Sinful Pleasure


In an earlier narrative of mine, I had described how my friend Rajan had a torrid, illicit affair with a housemaid Padma, who as a result of their adulterous relationship, bore a child sired by him. This affair with the housemaid sharpened and enhanced Rajan’s sexual prowess making him an expert at lovemaking and whetted his appetite for sex with women other than his wife.

As luck would have it, he was transferred to Pune by his company. Pune is a large town in Western India. He spent a hectic and frustrating six initial months, shuttling between ill kept rooming houses. As the weeks passed by, Rajan had no opportunity of meeting or getting to know any woman owing to his extremely long hours of work. The office in Pune was a drab, all male outfit. Being in charge did not help his social life either because of increased responsibility. He had to tour the nearby villages and towns often to assist his sales personnel aggressively promote the products of his company.

At the end of six sterile months, he finally got what eventually turned out to be the most pleasurable opportunity of his lifetime. As I mentioned earlier, Rajan was not very happy with his living conditions making him shift a number of times. Finally, his stenographer Das, a kindly old man, suggested the name of a good guest house run by an elderly couple in a quiet area of town. He took Rajan there and introduced him to the couple running it – a Mr. let’s go out there, have a chat over a cup of coffee and we can be back soon. Just let Mrs.Joglekar know that you will be away for an hour.”

She hesitated and then looking at his face, full of sympathy, she haltingly asked, “Do you think she will agree, Mr.Rajan?”

“Of course she will. Go on, just phone her and tell her. I’ll wait outside,” he replied.

They walked to the coffee shop and sat down. Over their coffee he asked Shakila about herself. He appeared so considerate and nice that she started telling him about herself. She was from Agra, a town in the large North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Her father was in the Railways – a middle ranking officer and she, along with her two sisters, both elder to her, studied in the city of Agra, famous for the Taj Mahal. She was fairly well educated, having done her graduation in History. Soon after, she got married to a businessman, a match arranged by her parents. Her husband unfortunately turned out to be a sickly man, crude and narrow minded who wanted her to hide herself behind a veil and stay at home. They had a child, a girl who was now in High School, studying in a residential school at Bombay. A few years after she got married, her husband whose business was floundering, committed suicide leaving behind virtually nothing. Her parents had died by then and she had never been attached to her sisters anyway. The young widow had to take up a job to maintain herself and her daughter. She found a job as a typist in a small textile mill in Bombay and for a while things were all right. Unfortunately, some months later, the mill folded up and she had to hunt around for another job. A colleague mentioned about the guest house in Pune and the possibility of an opening for a receptionist. She illegal bahis came down to Pune and managed to get the job. Her daughter was doing fairly at school and wanted to pursue higher studies in college. Shakila was finding it very hard to meet the expenses and that afternoon she was feeling particularly despondent. Rajan listened to her sympathetically and told her something about himself.

At the end of an hour when they got up to return he said, “Mrs.Ahmed, if you promise not to get annoyed or embarrassed, may I say something?”

She looked up in surprise and replied, “Of course.”

Rajan then said that he would like to help Shakila’s daughter financially to pursue her studies since she was a good student. Being a very persuasive and friendly person he managed to overcome her hesitation.

The moment she hesitatingly agreed he thought, “Ah! That’s a sound investment for a good time for the rest of my stint in Pune.”

There was nothing crude or hasty about Rajan’s methods. He bided his time developing the intimacy with Shakila, not making any clumsy moves. Inwardly he was feeling impatient, busily forming plans for a new sexual conquest.

A fortnight later, the cook at the rooming house fell ill and the residents had to eat out for a few days. During this period, a general strike for a day was called by one of the political parties and all shops and restaurants were closed. Rajan had a light snack in his room for breakfast. He wondered what he could do for lunch and decided to walk across to Shakila’s house which was some distance away. She had not come for work due to the strike.

Reaching her house he rang the bell and waited. A few moments later the door opened and Shakila stood there in a housecoat. She looked flustered seeing him.

“For a moment I did not recognise you. You look so different in a housecoat,” he said.

“What a surprise Mr.Rajan! Do come in.”

He went inside and found himself in a small drawing room, simply furnished and neatly kept.

“Do sit down Mr.Rajan. Let me get you a cold drink. It must have been a hot walk.”

“Thank you. The drink will be welcome. And yes it certainly was a hot walk,” he said.

“And in more ways than one my dear if only you knew my feelings about you,” he thought.

She came carrying the drink a few minutes later.

“You must be having a problem for your food. Are any restaurants open?”

“No,” he smiled. “I thought I could barge in here to keep the hunger pangs away.”

“Of course Mr.Rajan. It will be a pleasure having you for lunch.”

“And if I have my way, for dinner and breakfast as well my dear,” he thought.

“Will you excuse me for sometime while I make lunch? Please switch on the TV and make yourself comfortable Mr.Rajan.”

He grinned boyishly and said, “Look can we dispense with being formal? Please call me Rajan. I feel uncomfortable when you add the prefix. And may I call you Shakila?”

“Of course Mr… sorry… Rajan.”

Rajan put on the TV, surfing channels while his mind was on Shakila and her seasoned, fleshy body which was like a ripe fruit. He was determined to have the fruit that very day.

After she illegal bahis siteleri prepared the meal, she came back into the drawing room and they talked for sometime, about her daughter and her studies. He asked her about what she did after work and they found some common interests….. in Hindi movies and music. Being a fair singer, he hummed a few lines of a popular song.

“You do sing fairly well Rajan.”

“I am a fair bathroom singer, Lady.”

They both laughed. Lunch was a pleasant meal. After lunch, when Shakila went into the kitchen to clean up, Rajan followed ostensibly to help clean the dirty dishes, ignoring her protest,s saying he wanted to help out. The kitchen was tiny and they kept bumping into each other while they cleaned up. Crimson with embarrassment she blurted, “Rajan, it’s too small a kitchen for two of us to move around.”

“Don’t you find it cosier,” he grinned mischievously. “I really like the intimacy Shakila.”

She blushed. Rajan, with his heart thumping thought that it was time to seize the opportunity, He drew her close to him and whispered into her ear, “You are such a desirable lady my dear. Even a saint would lose his self control in close proximity with you.”

“This is not right Rrrr…aajan,” she murmured.

Rajan could see her weakening as it was obvious that close proximity to a male after so many barren years was doing the trick. He decided to go ahead swiftly as he felt the time was ripe and kissed her full on the mouth, very gently at first. Instinctively she tried pulling away but he held her tight with his mouth firmly on her’s. His tongue slowly caressed her closed lips on the outside and then gently pried them open. The moment her lips opened up on his tongue’s pressure, it darted inside flicking around expertly, seeking the hidden recesses in her delicious mouth. His tongue duelled with her’s, rolling and entwining. All her resistance slipped away and she felt weak in her legs. They kissed passionately for what seemed an eternity. Suddenly he sank to his knees embracing her waist and started nuzzling her navel. Although her housecoat was on, the material was very thing and his tender ministrations started really getting her excited. He put his head under the housecoat, lifted her tight panty and rubbed his face against her thick pubic hair. Moving his mouth to her love den he placed his lips on her thick labia. She shuddered, emitting tiny, shrill cries. A long kiss on the outer lips was followed by his tongue probing it’s way into her vagina. Her womanly perfume assailed his nostrils getting his already swollen and erect member, throbbing in anticipation of it’s onslaught on her citadel. He played his tongue around expertly arousing her passions further, licking her sticky nectar. Suddenly she appeared to go mad, tearing at his trousers, trying to yank them off. The moment she got them off his body, she pulled his underwear down and took his bulging organ fully into her mouth, sucking on it violently almost trying to swallow it entirely. So forceful was her sucking that in a few moments he felt himself on the verge of coming. Not wanting to waste his precious load in her mouth, he caught canlı bahis siteleri her head and with difficulty pulled her off. Making her disrobe completely he led her to the settee in the drawing room, jumped out of his clothes and made a beeline for her delectable, ample breasts. Fastening his mouth on the large, hard left nipple, which was dark with passion, he started sucking it noisily and greedily, biting the tip and again drawing on it hard. Rajan always had a fetish for sucking breasts and Shakila’s meaty ones with their huge dark nipples made him uncontrollable as he had his fill of them voraciously sucking and chewing. This barbarous mauling of her breasts made her thrash around in extreme pleasure and pain driving her to an orgasm.

“Aaa…hhhh!! Please, please, I am dying. Stop pleee… ase!!!” she screamed. He ignored her pleas and moved his mouth to her love cave, hot and wet with lust. Pulling himself up after briefly kissing her pussy, he took his huge, pulsating shaft in his hand and arching himself above her body, placed it at the opening of her oozing, hot cavern. It slowly parted the heavy lids of her portal and the bulbous head scarlet with lust entered her. The slimy, thick secretions of her cunt coated his member, assisting it’s penetration to some extent. But years of inaction, sexually, had made her tight. However the time for niceties was over and the caveman in Rajan rook over. All he wanted to do was to plant his seed deep into the womb of this luscious woman. A brutally violent thrust and he was deep inside her. She shrieked in agony and ecstasy, whimpering to him — to be gentle one moment and then asking him to take her harder the next. A few more powerful thrusts and wriggles and he was as deep inside as he could possibly be. He stopped moving keeping his cock buried to the hilt. It required all his will power to stop erupting. Slowly her started toying with her battered nipples again with his mouth. Taking turns at both breasts, drawing hard, he started thrusting again gradually building up the tempo. Receiving his thrusts and moving in unison, Shakila felt herself moving into Paradise. She could hardly comprehend what this delightful lover was doing to her thirsty body. Never had she experienced anything remotely like this and she wanted him to go on and on. His mouth fastened on her’s stifling her screams of rapture as he pounded harder and harder going absolutely berserk in her cunt. He appeared insatiable as he thudded into her endlessly. And then she experienced it ……. total and the most indescribable bliss, as she had her violent, convulsive climax in unison with his copious, gushing discharge. She could almost feel the taste of his thick, syrupy semen, such was the completeness of their union. Gradually their bodies relaxed and they lay holding each other basking in the glow of satisfaction that enveloped them in the aftermath of such a ferocious bout of lovemaking.

Rajan continued to be in Pune for another year and a half during which they experimented and enjoyed their frequent sex sessions. Their relationship deepened and continues even today, as he financed her daughter’s higher education. Although he has since been transferred back to his hometown and family, he keeps making clandestine visits to Pune as often as possible without his wife’s knowledge. Such is the magic of Shakila’s body for him that he never tires of fucking her.

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