Silly Suzy Ch. 02


Brian was going skiing for a few days and was getting ready to leave first thing in the morning. He was packing everything in his car, ticking off what he had. All seemed fine but something was missing if he could just recall what. Then he remembered. His ski wax. He’d run out and intended to buy more but had forgotten. Irritating but he could pick up some at the lodge. At a seriously inflated price, though, which was even more irritating. Then he remembered Andrew. He’d have some. He’d give him a call and see if he could borrow it.

“No problems, mate,” was Andrew’s reply. “You won’t even have to come over and get it. I’ll be over your way in an hour or so and I’ll drop it off.”

True to his word Andrew dropped past later that evening and tossed Brian the wax.

“Thanks. They charge like a wounded bull at the lodge. You’d think a reasonable profit would be enough but apparently not when you have a captive market.”

“Tell me about it,” grinned Andrew. “Anyway, I’ll be going so you can finish getting ready.”

“Okay. I’d offer you a drink but not while you’re driving. Um, hold on a second. You might be in time to catch the nightly show. Come on.”

Brian turned and walked into the house with a curious Andrew following him. They went into Brian’s bedroom, Andrew noticing that Brian made no effort to turn on the light.

“Yeah,” Brian said, looking out the window. “It looks like the show is about to begin.”

Looking out the window Andrew found he was looking into a lit bedroom not very distant. A young woman was just starting to get undressed.

“That’s Suzy, isn’t it?” he asked. “Very pretty girl with the intelligence of a flea. You said nightly show?”

“Uh-huh. Silly Suzy. She does this every night and never pulls down her blind. Also, she has let me know that her window is never locked.”

“What the hell? Is she stripping knowing that you’re probably here watching?”

“Got it in one.”

“What the fuck, man? Why’s she doing canlı bahis it? I’m surprised you haven’t snuck over there some night and climbed through the window.”

The pair of them were silent for a few moments as they watched Suzy undress, facing the window, Andrew noticed, ensuring they received a good look at her.

“So why haven’t you hopped through the window and jumped her? If she’s doing this every night she’s plainly asking for it and I don’t care if that’s not supposed to happen. She’s doing everything but giving you a written invitation.”

“Well, she may be stupid but her mother’s not. If I snuck in one night she’d welcome me with open arms and wouldn’t let out a peep until after I’d fucked her ragged. Then she’d go running to mummy to tell her what happened and her mother would talk to my mother and I’d find myself engaged and married to the little leech. Not going to happen.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope. Trust me. I’ve been in her sights for a long time and have had to dodge a number of traps, all designed to compromise her and lead to marriage.”

“Geez, man. She’s eighteen. Probably not even a virgin and she hasn’t tried to force anyone else into marriage. Surely she doesn’t expect you to marry her just because you sleep with her.”

“I have no idea where her virginity is concerned but I suspect she still has it. She’s not interested in anyone else. Just me and my potential inheritance.”

“Oh, you poor man, you,” laughed Andrew. “Still, you get some very nice scenery out of it.”

Andrew departed and Brian finished packing. First thing the next morning he was gone.

That evening, just after dark, Andrew parked just up the road from Brian’s place. Keeping one eye on Suzy’s place he finally saw her bedroom light go on. He quietly slipped into her yard, moving down the side of the house until he had a clear view through the window.

Suzy was following the same routine as the day before, calmly stripping while facing the window, bahis siteleri putting everything on display. Andrew had to admit that she had a very nice body to display. He leaned back and watched the show, quietly applauding when she finally hopped into bed and turned off the light. He also noticed that she didn’t worry about such trifles as night clothes. He drove home thoughtfully.

It was midnight, the witching hour, when Andrew returned. He was pleased to observe the clouds covering the moon, covering everything in a shroud of darkness. Parking at the same place as earlier he returned to Suzy’s yard. A tentative testing of her window found it sliding up, quietly and easily. She was certainly making it easy for Brian to visit her if he ever wanted to, although she shouldn’t hold her breath waiting.

Dropping his trousers, he lifted the covers and was in bed next to her, one hand going around her to cover a breast while the other closed over her mouth. He smiled as she woke with a spasmodic start.

“Hush, sweetheart,” he whispered. “Let’s not make any noise just yet. I just couldn’t stay away any longer, and you knew this would happen, you little minx.”

Suzy slowly relaxed and Andrew found her snuggling closer to him. He’d bet that she couldn’t identify a voice from a whisper and would just assume that he was Brian. He felt her hand go down between them, finding where his erection was pressed against her cheeks, her hand closing over it with a soft giggle. His own hand slipped between her legs, massaging.

“You’re awful,” she whispered with a soft giggle. “You don’t really intend to do it, do you?”

“Oh, yes,” he whispered back, putting some eagerness into his voice. “Now that I’m touching you I can’t stop.”

After that he shut up, not wanting to say too much in case she started to suspect something. It was a case of letting his fingers do the talking for him.

Considering the way that Suzy had stripped for Brian to watch it didn’t really bahis şirketleri surprise him to find her reacting positively to his touch. His fingers dipped and stroked and tantalised, feeling her lips swelling, her inner lips protruding wetly.

Removing the hand that was holding tight to his cock he positioned himself, starting to push forward.

“Oh my gosh,” she exclaimed with a soft gasp. “You’re doing it. You really are. I didn’t think you would.”

She gave another gasp at the moment that what he thought might be her hymen giving way, but didn’t complain, and he pressed a little harder, sinking slowly but surely into her.

Then he was fully home, his arms around her, covering her breasts. He started a gentle motion, moving slowly back and forth, feeling her respond.

“Slowly does it,” he murmured in her ear. “Just move with me.”

Suzy was doing just that, pushing to meet him when he pushed in, relaxing as he pulled back. He could hear her giving soft little sounds of appreciation as he moved.

He kept it going for a while. He seemed to be able to sense when Suzy was wanting something more and would pick up the pace a little at that point. Eventually he was thrusting into her in fine style with Suzy whimpering eagerly, wanting still more.

Deciding that the time was ripe he rolled her onto her stomach, making sure not to lose contact while he did so. Hands on her hips lifted her slightly and then he cut loose, driving in hard and fast.

It didn’t take long with this sort of effort to bring Suzy to a climax. He heard her take a shuddering breath and hastily jammed her pillow against her mouth, doing it just in time to stifle her scream while he climaxed, matching hers quite admirably.

“Relax for a moment and then we’ll talk,” he murmured, disengaging and pulling his trousers on.

Suzy just lay there silently for a moment, not noticing that he’d taken a quiet step towards the window. It was the work of a moment to ease through it. Returning to his car he headed homeward.

All things considered he only had one regret. He’d love to be there when Suzy and her mother went around to visit Brian only to find that he’d gone skiing the day before.