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STRAIGHT MARKY PART 1Hey guys, my name is Jeff, this is my first time posting a story. Hope youenjoy it. Im a 27 year old white guy, black short hair, blue eyes, 6’1″tall, weigh 180 lbs. Attractive average looking guy, straight acting andappearing, oh, and totally gay…hehe.Marky is 18 yrs old, hispanic skater boy type. He’s about 5’10” tall, 150lbs., black hair, brown eyes, stright as hell and one HOT k**.I have my own house and grew tired of the bar scene so i usually hadfriends over on the weekends to hang out and party at my house. It was acool house to party at, i had a pool table, big screen tv, big back yardfor cook outs and a hot tub. And a fully stocked bar.My little brother who is 17 has discovered going out with friends anddrinking on the weekends. This did not set well with our mom, you drinkingand driving at that young of an age. So I told my brother that if hewanted to go out and drink and party, he and some of his friends could doit at my house so they would be somewhere safe and not on the streets. But,the only thing was that if they got too messed up, they had to call theirparents and let them know they were staying at my house. He loved the ideaand my mom and the other parents liked it too. They were welcome anytime,they just had to pitch in if they were gonna drink. My brothers smallgroup of friends he always hung out with, which were about 4 or 5 guys,were cool. They were all hispanic, played soccer and fucking gorgeous!There was Noe, Alfonso, Marcus and Marky, I’ll tell you about each one intheir own story. Soon. But this story is all about Marky…SO, on friday night, my bro called and asked if he and the guys could comeover and party, i told him it was cool. i wasnt doing anything anyways andwould love the company. They all showed up about 10 min later and thatsthe first time i laid eyes on Marky. I couldnt help but stare a little, hewas fine. He’s the skaterboy type and everything that comes with thatlabel. Baggy clothes, messed up hair, skinny…mmmm, damn! Anyways, weplayed pool, drank some beers, played cards and dominos. eventually theywanted to play quarters, god i fucking suck at quarters, but i joined in.we were all laughing and joking around getting drunk. Marky was sitting byme at the table and every time someone made the quarter in the shot glassthey always made Marky take it. He was getting fucked up. he looked socute. around 1:00am my mom called and said that my brother had to get homebecause he had something to do in the morning. i told her he had somebeers and i didnt want him to sakarya escort drive. So she said she would come and gethim and take anyone else home that needed a ride. So i told the guys andthey all said they probably should go home since they werent shit faceddrunk that is except for Marky. we didnt even notice that marky had puthis head down on the table and was passed out. My brother told me thatthere was no way he could go home in that condition, his mom was kind of abitch at times and it would be best if he slept at my brothers house. mymom got to the house and honked for the guys. we tried to get marky up togo to the car, but that wasnt gonna happen, he was dead weight and aftermoving him around so much trying to wake him, he started throwing up allover my floor. i told my brother and the other guys to go on and leave andmarky could just stay here for the night and id take him home in themorning. my brother said cool and was out the door in a flash saying hewas glad he didnt have to take care of him. asshole i thought to myself.ok, now that they’re gone, time to clean up and get marky someplace to laydown. I decided to put him in my room while i cleaned up the living roomand all the puke. I looked over at him, sleeping again at the table. itried waking him but to no avail, fuck this i said, so i got behind him andlifted him up from under his arms and put his arm over my shoulder while ihad my hand around his waist for support and we stumbled into my room.before i let go of him and plopped him into bed, i removed his shirt andlaid him down on his back with his feet hanging off the bed. He was in andout of it, he knew that he was staying the night and the other guys hadleft and that he was gonna stay in my room while i cleaned up. he wasslurring his words and not making much sense but i figured out that he wasthanking e for taking care of him. i told him no problem and to shut upwhile i took his shoes off for him. i knelt down at the foot of the bed inbetween his legs and undid his shoes and slipped them off. I had to raisehis pant leg a little while doing this and discovered he had some veryhairy legs…major turn on for me. so i got his shoes off and moved him upinto the bed and turned out the light and went to clean up. After a coupleof shots of goldschlagger it took me about an hour or so to clean up, i wasexhausted and made my way to my bedroom. I could hear marky snoring when iwalked in so i turned on a small light by the bed so i wouldnt wake him.he was laying on top of the covers only in his pants and escort sakarya socks, thats wheni noticed my cock growing a little bit. i wasnt going to move him nowsince he was sleeping so well…hehe. i stripped down to my underwear andgot the covers out from under him and got into bed beside him. he waslaying on his back breathing deeply. i had to try my luck, so i turned onmy side facing him and layed my arm over the lower part of his stomach atthe top of his pants…no movement, good. i ran my hand down over hispants where his dick was, i couldnt feel anything cause of those big saggypants he was wearing. i reached back up to his belt and undid it and thenunbuttoned his pants and slowly, so very slowly slid the zipper down allthe way. i moved my hand back to his crotch and slowly lowered my handuntil i made conatct. i moved around some until i found his dick, it wasnthard yet but it soon would be if i had anything to do with it. i rubbedhis boxers up and down over his cock and it started getting bigger almostimmediatley. i moved my fingers under the waist band and slid them downinto his big thick hairy bush. hell yeah i love a hairy musky young bushon a guy. i found my way to his hard prick and put my hand around it andexplored his massive cock. it was fucking huge, no lie, it had to be atleast 9″ and thick dripping precum all over his bush and boxers. i gotsome on my hand and brought it up to my face and inhaled the aroma ofsweaty cock and boy juice…mmmm, i licked my hand and tasted hisprecum. it was a little tart but delicious. i returned to my boys harddick and moved down to his balls and discovered he had some low hangin bigass nuts as well. i guess i got too carried away while feeling his ballsand he jumped and kinda woke up, i immediately removed my hand and layperfectly still. he moved around some and i couldnt tell what he was doingunder the covers and then i heard the unmistakeable sound of his pants andbelt hitting the floor. hell yeah, he took them off, little did i know atthe time, his boxers were off too. he settled back into bed and i turnedover with my back towards him while he got comfortable and thats when iguess he noticed that someone was in bed with him. he turned towards myback and whispered “whos in bed with me?, is that you melissa?” i didntknow what to do, i wasnt gonna say anything cause my voice is too deep tosound like a girl so i just lay there silent. then he moved his bodycloser to mine and put his arm over my side and pressed his hard cock upagainst my ass. he started rubbing sakarya escort bayan back and forth against me, god it feltso good and i started responding by pushing back on him while he humped me.he moved his hand down to my underwear and started sliding them down overmy butt. i raised up and let him slide them off. he started kissing theback of my neck and i rolled over and our mouths and tongues met. oh man,could he ever kiss! he rolled over on his back and while we were kissing,he put his hand on my head and started moving it down his body. i lickedon his left nipple and sucked on it for a bit, he let out this loud moanand saying “oh yeah baby, you make me so fucking horny, i want u so bad”.this was making me hot as hell. i moved down past his stomach and burriedmy face in his pubic bush and breathed in all his sweaty dick smell andthen moved down to his balls and gently sucked on each one. i ran mytongue up the shaft to the head and licked all around the tip making himdrool gobs of precum. i rubbed his precum all over my lips and all on mytongue. then i openedmy mouth and went down as far as i could go on thisnow at least 10″ of hot young mexican dick. he loved it, moaning andgroning, holding my head still while he fucked my face.he then turned me over on my stomach and got behind me telling me that hewanted to fuck me up the butt. i just moaned and raised my ass up to him.he wiped his wet cock all around my hole and slid it in me slowly at firstand thenshoved it all the way deep in me. once i recovered, he waspounding my ass hard. slapping his cock up my ass making a loud slappingnoise everytime he thrust forward. then he totally suprised me, he turnedme over and spread my legs far apart and shoved it back in me. i knew iwas busted then, he’d be able to see my cock while he fucked me. i waitedand waited for him to realize he was fucking a guy and stop, but he didnt.after what seemed like hours, he was getting close, he got louder andlouder saying the most nastiest sexiest things to me or should i say”melissa”…nope…lol. he pulled his cock out of my ass and got up closeto my face and shot his load all over my face and then shoved it in mymouth and came some more. finally he collapsed on the bed beside me and ina matter of minutes, he was snoring again. it was then that i realizedthat i had cum all over myself while he was fucking me without eventouching my cock. i rolled over and passed out. the next morning i was upandmoved to the sofa before he woke up pretending thats where i had slept.he finally came into the living room where i was and said he had the worsthangover ever. i gave him some advil and took him home. when he got outof the car, he turned back and said thanks for last night…it was great.wait until i tell u about the next night…..THE END