Slag for use Part 2

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Slag for use Part 2Slag for use Part 2It was two days later when he called me, I had thought of little else and was unbelievably turned on at what this old guy had done to me. My hands shook as I answered the phone and heard his voice ‘my friends are ready for you slag, be at this address tomorrow at 7 thirty, shaved and dressed like before’ , that was all he hung up. I WAS WET!I prepared myself and made my way to the address as instructed, dressed as before I felt like a whore knowing I was going to be used to service his friends and that all I was to them was a cheap dirty shag. Shaking I arrived and knocked at the door, he answered and pulled me into the hallway, pushing me up against the wall, his hands groping my tits, tongue forced into my mouth as he pushed his erection against me then pulling away slapping my face ‘cock hungry little slag aren’t you’.He lead me into the living room where there were another four men all in the 50’s or 60’s all watching porn on the TV, all rubbing their groins, til they saw me dragged to the centre of the room, their eyes left the TV and they all stared at me rubbing bayraklı escort their cocks harder.‘this is our slag boys. Ours to use. all weekend, she’s a dirty whore and will do anything you want so feel free, view the goods’ …… turning to me he spoke ‘top off slag, get them tits out’Fingers shaking I undid my top. Taking it off, as they all watched, hearing them commenting ‘look at the slag’s fucking big tits!’ ‘mmmmmm big fuckers aren’t they’ as I stood in front of them in my bra so ashamed but so horny!I felt Ron behind me reaching round and pulling my bra cups down to whistles from his friends. My full young tits bouncing out of my bra, hanging out on full view to this group of older men as Ron whispered in my ear ‘ that better whore, show em what you’ve got, now go and offer your tits to them’. He pushed me over to the first of his mates so I was standing close to him between his open legs, his hands were on them on seconds, groping them hard, squeezing and pinching on my nipples, stretching them out before sucking them into his mouth and chewing on them. The next man joined in quickly, escort bayraklı grabbing at my young firm tits, moaning as he sucked one hard. As they mauled them Ron encouraged the others over, ‘come on boys don’t be shy, come feel her up!’ and so I found myself with 5 men working my tits hard, grabbing my hands and making me feel their erections, telling me what a dirty slut I was!Then I heard Ron speak again, ‘ready for more boys?’ ‘Yeah Ron lets see the rest of the slag, let’s see her cunt and arse’ they answered, and Ron looked at me, saying, ‘get your knickers off whore, show the boys your slit’. I was so ashamed, I didn’t dare refuse so I slid my knickers down and took them off, so I was naked in front of them all trying to cover my pussy with my hands. Ron was immediately behind me grabbing my hands exposing me to them, as one by one they took out their cocks slowly wanking them as they ogled my shaved puffy pink pussy . Ron let me go saying ‘ get on that chair and spread your legs slut show the boys your hole’. Obediently I laid back opening my legs, my pussy lips opening for them as bayraklı escort bayan they whistled a discussed the view ‘look at that cunt boys’, dirty little slag’ look at her fuckhole!!! We have all weekend to use that, and her tight arse too! Have a feel!’Fingers were rammed in me hard, feeling around, pulling at my lips, hard rough fingers, fucking me , cocks being wanked hard, fingers in my arse, making me moan, tits being mauled, slapped, all enjoying my young body. Suddenly Ron was between my legs, ‘I ‘m first boys I need to dump my load, ready slag, get ready for a fucking’ with that he rammed his cock in me hard making my scream, his cock felt huge in my tight hole, he pumped hard, fucking me like a cheap hooker, as the others continued grabbing at me and wanking, the first one to come splattered my tits grunting ‘take that slut ‘ the next splashed my face shooting ribbons over me and the third followed him shooting over my tits groaning’ take that you dirty bitch!’, number four ordered me to open my mouth and shot his load straight in as Ron pumped me harder grabbing my cummy tits he moaned, ‘here it comes you slag first of many’ as his cock throbbed inside me and my cunt was filled with his cum.The pulled out grabbing my hair and slapped my face hard ‘fucking slag…. now suck us and clean us up get us all hard again for the next round!’