Someday Scores Settled? Ch. 04


When Ryan got home from his doctor’s appointment, he ran in the house, found his mother shelling butterbeans and without thinking said, “I got a job today at Dr. Larkin’s office.” And then on to the next subject, “Mom, what are you cooking tonight…I’m hungry.”

She laughed and said, “That’s great; tell me about the new job.”

“I will later,” He said.

“OK then, can’t you see that I’m shelling beans. Your father picked this pan full and I’m going to cook us a mess tonight. He loves them. I’ve got some potatoes boiling too. By the way, you haven’t told me about this new job. Don’t you have enough to do around here?”

“Oh, it won’t take too much time and I’ll get some extra spending money. I’ll be delivering prescriptions right after school,” Ryan replied. “Are you cooking any ham with the beans?”

“I can fry you two a slice of country ham if you want.”

“Sounds good to me, where’s Dad?”

He’s out in the shelter hooking up the plows to the tractor. He’s going to break land in the morning. Why don’t you go out there and see if you can help him before supper.

Oh! Before you go, take that shirt and those pants off, so I can wash them. Get a T-shirt and a pair of old jeans out of your clean-clothes drawer.”

“Ok, mom,” Ryan said, as he reached behind his head and grabbed the T-shirt and pulled it off.

Without paying any attention to Ryan’s comment, his mother quickly turned and noticed that his shorts had slipped just below his belly button. Every time she saw that little mole sweet memories were played over and over in her mind. She couldn’t help but smile.


As they often studied together Ricki and Ryan gathered in her basement room.

Ryan paused for a few minutes and said to Ricki, “I want you to come with me tomorrow. I know it sounds silly and I know you don’t like the woods, but I want to show you something. In fact, I want to show you something before Doc sees it. You can tell me what you think. We can talk about our plans after we leave this place.”

“What should I wear?”

“Wear some jeans and a sweat shirt. Make sure it’s long sleeves. And that sexy pair of tight jeans looks good on you and makes something in my pants swell. I don’t want you getting into poison ivy. Gym shoes should be ok for your feet.”

“You pervert, anything else,” Ricki asked smiling and reading his thoughts?

“Oh yes! You can bring that book if you want too.”

Ryan met Ricki at 7 am the next morning. He had dressed in a pair of camouflage pants and an olive-green T-shirt that he had bought at the downtown Army-Navy store. A fatigue hat and old work brogans completed his attire.

Ricki bounced out of her house with a book bag draped across her shoulder.

Ryan asked, “What have you got in there?”

She answered, “Mom made us some sandwiches.”

“What else,” Ryan asked expressing additional curiosity?

“I’ll show you later, but for now, you’ll have to wait.”

“Did you bring that book?”

Ricki laughed at Ryan’s poor attempt at hiding his interest in her sex book. “I told you that you’ll just have to wait and find out. By the way, aren’t we past what that book can teach us?”

As they walked down the tractor path past the corn field, Ryan pointed out the ruts that had washed into the route. “Be careful and watch where you walk,” he cautioned, and then asked, “Do you want to taste some cool well-water?” They stopped at the well at the bottom of the hill…she cupped her hands below the spout as he primed the old pitcher pump and drew them a cool drink of clean well-water. When she got to the bridge across the ditch he showed her the two loose boards to avoid when crossing.

She warmed to his caring. With his face badly scared, she knew he was self conscious about his looks. But in her mind, he was one of the most warm-hearted people she knew. He looked good when he wore the patch that she had made. It made him look rugged and manly. Somehow, she felt that things would be different in a good way sometime in the future. One thing she could be sure of was that both were ready and ripe for change. She eagerly anticipated being alone with Ryan as they made their way to his secluded spot in the woods.

They laughed, they joked, she punched him in the ribs and he reached out and pinched her ass as they walked up the hill. Ryan lifted a wire in the barbed wire fence to let Ricki crawl through. “Be careful and don’t let this wire scratch you,” he said.

Ricki picked several honeysuckle flowers, pulled the pistil from the center and placed those sweet smelling petals to her nose. “Oh, that smells good,” she said.

“Yes, and those vines make good string,” said Ryan.

Ricki looked at Ryan like he was crazy and asked, “What in the world are you talking about?”

“You will see.”

They had walked about a half mile before they reached the woods. Through an opening in the dense overgrowth of weeds and vines they walked into a clearing beneath a cluster of several large pine trees. On the ground lay a thick canlı bahis mat of pine straw that left an open space, free of underbrush. Ryan directed Ricki to a fallen log and said, “Let’s sit and rest a minute and then I want to show you my back yard.”

Ricki, with a questioned look on her face said, “I know you like this place, but I don’t get it. It’s nice and quite but I don’t see anything.”

“Give it time. You will…you will, trust me.”

Ryan went on to describe the area more. “There’s a creek that runs behind those trees just down that hill. The water is cool and flows over a bed of creek rock all along the back of this patch of woods. See that huge pine tree back against the stream and there is a large rock about one hundred yards upstream? Then out there by the edge of the woods is a beautiful wild dogwood tree and then there’s the opening we just came through. That space represents ‘my new backyard’. I can cover that opening if I want to hide in here.”

Ryan carefully pulled a series of vines over the entrance and said, “This is my secret hiding place. I know every plant. I know those that can be eaten, and I know those that are dangerous. I know their strengths and weaknesses. I coexist with them in perfect harmony and use only those that are necessary to live on. I take and I put back.

In amazement Ricki began to understand a little. “I can’t believe you, this is unbelievable; what else,” she asked?

“In the same way as I have told you about the plants, the same thing is true for the animals.”

“Uh…Oh, you mean there are animals in here, what kind,” Ricki asked with some concern on her face?

Ryan laughed knowing he had a moment to tease Ricki a little said, “There’s snakes, muskrats, raccoons, possum, squirrels, rabbits, and I’ve seen deer track in here. They come and go. This is and was their home before I ever came. I have even named most of them. I’ve got it written down in my log book.

“Aren’t you afraid?”

“Nope…not now…The first time I spent the night out here, I was a little. When I’m here on the weekends, I don’t bring any food. I live on this environment.” Sometimes I won’t eat for a couple of days before I get here. Then I’ll trap a rabbit or squirrel and eat it.”

“Yuk…how can you do that,” Ricki said with a disgusted barfing motion?

“Don’t worry I don’t eat it raw…I skin it, cook it and with a few herbs I pick around here it’s not too bad.”

“Where did you learn all this,” Ricki asked?

“Doc taught me a lot of it and he gave me a few ‘Survival’ magazines to read. It’s very interesting. I know he doesn’t want me to talk about it…only to friends that I can trust. Ricki you are the only person that I can tell anything too. But you still have to promise not to tell anybody.”

With a tear in her eye, Ricki approached Ryan and placed her arms around his broad shoulders and said, “I won’t let you down. It’s nice to have to have someone I can trust. She smiled and pulled his chest firmly into hers. “Do you think they’ve grown any? I wish there was a place we could hide even further.”

Ryan’s eyes brightened as he looked down into Ricki’s face and said, “I like them just the way they are. They just fit my hands; any more would be wasted. But, let me show you my shelter. It’s right over there.”

“Where, I don’t see it,” said Ricki. “It looks like four trees that have grown together.”

“That’s the whole idea. I’ve tied the trees at the top and covered them with the dense vines and brush growing against the trees. I put in an elevated platform so that we can rest off the ground. All of it is tied together with Wisteria which blooms in the spring and makes it even more difficult for someone to see. I try not to kill the plant so that the vine stays stronger longer. I’ve been in there during a heavy rain without getting wet.”

“Hey that is so cool. How do we climb inside,” Ricki asked, totally amazed at Ryan’s handiwork?

“Here, step up on this heat rock.”

“Is that what you call that? How does it heat?”

“I’ll tell you about it later.” Ryan jumped up on the raised platform and joined Ricki.

Ricki looked around in awe. “It’s bigger in here that it looks. And you can see outside well. That’s looks like a hammock. Did you make that, too?”

“I did. It’s made of thin flexible reeds that I got down by the creek. I arranged them into a flat mat and tied them with honeysuckle vines like we saw on the fence. It’s real comfortable to lie in especially if you put down a towel or cover to lie on.”

“Is it big enough and strong enough for two people to lie in,” asked Ricki?

“I kind of had that in mind when I made it,” laughed Ryan. “I’ve also made a pillow out of a round bundle of reeds and covered it with a continuous wrap of those honeysuckle vines. Then I wrapped in an old quilt and it makes a comfortable pillow. I’ve made everything here in the woods with my hands and with the machete Doc gave me. What do you think? Crawl in and check it out.”

Ricki lifted herself into the bahis siteleri hammock and asked Ryan to lie down beside her. “Ryan since all of that mess at school yesterday, I want you to show me your dick. I don’t care what they say; when you put it inside me it completely fills me up and makes me feel so good.”

Ryan turned and tickled Ricki’s ribs. “I know one thing; your pussy is just the right size for me.

With a surprising amount of boldness and without hesitation Ricki unsnapped her jeans and removed them, then said, “OK big boy…let’s put that beautiful cock in my pussy and see how long we can last.”

Ryan was surprised at Ricki’s bold statement. Then suddenly, she removed her jeans and quickly reached for his belt. Still somewhat insecure about exposing himself, he could not back down from the challenge. Slowly, he pulled away and said, “Just wait a minute, I’ll do it.”

Ricki turned into the aggressor. She quickly ripped her panties off and reached over and unsnapped Ryan’s boxers. She hesitated slightly, looked down and flashed her eyes in wonder. “Gosh, Ryan what were those other girls looking at, it’s big…no it’s very big. You do have a lot of hair, but it looks sexy to me. Here, let me touch it?”

“Sure, and if you put your hand around it, it will get even bigger…and harder”

Ricky cautiously ran her finger tips along the top side down to its base and tickled her fingers in his mat of pubic hair. “That feels almost as thick as the hair on your head. Just looking at it makes me feel funny.” She noticed that it in fact, had gotten larger and harder. “When I wrap my fingers around it, I can feel your heart beating.”

“What do you think Ricki, Is it OK? Do you think it’s too little?”

“I’ve never seen one before except in dirty picture magazines. When we did it the first time, it felt plenty big to me. Let me look at your balls. That’s where you make the sperm. I read that in the book.” Becoming bolder in her inspection, Ricki pushed his hard dick to the side and looked closely. She cocked her head to one side and then to the other making sure she had viewed his balls from all directions. She took her fingers and touched his scrotum as if to feel its texture. Lightly she touched his balls and said, “They are so tight.”

Ryan responded, “That’s when I have a hard-on. When it’s soft they just hang down in a wrinkled-up sack. Maybe you can see it when I’m not hard, but it seems that when I’m around you its stays half hard all the time.”

Ricki swelled with pride again. “That really is a sweet compliment. I had no idea that anybody with long boney legs, knobby knees and almost no boobs could have that kind of effect on you.”

“It’s my time to scold you. Since the accident and since spending time out here, I’ve begun to look at things different. I see beauty in your height. You will round out those hips and knees and shoulders as you fill out more. Mom says that you will never be cute.”

“What…why did she say that,” Ricki asked? “That hurts.”

“Because she says that you will become beautiful. She says you have high cheekbones, a strong chin and those transparent light blue…ghost-like eyes. She has always told me that and if I didn’t get to work on you I would miss out on something special. But there is no way I could interest any girl with a face like this.”

“Your Mom is a smart woman and nice too and by the way you are beautiful inside and on the outside that rugged look really turns this girl on.”

Ryan thought for a moment, paused and then with some determination said, “And someday this face will be handsome again.”

Ricki continued to slowly stroke Ryan’s dick. Her attention was slow and sensual. Her first touches were of exploration and sensual discovery. It made her all warm inside just knowing that she was making Ryan feel so good.

It was amazing at how the skin would completely pull back and expose the mushroom shaped head and completely cover it as she reversed the stroke. Her sense of touch was shocked at the velvety texture of his swollen knob. On one of the up strokes she squeezed softly and formed a clear liquid drop on the end of his pee hole. In almost a trance-like state and as if someone else pushed her face down she dipped her tongue in the teardrop pool. There was hardly any taste. It’s so clear and tastes so clean and the head is all purple and shiny.

“What if I keep stroking it like this,” Ricki asked?

Ryan drew a deep breath, laughed and said, “You might get a few shots of cream.”

“What if I put my lips around it like this,” asked Ricki?

“Oh I don’t know,” gasped Ryan in a state of heighten sensitivity. Pull off…Stop, stop, I don’t want to shoot-off too soon.”

Ricki lifted and kept up the gentle slow stroking, then asked, “What would your mother say if she could see you now?”

“I already know. She would say something like, ‘You’re just like your real Dad’. And then tears would come in her eyes.”

She listened tentatively to Ryan’s last statement, paused for a moment bahis şirketleri and felt a deep connection with him. His mood changed. She felt his dick soften. Was it her or was it his self consciousness? “Look, Ryan…Your face has been damaged and scarred, but your will is stronger. Your character is stronger. It will take time for another person to know you on the inside like I do. Something tells me that in the future you’re going to look completely different and this scar will be gone.”

After Ryan settled some, Ricki placed his cock gently back into her mouth.

Ryan wasn’t sure exactly what he was supposed to do. At first, he traced his fingers through that fine tuft of hair above her groin. Her legs parted, and his nervous hand traveled lower to cover her vulva. It felt all puffed up. His middle finger dropped between a set of wet and slippery labial lips. Over and over, Ryan stroked up and down her slit. Her body flinched when he unknowingly touched a little nub at the top of her swollen folds. “Did that hurt,” he asked?”

Her admiration for his penis had finally reached a new phase. She removed his cock from her lips and said, it’s time to put this boy to work as she turned over onto her back, spread her legs and pulled Ryan’s mid-section into hers.

Ryan crawled up Ricki’s body kissing her breasts along the way. His cock nestled between her vaginal lips with the tip resting on her clitoris. She then arched her pelvis, in an attempt to facilitate the insertion.

Ryan’s hips flexed inward as Ricki’s legs opened further. She dug her heels into his gluts and pulled him further into that swollen area. He rolled his lower abdomen into her vulva and with a sudden gasp she cradled his entire length. She raised her head and shoulders slightly as she looked down and said, “Look at that thing; I can see it going in. I can feel it going in. That wet stuff leaking out the end is real slick? And do you know what; my pussy is all slick down there too. It feels so good going in.”

“Does it hurt,” Ryan asked?

In response she said, “Oh No…It feels good everywhere…Keep going.”

Ryan was turned on with Ricki’s sexy talk. By now, Ricki’s hand was performing magic. Instinctively she sensed Ryan’s sudden rise in passion. His breathing became heavier. His hips rose on each up stroke. She placed the other hand around his cock just to feel him going in and out.

Ryan’s young cock was very sensitive. They carefully slowed their pace to concentrate on the pleasure the slow stroking Ryan was administering. As much as he tried to make it last longer, he was getting close. The sensitive pleasure of young sex overpowered his will as he approached the point of no return. He tried to give her a little forewarning. “Oh, damn Ricki, it’s happening, you better watch out, here it comes…here it comes.”

By Ryan’s reaction, Ricki knew something was about to happen. She felt his cock swell further. His hips were bucking out of control. At the last possible moment, he jerked and pulled out. She looked down between them as he hovered above.

He could not stop. Ryan let out a loud “Aaaaah” and with a lurch she was amazed at the ropes of milky white substance that was shot out of the end of his dick. Not once but three, four times short spurts of cum were splayed onto her stomach.

Ricki reached for his cock and felt more spasms. Each twitch produced a decreasing amount of Ryan’s viscous semen. As messy as it was, she too, felt warm inside.

She looked at her hand and rubbed the thick, slick cum between her fingers and massaged his ejaculate into her chest. “It feels like creamy soap.” “This should make them grow a little.” Later she lifted her fingers to her nose and said, “it smells strange…but not in a bad way. Then she touched her tongue to her finger to experience the taste and then smiled at Ryan. “It’s not too bad. I could get used to the taste.”

Ryan returned the smile and said, “You are so naughty.” He then settled back on the reed pillow, spread his arms out and let his relaxed eyes close. A nice warm soothing sensation spread from his toes throughout his body. He succumbed to that sleepy satisfied sensation that settles on a freshly spent young man. He had just felt the greatest feeling one would ever experience. He wanted to do it again. But first he needed some rest.

Fastidiously, Ricki took the end of his T-shirt and wiped the excess from her breasts, the end of his dick and from her hands and fingers. She still held onto him and experienced the feel of his dick softening. It was an incredible learning experience. Somehow there was order in this. For the first time in her life she gained a new understanding of man and woman. It was natural; it was shared. Helping someone else enjoy sex made her feel real good inside. She ached for new discovery. She caressed his wilting cock and nurtured its demise. She knew what she wanted, and she had a plan.

He tenderly pulled Ricki down beside him and placed her face in the crook of his neck. Skin on skin, they lay in silence. Then slowly the outside forest crept back into their consciousness. Sounds of a breeze in the top of the trees, birds singing and creek water flowing over rocks provided background for their excursion into adulthood.