Stacy Turns Pro


Hello I’m Stacy,

I’m 28 years old, blonde and divorced. Oh and I’m a cock-slut.

It wasn’t always so. At the age of 19 I’d never even felt a cock never mind seen one.

I attended a private girls school and all my early sexual experiences involved pussy.

I still love the taste of fresh pussy today and my perfect sex is chewing on a muff with a rock hard dick shoved in my fanny from behind.

Anyway I left school at 19, fell for the first man who fucked me and married him. I didn’t realise at the time what I’d been missing and what feelings having his cock shoved up my cunt was going to awaken.

You’ve no doubt heard of a guys brain being ruled by his dick, well my pussy thinks it’s a dick, it runs my life and controls my emotions.

I couldn’t get enough cock and my husband just couldn’t satisfy my hungry pussy. I needed it morning, noon and night. I would get hot just looking at a guys lunchbox, in fact I’m pretty hot now and decidely damp where it matters.

I started looking around for extra cock to satisfy my needs and finished up going to pubs in Devonport during the day while my husband was at work. It’s amazing how a girl can get a guy to slip her some cock with very little encouragement.

There are always young guys around the hotels and it was easy to get a fuck anytime anywhere.

I’d been doing this for a while when my husband first found out, and after initially being upset with me he realised that if he was going to keep me he would have to keep me happy.

He started to let me bring guys back home and after the initial shock they experienced when he was there I would fuck their brains out.

A couple of times I caught him wanking while I was getting shagged by these other guys. I thought, here I am looking for all the dick I can get and he’s wasting his spunk in a tissue.

I eventually cracked it with him one time. I was getting well and truly reamed out doggy style by this huge guy and I looked at my husband and said if he didn’t get himself across to the bed right now and shove his throbber down my throat I was fucking finished with him.

He came over to the bed and I literally grabbed him by the balls. I took the head of his cock between my hungry lips and began to slip him in and out of my mouth. He moaned at me and I dribbled on his shaft and took his full length into my mouth. This was my first time getting fucked front and rear and I loved it.

My husband was usually pretty quick to cum and it didn’t take long for him to start jerking his load into my throat. Meanwhile my guy at the back had pulled out and was jacking his load over my arse. I pulled my husband out of my mouth and he finished up spraying his load into my face. A cum shower, I fucking loved it.

This was the beginning of the end with my husband. He knew he could never keep enough cock up to me and he wasn’t comfortable fucking me with another guy. I still needed my fix and couldn’t give up my playing around. By 25 I was divorced and back on my own. I’d had no children and apart from a regular cock work out and the occasional assistance from an artificial aid my pussy was still tight canlı bahis and juicy. No stretching from having children and no shortage of guys wanting to get in my pants.

Alone and living in a 2 bedroom unit, all along I had worked as a part time aerobics instructor and while this kept my body fit it wasn’t paying the bills. You can only physically do so many sessions a week and along with my sex life I couldn’t work any more anyway.

I decided to turn semi-pro and get paid for some of my fucks, it’d help pay the rent.

I answered an ad in the local paper for girls to work at a brothel near the ferry terminal and duly turned up for my interview.

I met the owner and senior girl and after chatting for a while and having a couple of drinks they asked me to convince them that I was comfortable with all aspects of sex and new what I was about. Ha!!.

I finished up giving the brothel owner a blow job while the other girl ate me out. I also had a turn at her pussy and finished up giving the owner the ride of his life with me on top. The job was mine.

Three years on and I still work part time as a prostitute from the brothel. I use the name Stacy when I’m on the job so to speak. I do maybe 10 or 15 tricks a week at $180 per hour. I’m worth it believe me. It pays the rent and also my living expenses.

I still pick up my casual fucks around town because being a pro I have to use a condom and I still love the feel and taste of a hot load of cum slipping down my throat.

Well I went on this call out to a hotel room just the other week. The guy had asked for someone mature not some young girl and as I was the oldest girl working that night I took the booking.

Call outs are always nervy for us, you just don’t know who’s on the other side of the door. We make it a policy to ring the brothel as soon as we get to the room giving the time and length of appointment. That we if we’re not back at base in a reasonable time they can respond to potential trouble.

I knocked on the door and it was opened immediately and in I went. When he phoned he’d told us he was 50 years old which was why he wanted someone older, well he may have been 50 but he was 6′ tall and in pretty good shape. I gave him a peck on the cheek and told him we’d get the business out of the way first, as this helps to relax the client and also make sure we get our money. It’s funny how often I guy will forget he paid for it after an hour of pure sex.

I tucked the $180 away and he asked me what was and wasn’t allowed as it was his first time. I could see he was nervous and when I took his hand he was shaking. I’m not that scary really.

I explained that we would use a condom for any penetration, kissing was Ok but only at my instigation and I didn’t do anal, but anything else would be fine if it didn’t hurt either of us.

Still fully clothed he was sitting on the bed, I pushed him gently back onto the bed and sat astride him, I like to undress my clients as part of the treat. He told me to get off as he would cum almost immediately, he unzipped and pulled his cock out and promptly ejaculated into a handful of tissues I’d grabbed bahis siteleri for him.

He was upset that he’d cum before I’d even undressed, I told hom not to worry about, if they’re truthful most men cum quickly the first time and now that was out of the way we could have some fun.

I began to undress and suggested that he might like to get naked and lay on the bed. I carry a tube of sorbolene hand cream with me to use as a massage lube, it’s not as messy as baby oil and you don’t have to worry about the sheets.

I like to give my clients a body slide to start with and if you’ve never had one trust me you would love it. After rubbing cream on him from his navel to his neck I began with my boobs just hovering over his cock. There is a real electrical surge when you touch a nipple to a warm cock and you tease from left to right for a minute or so. I then began to slide up his body pushing my boobs down onto his stomach and eventually up to his chest. After a couple of these I pushed a little higher until my pussy was rubbing up and down his still sleeping cock. My nipples were over his face and he reached up and began to tongue my boobs.

I could feel that my pussy was beginning to do her stuff, I was already hot and quite wet. I told him I was going to give him a blowjob to get him good and hard. I reached over and took a condom from the bedside table and slipped it onto his now semi-hard prick.

I licked my lips and dribbled saliva down onto his cock and went for it like I hadn’t eaten for a week. As I mentioned earlier I love the salty taste of cum and cock. I don’t particularly like the rubbery condom taste, but heh, a girls got to look after herself and the clients really expect a blow job anyway.

I was getting good and hot and he was certainly ready for me. I sat astride hime and guided his pulsating member into my juicy slit. It’s a great feeling being in control and as a pro it’s up to me to control the fuck.

I rode him hard and within moments heard him groan and buck and cum again. This guy really had a hair trigger.

I slid off him and asked him to get rid of the full condom, we don’t touch them for health reasons.

He went to the bathroom and I lay back on the bed. When he came back into the room I asked him what he’d like to do next. He said he wanted to eat my pussy, his wife wouldn’t let him and he’d never tasted it but fantasised about it all his life.

Come on I said what are you waiting for. He dropped down beside me and began what was to be the most sensational oral sex I’ve ever experienced. He’d never done it but told me he’d read about it on a lot of websites and felt he knew what to do. Well he started a long way from home, my tits to be exact. He began kissing, nuzzling, nibbling. He worked his way down from my boobs, across my chest around my tummy down to my lightly furred pubis. He skipped then and went to work on my feet, nibbling his way up my legs. I was gagging for him by now, as he reached the inside of my thighs I spread my legs as wide as I could to expose my now rampant pussy.

Still he nibble the inside of my thighs, blowing warm air across my throbbing cunt. bahis şirketleri Eventually he dived in, with his tongue probing and caressing my inner and outer pussy lips. He pushed up and nudged my clit with his nose. I fucking exploded, it was a fantastic sensation and had me bucking on the bed. He moved his tongue up to my now exposed and throbbing clit and began to tease. The sensation was unbelievable, I clamped my thighs around the guys head and nearly fucking suffocated him as I came.

I’m the pro here, I’m supposed to be in control. This isn’t supposed to happen. Like fuck, all pretence at being professional went out the window, I was literally gagging for it.

As I came down from my orgasm he continued to suck and lick my pussy and began finger fucking me. Oh God here we go again, I’d hardly finished the first orgasm and he’s got three fingers in my pussy giving me a workout I’ll never forget.

After we’d finished I said he was paying me wasn’t there something special I could do for him.

He said he’d heard about and seen pictures of titty fucking on the internet and would I mind doing that. I said after what you’ve just done for me you can fuck my tits all night for all I care. I rubbed my pussy juices between my boobs and over his cock and told him to slide up and sit astride my chest. I propped myself up on pillows against the bed head and pulled his cock between my boobs. I told him we’d have to use a condom again in case he came quickly and blew his load into my face. No problem with that and he began to hump my tits for all they were worth, I don’t know what it is about guys and boobs, but it’s something I get asked to do a lot and the look on a mans face while his cock is humping up and down is asight to behold. This guy was doing alright this time and didn’t look like cumming anytime soon.

I said don’t you want to do that in my pussy instead of pretending. He answered yes let’s do doggy style. I moved to turn over and get on my knees and he stopped me and said to stand by the bed and bend over at the waist. I did as he asked and stood bent forward with my arms supporting me on the bed. As he came behind me to enter my now dripping cunt he told me he thought the finest site in nature was a hot excited woman with her legs spread being taken from behind. He thrust his cock hard into my pussy and I pushed back against him to help the rhythm. I glanced back and realised he could see us in the mirror and was getting off seeing himself fuck this hot woman from behind.

He reached around and teased my clit and that was it, I began to buck and push and worst of all beg for him to fuck me now, fuck me harder, yes yes yes that’s it now now cum now Oh fucking Jesus.

When he’d finished and pulled out, he got rid of the condom and I went for a quick wash. He was on the bed when I came back and started to dress. I asked him if he’d enjoyed himself and he said it was the best fuck he’d ever had and loved it. Guess what, me too.

I went back to work but I was to shattered to do any more that night. I went home and had a warm bath and played with my still throbbing pussy.

I’ve never had better sex and I’ve never seen the client again. Maybe one day I’ll knock on the door and he’ll open it again. I’d like to think he’ll remember me and my rampant pussy.

Oh and did I mention I’m a cock slut.

See ya.