sold part 3 THE AUCTION

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sold part 3 THE AUCTIONhe ship reached port at dark. Gina heard the noises ondeck as the giant hawsers were looped over massive cleats andpulled taut, securing the ship to the stone pier. Finally theship was almost still, at least compared to the voyageitself. Gina had put on the outfit her master had left forher. She wore a leather bra with the nipples cut out, aleather G-string, her collar and wrist and ankle cuffs. Hercollar now bore a metal dog’s tag which read:”Name: Sweet TitsOwner: Captain J T WNumber: 7847″Well into the night, Gina was ordered from the cabin andled topside. The other slaves were being assembled. They werelined up in a column and chained together by their wristswith Gina at the head of the line. A cloak was placed overeach slave’s shoulders to conceal her near nakedness. Gina’smaster instructed them to follow him and to be perfectlysilent. They filed down the gangplank and proceeded down thepier to a ramp leading into a large cattle truck. The slaveswere loaded and the tailgate closed. They sat in silence asthe vehicle slowly rumbled away.The trip took some time and they were sore and stiffwhen the truck finally stopped and backed up to the door of alarge building. They were led inside and were immediatelyblinded by the bright lights in the tremendous warehouse.People were everywhere, traders assembling their humanmerchandise, buyers examining their wares. Most of the slavesfor sale were women, but Gina noticed a few men among them,cock rings keeping their penises rigid for inspection. Whileshe waited, she watched a male slave near her being examined.The customer wanted him for stud, to mate with his bitchslaves, and the seller unfastened the cock ring and milkedthe slave’s penis until he came in a small glass containerwhich was given to the customer, presumably to be analyzedfor potency.The captain finally led them to a fenced enclosure andthey were unchained and put inside the caged area where theywere told to remain standing. The sign on the wire mesh doorread, “Reserved for the Property of Captain JTW.” He told Bento keep an eye on things and went off. He returned shortlywith two dark Arab men, apparently father and son. Theyentered the cage and looked over the captain’s collection.One by one they eliminated the slaves for various reasons.They squeezed breasts, poked their fingers into cunts and assholes and asked for demonstrations of obedience from the onesthey examined. They all performed well; their training hadbeen extensive, but the men were not satisfied. The older oneexplained that his son wanted one with very large breasts.The captain smiled and led them to the corner where Ginastood behind some other slaves. He pulled her didim escort forward anduntied her halter bra, revealing her huge mounds. The menstared and the son immediately grabbed her breasts andsqueezed them appreciatively, saying without hesitation, “Iwant this one, father””Yes, yes, my son,” he replied, chuckling. “This one hasthe udders of a cow for breasts. But is she obedient?” Thecaptain ordered Gina to offer herself and she quickly did.The younger man parted his robes and revealed his rigidpenis. Standing over her, he grasped her head and quicklyshoved his cock into her open mouth and roughly used it likea cunt while Gina endeavored to please him with her tongue.He came quickly and spurted his semen down her throat. Sheimmediately licked him clean and resumed her offeringposition. The father and son were pleased and when the olderone absentmindedly rubbed his own crotch the captainimmediately ordered another slave to kneel and satisfy hispotential customer while they talked.They wanted to buy Gina on the spot, but the captainsaid he was bound by the rules of the market to offer her onthe block. They vowed to buy her no matter what the price andleft. As the night wore on, others came to examine thecaptain’s collection. Gina was shown to other buyers whomarveled at her breasts and used her mouth to relievethemselves. One said if he acquired her he would certainlybrand her tits with his own mark. Another said he was lookingfor a slave to mate to his dogs, other slaves and live stock inthe interest of entertaining his friends. He liked to stageunusual shows. Yet another was seeking new talent for hisbrothel in the city.Finally, the auction began and Gina could hear theauctioneer’s voice; apparently English was the uni verallanguage in consideration of the mix of nationalities presentfor the sale. There were loud cheers from time to time andafter an hour or so, the door opened again and the captain’sslaves were taken to the area behind the auction block. Oneby one, they mounted the steps and stood in the center,beneath the spotlights. The auctioneer appraised each bitch,removing whatever covering the slave wore, lifting her tits,spreading her legs with his knee, feeling her pussy, holdingup fingers that were usually glistening with proof ofarousal.Gina was kept back until only the virgins remained,covered in long sheer robes. The auctioneer made a great fussover the first one and then suddenly ripped off her robe,revealing her sweet tits and unused pussy. The audienceloved it and bid madly for the opportunity to be the first toenter that virgin cunt. There was a loud voice speaking tothe auctioneer, who finally turned back to the audience.”A buyer didim escort bayan has made a proposition. If bidding ceases withhis last offer, he will deflower the virgin here, for all tosee and enjoy.” There was a huge cheer from the audience.”Are there any more bids,” the auctioneer asked. The crowdwas silent and he pronounced her SOLD. Her new owner mountedthe stage and motioned his new slave to her knees. He wastall and muscular, his penis enormous as it sprang from hispants. She opened her mouth, obviously frightened but stillobedient. He slowly slid his shaft into her mouth, strokingin and out to the roars of approval from onlookers. A benchwas brought forward and he ordered her to kneel on it, herass raised. He positioned himself behind her and put the tipof his hard cock at the opening of her wet virgin cunt. Hetoyed with her clit with one hand as he began his assault onher pussy.Working the bulbous head of his prick past the openinghe stroked her small tits, and then, grasping her legs,lifted her off the bench and in one powerful surge, rammedhis cock deep into her. She screamed, but he quicklycontinued his manipulation of her clit and his stroking ofher breasts. She moaned, pain and pleasure colliding. Hisfucking continued and she began to respond to the pleasure.Her training had been good. She had been conditioned to wanta penis in her cunt more than anything else and here it was.Now she pushed back against the cock buried in her tightpussy. He laughed and encircling her with his arms, pickedher up completely, facing the audience with his new slaveimpaled on his cock. He fucked her like that, in mid-air, toshouts and whistles of approval, until he groaned andtrembled, beginning to shoot wave after wave of hot cum intoher. As he did, he roughly massaged her clit, making herscream again, this time with pleasure. He pulled her off ofhis cock and laid her on the bench. Straddling her face, heordered to clean his penis with her tongue which she did,still gasping for breath. The audience applauded wildly as hethen picked up his property, threw her over his shoulder andstrode off the stage.The other virgin sold quickly in frenzied bidding. Herowner claimed her from the stage, declining to entertain theassemblage with another cherry popping. It was Gina’s turn.She was led forward and quickly stripped by theauctioneer. The audience was obviously impressed. Bids werebeing shouted out even before the bidding was opened.”Patience, patience,” the man said, hefting one of her heavybreasts. “First look at this, the prize of the Captain’sshipment. Look at these tits.” He had her turn and bend over,thrusting fingers between her legs to invade her pussy whichwas escort didim wet with anticipation, and then her ass hole. “And thisass-a glorious place to thrust your manhood, yes?” Thebidders roared their approval. “Offer yourself, bitch,” hebarked and Gina quickly assumed the correct position. Moreapplause. The auctioneer knew he had a good thing going anddecided to build his audience up even more.”Crawl for us bitch, dangle those tits.” And Ginaobeyed, traversing the stage on hands and knees, her breastsdangling like udders beneath her. “I understand she isextraordinarly obedient,” the seller continued. He turned toGina still crawling about the stage. “Come here, bitch. Tellme what you’re for?” He held the microphone to her lips.”My master’s pleasure,” she quickly responded.”And what are your cunt, ass and mouth for?” he queried.”My master’s use,” Gina answered.”And what are you, Sweet Tits?””A bitch cunt sex slave,” she recited carefully andsincerely, “to entertain my owner anyway he wishes.” Thebuyers went wild and the bidding began. Gina was put at thefront of the stage and instructed to raise a tit in each handto afford the bidders a good view. Finally, the pace slowedand with one last attempt, the hammer fell. Gina could notsee who had purchased her. The crowd parted, as her new ownerstrode through to the stage. He was dark skinned and verylarge, well over six feet tall and powerfully built. Hemounted the stage and Gina saw his face, set in hard lines.It was the man who had said he would use her to entertain hisfriends which meant she would be mated to a****ls! She feltherself shaking with fear but as he snapped a leash onto hercollar and yanked her to her feet, she knew she had nochoice.”Come bitch,” he said. He dragged her off the stage andout a side door. She was taken by his servants and tossedinto the back of a small van. Her hands were shackled to anoverhead bar. There were other slaves in the van, three womenand two men. They were all similarly bound. One servant, aguard Gina thought, took his place in the back of the van andthe vehicle began moving. As they drove, the guard moved fromslave to slave where they sat on the benches, feeling themall over, kneading breasts, squeezing the men’s penises. Hetwisted Gina’s nipples but she clamped her teeth, not cryingout. He thrust his fingers into Gina’s pussy. “The big cocks,they will fit, yes?” He laughed. “You will make a good bitchfor Al Baneen.” He moved on.Gina watched as he unshackled another female slave, tookher place on the bench and ordered her to suck him. She kneltobediently and he grabbed her hair and rammed himself intoher mouth, mashing her face down on his pubic hair, thrustinghard and fast until he came. He shoved her to the floor andrefastened his pants, then secured her once more to the bar.He returned to the rear of the van and as he passedGina, he told her, “Don’t worry, cunt, your turn will comesoon enough.”