Spring Break and No Money = Fun?

Cum Inmouth

It was my spring break of my freshmen year of college, and as usual I was going nowhere for spring break because I didn’t have the cash. My parents both came from big families and had to pay their own ways through college. This made them think, for some unknown reason, that me paying my way through college would teach me good money handling skills that I could use later on in life. I was 18, and because of this I was stuck with no parties and no hot chicks. Since I was home for spring break, my parents decided that we would go visit my cousin, Jennifer, for her 21st birthday. This excited me because if we could get there in time I could go to the party I knew Jennifer’s friends were holding for her. Normally, they would have done this in some exotic location, but since they had all spent their money shopping, they were all staying for spring break too.

We left for the 3 ½ hour trip to my cousin’s house at about 11 am, but to my dismay because of a severe wreck on the interstate the trip ended up taking 6 hours. When we arrived around 5 pm, I found that Jennifer had already gone to the party and that I was stuck at the house. After being bored for the rest of the day I decided to turn in for the night. I knew I would be sleeping on the couch because they only had one guest bedroom and my parents got that. So güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I fell asleep watching tv sometime after my aunt, uncle, and parents had gone to bed.

Somewhere around 3:00 am Jennifer stumbles into the house with her friend Tara waking me from a very good dream about me and my friend’s ex-girlfriend. I asked her quietly, “Why is Tara here? Shouldn’t she have gone back to her house?”

“Her dad would have killed her if she had come home drunk. She told him she wouldn’t drink tonight. Would you mind if she slept on the other couch?” Jennifer babbled drunkenly.

“No, of course not. This isn’t my house.” I said

I wasn’t going to say no to my cousin’s friend who was the definition for the word hot. Tara was 5’6″ and had grey eyes, brown hair, and all the curves that you could ever want. I had liked her since I first met her and there was no way I was turning her away.

After helping get Tara settled in, Jennifer said goodnight and went up to her room. After getting a good eyeful of Tara laying there on the couch with her skirt hiked up and her low cut shirt not hiding a lot, I decided to get back to my dreams hoping to add her to them.

A little while later I woke to a warmth and moistness on my dick. I looked down to find that Tara had my boxers güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pulled down and was sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. At first I pulled away still half asleep, but she didn’t miss a beat and just kept sucking away. It was the best blow job I had had in my life. I realized as she was sucking my cock she was also rubbing her clit so I pulled her up to the couch and kissed her deeply. Then I laid her down and removed her panties and started to lick her pussy. I started along her lips slowly working my way towards the clit. All the while she was bucking and sighing.

Suddenly she says a little loud “Oh yeah lick me! Suck on my pussy! Make me cum!”

I decided I wanted this to go on as long as possible so I grabbed her and turned her around so she could suck my cock while I ate her pussy. She caught on right away and started working her heavenly mouth up and down my cock working me towards my climax. After a little while longer I heard her start to moan more and more and I new she was close to orgasm. I knew I was also so I worked that much harder. Suddenly I felt my balls tighten, “I’m going to cum.” I told her as silently as I could.

“So aaaammmm I.” She said as she orgasmed and then I shot my load down her throat.

“I need that cock güvenilir bahis şirketleri in me now!” she said as she worked it back up into its full state.

After it was back off she sat down impaling her pussy with my cock. With a sigh and began to rock back and forth. I was in heaven as she worked my cock with the muscle in her cunt. She slowly worked harder and harder until she was pounding for all she was worth. Then suddenly her orgasm hit and she went rigid.

After coming down from her high I flipped her over on the couch and entered her pussy. I pounded for all I was worth. All that came from her mouth were oohs and ahs as she again came close to her orgasm. As I approached my orgasm I suddenly remembered that I didn’t have a condom on so I began to pull out. Sensing what I was about to do she said, “I am on the pill so fuck me hard and fill me up. I am almost there!”

With renewed vigor I pounded her harder and harder until I felt her orgasm. I couldn’t hold back any longer and orgasmed as well filling her with my cum. After coming down from my high I realized that Tara had passed out so I moved her over to the other couch. I then laid down and went to sleep thinking “She probably won’t remember a thing in the morning.”

The next morning at about 7 am I was awakened when Jennifer woke up Tara to tell her to go home. After Jennifer had gone back upstairs to go back to bed, Tara walked over to me and handed me her panties and said, “Thanks for the wonderful time. I hope we can do it again.”

She then walked out the door smiling as she went. I knew I would definitely do that again if I could.