Sibling Rivalry

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Sibling RivalryHi, my name is Dan and I’m 20 years old. I’d like to tell you about a very close encounter with someone very dear to me, especially now, my twin Jodie.We are both very sporty people and very competitive, always trying to out-do each other, not just in our sporting lives but in pretty much everything we do; and it’s this competitiveness that brought about what happened that evening just over a year ago.Our parents had hired a cottage for a weekend and asked us to come and join them. Jodie and me were away in college, not the same one, and they thought it would be nice for us all as we hadn’t been together as a family for a few months, the cottage was sort of central for us all to travel to.My journey was pretty awful, train delays meant that I didn’t get to the cottage until quite late. Jodie met me at the door, she’d only arrived 20 minutes before me, and said “Hello loser, beat you again!” She gave me a hug and said “you stink”! Nice welcome I thought, “no wonder you’re still a virgin” she said. This was her usual attempt to put me down as she knew I knew she’d had a few boyfriends but nothing serious. There was no point in arguing otherwise as she would always say I was lying to save face!We all chatted for a while but it was late and my parents said they were off to bed; I decided a shower was in order, Jodie said she’d have one after me and join me back downstairs for a drink “unless you’re too tired”, another challenge.I freshened up, went to my room and popped on my dressing gown; not thinking we would be long I didn’t wear anything else. I went back to the lounge whilst Jodie went in the shower. When she came back down I thought wow! she was only wearing a short white t-shirt and she looked very lean and athletic, her breasts were very tight against the shirt.I started to open a bottle of wine and she tried to grab it saying “I’ll do it, you’re a weakling” another attempt to get one up on me. We ended up pushing and pulling on the bottle and stumbling around the room, eventually we fell back on the sofa, Jodie half sitting, çanakkale escort bayan half lying on the edge and me kneeling between her legs. The bottle was dropped and we starting wrestling, her trying to get up, me trying to pin her down.Our mum shouted down “Will you two stop fighting and go to bed”. I shouted back “Okay!” Jodie relaxed slightly at this and I took my chance. I hooked my hands under her knees, lifted and pulled her slightly towards me. I had her wrists in my hands and I leant forward pushing her knees to her chest. Her ass was just over the edge of the sofa. “Give in?” I asked. “No chance!” she replied and tried to push her legs back down; I moved my weight forward and down onto her. It was then she said “Dan! What the fuck…………?” Until then I hadn’t realised that I had a full blown hard on out through my dressing gown, Jodie had no panties on and now the head of my cock was right up against her pussy. I looked at her, and I don’t know why, but I moved my hips forward to push my cock against her opening. Jodie’s eyes were wide open now and I could feel her tensing up. “What are you doing?” She said “Don’t you fucking dare!” That was it, just the challenge I couldn’t resist. I moved my cock forward and it slipped into Jodie’s pussy. “Fuck it” I thought “I’ll show her who’s best”. I certainly wasn’t a virgin, and I’d had a few girlfriends of my own at college and had learned a lot.“Oh shit, oh fuck……!” Jodie gasped as a slid my more than adequate cock into her. My mum shouted again “Will you two be quiet!”I smiled, withdrew my cock almost completely “Oh my fucking…… Dan stop it, you can’t”. “Shhhh” I whispered in her ear, “mum will hear and come down, and I’m not going to stop”.She started to whisper “You fucking…………” but when I pushed my cock deep into her and started to fuck her pussy her words turned into an “Nnnnhhhhh…oh my god” groan. I started slowly and deeply thrusting into her, she stopped struggling and after a few minutes she was making little moans of pleasure. Still holding her wrists down and escort çanakkale knees up, I leaned back, not going in as deep, my cock now pressing against the front wall of her pussy. I could feel the head of it rubbing on the ridged area of her g-spot. It felt amazing, her pussy felt so hot and it seemed to be gripping my cock. Jodie was sighing and trembling now, her eyes were shut and I could tell that she was beyond fighting me off; instead she was pushing her hips down onto my cock. I stopped moving to let her move; she was fucking my cock now and pretty hard at that. Her hips started moving faster on my cock, I still wasn’t moving, letting her do the work, if I had matched her thrusts with my own I would have come in a second. Jodie’s breathing was getting quicker. I let go of her wrists and slipped my hands around her firm thighs and slid her t-shirt right up to her neck; her body looked amazing, I almost came looking at it, a hard flat stomach and her breasts looked incredible, firm and with perfect pink nipples. I bent forward and licked each nipple in turn for a few seconds, this changed the angle of my cock in her pussy and I felt Jodie spasm as she pumped her hips harder, she gasped “oh shit……… Dan, oh fuck no….I’m going to come”. I leaned back again and started pumping into Jodie as fast as I could. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, shiiiiiiit………..” I had to cover her mouth to stifle the noise. She opened her eyes; she was frowning with the effect of her approaching orgasm. I felt her stiffen and she arched her back as her orgasm hit her, there was a muffled “Oh my fucking god!” from behind my hand and I swear she had tears in her eyes. After a few moments she stopped pumping my cock so I started thrusting into her fast and hard. She gasped and moaned as I fucked her. I felt my own orgasm coming, I shut my eyes in pleasure and anticipation of shooting my load, when I heard a desperate whisper “Dan, Dan, please don’t come in me….please…..” “Shit……” I hissed and pulled my cock out of Jodie’s pussy. A stream of her orgasm juices flowed çanakkale escort out of her.There was no way I wasn’t going to finish so I hitched Jodie’s knees up a little higher bringing her asshole in line with my cock, I quickly moved forward and started to slip it into her little brown hole. “Whoa……….you have to be fucking joking……no way……….. no-one has……” I cut her short when I pushed my cock in; her juices had lubricated the way. “Owww …………..stop! Oh shiiit!” she groaned.“Shhhhh……..mum” I reminded her. It didn’t take many thrusts for me to be deep in Jodie’s ass, I started pumping. Jodie was just taking it; I think she was in shock that she was being fucked in the ass, so I thrust my hips faster and harder to finish quickly, then Jodie started to moan every time my cock plunged deep into her tight little hole. So I thought, “I want to make her come again, this way, it would be amazing to see and feel her come with my cock in her ass”.I put my hand down to her pussy and slipped two fingers into her and started stroking her g-spot quite hard, at the same time my thumb was rubbing circles on her clitoris. “Oh fuck” was the gasp from Jodie, I loved that sound……….. I could feel her tensing up and starting to move her hips again as I fucked and fingered at the same time. After a few short minutes she gasped “You fucker, I’m going to come again…….oh shit Dan”.“Fuck, that’s quick” I thought. My orgasm was seconds away so I pumped faster and pressed my thumb hard onto her clitoris, with an incredible shudder my come shot into Jodie’s ass, I couldn’t stop myself pumping it was so intense. “Nnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh……oh god………… I’m come…” was all I heard as Jodie convulsed with a massive orgasm; she was shaking all over and grinding on my cock which kept shooting come into her ass, I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard and for so long. Eventually after what seemed like ages our orgasms stopped and I collapsed on top of her, we lay there exhausted from the intensity of what had just happened.After a few minutes Jodie put her arms around me and whispered “Oh fuck Dan, I’ve never come so hard, that was….”“I know” I whispered back. Then she added “You win, even though I came first”. I started to smile, my head resting on Jodie’s hot breasts, just then we heard my mum’s voice over my shoulder. “What the fuck……………….!”