Soulful Surrender


As Lisa puts the pen down and closes the book she realizes that there is no more, this delicious, intoxicating adventure is finished. Now it must go on the shelf where it will collect dust and cobwebs. Now and then she will leaf through it, remembering the intensity and surprise, she will always wonder why it ended the way it did.

The last chapter was complete long before its time. The end crept up unexpectedly, before the story ever really began. The end is bittersweet but the path leading toward it was so subtle and natural neither of them ever knew they were on it.

The light and happiness Ryan brought into her life was gone, leaving her with only a few precious memories. Vanilla love was not a fantasy they shared but losing him before ever feeling his touch was something she simply could not bear. Lisa could not say goodbye without letting him know her deepest desire. Left with only words to express her feelings, she hopes he will not be angry with her for this final letter. Her body fills with an empty ache only he can fill.

Picking up the book, she begins to reread the final pages. The words carry her to that magic place. Lisa imagines him making her whole. In her mind, he fills her with that surge of vitality and heat as no other man ever could. Feelings like this happen only when a man is ripe with desire for a woman and she too is frantic with the same desire. Something happens between them, something magical, it’s not a fuck anymore.

These two people, whose bodies blend perfectly, become one. For a time, no other life exists except this; formed of two individuals blended together as one. They are now one, bodies moving as one, needing to get deeper and needing to stay closer in this moment locked in time… They share bodies and souls, their spirits, hearts and desires fuse together.

Moving together, they feed off this passion. They know that very soon they will share something so much more intense than most people can even imagine. This is about the rare feeling of utter completion, that beautiful moment when time stops and two are truly one. They are no longer in control, pent up desire overtakes them; together they race toward the moment when all eternity is at their reach.

Her need to express her love for him overtakes her every thought and action. Peace will only find her once he fully understands the Anadolu Yakası Escort depth of her feelings for him. Suddenly aware this chance to experience so great a love may never pass her way again, she decides to risk her pride. Lisa knows now she must go to him.

Standing in front of Ryan, she says just one word. “Please.”

She wants to remember the taste of his lips and the feel of his touch on her skin. Finally, they kiss. They languish in the sensation of this initial kiss, never wanting it to end. Her fingers softly touch his cheek, finally knowing what it’s like to feel his skin after wondering for so long. Their lips reluctantly part as he places a strong but gentle hand under her chin and tilts her face upwards so that their eyes meet and lock.

In that instant time stops, he looks right into her soul. Lisa smiles as her hands fall from his face to his broad shoulders. Her fingers begin to work the buttons on his shirt free in a manner that is urgent but at the same time slow. She savors the feel of the cloth against her fingers; the desire within her is almost uncontainable. It takes all the control she can muster to not rip his shirt and pants off and kiss every inch of his body.

Ryan’s hands slide past her shoulders and tug at the zipper of her dress. His hands are warm as the travel down her back. Their eyes remain locked to each other as his lips find hers. With every kiss that passes their lips, each piece clothing that falls to the floor, they become fused together as one, and the journey begins. They choose to undress slowly. The feel of his cock swelling between her legs makes her moan out his name. “God Ryan, I’ve wanted this for so long.” She moans.

He takes Lisa to the bed and they both stand there admiring each other. Their eyes wander up and down each other’s nakedness. Ryan’s cock grows stiffer as her eyes rest upon it. Lisa feels his hands around her waist as he guides her to the bed. He gently lies down, taking her with him. Between her legs she feels his manhood, now full and erect. His hard cock rubs into her; his desire for her is quite clear.

“Oh Lisa, damn baby, your so wet, your pussy’s soaked.” Ryan spoke in a voice so heavy with lust his words sounded as if they were growls.

Looking up into her eyes Ryan grabs her hips and poises her so he can enter Kadıköy Escort her dripping, hot pussy. His cock is nestled between her folds, the swollen head rubbing precum on her clit. They both moan and fight the need to become one. His hands move up her slender body. They squeeze her breasts while they move with a sense of almost reverence. They are not in a hurry yet they are anxious, frantic yet they remain calm.

The feeling is so strong both of them know they can cum right now. This feeling is something neither felt before. Lisa rests her arms on the bed so she is on his muscular chest. His chest is smooth and muscular; she is tiny in his arms. Their bodies press together, trying to get closer. The feel of him underneath her body brings Lisa chills. Her soft long legs touch his, feeling his strength. Lisa’s leg rubs over his. The curly wisps that grace his strong legs tickle her skin. They kiss slow lingering kisses.

His cock is swollen fat and both feel the urgency build. The head of his cock pushes at her opening. His precum mixes with her wetness, setting Lisa on fire. Her hips move gently and she feels him stretching her steaming pussy to accommodate him. He feels her pushing down against his unyielding desire. Lisa’s cunt stretches as she moves above him. Each movement they make takes him a little deeper inside her aching need. Ryan’s cock head enters Lisa and together they moan.

Forced wider for him, the wetness pouring from both of them mixes helping to ease him closer to paradise. Her heart is racing but she holds back with everything she has, never wanting this to end. With slow controlled movements, they move together and with every stroke, she feels him go deeper inside her. Every movement, every feeling, is magnified. She feels every part of him.

Both of them are acutely aware of a feeling they share. Their senses heighten, the empty ache that’s been so much a part of Lisa subsides as he fills her and makes her whole. His hard cock replaces the longing as their need increases. Together not two but as one, they rise to their passion, her hips move above him as he guides them. He thrusts to meet Lisa as she rides him. They are unable to control anything now. Guided by passion, feeling his cock so fat inside her, they move faster now. Ryan’s cock fills Lisa, stretching her tight pussy as it squeezes against İstanbul Escort him. Her walls hug him tightly.

Tracing her finger around his full lips she says, “Look at me my love, look into my eyes,” she listens as a low moan escapes him.

“You feel it to I know you do. I want to savor this; I need to memorize everything about this perfect union”

Hearing her loving words causes his cock to swell even more. They lie motionlessly, gazing at each other, smiling, both committing to memory every sound and scent around them.

Not a word between them, words are not necessary now; they are one in the same. Their bodies start to move together again, barely noticeable at first, his hard cock already surrounded by her loving warmth. Slowly their movements become more urgent, their eyes remain locked in a spellbound gaze.

“I love you Lisa, thank you for this. I love you” His hands gently pull her face toward him as their lips seek to unite.

The kiss is slow and deep. His tongue traces the outline of her lips before entering her mouth to join in a timeless dance with her own. They rock together, his cock buried deep within her need. He pushes in and out of her, wet and slick with their blended juices. Each time he pushes into her, the tightness of her body squeezes him, inviting him deeper as her body bears down onto him harder.

The sound of their gnashing teeth is the only noise they hear… Within both of these connected bodies the flames of passion flare and spark as the intensity increases. Mounting desire pushes them faster and deeper- more urgent.

Looking down Lisa says, “Do you feel how much I love you? This is us. This is so right – the way we move as one. I love you. I love you. I love you .I need you- complete me my love- fill me -make me your possession if only just this once.” Looking up at her Ryan felt the love Lisa so desperately needed her words to portray.

“I love you, the feel of your cock inside me making me whole after waiting so long. Fuck me .take me…..I need to feel your cock like this. I could fuck you like this forever… I need you to fuck me… Please don’t deny me any longer.”

The impact of her words and the love behind them shake his very soul. Lisa’s pussy convulses as his cock throbs inside her. He spurts sweet love into her as her walls bang against him. They look deeply into each other’s eyes as a teardrop falls from her eye.

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