I wake up seeing your face silhouetted in the early morning sun.

To me, you look like an angel. Your blonde hair arranged about your face almost like it was on purpose. A small smile parts your lips as you dream wonderful dreams.

As I watch you sleeping peacefully, I think back on all the years of love and passion we have shared. The lines that have defined your beautiful features are a little stronger now. But you are more beautiful today, this moment, than you have ever been before. The almost unnoticed strands of gray hair highlighting the effect of holiness, I see a woman who has been through much, but has always been there for me.

The good times and bad, are now almost remembered with equal fondness. Because, even in the worst of times, you have made me almost unbearably happy. I look forward to the start of each day with an eagerness befitting a man of many less years. Every morning brings with it the promise of memories yet to be made, of happiness yet to be discovered.

Today, our 25th anniversary, I look into your sleeping face, and discover God. For only he could have made my life so full of happiness and beautiful memories. He made you! And you are as close to heaven as I could ever want to be.

As I think these thoughts, you wake, and see me looking at you with a love born not of this world, but in a place few men have ever been. canlı bahis Your smile lights up your face, like no force of man or nature can.

You say, in your soft sexy voice, “Good morning baby, I love you.” And my heart melts yet again as I take you into my arms and hold you gently, yet with all my strength.

Our embrace ignites a familiar fire. One that burns as hot as a hundred suns yet is always like the first time. When our lips meet, there is a passion stronger than ever, and hungrier than I could have ever imagined. Our hands roam familiar places, as well known to us both as our own bodies, yet always as exciting as the newest of lovers. As I kiss your neck, I smell the sweet familiarity of you, and yet, it seems as though I am discovering you yet again.

You constantly, even after 25 years, remain the most exciting woman I have ever met. I enjoy the familiar feel of your soft skin against my cheek, even as I revel at the exciting sensations your soft shudder sends through my body.

I am instantly hard as I sense your desire, complete and hungry. I slide my hands slowly down from your smooth cool cheeks, over your soft rounded shoulders, pausing at your supple breasts. I take each breast in my hands and lean down and gently kiss and nibble your firm nipples. You shudder again, as I continue down with my hands. I pass your still firm stomach bahis siteleri with the practiced hands of a generation’s time.

Still marveling at the butterflies it causes in my stomach, I slowly, and gently, slide both my hands over your shapely hips. Slipping my hands around and cupping both your cheeks I give them a gentle squeeze. Your hips arch in anticipation of my hungry lips and tongue. As I slide my tongue down your stomach, you arch your back, and moan deeply. My tongue finally reaching your womanhood, you again shudder and moan. I work my practiced tongue around your clit and nibble lightly on your lips. Then, I begin to slowly run my tongue from the top of your sweet pussy, to the edge of your anus. It makes you shudder and squirm as I passionately nibble and suck on your clit. You push my face deeper into your pussy as you rotate your hips setting up a familiar, yet exciting, rhythm. We bond at a level known to few, as I continue to make love to your clit with my tongue and lips.

Over the years we have developed the awareness of each others body to such a point, that I am able to bring you to ecstasy in only minutes. You push my face harder into your pussy as I eagerly suck and lick your clit to the height of ecstasy! You shudder almost violently as you cum on my tongue and lips. I lick and suck you clean like a man who hasn’t eaten in days, though bahis şirketleri we made love only hours before.

In time, the shuddering subsides. You lift my chin and look into my eyes. You again say, “I love you, ” I reply in kind. You pull my head up, kiss me and embrace me like a long lost lover. You gently lay my down, and run your hands over my chest and stomach, slowly, and with a softness only dreamt of, you come closer and closer to my manhood. You circle my thighs, and take my balls into you hand gently as you bring your lips to each and give them a gentle kiss and caress. Your lips wander up to the base of my shaft, and slowly begin to kiss your way to the tip. You very slowly, begin to take me in your mouth. Reaching your hands under my ass, you take me all the way in, and pull my ass to you even harder as I arch my back to meet your hungry lips. Your hungry mouth and tongue work my shaft in and out of your mouth, while giving a constant barrage of quick licks and long slow strokes. I lay back and enjoy, nothing on my mind but you and I. You move a little faster, setting off a tidal wave of sensations. I feel the pressure building, and I take your hair in my hands and help you set the rhythm that we have perfected over the years. Suddenly, just as I am about to cum, I WAKE. I am startled, and for a moment confused. Then I remember, and I slowly lay back and cry. Cause I know that we have yet to meet, and we have our whole lives still ahead of us! And the tears I shed are not for the loss, but for the exciting future that lays ahead for us! This is my dream, can it come true?