Soulmates Ch. 02


I move over so Eric can lie in the middle of the bed. As he lies back on the pillows, I get up on my knees. I lean over him, putting my breasts in his face. He takes them in his hands and brings them together so that he can suck and bite both nipples at once. I only let him do this briefly as I am anxious for my turn at pleasuring him.

He is such a considerate lover. And as it should be, our relationship is a true partnership. We both get pleasure from pleasing the other. Neither of us has to “do all the work.”

I lean down to kiss him pressing my breasts on his chest as I kiss him deeper. I feel him reach down and give himself a couple of strokes and break the kiss. I cover his neck with kisses and nibbles as he strokes a few more times. Then I kiss my way to his nipples. I have never had a man react the way he does as I tongue his nipple and then suck hard.

He tangles his fingers in my hair as he presses my face against his chest and I bite harder. He hisses in a breath and lets it out in a moan. Then, with his fingers still in my hair, he reaches up to grasp my head with his other hand as well. He pulls my head back and over to the other nipple. As I take this nipple in my mouth, he moans my name. Again, he presses my face tighter to his chest and I bahis firmaları pull a hard suck on and bite his nipple until he hisses his pleasure again.

He releases my head and I trail kisses down his stomach, sticking a wet tongue in his belly button and then blowing gently on it. He smiles that beautiful smile and I can’t help but smile back. But my smile is more of a ‘just you wait’ kind of smile, as I trail kisses lower and lower.

He moves his legs apart giving me full access to what he offers me. I move down and plant kisses on the insides of his thighs, letting my hair fall over that offering. I know the sensation tickles him, for I see his hardness jump out of the corner of my eye.

He arches his butt in the air slightly. I dip my head down and lick his skin between his anus and his sac. Then I kiss and lick his sac and suck it into my mouth. As my mouth surrounds his balls, he lets out a satisfying moan. I suck on them a few moments longer then let them ‘pop’ out of my mouth.

I change position slightly because we both like him to finger me while I go down on him. As he starts to rub my mound, I slowly lick up his hardened shaft until I get to the swollen head. Here, I take my time. I swirl my tongue around the head several times. Eric thrusts kaçak iddaa up trying to put it in my mouth, but I back up so he cannot. I want to give him the same kind of pleasurable torture he inflicted on me.

He drops his hips back on the bed and I chuckle. I reach down with my hand and take his swollen sac in my palm. I slowly squeeze as I slowly go down on his hard cock. I moan. He moans my name. As I move up and down on him, I squeeze his sac at the upstroke. He slides a finger inside me and finds me wet. He starts rubbing my clit as I move up and down on him. The faster he rubs, the more I match his pace while sucking his cock.

He makes it hard to concentrate on the task at hand as he pleasures me. As he makes me reach orgasm, I bury his cock in my throat and move up the shaft in a long hard pull and the head pops out as I reach the peak of orgasm.

I am not done with him though, by any means. I love sucking him. I could suck him for hours. As I start to go down on him again, he tells me that he wants to taste me as well. So I straddle over him and as he spreads my lips apart, I take him in mouth again. This time I really do have to concentrate. That’s easy enough to do at first. His licks are slow and teasing.

Again, I match the rhythm he has kaçak bahis set. When he tongues me faster, I go up and down faster. He fingers me as well and I falter. He slips a wet finger in my anus and I deep throat him. This continues for a while, me enjoying the silky feel of his cock in my mouth as well as his mouth on and fingers in my body.

After he makes me come a few times, I take him to the edge and then I get up. I turn to face him. I straddle his hips and slowly lower my wet sex down on his hard cock. I start rocking my hips back and forth. He reaches up and squeezes my breasts, pinching my nipples. The harder he pinches, the faster I move.

Then he slides his hands down and slides his thumb in my slit and rubs my clit. I throw my head back and moan. I reach up and pinch my nipples as I look down into his gorgeous eyes. He rubs harder and I bounce up and down on him faster. I feel his legs start to move and I know he is close.

I bounce faster, rock my hips harder, he arches his back, digs his nails into my hips to hold me still as he comes. I clench and unclench my sex muscles around his cock milking him for everything last drop. The look on his face as he comes sends me over the edge and I join him, riding the tidal wave of his orgasm.

Because we are soul mates and spiritually connected, our lovemaking is…so…….much…………more. It TRULY is making…………….love. So much more than JUST physical and emotional. I hope everyone finds their SOULMATE!