Smoke Fetish Cums full circle

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Smoke Fetish Cums full circleThis is a true story. It may come across as strange or weird but it is how a lifelong attraction began for me.As a smoking fetishist all my life, I think back to when it all began, and when, how ‘fetishes’ manifest in a person, specifically my life. Further, I will detail one of those amazing situations where my fetish came full circle, so to speak.I vividly remember what I believe was one of my first memories which I believe was the imprinting where my fetish began. Late 60’s, my mother and her friends would sit around the kitchen table to drink coffee, gossip and smoke cigarettes. As a four or five year old, I remember playing hotwheels on the kitchen floor. My mothers best friend, whom I called ‘Aunt Ann’ had the most unique, amazing smoking style. Aunt Ann, was a curvy, buxom woman in her late 30’s, early 40’s with Italian heritage, dark complexion and hair, which she wore in a kinda ‘beehive’ style. She was very striking and with her tight dresses and big breasts. But as I mentioned, she had an amazing smoking style. After a long, drawn out, cheek hollowing drags on her Benson & Hedges Menthol’s she would open her mouth where a huge, thick ‘golfball’ of white smoke would exit her mouth then disappear into the nostrils of her nose. I could have been 5 or 10 feet watching per profile as these thick balls of white smoke would effortlessly glide and disappear into her nose. Typically, her inhales were followed by long jets of smoke shooting out her nose as she began another drag on her cigarette. Watching her smoke, was odd, almost unnatural, but absolutely captivating, exhilerating and arousing to me, in a way which given my age, I could not understand. Watching her smoke, as well as my mother and her other friends, but particularly Aunt Ann was just, became captivating to me. I didn’t understand why I would become erect and have to run to my room to play with myself. It was fascinating to me.I then remember, thanksgiving maybe, where we were all sitting around the dinner table. Aunt Ann’s husband smoked a pipe which she kept in her purse. And when he wanted his pipe, he would ask her to light (or refill) his pipe. She was sitting across the table from me, as I watch he fill her husbands large curved pipe, pushing the tobacco down with her long nails, then flick he zippo to full flame. As she lit the pipe, it long tip would never leave her lips. she would draw, inhale, ordu escort draw, inhale, until clouds of thick smoke were just jetting and bursting out of her nose until when the pipe exited her mouth a huge thick mass of smoke was french inhaled. That night, during a pipe refill, Aunt Ann caught he staring at her as she was lighting her husbands pipe. Our eyes met, she seductively, kept her eyes on me.. I couldn’t look away, as she lit the pipe, smoke boiling from her nose culminating into a thick long seductive french inhale. She smiled and quickly winked at me as she exhaled and handed the lit pipe to her husband…”how are you little Billy?” she asked me, finishing her exhale. I asked to be excused and ran to my room, consumed with arousal. I had to play with myself really unknowing why or what had just happened to me.About 10 yrs. later, our family moved, Aunt Ann’s husband passed away a couple years earlier, my older brother was in college and my parents were going away on a several day trip. I was fifteen, and at this point in my life I knew I was attracted to women who smoked, and knew I had a serious smoking (french inhale) fetish. Mom says to me “Oh, Dear, Aunt Ann will be coming up to stay with you while we are gone on our trip” About a week later, Aunt Ann arrives and I’m excited , truthfully to watch her incredible french inhales! My parents leave, I go out with some friends and smoke some great weed I had. I come home at curfew, obviously reeking of pot. Aunt Ann now in her early 50’s just a few more pounds, which adds to her already huge tits and curves, is in a sexy silky nightgown covered by a nightcoat. she is watching TV, and invites me to sit down to watch with her. She asks me if I had a good time with my friends, then asks me if it’s ok if she smokes. “Thats fine Auntie Ann” I reply. I sit slightly behind and to the side of her so that I could watch her smoke her (new brand) 120 VS menthols. As soon as she lights up and starts performing these exaggerated, sensuous huge french inhales, like she knows I am watching her and she knows it’s turning me on watching her smoke. After about four drags of her cigarette. I’m stoned, I have to go to my room and jack off! I get up and leave for my room. I get into a t shirt and gym shorts for bed, turn the stereo on and begin wanking my cock thinking of her. Suddenly I hear a knock at my door. “Aunt Ann?.. come in” She enters my escort ordu room. “are you OK? I could smell a little reefer on you. It’s ok, I won’t tell your mom…. but would you mind sharing a joint? I’d love to get buzzed and relax. Do you have some more reefer you’d share? I was blown away ” Sure, but please don’t tell my parents” “I told you I wouldn’t sweetie” as she mischievously but sensuously smiled at me. “It’s our secret” I had a couple of nice fat joints rolled up. As I began to walk outside. she said to me ” no, lets smoke in the living room. It will be days before your folks are home, it will air out, plus I hate smoking outside. I handed her a nice fat joint.. “please, do the honors, light it up” Aunt Ann lit the joint looking at me. She extends the fire on the joint with short puffs, then takes a deep drag and a thick, white ball of smoke slowly glides and disappears into her nose. I’m already buzzed, but I’m sure she knows her smoking is turning me on. My cock is hard as a rock and I’m shifting around to try to hide the fact that I have an erection. I take a drag, and also perform a french inhale as she is watching me. “That is nice Billy, It’s cool how you smoke” Again, my mind is blown, I”m, kinda confused. Is Aunt Ann hitting on me? My mom lifelong friend who I have jacked off thinking about for years? Within a few minutes, AuntAnn is stoned, very high- as am I. She lights the 2nd joint and again performs a huge, long french inhale. I am horny as hell, however Aunt Ann and I begin laughing, and cutting up as we are both high. Her eyes are bright red, she takes a long drag and nose inhales every whisp. We are sitting right next to one another on the couch. We stare at one another as we each take a drag of the joint. suddenly Aunt Ann says to me,”Billy do you like to watch me smoke? I remember when you were little I use to catch you watching me smoke. “Ann you, I guess have a kinda sexy style..? The warmth of the room was rising. She took another drag, and I said to her.. “That is just so sexy how you smoke AuntAnn. She then touched my hand, smiled and leaned close to me. She laughted, Billy I am so Stoned. She looked at me, and we just mutually moved our lips close to each other, and we pecked, then again. I gave her a hug and we looked at each other, and it was like the ice just broke, I moved my lips to hers and we each opened our mouths as we began to french kiss each other. ordu escort bayan Her tongue was so warm, and swirling around my tongue. she placed her warm hands on each side on me face and began stroking my hair with her fingernails as we deeply kisses each other. I had only once had sex with a girl, in hay, in a barn. I’d only dreamed of making love in a warm bedroom.As the passion of our kissing grew to fever pitch, she stood up, dropping the night coat reveling her huge football like tits under her silky sheer nightgown. She grabbed my hand. her eyes were bright red, “come with me Billy into the bedroom” I was truly overwhelmed with emotion, hornyness, I was like in a cold sweat as this beautiful woman was about to fuck me! Someone who I had dreamed about for so long. She sat on the bed. “come here baby, lets make your comfortable” Aunt Ann the slid my shirt off and slid my shorts off exposing my rock hard cock. It was then, she stood on her knees on the bed and lifted off her silky nightgown showing me her naked body. I was trembling, fear in overwhelming arousal and exitement. She layed down next to me on the bed, we again began to french kiss. “It’s ok baby, Auntie is going to take care of your baby. Let me take care of you baby. She then began to suck on my raging cock.. deep throating my young cock instantly. my body began to shutter and jerk as I came into her mouth, as the moment was too much. “Oh Billy your cock and cum is delicious! she then lit a VS 120 menthol. “Watch me smoke baby” She took a huge drag, performed a huge french inhale and blew her exhale all over my cock. “Do you like that Billy? after her second drag, inhale and exhale over my cock and balls, I was rock hard again. Our tongues danced in each others mouth’s. with a wry, sensuous smile, she laid on her back, holding my hand. “Billy, I want you to enter me baby, cum to me” she then reached under her leg and guided my cock into he dripping wet tunnel. As I entered her, it was so warm! she then lifted her legs pulled me close to her and we began kissing as she gently caressed my scalp and back. “Yes baby, pump into me, nice and slow, long and deep” we would kiss then she would look me in the eye ” Billy your cock is so deep, you fuck mee so good!” After about 5 minutes of slow deep pounding, Auntie Ann began to moan.. “Oh Billy I’m cumming baby! to where I was beginning to build up “Oh Auntie i’m cumming again… O Billy, cum deep into me baby, cum deep into me” When she said that my body again started jerking uncontrollably. “Bany cum into me” I spurted cum deeply into Auntie Ann. She then smiled rolled over and grabbed another cigarette..