Str8 Jake

Big Tits

I lay sprawled on his bed reading one of his comics. It was weird that Jake was into comics. He was so dull and athletic and straight I guess I just assumed his hobbies would be golf, and maybe the races on special occasions. He probably dressed up in an awful steel blue suit and brown shoes and thought he looked dapper. But I could be wrong. Jake was full of surprises.

I mean, he was standing in the doorway right now with a hard dick waiting to fuck me, that had been a surprise.

“That ass.” He walked towards me and I obligingly lifted that ass off the bed and turned around to look at him. He moaned and knelt behind me, cupping my ass, jiggling my cheeks up and down and swatting it playfully. “Fuck Nik.” I grinned at him and he clasped my chin and kissed me. As I pulled away- I never liked Jake kissing me for too long; I was worried my hormones would do dumb things to my brain- he noticed the comic book. He grabbed it and filed it back on his bookshelf. He’s a bit precious about them. It’s cute, actually.

“Good choice.” He said as he pulled off his shirt and threw himself on the bed, wrapping himself around me. “You read much of The Wicked and the Devine?” I tried to wriggle out of his hold.

“No, looked interesting.” He was stroking my hair. “Um, what are you doing?” Jake frowned.

“Being intimate?”

“Ok well could you stop it and start stuffing my holes please?” Jake went red.

“Nik!” I raised my eyebrows. I mean, that’s what I came for. That’s the offer on the table. Jake nodded and knelt up again, allowing me to return to all fours.

He started playing with his dick as he knelt between my legs and gently started to kiss my ass. He gave a pretty good rim job, for a straight guy. I moaned as he dove in. He just felt so good. Way too good. Lucky I like to receive, because Jake is one hell of a generous lay.

“Lube.” I directed. Sometimes we don’t need it, but I was kind of in a hurry today. As much as I got off on being Jakes personal cum rag, I was meant to be at work in a couple of hours. Jake gently kissed my cheeks and my thighs as he moved away.

“You’re so impatient.” He murmured. I waited for him to tease me about being such a cock hungry slut I couldn’t wait. That would have turned me on. Instead he sighed. “Gonna make you wait, one day.” He said as he teased my crack. “But I’m such a fucking addict for this I don’t think I can today.”

I moaned as he teased me, barely slipping a finger in.

“Jesus I’m barely touching you.” He murmured.

“Yeah any chance we could change that?” He laughed and pressed his thumb into my hole. I grunted in pleasure and my back arched the way he liked it.

“Fuck yes baby.” Jake responded, and slapped my ass. He grabbed my cheeks and spread them, and taking his cue I reached back and held myself open for him. “I’m gonna cum just by watching you.” He moaned as he played with himself.

“Fuck you.” He laughed.

“Ok, stud.” I moaned as I felt him start to press in. I’m used to it now but the first few times it took a while to adjust to his girth. He’s fucking gifted and he knows what he’s doing so he takes it slow… I mean, I’m not exactly a blushing virgin myself- but Jake is…well. Hung

“Fuck baby you are so fucking tight.” Jake moaned as I started to fuck myself on him, letting him kneel behind me and enjoy the show. Jake really was an ass man through and through. He told me he always took girls from behind.

“Probably because I’m secretly gay.” He joked, spanking me.

“You’re not gay, I just have an irresistible ass.” I told him. Which in his case was true.

I slid up and down his cock, legs shaking, moaning and whining about how fucking big he was, how hot he was, begging him to breed me.

“Oh shit- Nik…” He panted.

“Yeah fucking cum in me with your big fucking dick. Breed me.”

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum.”

“Fuck yes. Fucking breed my ass Jake.” He grunted as he stopped trying to hold back, his hands gripping my ass firmly.

“Ugh. Oh fuck.” He collapsed over me, pushing me into his bed. “Sorry.” He laughed.

“No that was great.” Jake slowly pulled out and lay on his side.

“I’ve been gagging for it.” He said. He’d been away with some friends for two weeks. I always did better when one of us was away because I know how to use Grindr- he had to make do with his hand or whatever girl he was into that week. God forbid he admit that he really likes topping men.

I started to get myself together and Jake stopped me with what can only be called a caress.

“You good?” I asked. He looked at my dick pointedly.

“Can I help with that?” I laughed.

“Uh. Na dude. I’m good.” I could have a quick wank when I got home if I really needed. Jake wasn’t letting me go though, he put a firm arm on my shoulder.

“That’s not fair. I can suck you off?”

“You don’t do that.”

“I have before.” I rolled my eyes. It’s sweet of him, he’s got a good sense of what’s fair but he knows I’ll turn him down every time. You gotta be really fucking careful fucking straight guys. The last Betturkey thing I wanted was to have any shred of affection for this hunk. He bit his lip as I pulled up my jeans. “Hey you wanna grab a coffee or something? Catch up?”

“I have work.”

“Oh.” Jake looked… disappointed? Maybe he’d had a lonely week. “Hey borrow that comic.”

“It’s fine.” I waved awkwardly to him as I went to leave his room. He sighed. We weren’t very good at goodbyes. It’s a little awkward. “See ya next time.” I said.

“Yeah. Next time.” He’d gone quiet on me. He always did after we fucked. I let him get through his identity crisis in peace knowing full well I would be getting a text within the next couple of days asking me to come over.


We met because we’re next door neighbours and our backyards were virtually together so neither flat could host parties without inviting the other one. We had had a few barbecues together over summer before Uni got back. I liked Jake and his flatmates just fine, although we didn’t have a lot in common. I only got talking to Jake when he mentioned my inspiring book collection. I have a habit of picking stuff up and holding on to it so my library and wardrobe have got a little out of control.

He was a really funny guy, really well read. Surprisingly deep if I’m honest. He used to come over with weed and we would light up and shoot the shit listening to proggy doom bands that he introduced me too. It was when he was totally baked and a few beers down that he first came on to me.

“So… You’re gay right?” I laughed.

“That a problem?”

“No! No dude. No I was just… wondering.” Aha. Yeah, I knew guys who wondered. I looked at him.

“Verse.” I told him. He frowned.


“You were gonna ask if I top or bottom. Both.” He went so fucking red, but I wasn’t wrong.

“Was definitely hoping to hear bottom.” He grinned as his embarrassment abated. “Your ass is just fucking asking for it.” I laughed. Yeah, not the first straight guy who had been captivated by my ass. I mean, I’m genetically gifted, what can I say? “Can I suck you off?” He cut right to it. I laughed.

“Ask me sober, stud.”


It didn’t change things between us. I mean, I’ve been high and horny before, I wasn’t exactly gonna read into it. But Jake is persistent if nothing else. We were hanging out at a party with a few other guys when I realised we were alone and he was way too close.

“Nikau I cant stop fucking thinking about you.” He said. I looked deep into my beer. Jesus. I definitely needed a few more. I stood up to fix that and he stopped me. “Nik. Mate. Just let me suck your dick.” Fucks sake. Look. I have more than your average share of guys wanting to experiment but when I make it clear that’s not gonna happen they usually quietly slink away. Jake was really not getting the message.

I sighed and motioned for his phone. He passed it over- I don’t know what he thought I was going to do- give him my number maybe?

“Alright give me a smile.” I tried to take a photo.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Jake laughed as he tried to take the phone off me.

“Setting you up on Grindr dickwad. You’re clearly repressed and I’m not gonna be your little fucking fag experiment.”

Only. I did end up being exactly that.

“Hey.” He called over the fence. I looked over to him as I hung my laundry.

“Hey! How are ya? What are you up to?” He grinned at me.

“I’m good. Enjoying the view. Stone cold sober.” I, to my shame, felt myself blushing. I was only wearing boxer briefs and a t shirt and I hadn’t expected my stupid straight next door neighbour who had a thing for my ass to be perving on me. I lost it.

“Fine.” I said. “Get over here.”

“Wait what?”

“It’s your fucking lucky day. Get over here before I change my mind.”

Jake did not need telling twice. He jumped the fence and had his hands on my hips within seconds.

“Oh fuck.” He said, fondling me. I pulled him into my room unceremoniously- lucky for him I was home alone. I had pretty low expectations of this whole thing but I knew whatever regrets I had he was gonna have a thousand times over.

I wrestled him onto my bed and pressed some lube and a condom into his hand.

“Look, I realise you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing so don’t worry if this is over too quick. Just use a lot of this.”

“Wait, wait wait!” Jake laughed and clumsily pulled me into a kiss which I reciprocated in spite of myself. “Wait. Oh my god Nik, I’ve been fucking dreaming of this. Help me out ok? Can we slow down?” I softened as I looked at Jake. His short back and sides was looking a little messy and I would be lying if I said he didn’t look delectable. He has dark eyes and creamy skin that flushes pink at the slightest thing. He was pink now.

“Sorry Jake.” I reached out and played with that mop of curls without thinking. “I’m used to Grindr hook ups. We can slow down.” He was really leaning into my touch.

“I just… can you be naked?” I obliged him, stripping Betturkey Giriş my t-shirt off. “Oh wow.” I let Jake admire me. I’m in shape. I’m no body builder but I eat pretty clean and I work out a few times a week. And naturally I do a lot of squats. Jake quickly stripped off his own clothes which honestly I could have done without- because the minute he did I knew I was fucked, in all senses.

He’s a hair shorter than me, although we’re both tall. He does work out, clearly. Underneath his baggy t shirts he’s all muscle. He has a few tattoos, just like me. He has the perfect amount of body hair and like most straight guys it seems like shaving or trimming had never occurred to him, but the dark bush of pubic hair only served to highlight his fucking hot, hard dick which was leaking as we looked at each other. He was probably an almost perfect 20cm and he blushed as I bit my lip. Damn I hadn’t expected him to be hung.

To my surprise he took the lead for a second. He returned to the bed and kissed me, touching my body and squeezing my ass. I kept my hands to myself a little more- this was his fucking experiment and I didn’t want to get too into it. When he pulled away he pulled me to the edge of the bed and started to kneel between my legs.

“Jake…” I trailed off. He blinked up at me. Stupid pretty eyes.

“Can I suck you off?” He asked. He was really fixated on that. So I nodded my assent because I may have been a bit reluctant, but I’m only human.

He knelt before me and I moaned as he took me in his mouth. Ok, he’d never done this before, but he’d definitely seen a fair bit of porn. I felt my hands drift to his head and I pulled him off. His lips were so soft and pouty. His eyes were starting to water and I couldn’t resist slipping my thumb in his mouth. He responded beautifully, his tongue wrapped around it and his eyes closed for a second. He clearly liked it, he sucked on me hungrily as I fed him more of my fingers.

“You don’t need to choke on it.” I said, as my free hand scrunched his hair. “Just go at your own pace.” I returned him to my dick and he obliged me- less porn and more decent work. I sighed. “Good boy.” He made a noise and I looked down at him. “Bad?” He looked up and stopped sucking me for a second .

“Good.” He panted. “Say it again.” I smiled and guided him back between my legs, stroking his hair.

“You’re a good boy aren’t you?” I said.

I wasn’t going to let him suck me for too long and I felt myself get close.

“Hey uh…” Jake looked at me- oh man he was hot with my dick in his mouth. I gently slid him off and pulled him up beside me.

“Everything ok?” Jake’s eyes widened in concern. I laughed.

“Yeah, yeah, I was gonna cum.” Jake pouted.

“Next time let me swallow.” He said. Ha. Next time. Likely. I stroked his shoulders, squeezing the muscle lightly as I touched him.

“Did you still want to fuck me?”

“Dude is that even a question?” I laughed at him.

“Ok. So from behind’s probably best, you can see what you came for. Just start working me open, one finger at a time, and then when I start to beg you can put that fucking giant dick of your in me. But please go slowly- I may have taken a lot of cock but I’m not a miracle worker. I’ll let you know when you can start thrusting ok?” Jake nodded solemnly. “And I just think I should warn you, most guys don’t last long with me, it’s ok.” Jake gave me a cocky grin. Well. He’d take that back.

I knelt on the bed and he knelt behind me, and I spread my cheeks for him. He dove in right in with a rim job to my total surprise. I really thought that was out of the question.

“Oh fuck, Jake.” I moaned. He slapped my ass which made me moan even more. He might have been new to this, but he knew what he wanted. He squeezed my ass as he ate me out and I became weaker and weaker under him.

“Jake… please fuck me.” I moaned. He slowed down and I heard him crack open the lube.

He was very gentle, and took coaching well as he started to finger fuck me.

“Oh fuck yes.” He grunted as I fell apart in front of him. He had three fingers in when I started begging in earnest.

“Jake, fuck me please.”

“Hmmm.” Oh the bastard was a tease.


“What did you want?”

“Your dick. Your big fucking dick.”

“What did you want me to do with it?”

“Jake please.” He laughed and I felt the head at my entrance. He just rubbed that against me gently for a bit, winding me up. I moaned. He slowly entered me and paused at the tip. “More.” I moaned. He obliged me, slowly working his way in. “Hold on.” I paused.

“You ok?” He whispered.

“Yeah. Just a second ok?” He squeezed my hips and paused as I waited for the pain to abate. I sighed after a minute and thrusted experimentally. “Ok.” I moaned quietly. “Keep going.” We slowly worked him in, pausing more than I’d have liked- but I know my limits.

He was humping me lightly and swearing under his breath.

“Pound me.” I directed. Jake didn’t need telling twice. He held on to my hips and fucked me mercilessly.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck Jesus Nik…”

“Fuck yes.” I grunted. He was an absolute stud. But I was right.

“Shit.” I heard him whine.

“Fuck, cum in me.” I moaned back. That set him off and he sighed with pleasure as he unloaded. He collapsed on top of me and manoeuvred us so I was spooning him as he panted.

“I’m so sorry.” He said.

“Its my fault.” I joked. “It’s my ass. It’s too good.”

“It’s so good.” Jake moaned. “We’re doing this again right?” I shrugged.

“Let’s see how you feel after the ‘am I a faggot? crisis.'” Jake grumbled at that.


I told my friends that I’d slept with my straight next door neighbour and they rolled their eyes.

“One off!” I protested. “Absolutely no feelings I promise.”

“No feelings.” Alex warned me. “You absolute fucking moron.” Whatever. I definitely expected it to be a one off. I wasn’t expecting the text a couple of days later.

Hey. Uh… the house is empty. I dunno if you wanna…

The usual? Weed and Sleep?

Or the other thing.

I blushed reading his texts, glad he couldn’t see me. Bad, bad call. I thought. You know what this is right? Jake needs a fleshlight and that’s gonna be you. And sure, that means some pretty nice sex on tap but it also means he picks you up and puts you down whenever he’s horny. And you’re gonna have to watch him flirt with girls at parties.

Do you want that? I asked myself. Absolutely not.

“Hey.” Jake opened the door with a smile.



Oh my god. We’ve devolved to that.

“Someone’s getting lucky.” Rawiri, the new guy at work, was looking over my shoulder while we were on a coffee break. I choked.

“I would say it’s not what it looks like… but…” I grimaced at him. “Well. It is what it looks like.” Rawiri grinned.

“Well you can’t blame him can you?” I glanced at him. Was he flirting? I shrugged. “So is that your boyfriend or…”

“I’m single.” I said quickly. Rawiri nodded.

“Me too.” He said, and he blushed. “Not that you asked.” Huh. Cute. Maybe… I looked at him .

“Did you… want to grab a coffee sometime?” Rawiri smiled.

“We’re already doing that Nik.” Oh. Not flirting. “But maybe I could get your number and take you to dinner?” Oh. Interested. I ignored Jake and grinned at Rawiri.


Sorry, was at work.

I texted Jake.

Guessing now’s a bad time.

Yeah I’m at work now. I’m so fucking horny. Pick me up and let me fuck you in your car

You’re crazy.

I know. I miss you.

We fucked two days ago.

I know, but I was away for two weeks and then we barely caught up

I rolled my eyes at the audacity. But…

What time do you finish?


“Hey.” Jake slid in the car and leant over. He started making out with me, and to my chagrin I responded enthusiastically. Eventually we pulled apart.

“How was work?” I asked him as I drove him round the bays. We could do it on a secluded bit of road next to the beach.

“Oh it’s fantastic.” He said sarcastically, and started rambling on. I found myself laughing at his stories and commiserating with his shitty day. “Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked as we parked up. Oh shit. I blushed. Fuck man. There was no excuse for looking at him like that.

I had to get myself together.

“Horny.” I lied. Because you’re pretty and I’m enjoying your company was the total wrong thing.

“Me too.”

Car sex is tricky at the best of times but at least Jake was a good sport.

“Is it in?” I joked as we tried a new failed angle

“How dare you?” He playfully swatted my ass. “I really don’t think this is gonna happen.” He sighed. We were both sweaty and tired by that point anyway, any erection I had was long gone. I sighed.

“I think you’re right. Sorry.”

“It’s good. Now we know we weren’t built for car sex.” He played with my nipple under my shirt. “It’s probably a little cold to fuck on the beach…”

“You are absolutely not dicking me down on a wet sandy public fucking beach in the middle of the night in winter.”

“Alright. Plan B.” He pulled out a joint. I nodded and we settled down half naked to smoke.

Eventually we were both horny again and we rubbed each other off. It was more intimate than I’m used to- usually I don’t get to look at him. He’s really hot when he loses control. He’s really hot when he moans my name.

“Nikau.” He whined. Ah fuck. This is exactly why you don’t do this. My stupid fucking heart was melting. He locked eyes with me and touched my cheek. “Fuck dude. Imma…” He whined as he started cumming- setting me off too. We collapsed into each other, panting.

He didn’t let me go.

“I’ve missed this.” He said. I looked at him and his red eyes. I raised my eyebrow.

“Missed what? We see each other all the time.”

“Missed hanging out. You don’t talk to me anymore. To tell you the truth I’m starting to feel a little used.” I looked away. Thats fair. I don’t really stick around much anymore- I didn’t want Jake to feel weird. I wanted to be clear we were both clear on the arrangement and I wasn’t trying to, you know, get in the way of him living his life with his friends and girlfriends and all that.