Spain meet up summer 2019


Spain meet up summer 2019Spain 23/07/2019To say I was excited to be going back out to Spain was an understatement I had been in contactwith the guys out there chatting for the last few months and they were relishing the thoughtof seeing Anne again we had arranged to have a game of golf first thing in the morning on theTuesday after we had arrived and see how far we got around till it became too hot then I wouldhead back to our place pick up Anne and meet the guys at Kevin’s place as his wife was still inthe UK.Our golf was crap I think we all had our minds on something else we finally gave up after 9holes I gave Anne a ring to let her know I was on my way she was waiting for me outside in hershorts vest top and flip flops Kevin’s was only a few minutes drive away Anne didn’t stop talkingI think she was as excited as myself we went through the side gate around the back where thethree guys were sat cooling off Kevin sorted out some drinks for us and we sat around chattingmaking small talk the anticipation was killing me I think the four others were a bit unsure how toproceed so I asked if we were staying outside or moving indoors Ian said he didn’t mind Anneshrugged so I said let’s stay here and get things started we can move indoors later the threeguys looked at each other then Kevin stood up and moved in to kiss Anne her hands immediatelystarted pulling at his shorts till they were around his knees kissing Kevin and slowly wanking himtill he was hard she then pulled Ian up to his feet and did the same with him then with Adrian tillthe three of them were stood there with their hard cocks ready for AnneAdrian took hold of Anne’s vest top and pulled it up over her head and then proceeded to pull hershorts and knickers down exposing her neatly trimmed pussyAnne knelt down but immediately stood back up complaining about her knees on the hard floorshe pulled over a chair to sit on and called for the guys to stand in around her she took hold ofAdrian’s cock first flicking her tongue over the tip he let out a groan of pleasure as her tongueexplored his full length she took turns going around each of them teasing them with her tongueevery now and then taking them into her mouth she kept wanking and sucking them bringingthem güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to the brink of cumming she leant back in the chair admiring her handiwork the three rockhard cocks in front of her I suggested that maybe we should move indoors Kevin lead the wayfollowed by the two others then Anne I brought up the rear watching Anne’s fat arse wobblingas she walked into the bedroom she climbed onto the bed laying on her back Ian was on herlike a flash wasting no time at all sucking and kissing her breasts moving his way down slowlybetween her legs first probing with his fingers then flicking at her with his tongue Anne squirmedas he parted her lips his tongue hitting the spot Kevin lay next to Anne kissing her playing withher boobs she reached out to take hold of his still hard cock wanking it gently between her indexfinger and thumb every now and then she would let out a gasp from the work Ian was doing withhis tongue Adrian was trying to get in on the action so he knelt down on the bed at the side ofAnne’s head offering her his cock she greedily excepted it into her mouth sucking and slurpingon it he eventually swapped places with Ian.I watched Adrian’s’s tongue darting in and out probing her pussy Ian took Anne’s free handplacing it on his cock I watched as my wife wanked them both suddenly Anne let out a hugegasp as she bucked on the bed climaxing she eventually calmed down beads of sweat runningoff her but she didn’t have much time to compose herself as Adrian started to rub his cock upand down her pussy lips before slowly slipping into her .As much as I love seeing Anne with other men what really gets me going is having no control ofthe situation I want the guys to take control which some of them find difficult with me watchingalways looking for my approval so I had told them earlier on the golf course to do as they pleaseimagine I’m not there I watched Ian going through the motions before Kevin demanded his turntelling Anne to get onto her hands and knees getting behind her and with one big thrust he wasin her he looked at me smiled then raised his hand slapping Anne hard on her butt cheek shewhimpered as his hand made contact leaving a red handprint he did it again güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri this time tellingher what a slut she was he grabbed her hair pulling it as he continued to slap her this is what Iwanted to see such a turn on for me as he continued fucking her calling her names. While wewatched I could see the others looking on waiting their turn Ian eventually said come on timefor a change Kevin pulled out and was immediately replaced by Ian as he fucked Anne her handsgave way she collapsed onto her front on the bed Ian didn’t relent he carried on pounding mywife’s pussy her moans and groans getting louder Ian eventually stopped to allow Adrian a turnhe lay next to Anne instructing her to get on top of him it took her awhile to compose herself butshe was soon bouncing up and down on Adrian’s hard cock her face a picture of ecstasy Ian gotup and stood on the bed pushing his cock into Anne’s face forcing her lips open he took hold ofher head and began fucking her mouth every now and then I heard Anne choke and gag as hethrust harder forcing himself to the back of her throat then suddenly without warning he groanedholding her head tight he started to cum telling Anne not to swallow it he eventually pulled hissemi hard cock out of her mouth telling her to open her mouth and show him I had to see herwith her mouth full of Ian’s spunk there was quite a load in there I was so close to cummingmyself Ian then gave her permission to swallow it she shut her mouth and with one gulp it hadgone all the while continuing bouncing up and down on Adrian .Kevin knelt next to them both he glanced at me with a wicked look in his eyes he proceeded tospit on his fingers then reach down between Anne’s butt cheeks rubbing away and every nowand then spitting on his fingers I noticed Anne tense up as he slowly pushed his finger into herand with his free hand on her shoulder he forced her forward down onto Adrian he moved hishand back and forth fingering Anne’s arse only stopping to add more spittle I watched lovingevery minute of it until he finally spat into his hand then proceeded to rub his hard cock till itwas glistening with saliva telling Adrian to open his legs slightly he knelt between them güvenilir bahis şirketleri andpositioned himself behind Anne rubbing his hard cock up and down her butt crack he thenstopped moving and very slowly applied pressure with it on Anne’s arse he started to easehimself in only stopping when Anne reached back and pushed his thigh to catch her breath andstarting again when she took her hand away it took awhile but soon enough his stomach wasup against her butt cheeks showing me his full length was in her Adrian just lay motionlessunder Anne as Kevin’s thrusting started to get into a rhythm every now and then he would beinterrupted by Anne trying to slow him down but he just pushed her hand away and carried on Iwas looking at Anne I didn’t think she could handle it and that she was going to tap out soon butsuddenly Kevin pulled out and said quick I am going to cum pulling Anne upright and thrustinghis cock into her mouth seeing her take his cock from her ass I could no longer hold on andstopped wanking and and walked over to the bed pushing my cock into her face as she suckedon Kevin’s hard cock she went between us both sucking on our cocks Kevin was the first to fillher mouth with his cum she opened her mouth wide looking at me swirling her tongue aroundKevin’s gooey load seconds later I added my load some dribbling out down her chin landing onAdrian’s chest he wasn’t the best pleased Anne used her finger to scoop it off before sucking itclean and then swallowing both loads she continued to fuck Adrian bouncing up and down onhim moaning and groaning he then started to buck and thrust under her then tensing up andinforming us he was filling her with his sticky load Anne collapsed on top of him before rollingoff some of Adrian’s spunk leaking out of her and onto the sheets both of them laying theresweating catching their breath the sight before me looked fantastic four very happy people.Anne asked if I would go and collect her clothes from outside it took me probably less thana minute but in the time it took me to come back Kevin was back between her legs his hipsthrusting his cock into her soaking pussy sorry Mark I couldn’t help it she’s such a horny slut hetold me before giving her his load the other two looked at me it’s fine just carry on they didn’tneed telling twice both fucking her and filling her then it was my turn pushing my cock into herspunk filled pussy as I fucked her she looked up at me and mouthed thank you I love you thismade me cum instantly finally adding my load to the sticky mess already in her.