Snip Snip Pt. 01

Big Tits

In a pre-Internet world, stories like this would almost always start with, “Dear Penthouse Forum.” Today, there is no universal opener of that ilk, and few are the sources of literary porn capable of triggering a horny man’s (or the occasional woman’s) imagination well enough to satisfy. When gold is everywhere, it glitters less brightly.

Shall we revive the phrase? Can it rise like a Phoenix? We shall see…

Dear Penthouse Forum,

I never thought anything like this would happen to me, but I had an experience this past weekend that I had to tell you about…

I moved to a new part of town recently, and was forced to find a new hair stylist. Luckily, a friend from work lives fairly close by. He gave me a referral to the girl he uses, so I made an appointment with Han. I would learn later that in Vietnamese, Han means ‘moral, or faithful’. As it turned out, she was neither.

Due to COVID restrictions, and because she is in demand, I had to wait more than a week to get in to see her. We were texting confirmations and such, so when I arrived, she was looking for me. The salon was pretty busy, virus or no virus, but an obviously Asian girl waved at me from across the shop.

She was wearing a mask, as was I, but I could tell that she was cute. I guessed her to be about 5’6″ tall. She was wearing some kind of apron to help minimize the amount of hair that would inevitably cling to her clothes, but it didn’t hide her chest. For an Asian woman, she was stacked.

Her deep brown eyes sparkled, and betrayed the smile hidden just below. “Steven?” She waved me over to her chair. She held her hand out, and we shook. Thin, well-manicured fingers grasped my hand. “It nice to meet you! Sit. Sit.” She directed me into the seat of the big leather barber chair, then stepped in front of me to retrieve the black cape she would fasten around my neck in a moment. It was on the small shelf in front of her station’s mirror.

I’m a normal heterosexual male; she gave me a look at her ass, so I checked her out. The jeans were tight, doing a nice job of highlighting a tight little butt. When I looked up and into the mirror, she was looking at me. Again, I could detect a smile. And was that just the slightest little wink…?

Han turned back around, shook out the cape, and draped it over me, moving behind me at the same time. She snapped the collar closed, then let her hands slide over my shoulders as she leaned forward to speak to me in the mirror. Those boobs pressed against the back of my head.

“So, you work with William?”

“Yes. He raves about you.”

She laughed. “Ha ha ha. He very nice man.” The accent was strong; almost the perfect stereotype. I flashed on comic Anjelah Johnson’s bit about a visit to a Vietnamese nail salon, and had to smile.

“William say you just move here?”

“To this part of town, yes. Too far to drive now to go where I used to get my hair cut.”

“You had favorite stylist before? In your old place?” Her hands were on my chest, and those fun bags were still pressing against my head. She was in no hurry to cut hair.

“Yes. She was very good. I hope you can help me forget her!” I joked.

In the mirror, her eyes widened, then narrowed as she smiled. “I help you forget! No worry.” There was laughter in her voice. Then, she put her head close to my ear. In a low voice, she asked, “Was she hot?”

“Ha!” I blurted out. My turn to laugh. Marjorie had been 250 pounds, if she was an ounce, but she was great with a pair of scissors. “No. She wasn’t hot.”

“Ohhhh… Too bad…” Then, abruptly, “But not now! You lucky man!” Again, with a low voice in my ear, “Me love you long time.” Her laughter was infectious, as was her sense of humor. I assumed it was a joke, but the blatant come-on still stroked my ego.

Now, she moved to retrieve the tools of her trade, and dragged one hand across the back of my neck, along my shoulder, and down my arm as she did. This girl knew just what she was doing. So did I, and I was happy to play this game, but was it only a game? My cock was beginning to stir.

She took her time getting out her shears, this time giving me a nice long look at her ass. The jeans she wore looked painted on. I also got a decent look at her chest from the side. Thin white blouse. Well-filled. No bra. My mind ran to images of what she would look like without canlı bahis that apron.

Finally, she turned around. “You like something special?”

“I’m sorry?” I was still daydreaming about those tits.

“You hair. You like something special?”

“Oh! Ah… Short on the sides, not quite as short on top. You decide. Pretty women seem to know what looks best on a man.” It was my turn to flirt.

Han giggled a little. Women like to have their egos stroked just as much as men. “Okay. Okay. I take care of you…” She hesitated a bit. “You hair, too…” She trailed off and we both let that promise hang in the air.

The whole time I was in the chair, we chatted and flirted. She seemed not to care if the stylist in the next station and her client could hear, so I decided I wouldn’t care, either; I didn’t know these people, and I didn’t have to come back if I didn’t want to.

She used every opportunity to caress my shoulders and arms, run those beautiful fingers through my hair and brush the side of my face with them. She joked about having a handsome man in her chair, and slid one hand under the cape to rub my chest.

My cock was rock solid the whole time, of course, forcing me to adjust my shorts. Han saw the movement in my lap, and made sure I knew. “You comfortable?”

I looked her reflection straight in the eye. “Better now.”

“Good. Good.” With another whisper in my ear, “Next time I help you.”

Eventually, she finished the job and held a mirror up behind my head. I was pleasantly surprised. She had done quite a good job.

Han unfastened the cape and pulled it away, then used her hair dryer to blow away the remaining clippings, again running her fingers through my hair. She found a small clump on my shoulder and intentionally dropped it into my lap and directly on top of my hard cock. “Oh oh!” she said, and pointed the hair dryer at my crotch. “No hair there!”

After blasting air at my pants for a couple seconds, she turned it on her own crotch, laughing. “Here, either!” I did get a little embarrassed this time, but had to laugh.

I paid her, including a large tip, of course, and we scheduled the next appointment. Apropos of nothing, she said, “Okay, call me.” I wrote it off as meaning I should call to confirm the appointment or something, and headed for the door.

On the way out, I stopped at the front desk, where there was a bowl of hard candies. The middle-aged blonde seated there gave me a warm smile. I reached for one of the candies. “Can I have one?”

“Of course. You can have anything you like.” Was she flirting, too? I blatantly looked her up and down. Not bad, actually. I smiled at her, and she winked as I walked out the door.

Once in the car, I decided to see how far Han was willing to go. I picked up my phone and sent her a text. “Dinner?”

Her reply came a few seconds later. “No dinner.” For a few moments, I was disappointed. Then the next message came through. “I tell you already. Me love you long time.”

Then, “8:00”.

At 7:50, I was parked in front of the salon. “I’m out front,” I texted. There was no response, and after a few minutes, I started to worry that I’d been played. But at 8:00 on the button, the door to the salon opened and Han appeared.

No mask, and no apron. She smiled and waved, beckoning me inside. I was stunned. She was HOTT. All caps and two T’s. Gleaming white teeth really set off her complexion, and those tits! Pushing hard against the material of her blouse, with big dark areolas. She knew I’d be looking at them, and she gave them a little back-and-forth shake.

Fuck. Me. I thought. I won’t even be able to look at her face!

I scrambled out of my car and up to the door of the salon. As soon as I was inside, Han closed and locked the door. Then, without a word, she dropped to her knees and began working to unleash my dick, which was already half hard in anticipation of what might come. My friend Will had told me she was wild, but I never expected this.

She gobbled my member down like she was starving for it. As I got harder in her mouth, I grabbed the back of her head. She moaned her approval, and I began to fuck her face. Back and forth, deep and slow, I thrust my hips forward until my balls met her chin. She had amazing skills.

I’d had a hard-on coming and going all afternoon and evening, since bahis siteleri leaving the shop, so I was horny as hell and began approaching the point of no return far too quickly. Han sensed it, and pulled back.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me to a couch meant for waiting customers. I shuffled along in tow. Now, she pushed me down and quickly began removing my shoes. In a matter of seconds, I was naked. Now it was her turn.

She stood in front of me and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. I was mesmerized by the show. When the girls were set free, I nearly lost it. All natural, and huge for an Asian woman, she let them hang in front of me for a minute. She then began to squeeze and knead them, twisting and pulling on her nipples.

“You like big tits?” I smiled and nodded. She laughed. “All American men like big tits. Stand up.”

I did as instructed, and she turned her back to me, reached behind to find my hands, and pulled them around her to her chest. I cupped them gently, appreciating their shape and weight, before starting to squeeze and stroke. With her help, I quickly learned what she liked, and with my help, she quickly began to heat up.

Her hands were playing with my balls and squeezing at my cock, and her breath was beginning to quicken. She moaned when I twisted her nipples. She moaned louder when I twisted harder.

Her body began to jump here and there, as if getting an electric shock. She was warming up for orgasm.

“Take off my pants!” she yelled at me. I reached down and unfastened her jeans, then had to peel them down her legs to the floor. That brought me to my knees. She stepped out of the denim piled around her feet, then spun around to face me. In the same motion, she brought one leg up onto my shoulder and pulled my head to her crotch. I didn’t need to be told what to do next.

For the next several minutes, I licked and sucked at her clit, and stuck my tongue as far into her pussy as I could, while she stood on one leg, holding my head for balance. Han was loud, and got louder as her orgasm approached.

It was during this time that I realized the whole front window of the salon was covered in various advertising posters and painted images of hairstyles, along with the salon name; Snip Snip. From the outside, there was no way to see in, but if anyone was passing, they had to have heard Han screaming.

When her climax had passed, I expected that she would want to fuck. Instead, she again turned her ass to me, then bent over. There was a coffee table covered with fashion and hairstyle magazines for the waiting customers in front of the couch. She put her hands on the table and spread her legs. “More” was all she said.

Who was I to argue? I made myself comfortable by sitting on the couch, and ate her pussy and ass for the next 20 minutes. Any time I stopped, or even hesitated, she barked at me in Vietnamese. I had no doubt that she was just ordering me to keep licking or sucking.

All of this just served to turn me on more. Pre-cum drooled down my aching rod. After Han had her third or fourth orgasm, she stood straight to catch her breath. But not for long.

When she spotted my slick cock, she smiled. “Somebody want attention,” she said, pointing at it. “Come.” Again, she held out her hand and led me across the salon floor; this time to her cutting station. “Sit.”

I climbed into the chair. Han disappeared behind me, and a moment later, the chair reclined nearly flat. Han reappeared in front of me, then climbed up onto the chair with me. She leaned on my shoulders, put her feet on the arms of the chair and lowered herself to my cock, which I now positioned straight up. Her pussy was dripping, and she held it just over my cock head, giving it a delicious, torturously slow shower. Han began to drop lower.

I watched as, in the bright lights of the hair salon, her labia spread around my intruding member, slowly engulfing it, almost pulling it in, like a snake swallowing prey. The wet heat from her vagina was incredible, and it was all I could do to keep from cumming.

Down and down she went, until her weight transferred from her legs to my pelvis. Reading my face, she knew I was on the edge, and so she didn’t move a muscle. We stayed completely motionless for some time, sweat now rolling. Han waited…

But only until I closed my eyes. It was then that bahis şirketleri she moved a muscle. And not just one. When my entire focus was on the glorious heat of her oven, she squeezed with her Kegel muscles.

It was as if an angel’s fist had closed around the base of my shaft. It squeezed, and my heart – and my balls – fluttered. It released, and I had a sensation reminiscent of falling. It squeezed again, and I exploded.

She immediately began rocking her hips wildly forward and back, milking semen from the core of my soul. I felt as if I surely must have blown a hole in her cervix. My ass cheeks tightened, and I pushed my cock as hard and deep as I could.

It was the most intense orgasm of my life. But orgasms are fleeting, and magical as this one was, it came to its inevitable end all too soon.

As the knot that was my body began to relax and untie, Han said, “Good boy. Now, let’s go again.” Before I could react, she shouted in the direction of the back office area. “Carmen!”

I was shocked. “What?” was all I could muster.

The blonde from the front desk now appeared, dressed only in an apron similar to the one Han had worn earlier in the day. Her tits peeked around the sides of the apron as she walked over to us, and big, hungry smile on her face. She moved to the foot of the chair.

Now Han began to lean forward, bringing her beautiful breasts into reach of my mouth. “Eat. Suck my tits.” I’m a good soldier. I followed my orders.

As she shifted her body forward, my cock began to retreat from deep inside her pussy, and as it did, I felt a tongue on my balls, then fingers wrapping around the base of my unit.

Carmen cleaned us both. Han had another orgasm while Carmen ate my cum from her pussy. When the blonde deemed her clean, Han climbed back off the chair and began to put her clothes on.

“What? Where are you going?” I asked.

“Go home. It late. Husband worry.”

“Husband?” I was shocked.

“Yes, husband.” She giggled. “I fuck him good tonight.”

The door had hardly closed behind Han when Carmen, already naked, climbed onto the chair, carefully positioning herself for some mutual oral.

Her body was showing its age a bit; a little extra weight around the middle and on her ass, but her pussy was wet, and my dick was hard. She had meaty lips, and loved having them sucked on. I found that the more attention I gave her labia, the more animated she got on my cock, taking it deep, and keeping it in her throat.

Eventually, I felt like getting some exercise. “I want to fuck you,” I told her.

That chair was made for sex, not barbering. We both climbed off, and I led Carmen around to the top of the chair, where she first sat down, then lay back. I pulled her legs up and over my shoulders.

The height was perfect. I pressed my cock at her hole, allowing just the head to slowly make its way inside. She gasped as it popped past the resistance at the door. I pulled back and repeated the process a second time, then a third. I could feel her tunnel clenching my cock. She was dripping in anticipation, and I was testing my own patience.

Finally, the fourth time around, as soon as it was in position, I rammed it home, slamming against her pussy in one thrust. She came instantly, grunting out animal noises. I pounded away, without resting, until I could continue no more.

I was covered in sweat, breathing like I’d just run a marathon, but I hadn’t cum a second time. Carmen was well sated, but, like a good woman, she offered a suggestion. “There’s another hole you haven’t tried.”

“Turn over,” I instructed. Once more, she climbed off the chair, this time simply bending over it. I dipped my cock into her pussy to get it wet, then spit onto her asshole. I pushed forward, and she pushed back, and that was all it took.

I’d never had a woman offer her ass to me. Usually, they had to be talked into it. Carmen was good to go. I pumped away, and she moaned her pleasure. When she clamped down on my pole, it put me over the top, and I poured my load deep in her ass.

I was spent, and walked to the couch to sit. Carmen disappeared into the back room, then reappeared a minute later with a hot wash cloth and towels. She cleaned me up, toweled me off, then spent a few minutes giving me a slow and gentle blowjob. “Think of it as a tip,” she said.

With that, the night was over. We dressed, and I headed for the door. “Hey! You forgot something.” Carmen tossed me a piece of candy from the bowl, then put on her best customer service voice. “Thank you for coming. See you again soon…”