Sleeping Beauty


Note from Slickman: Making it with the babysitter has been a popular theme in erotic stories. This story takes on a new twist so sit back and enjoy. Copies of this story may not be made for distribution, be publishing or copied to another webpage without explicit permission from the author.


“Ten dollars an hour…”

…read the advertisement in the neighborhood monthly newsletter for the King Estates. “Babysitter wanted” read the ad heading. The going rate was up to $15 an hour so Becky Jenkins was not sure if she would get any responses. At least twice a week she and her husband had to work late at their real estate business which meant someone had to pick up their son Matt from his elementary school and watch him until about eight or nine o’clock. Becky had almost given up hope when she checked her answering machine on a Thursday evening.

“Hi, my name is Allison and I saw your ad for a babysitter. I’m eighteen years old and have my own car so picking up your child won’t be a problem for me since I’m out of school by 2:45PM. If you haven’t already found someone then call me at 555-387-0999.”

“This is too good to be true,” Becky thought as she quickly dialed the phone number. An older woman answered. “Hello.”

Becky explained why she was calling and the woman said it was her daughter who was interested in the babysitting job. Becky waited while the woman went to get her daughter.

“Hello,” Allison said softly.

“Hi Allison, this is Becky Jenkins.” For the next twenty minutes the two of them talked about the specifics of the job and responsibilities. The days were perfect for Allison so they set up a meeting for the following evening.

Allison smiled as she ran into the kitchen to tell her mother the wonderful news. Ever since her father had left the house for a younger woman they had been having a rough time making ends meet. Her car insurance was due and she also needed four new tires for her VW Bug.

Allison called her girlfriend Tina and told her the good news. “I can get more for babysitting on the weekend but during the week will be great since it will give me more time with Jake.” Jake is Allison’s nineteen year old boyfriend she had been dating for about three months. Their relationship had recently crossed the second base and was almost to third last weekend when Allison pulled his hand from under the front of her jeans. “I’m not ready for that yet,” she whispered. She figured she was the last virgin in her high school class except for Tina.

“Are you going to invite Jake over when you baby-sit?” Tina giggled.

“No way,” Allison answered. “The number one rule is no boys.”

“So that means I can join you some days?”

“Let me get my feet wet first,” Allison laughed. “Then I’ll see if you can come over. They have a nice pool.”

“Well now you have to get me invited.”

“We’ll see,” Allison said before they said their goodbyes and hung up.


The following day Allison went straight from gym class to the Jenkins home. She was sweaty from running around the long track at the athletic field during her last period but she didn’t have time to take a shower or change. Mrs. Jenkins was picking up her son at 3:00PM and said she would meet her at their house.

Allison was sitting on the front porch when the expensive BMW coop pulled into the long driveway. She smiled thinking she could hit them up for more than ten bucks an hour once they realize what a great babysitter she was. She saw the six year-old boy come out of the garage first and run up to her. “Are you Allison?” he asked with a smiling face full of freckles.

“Yes, and you must be Matt,” she said looking at his blonde hair and light blue eyes.

“Hi,” Becky said as she moved up behind her son. “I see you met Matt.”

Both females quickly checked out each other. They were basically the same size which was about a size 6 dress but Becky’s breasts were definitely a lot larger than Allison’s. Allison’s dark brown short hair was completely opposite from Becky’s long blonde hair. Allison noticed the freckles on Becky’s chest above her opened blouse.

“I can see where Matt gets his blonde hair and freckles from,” Allison smiled.

Becky glanced down at the girl’s very short cotton shorts and her much too tight tee shirt. “They let you wear those clothes to school?” She could see the tiny bumps of Allison’s nipples pushing out the thin tee shirt. It didn’t look as if she was wearing a bra.

Allison blushed when she looked down at the raisins on top of her small breasts. “I have gym class on Friday afternoons and didn’t have time to shower and change.

“No problem,” Becky said. She felt the warmth right away between the two of them. “Come in and I’ll show you around.”

Allison followed the woman in and tried not to show her amazement at the high priced furniture and paintings. “This part of the house is for show. We live back here,” Becky said as she led the girl to the large sunroom at the rear Ataşehir Escort of the house. Outside through the large patio door was a huge swimming pool and Jacuzzi combination.

“WOW!” Allison exclaimed when she saw the picture perfect gardens and pool set-up.

“Will you go swimming with me?” Little Matt asked as he grabbed Allison’s hand and pulled.

“Matt stop,” Becky said. “Allison probably doesn’t have enough time today.”

“Actually I do but don’t you want to ask me some more questions?”

“Nope, I think I’ve seen enough. Would you like the job?”

Allison froze for a second because she expected a longer interview.

“Please!” Matt begged as he fluttered his blue eyes at her.

“What about Mr. Jenkins?” Allison asked.

“He trusts me to make the decision,” Becky smiled. “Besides he will be thrilled to see how cute you are,” she thought. “I’ll finish showing you around and if you want to go into the pool with Matt you can start today,” the woman finished saying.

“OK, but…I….uh….don’t have a swim suit with me,” Allison said.

“We are pretty much the same size so if you want to wear one of mine no problem.”

“I don’t think I’ll fit into yours,” Allison blushed as she peeked downward at Becky’s C-cups.

“Just wear the bottoms and a tee shirt,” Becky said as she turned without giving Allison an opening to decline.

It took almost 30 minutes for Allison to see the whole house. Matt was in his bedroom putting on his trunks when Becky pulled Allison into the master suite. “Try these on,” Becky said as she walked from a huge walk-in closet. In her hand was a very skimpy white thong bottom.

Allison took the bottoms and blushed. “I don’t think I should be wearing these.”

Becky could see the girl was now somewhat frightened. “Of course, they don’t cover much especially in the back.” Becky again moved into her closet to search for an older pair of bikini bottoms that were a lot more conservative.

“How about these?”

Allison smiled as she opened them up. “It is just us right?” She wanted to make sure the husband didn’t see her in them.

“Yes and Matt is not old enough to understand,” Becky laughed. “I have some tee shirts in that dresser over there so take your pick.”

Allison stood and watched as Becky grabbed a bikini top and bottom. “Why don’t you go into the bathroom to change and I’ll change out here?” Becky asked.

“OK,” Allison answered. She moved into the massive bathroom and closed the door. She hesitated when she did not find a lock on the door. “I’m being silly,” she thought as she quickly pushed down her cotton shorts and panties and hurried to pull up the bikini bottom. She frowned when she noticed quite a few dark curly tendrils escaping out the sides of the bikini bottom. She had put off getting a trim down there because it was costly, embarrassing and she wasn’t going to the beach for another month. Her fingers pushed the hairy convicts back into their material cell as best she could. She had forgotten to pick out a tee shirt so she slowly opened the door and peeked out. She stopped when she saw Mrs. Jenkins completely naked and standing facing away from her. She was so beautiful and had an all-over tan. Before she could close the door Becky turned and faced her.

“You forgot your tee shirt,” Becky said smiling. She could see the startled girl blushing as her eyes took in her perfect breasts and hard brown nipples. She posed longer for the eyes to move down her flat stomach to the thin and sparse growth of her golden pubic mound resting atop of her moist slit.

Becky walked towards the frozen girl and when Allison reached out to take the shirt Becky pulled it back. “Let me help you.”

Allison had been around naked girls in the high school locker room before but this was different. Mrs. Jenkins was an older woman with big boobs. “I can do it.” Allison said as she walked backward into the bathroom. Before she could shut the door Becky squeezed in with her.

“Don’t be shy. It’s just us women,” Becky laughed as she moved behind Allison and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. Before Allison could stop her the woman pulled the thin shirt up over her body and head. When the shirt left Allison’s body she was naked from the waist up. She froze and saw the woman’s eyes looking at her small breasts in the huge wall-to-wall mirror. “Ohhh,” Becky said as she quickly cupped her naked boobs.

“You are very beautiful,” Becky whispered as she looked down at the cute round buttocks pushing out the white bikini bottoms. She knew Allison was very nervous so she quickly excused herself.

Allison kept her hands over her petite breasts until the naked woman had walked from the bathroom. She quickly closed the door and pulled on the tee shirt. She realized her body was on fire and her pussy was soaked. Never before had she felt so excited being around another female. She waited almost three minutes to make sure the woman had enough time to Anadolu Yakası Escort get dressed before she opened the door and again peeked out.

“Come on,” Becky smiled as she handed Allison a short white terrycloth robe. They picked up Matt in his room and headed for the pool.

Allison realized right away that she should have picked a darker tee-shirt than the pink one she had on. When her body rose from the water her pink nipples could easily be seen through the wet light pink tee-shirt.

Becky smiled as she watched the new babysitter and her son play games in the pool. The last babysitter was older and overweight and never wanted to go swimming with Matt. Time flew by and soon an hour passed.

Tom Jenkins pulled into the long driveway and noticed the small Volkswagen Bug parked near his house. He remembered his wife saying the new babysitter candidate would be there. Both his wife and he had put in so many hours into their jobs lately that they had little time for leisure. He moved quietly through the house and peeked out the large sun room window at his wife, son and a young girl splashing each other in the pool. He really couldn’t see much of the girl since only her head and shoulders stuck out of the clear water. After grabbing a beer he moved outside.

“Hello!” he said loudly to make sure they could hear him over their giggling and laughing.

“Daddy’s home!” little Matt shouted.

Panic shot up Allison’s spine. She didn’t think the man would be home so early. Her body immediately sank into the water.

“Hi honey,” Becky said. “This is Allison.”

Allison turned and saw the handsome man. His hair was as blonde as Becky’s and Matt’s. “Hi.”

“Allison started today,” Becky said smiling. “She will be perfect for the job and Matt just loves her.”

“I love her!” little Matt yelled as he jumped onto her back. Allison laughed and stood upright to carry him around the pool. She forgot about the wet tee-shirt.

Becky tried not to laugh at her husbands face when he saw the small breasts and tiny dark nipples through the babysitter’s tee-shirt. She remembered last summer at the beach when a lot of girls wore the tiny thong bathing suits. Sex that night was the best it had been in quite a while. Maybe, just maybe, seeing Allison like this would fire up his desires and she would benefit from it.

“Why don’t you join us?” Becky asked.

“Shit,” Allison thought. “I would not have gone into the pool if I’d known a man would be joining us.”

“I think I will,” Tom said smiling. He turned and almost ran into the house.

“I think I should go,” Allison whispered to Becky as they waited for Tom to return.

“No, please stay. Since you are now our babysitter we all need to get use to each other,” Becky said as she touched the girl’s arm. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Allison blushed. “Yes, we’ve only been dating a short time. I haven’t dated that much.”

Becky realized the girl was trying to tell her she didn’t have much experience around males. “Don’t worry my husband is a lot of fun.”

“That’s what I’m worried about,” Allison thought as the patio door opened and Tom walked out wearing a clinging nylon swim suit. She could see the bulge between his thighs. Her eyes ravished his taunt abs and muscular hairy and tan chest. Compared to her boyfriend he had the edge in all areas. Even the bulge looked bigger.

“Here I come!” Tom shouted as he dove headfirst into the water.

Tom finally had the chance to check out the babysitter. His eyes were wide open as he swam underwater up to Allison’s form. She was turned away from him, which gave him a great shot of her cute ass. He wished he could see the front but he had to surface for air.

Becky immediately jumped on his back and whispered, “You were down there a long time.” Her legs wrapped around his waist and her ankle pushed into his penis which was getting harder and harder.

They splashed around for about 15 minutes before Becky suggested Allison get on her shoulders and Matt on Tom’s. Then Matt and Allison would try to pull and push on each other until one of them topples off.

Allison laughed. “Are you strong enough to hold me up?” They were about the same size.

“Sure, let’s try it,” Becky laughed. Allison moved out of the water which showed Tom her lower front for the first time. As Becky leaned down by the steps Allison moved her legs over the woman’s shoulders.

Tom almost died when he saw the dark shadow of the girl’s bush through the bikini bottoms and when she moved her legs over his wife’s shoulders the bottoms pulled to each side allowing his eyes the pleasure of seeing a lot of her dark pubic mound. As Matt climbed up on his back his eyes moved to Allison’s small nipples which were now pointing outward through the wet tee-shirt. He was glad his lower body was underwater or they could all see his excitement.

Becky had a little trouble holding Allison up and when Matt grabbed onto Allison’s Kadıköy Escort arms she almost fell. She would have fallen except Tom’s hand was helping her to stay upright. She was puzzled as to why he would help until she glanced over her head and saw Allison’s shirt sliding dangerously up over her stomach as her son pulled on it. Tom was helping her keep her balance because he wanted Matt to pull the shirt up over the tiny mounds.

Allison didn’t realize the tee-shirt was being pulled up as her hands grabbed onto the boy’s shoulders. She had thought Becky wouldn’t be able to hold her up but the woman must be stronger than she looked.

The shirt was almost to the bottom of her breasts when Becky moved backwards. Since Matt’s hand held the bottom of the tee shirt it pulled outward and upward from Allison’s body. Tom’s eyes waited and waited until finally there they were. Two small white mounds covered on top with two tiny cherry tips. He lost his balance and fell into his wife’s body. Matt toppled forward onto Allison.

When she went underwater Allison realized her tee shirt was now over her bare breasts. She tried to push it downward but the boy still held on to it. Her eyes opened underwater and peered down over her bare breasts to the opened stare of the man’s eyes onto her nakedness. She quickly twisted her body around to hide her virgin treasures.

Becky didn’t know what had happened but realized something did because Allison was quickly out of the pool and was pushing down her tee-shirt. “I’ve got to leave,” the blushing girl said without looking back. They watched her dripping body grab a thick towel and dry off.

“I’ll talk to her,” Becky said while moving quickly into the house still dripping wet. She followed the damp footprints up the stairs and into her bedroom. She gently knocked on the bathroom door. “Allison, are you OK?”

Allison was stepping out of the wet bikini bottoms when the woman knocked. The tee-shirt was already lying on the floor and now she was stark naked. She glanced at the doorknob and saw it starting to turn. Before she could say not to come in the door cracked open and Becky’s face looked in. Allison immediately turned and faced the other way. “I’m getting dressed.”

Becky tried not to smile as she moved in and closed the door. The girl’s bare ass was unbelievably wonderful. The woman grabbed a large towel and pushed it against the girl’s back. “You are still wet.”

Allison froze when she felt the woman drying off her back. She peeked into the large mirror on the side wall and saw Becky’s eyes looking down at her bare hips. Her body was totally on fire now and had removed all resistance she had. When the towel moved down over her buttocks she closed her eyes and moaned slightly.

Becky heard the moan and smiled. Her fingers pushed the soft terry cloth into the girl’s soft cheeks and then lower across the tops of her thighs. As the towel moved up and under her ass cheeks her fingers moved off for a few seconds and touched the tenderness along the insides of her thighs.

Allison was having trouble breathing and when the fingers touched her hot flesh she reached out and grabbed the sink countertop. Her legs were so weak now. The fingertips were only an inch from touching her dripping virgin pussy. As Becky’s fingers moved slowly upward she felt the tickling of Allison’s damp pubic hairs. The girl’s legs slowly opened giving her the go ahead to touch her intimate passion.

As much as Becky wanted to touch the girl’s pussy she wanted something else more. She didn’t want to scare her off. The act of drying her off was more of a motherly move so she finished toweling the back of the girl.

“I can do the front,” Allison said as she turned and took the towel from the woman. A slight smile came to her lips for the first time.

Becky stepped back and made no effort to look away as Allison’s slow movements teased as she dried the soft breasts and flat stomach. Both sets of eyes were on the towel as it pushed between the girl’s open legs to dab dry the moist virgin gash.

“I hope we didn’t scare you away,” Becky whispered when the towel moved away and the thin pink slit behind the thick pubic growth appeared.

“I guess I’m nervous for the first time and like you said we have to get used to each other,” Allison grinned as she put the towel on the sink and picked up her basic white panties. “I’m an only child so I’m not used to nudity.”

“You are very beautiful,” Becky said as her eyes roamed the girl’s body one last time. She opened the bathroom door and walked out.

The whole family was in the pool when Allison walked out to say goodbye. “I’ll be here on Tuesday,” she said smiling. Her eyes captured the muscular back of Tom as he held Matt up over his head.

“I left a key to the house on the kitchen table,” Becky said. “We won’t be home until around eight o’clock so go ahead and order pizza. There’s money on the table for the pizza and also some extra for you.”

“Thank you,” Allison said. “Goodbye Matt,” she said waving at the young boy.


As Matt floated on a small blowup raft Becky and Tom huddled together in the deep end. Her fingers moved down to find the hard torpedo in his swim trunks. “Ummm, what are you thinking about?”