edged sword, you might say.

My instructor normally used me in this way. Get to know them, get them to know the class. At the same time, relax them and make it comfortable for them to join in with the rest of us.

I was happy she was in class, really, and was extra vigilant to make sure she’d stay with us. No, it wasn’t just the fact that she was a good looking girl. It was largely that she was the person closest to my age that had joined us in a long time. She was close to graduating high school, while I had just finished junior college a few years ago. Sure, we weren’t exactly the same age, but we were close enough to count.

We finished the first class together splendidly. She said she loved the way we did things and looked forward to coming back. I told her I was happy she thought so, but was careful not to get my hopes up. You hear that crap a lot, but then come next week, they never show.

Chapter 2. Learning to Fight

To my surprise, the next week she did show up. Fifteen minutes early. To work on free sparring, of all things. It kind of surprised me, really. Usually women want to stick to forms only, and skip the more physical and ‘macho’ fighting.

“Free sparring?” I asked, letting my surprise shine through.

“Yep. You picked me apart last week. I want a chance to get even.” Her voice was what I would consider feminine. It wasn’t too high or low pitched, but carried with a fluid confidence.

“Sweet. Well, I’m more than happy to spar any time. You do have to understand that I was holding back last week, though.”

“Don’t hold back this time, then. I want to learn fast.”

Before long we were swapping techniques. We started slow. I let her throw most of the strikes at first, content to simply block and evade. That was usually the way I liked to start. It gave me a chance to watch my opponent move, while learning their favorite combinations and balance shifts. It also allowed me to find most of the holes in their fighting style.

We were only a couple of minutes into the sparring before she got a funny look on her face. I had started throwing techniques back, and was scoring quite a few clean single hits. I hadn’t really started into combinations yet, so she wasn’t really defensive. As I landed another left to the side of her head she called for a breather.

I knew we hadn’t been fighting long enough for her to be tired yet, and I certainly hadn’t hit her hard enough to stun her. Her gloved hands moved in exasperation. “Okay, okay. Before you bruise the side of my head completely, how do you keep hitting me?”

I laughed. It was an obvious rookie mistake, but since she was still a rookie it wasn’t that obvious for her. She seemed a little hurt at my laughter so I had to explain. “It’s a simple rookie mistake. And we’ve all been there done that. Every time you throw a kick, you drop your guard. All I have to do is twist sideways to let your kick brush against me. You think you’re scoring a great hit to my torso, while my punch is knocking your head into next week. If we were going full tilt, I think we both know that the punch to the head is definitely worth more than an indirect kick to the torso.”

She nodded, we touched gloves again, and away we went. She’d mostly fixed her guard dropping tendencies before we had to stop for regular class. Mostly.

That had begun our friendship. We would often arrive early before class or stay late afterwards to canlı bahis fight. One day, when we unrolled the mats for class and I led them through some grappling techniques I’d picked up from wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I discovered she liked that, too. Before long we were including the mats in our pre and post class exercises. She was even more aggressive at ground fighting than she was on her feet. I was doubly surprised. Not only do females usually not like fighting, they especially don’t like grappling. Particularly with males. She was an exception though, because she definitely enjoyed the ground fighting. I knew she was a diamond in the rough.

As time passed, we became close comrades. We talked as much as we fought, trading funny stories as much as punches and sweat.

Summer was just passing its heat apex when she could finally fight for over fifteen minutes without me forcing her to tap out. On the other side of the coin, I was hard pressed to keep her from tapping me out. My size was about the only advantage left to me. At one hundred and eighty pounds, it wasn’t much of an advantage. Slowly, she was beginning to learn that for some techniques I was just too big, and she could find immunity to some holds and slip others that I could’ve forced on a larger opponent. Conversely, she discovered that what worked for me, didn’t always work for, as her limbs just weren’t long enough to apply the holds to me.

Chapter 3. Sudden Changes

And so I begin again at my starting point. We were sparring after class when I slipped on the mat. I stepped in a puddle of sweat the same time I threw a kick. The sweat was just enough to cause me to lose my balance and Amber pounced on the opportunity. She flew into me shoulder first, easily passing my legs as she tackled me. And that’s all it was. Not a pretty takedown. Just a brutal body tackle.

We hit the mats hard, with her arms around my chest. She moved for full mount. Her head moved in coordination with her body and our lips brushed against each other. That’s all it was, a simple brush. But it was enough to send an electrical jolt through our bodies that stopped us both.

Her face was over mine, eyes locked onto mine. Suddenly I became aware of her body. Not just her body, because I’d been pressing myself against it for months in competition, but her curves. I was suddenly aware of the swell of breasts on her chest, the extra curve of hip, her warm breath on my lips, and my own arms and legs around her. We both looked into each others’ eyes and drank in these new sensations. For a moment we forgot that we were competitors, and were instead a man and woman in intimate contact.

We blinked simultaneously. I’m sure it was a regularly timed blink, but time had slowed. Slowed so much that I could see her eyelids slowly closing even as mine shuttered towards momentary darkness. Upon opening our eyes the spell was broken. We were instantly competitors again, and she was about to gain the upper hand.

I rolled my knee in to block her pass for mount as we came alive. Working for position, and then submission.

Several minutes later we were packing our gear away in our gym bags. I felt her eyes on me as I slipped my uniform top off. I usually only wear a plain tank top underneath. Down to just the tanktop I became increasingly aware of the sweat on my skin. My shirt was damp and the thin material clung to my abs and pecs tightly. The extra liquid also served to make the material more see through, showing my tanned torso through the white material.

We had been talking as I undressed. Her voice had never changed pitch or speed, but her body language did. She was obviously watching me as I packed the long sleeved garment into my gym bag. In turn, I watched as she untied the sides of her uniform and let it slip from her contoured shoulders. She too wore a tank top underneath, with a bra beneath that. I couldn’t help but notice that the cooling sweat was causing the nipples on the tips of her compact breasts to poke outward through both layers of clothing.

I watched as she finished packing her bag. For the first time I really saw her as an attractive young woman. I mean, I’d always know she was good looking, but I hadn’t allowed myself to realize she was attractive. Now I couldn’t stop myself.

Before she left for home and I headed for the showers she fixed me with a look I’d never seen before. “I won’t be able to come in before class or stay after next week. Work and some other stuff has my schedule crowded that day. Would it be alright if we got together some other time next week to work out?”

I exhaled long and slow to calm my revving heart. This reaction was new, and I had to get it under control before I did something stupid. I tried my best to keep my voice nonchalant, “Sure. Whatever day works best for you. I’m sure you’re schedule is busier than mine.”

She smiled at me. “I don’t know about that. How about next Monday?”

I mentally checked to make sure I didn’t have anything bahis siteleri going. “Sure, Monday’s fine. About the same time, 6:30?”

She shook her head. “No, I have some stuff to do after work. How about eight?”

“Works for me. That’s going to make it ten o’clock before we’re done with a two hour work out.”

After a moments hesitation she responded, “That’s fine. I don’t have to be in to work right away on Tuesday so it’ll work out good. It’s a date then.”

I offered my goodbye and couldn’t help watching her ass swing towards the door. Tae Kwon Do uniforms weren’t designed to be sexy, but that still didn’t stop her from looking good. Amber and her body disappeared out the door and I headed for the locker room for a long cold shower.

Chapter 4. Competitive Spirit

Next Monday found her at my house fifteen minutes early. I let her in and she oohed at the interior. I’m not much of a decorator, so it must have been the house itself. I believe the style of decorating I used is called, Spartan. Something like that.

I had picked the house up through a sweet real estate deal. I’m an investor so it wasn’t that hard for me to find. I was going to flip the house for a quick chunk of change, but decided to keep it. I took possession of it with zero down and a monthly payment that was closer to a joke than a real payment. Not too shabby for a hair under two thousand square feet. Huge for a bachelor, but definitely my style of living.

Amber soaked in the house as I gave her a quick tour. She asked me a few questions about how I could afford such a huge place, but I dodged them with a few practiced replies. I don’t like my friends to know that I’m financially secure. Tends to change their opinion of me.

Eventually I led her into the basement which I had had totally finished off. The additional living space was divided in half. The first part was largely an electronic toyland where I spent most of my time. There was a large screen TV, several DVD players, radio, computers, and other electronic gadgets scattered around the room. Anything that could keep my mind occupied.

Once again Amber asked how I could afford all this, and once again I dodged her question with a well practiced joke. Leading her through my play room I showed her into my real play room. The spot where I spent most of my time when in the house. My workout room.

I had had the cement floor covered with thick padding, and then a wrestling mat laid over that. The end effect was the feeling of walking on a giant blue marshmallow. It was a sweet floor for slamming. At impact you’d be sucked in bounced back up before you knew you’d hit it.

The walls were covered in wrestling mats to six feet above the ground. Against the far wall were several flags, showing respect for the countries that gave birth to me and my martial arts. In the center of the ceiling, in about a fifteen by fifteen foot section was a mirror. The mirror was extremely useful to self critique with the ground fighting game. Surrounding the mirror, covering the ceiling to each wall were artistic works blended together to almost look like graffiti. They did blend together into a painter’s pallet of different colors until you really concentrated on one piece at a time. Then they clearly became symbols and pictures to different religions, philosophies, and other mental and spiritual matters. I would often lay in there staring at the ceiling and contemplating life and its various meanings. My version of homework.

Amber looked in awe at the room as she walked to its center where I’d marked some ‘square off’ lines. She dropped her bag and turned in a circle, looking at her surroundings. I couldn’t suppress a chuckle. “I take it you like the room.”

Amazement oozed from her voice. “The whole house, especially this room. This is so cool. I love it. I’m going to go home and redecorate my bedroom to look like this.”

“I always figured you for one that would want mirrors over her bed,” I jibed.

She shot a nasty look at me and I laughed openly. “Alright, alright. The bathroom’s is back through the electronic room. There’s a locker or two in there to store your stuff. I’m gonna run upstairs and get changed, then I’ll be right back down.”

Once she was heading for the bathroom I walked upstairs to my bedroom. I changed swiftly and travelled downstairs again heading for the workout room. I paused halfway there, interrupted. Amber hadn’t shut the bathroom door all the way and I could see her reflected in a mirror. Her bare back was turned to me. I was half disappointed that it was only her back, but also glad that she couldn’t see that I was peeping. I watched for a few seconds as she slipped a lacy pink bra down her arms and affixed the clasp at her back. She bent out of view and I moved on, not wanting her to spot me. I knew we were both comfortable with our bodies, but I didn’t know how she would take my peeping.

I only had to wait a couple of minutes for her to join me. Neither of us wore our uniforms, bahis şirketleri but one of us was looking hot, and it wasn’t me. I had opted to wear my tank top and a pair of loose shorts, and of course my cup and skivies. She on the other hand, was looking awesome in a pair of tight spandex shorts that clung to the edges of her panties, clearly showing the outlines of her bikinis. Amber also wore a matching white halter top so tight it stretched to show the pink bra and its laciness. It also stretched tight enough that I could not mistake the small lumps of her nipples.

Perhaps I didn’t know what she wanted from me, or what that kiss meant to her last week, but I knew I couldn’t let her go dressed like that without saying something. “You’re looking good enough to kill. We gonna fight or you going to slay me with your body?”

Her smile was wide and open, “Maybe I will kill you with my body, but first its going to be with fist and foot.”

She bum rushed me and I only just had time to get my feet under me before she reached me. She ended her charge with a feint to a takedown, then a reverse punch at my jaw, which I only half blocked. I immediately responded by chasing her punch back. When her hand reset into guard mine passed through and smacked into her forehead.

We paused a minute. I took the opportunity to ask, “No stretching out or warming up first?”

“Nope,” she added with a jab. “Just plain ass kicking.”

I don’t know how long we sparred. We stayed mostly on our feet, fighting to stay off the ground whenever one of us shot in for a take down. Fatigue started in on us, and before long we were on the ground, manipulating for position and lock. Normally we straight grapple, with no striking on the ground. This time however, she signalled a continuance to her aggressiveness by landing a right to the side of my head. I took it and returned the favor, slipping her into my guard.

Amber put up quite a fight. She would play defensive enough to only strike for the easy, safe targets while saving her offense for submissions. I, on the other hand, had no intentions of slowly beating her to submission. Instead, I worked full out to win swiftly through tap out. I didn’t have to work long before she was tapping out from a simple key hole shoulder lock.

We separated and I called for a break. Her eyes read that she wanted to keep going, but her whole body told that she was just as tired as I was. There was a fridge just outside the room and asked her if she’d like something to drink. She said she would and I went to fetch our refreshments.

Chapter 5. Competitive Undressing

When I returned I about lost my cool. During our workout we had developed a light sheen of sweat. Although unnoticed in the heat of combat, it was extremely evident in her clothing. Her tank top was turned sheer. Now it was a simple pretense of a cloth. Her bra was plainly evident and I could almost make out each curve of the lace. With her sitting cross legged, I became extremely aware of the clingy attributes of her shorts. As I handed her her drink, I could look down and see the material suctioned to her shapely legs and the slight lips of her sex. I had to clear my throat to return to professionalism.

I also had to force my mind onto another subject before my half hard on threatened to become a raging pole. All of which was extremely uncomfortable under the confines of my cup. We sat in silence a while, each of us taking quiet sips at our juices.

Amber’s face turned towards mine, and then looked away. She looked at me again a few moments later, and looked away again, this time more slowly. I had to ask, “What’s up?”

Her eyes locked on mine while her lips hesitated over the question, “What happened the other day?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t play stupid, please. I don’t want you to play stupid. I really want to know what happened between us the last time we worked out.”

“I wasn’t playing stupid. I’m just trained to answer a question with a question. What happened between us? I don’t know what happened for ‘us’. But I do know I became suddenly aware that you’re an attractive young woman. As for what you felt, I have no idea.”

“I…I guess I was finally hoping that you felt the same way about me that I do about you. I was attracted to you from the very first minute I talked to you. I loved your openness and confidence. You have something no one I’ve ever met has ever had. And, I think, I’ve eventually come to love you. There’s just something special about you that’s stopping me from getting you out of my head.”

Her confession didn’t catch me totally off guard, but I certainly wasn’t expecting that much of one. Inside, I could feel my chest ache a little when she mentioned that she loved me, so I knew that at least at a basic level, I felt the same in return. “Well, don’t get the wrong idea, but I love you as well. At first it was friendship. Just the two of us working out. Then comradeship as we continued to teach each other and hone our skills. When our lips touched, I suddenly realized that it wasn’t just the closeness I feel from physical competition with someone. With you…I knew it was different. Not just simple friendship. Deep friendship, instead.”