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Bo paced impatiently behind the sofa, absently flipping channels on the muted TV. As he paced, he would occasionally grunt or reply briefly to the running commentary his fiancé, Shannon, was making from upstairs as she changed clothes. Bo had been on the road for the previous two weeks. The retail chain he worked for was expanding and he had been doing site surveys and checking on construction of new stores all over the country. He had arrived home that afternoon, tired, road weary, and more than a little horny. He had called Shannon, hoping for a quiet dinner at home, followed by a nice long make out session. She adamantly refused to have sex prior to their marriage six weeks hence, but she seemed to enjoy making out. Though he would have made love to her months ago, he had respected her desire to wait even though it drove him nuts at times like tonight.

Instead of the quiet, romantic evening he’d envisioned, she had accepted a dinner invitation from some of their friends. When she’d told him, he’d put his head in his hands and groaned. However, he agreed to go and arranged to pick Shannon up at 5:45. When she opened the door, he immediately got a major woody. She was dressed in a blue sweater that he’d given her and a pair of jeans that fit her well. While the sweater didn’t reveal any of her ample cleavage, it showed off her large, heavy breasts. She saw the look on his face and said playfully, “See somethin’ ya like, cowboy?”

Before he could respond, she kissed him on the cheek and took his hand, pulling the door shut with one hand and pulling him toward the car with the other. The whole evening he’d had trouble keeping his eyes off of her. Besides her body, she had a beautiful smile, a charming personality, and a quick wit. She was an incredible woman and he was proud she was to be his wife.

The party finally broke up about ten and they’d driven back to her house. As soon as the door closed, he had grabbed her by the belt, and pulled her against him, kissing her deeply and backing her gently but firmly against the wall. She responded in kind and they had kissed passionately for several minutes. Shannon broke the kiss, looking into eyes and saying huskily, “Well, I missed you too.”

She gave him another quick kiss then excused herself to go pee and change clothes. Bo had let her slide out of his embrace and watched her walk up the stairs, admiring the sway of her hips as she walked, imagining her hips swaying with his penis inside of her.

He continued to pace, listening vaguely to her chatter. She was telling him about a conversation she’d had with one of her friends at the party, but with her upstairs, he was having trouble hearing her. He guessed it was because she either was in the closet, or simply had her back to the open bedroom door. After she made another comment that he could only half hear, Bo decided to walk to the top of the stairs. He told himself it was simply to hear her better, but his mind couldn’t help but imagine her naked body. As he quietly reached the top of the stairs, she continued to babble. Though he could hear much better, he still had trouble understanding parts of what she was saying so he slowly walked down the hall toward her room. He stopped beside the door and closed his eyes, imagining her full breasts and soft hips swaying in front of him. He’d never violated her wishes in regards to sexual matters, and he knew that if she found him here, she would likely get angry. However, his desire got the better of him, and instead of stepping back, he stepped around the corner into her room. What he saw made his mouth go dry and his penis become hard.

Shannon was washing her face at the sink. She was wearing only a set of white cotton panties and was bent at the waist as she splashed water on her face. The angle he had not only afforded him a view of her barely covered ass, it also afforded him a partial view of her breasts which hung freely over the sink.

He was mesmerized. He had felt most of her body through her clothes, but he’d never seen her in anything bahis firmaları less than a one piece bathing suit. He’d fantasized about her many times, but the goddess he saw before him was more sensual than he’d ever imagined. Again, his lust emboldened him and he quietly took two more steps until he was just outside and to the side of the bathroom door.

She finished washing her face and padded out of the bathroom. When she saw him, her eyes widened and she jumped. “What are you. . .?” Before she could finish the sentence, he had covered her mouth with his and gently, but firmly taken her hands. She struggled, trying to speak and squirm out of his embrace, but he pressed her back against the wall, using the weight of his body to help keep her there. Bo kept his mouth on hers, kissing her firmly, stroking her lips with his tongue, not letting her get her breath or say anything. Slowly, her struggles lessened and her body relaxed. He kept her hands in his even as she parted her lips and let her tongue dance with his. He continued to kiss her passionately for several more minutes, feeling her relax even more and sensing her breathing becoming quicker.

When Bo felt certain she was in the moment with him, he briefly took his lips from hers and whispered, “You’re so beautiful.”

Without giving her a chance to reply, he resumed kissing her, sliding his tongue into her mouth and teasing hers with it. She whimpered softly and returned his kiss heatedly. Now, he slowly loosened his grip on her hands. First, they fell limply to her sides, but then she reached up and gently cupped his face. She broke their kiss, and he opened his eyes to find her staring into them. She was panting and her eyes were wide with something, desire, fear; he couldn’t tell. Without closing his eyes, he moved in and kissed her again. Her glazed eyes seemed to lose focus and she made a sound that was something between a whimper and a moan.

Now her hands moved from his face to his chest, resting on it for a moment before finding the top button of his shirt and unbuttoning it. As her hands moved down his shirt, Bo lightly stroked the back of her arms from shoulder to wrist. He smiled as goose bumps formed and she shivered slightly. His eyes were drawn back to her breasts and he noticed that her nipples were nearly completely erect. He let his fingertips glide up and down her sides and again she shivered at his touch. As she pulled his shirt from his trousers, he gently stroked the sides of her breasts with the back of his hands. She sighed deeply and looked up into his eyes. Locking her gaze on him she pushed his shirt off his shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. He held her eyes with his as he quickly shrugged out of his t-shirt, then stepped to embrace her again. Shannon caught her breath and then moaned as he crushed her breasts against his chest and kissed her feverishly. His hands moved down her back, scratching lightly. His hands cupped her bottom and she pressed herself into him. Her bottom was full and soft and felt incredible in his hands. As she pressed against him, he knew she had to feel his hard-on. His penis was aching to be released.

Now, he took a step away from her and gently turned her so that her back was to him. He began to kiss the back of her neck and earlobes as his hands lightly stroked her thighs. His fingertips moved closer and closer to her panties until they were lightly rubbing against the edges. Her breath was ragged and quick now, but instead of moving his fingers over her panties, he let them glide up. He took her breasts in his hands, squeezing them gently. Incredibly, they looked and felt bigger and heavier than he’d imagined which amazed him and made him want her all the more.

As he massaged her breasts, Shannon’s fingers twitched and she couldn’t seem to decide what to do with her hands. They moved from the crotch of her panties to his pants and the erection they obviously held, to her breasts, and she moaned sensually. Bo’s fingers began to rub and gently pull on her big, erect kaçak iddaa nipples and she moaned louder, whispering his name softly as her body responded to his touch.

She pulled away and turned back to face him, kissing him deeply and reaching for his belt. He smiled inwardly as she unhooked his belt and watched her unbutton and unzip his jeans. His hands found her breasts again. He massaged them for a moment, and then slid his palms lightly back and forth over her nipples. She groaned as she slid his jeans down, careful to leave his boxers in place. He stepped out of his jeans and then took her in his arms, intoxicated by the sight of her, as well as by her reactions to him. As they kissed again, he slowly turned her and guided her toward the bed.

As her knees touched the edge of the bed, Shannon shivered. Bo continued kissing her, silently praying that she wouldn’t stop things now. She broke the kiss and his heart sank until he heard her whisper, “The only rule is that you can’t put it”, she reached down and touched his penis through his boxers, “inside me.”

At first, he was confused, but the look in her eyes made him nod his agreement. She sat on the side of the bed in front of him and looked up at him hungrily as her fingers found his erection. As she pulled the thin fabric back, it sprang out at full attention and Bo sighed with pleasure. He almost collapsed when she leaned in and lightly kissed the head and began to lightly stroke his shaft with her hand. As her tongue began to flick lightly across his engorged head, he stepped closer and lightly brushed his fingers through her pretty blonde hair. Her hand began to move faster on his shaft and she gingerly took his head between her lips and kissed it, letting her tongue run all around it. He moaned, loving the sensations coursing through his groin. As she found the mores sensitive spots on the head of his penis, her licks and kisses became more directed and the pace of her hand on his shaft steadily increased. He knew that if he didn’t stop her soon, there would be no turning back, so he stepped back and whispered, “Not yet, baby.”

Bo leaned down and kissed her again, as he put one hand on the bed, and gently guided her back until she was lying down with the other. He kissed her sensuously for several moments and she responded with passion. He broke the kiss and began to plan soft, light kisses all over her face. Next, he began to kiss and lick her throat. Bo worked over it until he found the most sensitive places, and then he swirled his tongue over them and sucked them lightly. Shannon squirmed and giggled softly, then watched as he began to kiss over her shoulders and down her chest. She moaned softly as his fingertips outlined her breasts and his kisses moved closer and closer to her erect nipples. He looked up at her as his tongue began to circle the areola of her left nipple. Her eyes closed and her lips parted and she whispered, “Suck it, please baby. Suck it!”

He did. He took it lightly between his lips and began to suck on it. She moaned and arched her back, pushing her tit up into his face. He stroked her breast lightly with one hand as he sucked, while his other hand gently squeezed and pulled on her other nipple. He let go of her nipple with his lips and she let out a pouty moan. He quickly moved to her right nipple and immediately took it into his lips, sucking it deeply. She moaned again, this time with pleasure and ran her fingers through his hair. He loved the way her breasts and nipples face in his mouth and hands. The sight and feel of them were making him hotter still.

After ravishing her breasts, Bo began to kiss and lick down her belly. He swirled his tongue in her belly button and licked across the hem of her panties. He looked up and met her eyes and mouthed, “Trust me.” His hands began to pull gently but firmly on her panties. She hesitated for only a second before raising her hips and allowing Bo to pull her panties off. Shannon had a small triangle of light brown hair above her sex, which was obviously moist. kaçak bahis Bo smiled and licked his lips as his penis twitched. He wanted badly to bury it inside her, but instead, he knelt between her legs and began to kiss the inside of her spread thighs. She sighed deeply as his lips and tongue moved up her thighs, and then she groaned as he began to lightly rub her pussy lips. He began to lick slowly up and down her moist slit as his fingers gently searched for her clit. Finding it, he began to rub it lightly as his tongue continued slowly tracing up and down her lips. She moaned louder and began to move with his touches. Now, he gently opened her with his fingers and began to lick her pussy as his fingers rubbed her clit more firmly.

Unconsciously, Shannon began to massage her breasts as her hips pushed her pussy against Bo’s tongue. Her moans became louder as she lost herself in the sensations coursing through her body. Bo switched places with his fingers and tongue, sliding two fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy as his tongue swirled against her engorged clit.

“Ohhhhh, gawwwwd!” she moaned as her bucking hips pushed her pussy against Bo’s face. Her arousal encouraged him to stroke deeper and faster with his fingers. He licked and stroked faster as her hips bucked in rhythm. Shannon’s pussy was overflowing with her juices and she felt as if she were going to explode. Suddenly, her whole body stiffened and she let out a long, high pitched shriek, followed by a series of screams as her body shook and bucked in orgasm. Her reactions were so erotic that Bo almost came watching and feeling her.

Now, he stood over her looking down at her body, desiring more than anything to bury his throbbing penis insider her pussy. She met his eyes and whispered, “I won’t stop you, but please don’t.” Then, slowly, she scooted back until her whole body was on the bed, met his eye again and said huskily, “Straddle me.”

Bo got on the bed and straddled her stomach not entirely sure what she had in mind. She pointed to a bottle of lotion on the bedside table and he handed it to her. She looked down at her breasts and then up at him and he gulped, and then smiled, realizing what she intended. Shannon whispered, “Hold out your hands.” He did and she filled them with lotion. Bo immediately began to rub it all over her big tits. Soon they were covered with the sweet, slippery lotion. As he rubbed it in, he gasped as he felt her lotion covered hand slither over his cock, covering it. Then he watched with absolute lust as she squirted even more down her cleavage. Satisfied, she set the lotion to the side and looked him in the eye as she pushed her breasts together.

Bo groaned as he slid his erection between her slippery breasts. The feeling was exquisite. He closed his eyes as he began to slide it in and out of her cleavage. As he slowly picked up the pace, he opened his eyes to watch his cock sliding in and out. Shannon watched his face, enjoying the pleasure she was giving him. She began to squeeze her breasts around his shaft as he thrust, causing him to groan and thrust more quickly.

He moaned again, thrusting even more quickly, his cock swelling and throbbing to the point that it ached. The head of his penis began to tingle and he knew that he wouldn’t last much longer. Shannon must have sensed this, as her eyes met his eyes she said, “Cum between my tits.” Bo only nodded and thrust faster, concentrating on the pleasure in his groin. He felt the cum rise up in his shaft and he groaned, trying to hold back and extend the pleasure even as his hips inadvertently thrust faster. Finally, he could hold it back no longer and he moaned loudly as he felt himself begin to cum. Shannon pushed her tits together over the head of his cock as one, two, three huge shots of cum erupted from his penis. They were followed by smaller shots of cum as his penis fired again and again. He arched his back and moaned her name as his pleasure peaked, then looked down and met her eyes. He reached down and gently caressed her cheek, whispering, “I love you.” She smiled and blew him a playful kiss. He carefully got up and headed for the bathroom to get washcloths and towels for them, already thinking ahead to their honeymoon. He smiled in anticipation.