Sophie’s Sleepover

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Sophie’s SleepoverI was excited about Sophie’s visit and rushed through my work so that I could be home and showered before my guest arrived, I did have a bit of a shock in the morning but at least it confirmed that Sophie was definitely coming. Her mother Ellie called me and as Sophie was staying with a friend that night would I like to go over for dinner, obviously I had to decline due to other commitments but we did agree to meet on another day.I had just got out the shower when I heard the doorbell ring, damn I wasn’t even dry so I grabbed a pair of white sports shorts quickly and a towel and headed down to the door, white was the wrong colour as I was still wet and they had become somewhat transparent. Sophie smiled as I opened the door, “Wow granddad, I didn’t realize you lived so close to my bestie Emma” she said excitedly as I invited her in, she looked at me in my wet shorts and towel around my shoulders, “Oh! Did I come too early?” she asked, “No, it fine” I said as I showed her into the lounge.She was dressed the same as she was yesterday in her little black skirt and white blouse, she took her shoes and socks off at the door and had cute little feet. As she sat down on the sofa I stood in front of her and finished drying myself but had to put up with the shorts but they were not so revealing nor although you could still make out the outline of my soft cock underneath, Sophie did glance a few times but that was ok.“So where does Emma live?” I asked but to be honest I had only lived her a few months and didn’t know anyone really, when she told me it was 3 doors down and she lived with her granddad I think I remember seeing them once or twice but never really noticed them. She told me that was where she told her mum she was staying tonight. I got Sophie a drink and myself a beer and we sat and chatted, Sophie sat there giving me the occasional glimpse of her white panties but nothing too obvious and I learned that Emma’s relationship with her granddad was the reason why she wanted one.Emma had recently opened up to Sophie about her relationship with her grandpa, he is widowed and she lives with him and one day she caught him rubbing his cock while on the computer, he was naked and at first he didn’t know she was peeping through the gap in the door but after a few minutes he must have seen her because he invited her into the room. Sophie then went on to tell me how he let her watch him a few times and then one day he asked her if she wanted to try it, she told me that her granddad is always very nice to her but she didn’t go into too many more details.“Is this why you want me to be your secret granddad?” I asked her and she got excited, “Yes, you can teach me things” she said softly, I could feel myself getting aroused but luckily had the foresight to leave the towel on my lap.“OK” I said smiling, “I will be your secret granddad, but it must remain our secret” I said and Sophie jumped up and gave me a hug, “Thanks granddad” she said as she sat back down again.“So what things does Emma get taught by her grandpa?” I asked trying to find out where to start, “I don’t know, shall I text her and ask her round” Sophie replied, “I know her grandpa is working late today” she continued as she took out her phone, I nodded my agreement as it would be nice to meet a neighbour and find out how to be a good granddad samsun escort to Sophie.Within minutes the doorbell rang and Emma was at the door, Sophie let her in and walked back into the lounge, “Emma, meet my granddad” she said and as I stood up the towel dropped to the floor and my semi erect cock could clearly be seen bulging under my shorts, I shook hands with Emma, “Cool, that’s just how my grandpa dresses at home” she said as she sat down next to Sophie on the sofa.At least my dress code wasn’t out of order so that was a good start.Emma looked cute and hadn’t had time to change so was also in a short black skirt and white blouse and also had cute feet as she too had removed her socks and shoes at the door, while Sophie was a dark complexion and black hair Emma was quite the opposite with blondish hair and blue eyes, she had nice eyes. Sophie explained to Emma that she wanted her granddad to be nice and teach her things, Emma knew that Sophie didn’t have a male figure in her life and she was missing out and this was a good opportunity for her to learn from an experienced person, we all had to swear an oath of secrecy as Emma didn’t want her grandpa to know and nor did I want my wife to know.I don’t know why I was getting aroused as nothing sexual had been said although I was looking across at 2 beautiful girls both were giving me the occasional peek up their skirts and both had white knickers on, oh how I love white panties.“Can I call you Uncle Bill?” Emma asked and I was all happy with that as were the 2 girls, it was nice sitting with my secret granddaughter and secret niece, I still thought I was dreaming.“OK Uncle Bill” Emma said with a slight giggle, “First thing is to stand up so Sophie can see your body” which was a strange request as Sophie had already seen it but then Emma may not know that and Emma certainly hadn’t seen my body, the thought had increased the blood flow and as I stood up I knew my cock was now fully erect and struggling for containment under my shorts.“WOW!” said Emma as she looked directly as the angled bulge of my erect cock, Sophie smiled as she made eye contact with Emma. I took a step closer so that they could both get a closer look, Emma’s blue eyes shone as she looked at the impressive bulge. “Do you mind slipping them off please Uncle Bill?” she asked, “Seeing my grandpa naked was the first thing” she continued justifying her request so I happily slipped my shorts off allowing my cock to spring out in front of their eyes, “WOW!!” they both said in unison and the look on Emma’s face told me that I may just be a little bigger than her grandpa.I stood there in anticipation on how the first lesson would play out my arms by my side and my cock rigid while both girls looked closely, Emma looked up at me, “Sometimes grandpa wants me in just my panties, do you want that Uncle Bill?” she asks and I nodded my head and stood back to watch them both undress, Mmm while I had seen Sophies body before I hadn’t seen her bestie’s so the sight of Emma’s perky little titties was a sight to behold looking stiff and erect.I gently rubbed myself as they both stripped down to their panties, Emma had a nice thigh gap and I could see a few stray hairs poking out the sides, as she turned to put her clothes neatly on the sofa I could see how her panties were riding up between her escort samsun rounded cheeks, something that it seems both girls suffered from.They both sat side by side on the sofa while I stood in front of them, Emma reached out and cupped my balls while Sophie looked on, her other hand reached out and wrapped around the solid shaft and slowly pulled the skin back exposing the swollen head, “Mmm” she sighed as she gently squeezed my balls and slowly rubbed my cock forcing a little precum to escape which caused a little giggle.My breathing increased as she slowly wanked me, she stopped and pulled her hands away looking at Sophie, I turned slightly towards Sophie as she reached out and carried on from where Emma left off, she looked up and smiled while Emma watched her closely.As a little more precum seeped out Emma took over control, she reached forward taking hold of my cock but this time she leant forward and gently licked the precum from the tip, “Mmm, tastes good Uncle Bill” she said softly and then turning to Sophie, “Shall we try sucking it?” she asked and Sophie nodded her head excitedly.I turned slightly to face Emma while Sophie watched my cock slowly disappear into her mouth, I felt the tightness of her throat and she didn’t gag which made me wonder exactly how much practice she has had but one thing I knew is that she knew how to suck cock, she worked magic with her tongue which covered every inch of my cock and balls before she stepped back and let Sophie have a go, “It takes a bit of getting used to so grandpa says we have to practice a lot” Emma said as she passed the reigns to Sophie who had sucked my cock to perfection a couple of times already and Emma seemed surprised at how quickly she took to it, Sophie was obsessed with my cock as she slurped and sucked taking the whole length down her throat, Emma looked amazed, “Wow girl, you suck good” she said in an amazed voice.Sophie was bobbing her head and twisting it like a corkscrew and building up a head of steam as Emma looked on totally gobsmacked, “You go girl” she sighed as she looked on open mouthed probably waiting for the money shot, I didn’t want to disappoint either of them so let them take turns sucking the life out of me and cried out when I felt my balls tighten and my pock start to pulsate, as it turned out Emma got the first spurt and while I quickly went to Sophie for the second spurt I could seem Emma swirling my cum around in her mouth before swallowing it, “Mmm, oh yes Uncle Bill, so tasty” she said as Sophie finished sucking the last drops from my softening cock. Both girls looked up at me licking their lips, Sophie smiled, “Thanks granddad” she said and then turned to Emma, “How did I do?” she asked looking for praise which I would surely have given instead she told how her grandpa says to practice every day, I had no problem with that “What else does your grandpa help with Ems? Sophie asked and immediately she looked at Sophies chest and her two under developed bee stings, “Wow Sophs” she sighed, “Grandpa says that sucking on the nipples helps the breasts grow, look at mine now” she said leaning back so we could admire her small rounded boobs, “Mine were like yours a couple of months ago but grandpa helps every night” she said excitedly and I didn’t want to talk about natural development but readily agreed samsun escort bayan to give it a try for Sophie.As Sophie laid back on the sofa I got on my knees and leant forward to have a suck on her stiff right nipple, she sighed as I swirled my tongue around sucking and licking gently, I didn’t notice Emma had got off the sofa and was kneeling by my side sucking on her other erect bullet. This sent Sophie wild and she was wriggling as Emma and I sucked, her breathing increased 10-fold and her body started to shake and spasm as she reached orgasm, “OH FUCK YESSSSS!” she cried out as she regained her breath.As we pulled up Emma looked at me, “You must do that to each tittie Uncle Bill, she will soon see the results” she said softly as her bestie recovered, I looked down and saw her panties were showing signs of wetness, Mmm I couldn’t wait for what was next.Emma idolised her grandpa, he knew best and always made her feel good and happy and Emma even confessed that she enjoyed seeing her grandpa happy, it had been tough since grandma died and she just wanted him to be happy, it was even greater that she was teaching Sophie to show the same compassion towards me but what was interesting was that not only did Emma suck on her besties nipple, Sophie let her, interesting.Emma looked at her watch, “Before I go I will show you one other thing grandpa likes although I have no idea why” she said thinking she had better get home before her grandpa, I was intrigued to know what it was and so was Sophie. “It’s a bit weird but he likes to sniff my panties” she continued, music to my ears was that, it seems that me and her grandpa have much in common.“Oh” I said looking shocked, Sophie covered for me by trying not to giggle as Emma continued, “I know it’s weird, right?” she said as she saw me looking down at her crotch, she stood up so my head was at the right height and came towards me pressing her bulging panties against my face, Mmm I could smell the musky odour as I wriggled my face against her crotch, my tongue flicking out touching the sweet cotton fabric between her legs, I could hear Emma sigh as she enjoyed the pleasure of my tongue flicking around her damp gusset. “Wow” Sophie sighed softly looking at Emma’s face and waiting for her turn.Emma jumped back looking at her watch, she was late and had to go, her grandpa had a grip and would go ballistic if she wasn’t home, I totally understood and helped her dress while Sophie watched. “I will let you guys practice, text me Sophs” she said as she rushed out the door, Sophie looked at me and smiled, “Wow Granddad, Emma’s is such a love, isn’t she?” she said softly before continuing in an excited voice, “Can we practice please granddad” and she opened her legs as she waited for my reply, she could see me looking down at her patchy wet panties tight up between her opened legs, she knew that I loved it. I decided to put my cards on the table, the sight of Sophies open legs, her perky little bee stings and bullet like nipples and the fact that she seemed to idolise me like Emma does her grandpa made the decision easy, “OK” I said kneeling down and putting my hand on her knee, she looked at me waiting for me to speak, “I will be your secret grandpa, only you and Emma must know” I said softly, Sophie nodded her head trying hard to contain her happiness, “We will meet when we can, you will do exactly as I say and finally Emma can teach us both new things her grandpa asks of her” I continued, Sophie couldn’t contain her beaming smile any longer, “Oh and my wife must never know, NOR your mum”To Be Continued…..