Stolen Moments


I pulled into the shopping center parking lot and looked both for her car and for a shaded, empty spot to park. A combination of anxiety and excitement washed over me. A smile crept across my face.

I found a spot that was out of the way and had some morning shade from the trees, and put the car into park. I looked around, double checking to make sure I hadn’t missed her car as I unfastened my seat belt.

I checked my phone to make sure I hadn’t missed a message from her. Nothing new on my phone as my legs bounced nervously. This is exciting, sneaking away from work like this while she skips from her class.

As I looked in the rear view mirror I saw her pulling up. I put my phone back in my coat pocket and turned to look at her as she pulled up next to me.

As she turned off her car and got out I leaned over and pushed the passenger door.

“Hi,” she said, beaming as she climbed in closing the car door behind her. Her long black hair was in a bun, and she was wearing a white button down shirt and a pair of jeans.

“Hi,” I softly said back as I leaned toward, placing my hand on her cheek.

The excitement pulsed through my body as we shared a forbidden kiss. Softly our lips pushed together but as our lips parted and our tongues slide into each others mouths our passions began to boil up. I could feel myself begin to harden as she leaned into me and my arms wrapped around her.

My hands slide down onto ass, squeezing and pulling her toward me, as her hands pressed against my chest.

My lips left hers and kissed down her cheek and onto her neck as she scooted onto my lap. It was a tight fit in the drivers seat but neither of us noticed as our groins rubbed together.

My hands on her hips, I pulled her down as I pushed up against her, hungrily wanting to be within her again. She moaned loudly as I kissed her clavicle and on to her chest pushing her shirt aside with my nose.

Her hands combed through my hair as my hands slide up her sides. My thumbs slide up her stomach and then I caught the feel of the bottom of her bra. Excitement pulsed through me causing my hips push into her as she continued her gyrations.

I found her nipples with my thumbs and began to slowly rub the excite nubs in a circular motion.

“Yes, please…” she said, trailing off as she grew more excited.

Tilting her face back down she hungrily kissed me again and again.

This passion, of a new forbidden love, always is so exciting and I could tell it was for her too.

My hands fumbled with her shirt buttons, slowly opening her skin to me. I pulled back from our embrace to look at her swollen breast. She was about two months pregnant, enough to cause her breast to begin to swell but still allowing her stomach to be relatively flat.

“Your beautiful,” I said wrapping one hand behind her back and having the other slip behind her head allowing me to pull her in for another bahis firmaları kiss. Her own hands were unbuttoning my dress shirt from the neck down. She slide back, closer to the steering wheel, as she got to the final button pulling my shirts from my pants. She pushed her hand down, rubbing my hard cock through my pants. She held me in her hand the best she could as our tongues danced.

Wrapped into our passionate affair we were both oblivious of the darkening sky until a loud crack of thunder coincided with us thrusting against each other.

Momentarily broken from our embrace, we looked into each others eyes, our breathing ragged. “Back seat,” she said barely above a whisper. “Yes,” I responded my hands pulling her by her bare waist against me.

The rain began to fall, causing a drumming to play out on the roof, as she climbed off me and into the back seat. I grabbed her ass as this barefoot goddess crawled into the back seat, causing her to giggle and look at me with lust. I sat up stretching my prone body and shrugged off my suit jacket and dress shirt and followed her into the back.

Her body was laying on the back seat, her shirt hanging open, one leg laying on the seat with her foot on the floor, the other propped up allowing with her knee near the head rest, her body and open invitation. I climbed on top of her feeling her under me as I pushed my crotch into hers. I kissed her again, this time feeling body push up to meet mine. I felt her hands pulling my t-shirt up so I sat back enough to allow her to pull up while I awkwardly helped in the odd space that is a back seat.

As her hands moved down my bare chest I could feel her nails softly running down my body. I pushed against her again and again as she kissed my chest hovering over her. “Ahhh,” I moaned. She giggled again as I leaned down to continue kissing her.

I balanced my weight over her as I kissed down to her nearly bare chest. My kisses moved up the swell of her breast only stopping at her bra, where my tongue slipped out allowing my tongue to trace the intersection of each breast and her bra.

As I kissed down the center of her body I felt an unexpected piece of plastic at the center of her bra. ‘So cute,’ I thought to myself. ‘A front clasp for easy access.’ Ignoring it for the moment to allow us to continue to tease out the moments, I kissed down to belly button, licking and teasing it.

By this point I was practically on the floor, which she took advantage of to wrap her leg around me. I held her thigh to my leg as my other hand unbuttoned and then unzipped her jeans. I heard her take in a sharp intake of breath as her leg momentarily squeezed me. I tugged her jeans open and licked the smooth skin that intersected with her panties. She shivered as my tongue momentarily snaked between her and her panties.

I heard her panting hard as I kissed my way back up to her, licking her and there as kaçak iddaa I went. She was looking at me lustily when I reached her bra again. “Cute bra,” I said I unclasped it. “I thought you would like that, she said exciting me further even though I knew she thought about me this way and dressed accordingly.

I gently pushed a cup of her breast with my face as I exhaled, kissed, and licked my way toward her nipple. I kissed around it, licking her areola, drawing ever smaller concentric circles until the tip of my tongue came into contact with her engorged nipple. As tight circles went around her nipple my mouth slow closed and I began to suck. And then my teeth gently squeezed the delicate flesh. As this process played out her body jumped and rolled under my touch. My hands were holding her by her petite waist and her hands were gripping and squeezing the seat.

My mouth released her nipple stopping her full body convulsions as she raggedly drew breath. My hand slid up her side to cup the recently released breast as I kissed and licked my way to her other nipple. This time the sensation of my slow march to her nipple was coupled by my hand caressing and fondling her now exposed breast. She breathed harder and faster, as the rain continued to pour down outside.

As I french kissed her nipple she cried out, “no more!” and pulled me up to her lips allowing for the first time our bare chests to press together.

She slide her hands down my back and around my waist fumbling my belt buckle open. We continued to french as my raging hard on pushed against my dress pants, tenting them out. I shifted my hips as she worked my zipper down and I popped out of my boxers. Her hand found me and stroked me as my eyes rolled up and my head lifted back.

Taking the opportunity to kiss my neck she continued to stroke me. “You feel so good in my hand,” she said as waves of pleasure washed over me.

“I need you,” I said as I leaned back down pressing our lips together. I leaned back as she helped me push my pants and boxers down, giggling as my hard on bounced free of my underwear. She scooted up into a sitting position as I finished pulling my clothes, including my socks and shoes.

Fully nude in the back seat I tugged on her jeans and panties, pulling them down as she lifted her beautiful ass off the seat and the down her legs. My hands immediately slide up her calves and up her thighs, feeling her smooth skin. Freshly shaved for me perhaps?

I lifted her up and placed her on my legs as I moved to the center of the seat. The interior of the car was lite by a nearby flash of lighting, and I helped her as she shrugged off her shirt and bra.

Fully naked together in the back seat I looked at her gorgeous body and leaned in to kiss her as she reached down to stroke me.

She slide closer and wrapped her arms around my shoulders as her slit rubbed against my cock. I was so hot and horny, losing kaçak bahis control. I just wanted to drill her so bad, but she was in charge and so she teased her moist and excited clit against my raging cock.

Suddenly she shivered and squealed as she came. I kissed her mouth feeling her cold breath as she calmed down from the little tidal wave she had just experienced.

“Another, my dear?” I joked as she smirked and lifted her body. As my cock head poked against her opening I pushed up slightly feeling my self enter her ever so slightly.

She moaned and feel against me, her breast squeezed against chest. My hands were on her hips gripping her tightly.

We continued to tease one another with slight push up and down, working my way into her as she rolled her hips. Slowly, inch by inch, we enjoyed these few stolen moments as we tried to maximize the sensations, to let each moan and rub fill us with growing passion.

And then just I was fully in her, it happen again. A flash of lightning as pleasure cascaded through her body.

I could feel her pussy clamping around my cock and I rode the wave of pleasure but kept my release back, begging the universe to let this last.

As she regained control again she laughed. “Thank you,” she said as she began to ride me.

“No, thank you,” I insisted as our bodies rocked in unison.

The music of the rain and our moans built as she rode me, and I filled her with my girth. My hands rode across her body, from hip to thigh to her belly and perfectly formed breast. The slip up her neck as she stretched up and my thumb found its way into her mouth, where she sucked it, making part of me want to pull her off of me so I could enjoy her talented mouth.

But we persevered and as I felt her near another pleasurable peak, she told me, “cum in me…”

As she came a third time I cam as well filling her up. She squeezed her muscles drawing all of my seed from me.

Finally drained, I leaned back taking in once more this gorgeous beauty who have been blessed with sharing such moments with. Her breasts heaved as she caught her breath and and the sweat glistened in the soft light available in the thunderstorm.

I pulled her to me once more for a deep passionate kissing, a kiss to sum up of so much that could never be said between us despite stolen moments like this. She rested her head on my shoulder as my hands slide down her back to cup her butt. We basked in the moment knowing that we had probably enjoyed each other for too long and knowing that we needed to return to our ‘real’ lives.

After a moment, as the rain began to slow down, we raised self off of me, and pulled on the panties I had handed her as she sat next to me.

“Again soon?” I asked. She bit her lip in response as she reached down to stroke my deflated penis.

“Very,” she replied.

We got dressed, sharing a few laughs and stolen touches, and then like that it was over. A final deep passionate kiss and she climbed out of the back seat, hopped into her car, and drove off.

I to got out, pulled on my suit jacket and climbed in the front seat and drove to the office.