Shower in the Barracks

Double Dildo

This is the first story I ever wrote, several years ago.

This story is taken almost word for word from something I sent over an instant messaging service to a woman who was my Domme at the time, at her request and created from her original idea. As a crude copy and paste job, it overuses the ellipsis and comma and has other rather heinous writing flaws, I ask you to please excuse them for now. Eventually this scene happened in real life, although not exactly as described here. (Interestingly, I ended up in the dominant role in that relationship, but that’s a story for another time)


The time is very late, or very early, depending, it’s like 4 in the morning, on a weekend night. The barracks are quiet as we roll up and get out of the car. No lights are on, save one, at the top corner of the building, and those that usually are. The laundry room is sometimes left on, and tonight no exception. The room with the toilets they provide for us and the stairwells are always lit. I bring you in through the back door, as visitors in the barracks are strictly forbidden. Up the well lit stairs, my anticipation building, as is yours…

I pause briefly at the top and look at you, and you wonder if maybe I heard something, if something is wrong. No, there’s no one there, I simply wanted to look at you, to watch you as we enter this forbidden place, see the excitement, and I move in for an embrace and a gentle kiss, just touching your lips.

I reach around you and reach down, but you see where I’m going with it and stop me as I cup your buttocks. I’m disappointed, you can read it on my face as I insistently try again. This time you relent and let me, and I can feel the warmth coming off your crotch through your jeans from the back, my fingers close to it as I knead your ass. So good… I lean in and kiss you deeply, my tongue reaching, probing in your mouth.

I kiss along your jaw and up to your ear, pausing, take your lobe gently in my teeth, whisper how much I will enjoy this in your ear.

I look through the door window, down the hall. No one is there, the time is right so we move through the door and into the hallway. I’m tugging at your wrist, hurrying you along, worried we will be caught and that I will be punished.

We come to the toilet room, and I urgently pull you in the door, I can hear someone moving down the hall around the corner…my heart pounds…you ask what’s going on and I put my finger to my lips, alarmed to hear your voice. Into a stall and close the door, hoping we will be undetected. I sit down and motion, again with urgency, for you to sit on my lap, but stop, stand up and whip down my pants for authenticity. You rest on my thighs, but I can see that your feet and legs are still visible and hurriedly try to pull you up on top of me some more, it’s awkward and doesn’t work too well. You cooperate and place your feet on my knees, and I am satisfied, just as the door opens and someone comes in. I can hear them walk to a stall, grumbling to themselves about how hard this life is and how their fire team partner is useless, obviously still half asleep, as no soldier would bitch about their fire team partner when they thought someone might hear, or allow a brother in arms to hear them call their life hard. The soldier loves being a soldier, even when a civilian would be miserable, and his momentary, sleep dazed lapse shows his attitude is wrong, he doesn’t really want to kill and possibly die for his country.

I’m grateful for this momentary reprieve and breath a sigh of relief, but then realize that I have you on my naked lap. You see, or more probably, feel me realize this, and grin over your shoulder at me, uncomfortable from the awkward position, but delighted as you realize the potential of it. You begin to move a little, you can feel my hard cock pressed between your cheeks and slide around as best you can.

I shudder, and let out a slight moan, an oddity for me. Instantly, I realize what I have done, just as a voice speaks up.

“Jonesy, that you man?” the question comes, “You alright man? You sound like you’re having a hard time”.

I stifle a chuckle at his word choice and reply.

“Yeah, man, I think I ate too many hot wings tonight”, and he’s satisfied, as he replies,

“OK man, so long as you’re not jerkin it, you pervert”.

Another chuckle stifled, if only he knew, and I grab your hips to hold you still, as you haven’t stopped trying to make my life difficult and amazing at the same time. You look back over your shoulder again, a betrayed look on your face, and you can clearly read my face to mean, yeah right, quit fucking around. My sternness works, as you subside, and I mentally breath yet another sigh of relief.

The soldier finishes, and we can hear him pull his sweats up and move to the sinks. Water runs. By this time I’ve begun to give up on holding you still, it feels so good and he’s about to leave anyway.

“Don’t leave a mess, we’ve got inspection Monday, and canlı bahis you better not be jerkin it!” echos through the bathroom, both he and I knowing that I probably would be, given different circumstances, although he has a different version of my current circumstances to work from.

The door swings shut, and I breath out, finally, heart pounding. You relax and put your feet on the floor.

“Whoa, close” is all I can say, and stand up, bumping into you in the confined space.

I begin to pull up my pants, but you stop me, grin and sink down to your knees. I smile and allow you to take me in your mouth.

But the context isn’t right, and I begin to fidget, you looking up at me with my cock in your mouth, beautiful green eyes questioning me. I reach down, you see where I’m going, let my cock slip out of your mouth and stand up on your own.

“Wait here”, I tell you. You begin to object and I place my finger over your lips, slip out of the stall, out the door and down the hall. You’re waiting, unsure, as I go down the hall, and think that I need to make this quick, but authentic, and slip into my room. The three roommates are sleeping, one turns over in his sleep as light from the hall spills in. I gently close the door, wait for my eyes to adjust then grab my towel and shave kit, already lying out for the next morning, and slip back out.

Down the hall, still in a hurry, but trying to be quiet. I slip in to the toilet room. In the stall again and grip your wrist, pull you out, I saw no one in the hallway and want to keep it that way. Fortunately, the showers are right next door.

We slip in and close the door, the lights are off, so I turn them on, we don’t want to arouse suspicion. There’s nothing suspicious about someone taking a shower late at night on a weekend, though, as we all come back when we make it in. We have a tendency to party a little harder than your average Joe. I hang up my towel and shave kit just like I normally would and turn to you. Surprised, I see that your t-shirt is already around your head, and smile to myself, reach over to grab some tit while you can’t see me do it. I’m a little rough and you gasp as I grab you, pull you in towards me, shirt still around your head. I pull you in and kiss your neck, your collar bones, along the line of your bra. I’m hurried, I want you right this second.

You eventually get your head through the shirt and the shirt onto the floor. I break from my playtime, see this and decide it’s my turn, whip my shirt off in one motion, immediately getting back to you, kissing and fondling, groping you like a horny teenager on a second date. You’re smiling, encouraged by my ardor as you reach back to undo your bra. It’s a struggle, as I give you very little room to operate, I’ve managed to press you against a wall somehow with either of us noticing. I pause to unzip, and you take the time to get the bra off and onto the floor, tossing it on top of my shirt, as you can see there are puddles on the floor, my shirt lying in one.

I reach in for the zipper on your pants, but you push my hands away, taking it your self, unzipping it slowly, teasing me. You can see the passion in my eyes as I hungrily watch, undoing my own pants the rest of the way. My eyes light up as I see the top of your panties, dark blue, a little bit of a lace bow on the top center. My pants hit the floor and I slow for a moment, content to watch the little show you’ve decided on.

You slink out of your jeans, slowly, wiggling your hips. You can see my erection through my boxer briefs, already pulsing. I can see a wet stain on your panties and my excitement grows; you hook your thumbs in the waistband and pull them down slightly, stop, again teasing. You can see a matching stain on the front of my shorts, precum. I slip out of my boxers and realize I’ve been caught up enough to not have turned on the shower yet, so I do so, choosing the last stall in case anyone comes in, even though they will see a bra on the floor and instantly know what’s going on. I’m obviously not thinking tactically anymore. The water rushes, you stop what you’re doing to watch my naked body as I walk the two steps and lean into the shower, briefly wondering why I chose the one out of eight shower stalls that was furthest, but realizing I really, really don’t want to get caught almost instantly. I look back to see your panties still on, I don’t care one way or the other and reach for you to kiss you, my cock so erect it’s almost hitting me in the stomach. You feel it press up against you as I savagely kiss you, wrapping you up and running my hands all over your back and ass. I pause when I feel your panties still on, you can feel the sudden stop. I pull the panties down over your ass and stop, your panties hanging off your ass, and suddenly decide it’s time for the shower, I’m getting too eager.

I’ve stepped into the shower, you see this, and slide your panties off to follow me. I’ve grabbed some shower gel, it smells of man. You slip bahis siteleri in next to me, I hand you the shower gel and step out of the stream of water. You put the bottle down and take some time to wet your body down. I restrain myself as I watch you, cock throbbing, mind on what I will do to you.

You squeeze some gel into your hand and pull me in by the cock with the other. You begin rubbing my chest, the soap lathers and foams up as you begin washing me, paying careful attention not to touch my engorged cock. I appreciate the thought, I feel as if I’m about to blow at any time. You can see it when I open my eyes to look at you. You reach around to wash my back, you can feel my cock against you again, slick and slippery with soapy foam. It’s throbbing still, larger than it’s ever been, almost painful to me. There’s so much blood engorging it, pumping it up.

You take pity and reach around in front to take it in you hands, my knees grow weak, I feel like I’m in the hands of some sort of goddess as my mind leaves and I experience your hands sliding over it, around it, pumping up and down. I shudder, my eyes begin to roll back a little as I begin to lose control. I fight it, look across at you. You’re focused only on my cock, gently gripping it, making me feel indescribable things. Enjoying yourself as you know I’m lost in the pleasure.

My cock jerks, bucks in your hands, you look at my face, I’m looking at you, but clearly not seeing and it jerks again. Suddenly, my cum sprays out, powerful, fast, a spurt hitting the underside of your breast and another almost hitting you in the face. My knees buckling a little, you catch me to support me, just as I catch myself, but too late if you weren’t there. My body shaking slightly, my cock still twitching, hot against your stomach. I’m breathing heavily and look around a little, the curtain is open, I thought we were alone, but there stands another soldier.

Slowly, I look back at you and smile. Its OK, he’s my friend, a good friend. You look back at me, I see your slight nod, and back off. I can see his hard on too and know what you’re both thinking. I give him the nod and he immediately starts to strip.

His clothes are hitting the floor rapidly, splashing off water as I back up and prepare to watch for a little bit. He’s naked in record time and steps in, hungry for you, he’s seen what you did to me and wants his turn. His hands sliding over you, your body slick from contact with me, the water and still a little soap on your skin, my cum still sticky on you. You want him, I can see it. He’s got like mind and my cum doesn’t seem to bother him. He starts kneading your breasts, leaning in to kiss you hungrily.

I’m watching, a smile growing as I imagine possibilities. He’s impatient, and doesn’t want to wait for you. He slips a finger into your sopping pussy, still kissing you. You’re obviously worked up and grind into his hand immediately, pressing your self onto his hand. His hand is in you now, fingers knuckle deep. I’m still watching eagerly, beginning to get hard again.

He shows his impatience and turns you around, spreading your ass cheeks with his hands, slipping a pinkie into your pussy from behind. His cock hard, huge, I’m almost jealous as his size matches or surpasses mine. Your body is still slippery with the soapy foam from washing me earlier and the soldier is lustful, his hard on raging, his tongue in your mouth. His fingers are working inside of you, you’re moving your hips as he finger fucks you. He pulls his fingers out of you and turns you around, pulls your hips toward him and you lean into the wall of the shower, water cascading down your back. Quickly, he positions himself and enters you, you’re so ready for him he slides all the way on the first stroke.

Meanwhile, I’m still watching, and begin to stroke myself as I watch the two of you begin to fuck. There is little of the slow sensuality that one would expect to see from a lover, only the passion of desperate need as he fucks you in the shower. Hungry to cum, he’s using you to accomplish it.

In the midst of this, your body rocked by the strength of his thrusts, you manage to look over and see me, stroking myself as I watch. You weren’t sure that it was possible, but you’re even more turned on than previously by seeing this, and you do your best to beckon me over, you want more, more sensation.

I can see your intent, even as the attempt to beckon me fails and move a little closer, reach in to grab and knead your breast with my free hand. Buddy sees me do this and slows his passion for a little, as I take my hand off my cock to use both on you. He and I look at each other and grin. He slows a little more, to a medium slow pace, his thrusts no longer moving your body as much, I look down at my cock and back at him, he knows my intent and takes you by the hips, turns you towards me.

He presses a hand on your back gently, you lean over a bit and grip the side of the shower to steady yourself, bahis şirketleri feeling the water still warm on your side now, his cock still pounding into you. You see where he’s directing you as I present my cock to you and you take it in your mouth for the second time that night. You begin sucking gently, sliding your hot lips and tongue all over my shaft. I reach for your head and hold the back of it as my cock stiffens even further. You begin to give more aggressive head and I go with it, thrusting my cock down your throat as the three of us establish a rhythm.

You can feel the penetration from both ends, two wonderful cocks inside of you at the same time and wonder if this is as good for us as it is for you. The soldier slows his pace yet again, begins to play with your ass with his fingers, water still splashing everywhere. He slips a finger inside your ass, you can feel it pressing against his cock through the wall separating your pussy and ass. He works it a little, your ass adapts quickly, you haven’t been this turned on that you can remember, so he slips another finger in, and works this combination for a while.

I’ve still got my cock in your mouth, you’re doing a good job of pleasing me yet again tonight and I watch as the soldier slips his cock out of your pussy and into your ass. Once he’s in he looks at me and grins, this not something he ever thought he’d be doing in the showers at work. I smile back knowingly, I know how good this feels for him. I pull you off my cock, he’s beginning to pump a little faster, working his way into your tight ass. I stand you up a little straighter, you put your hands on my shoulders to steady your self and I kiss you, you’re lost in sensations, but still manage to kiss back a little.

After a while, I stand you up some more and begin fingering your pussy, still so wet I can hardly believe it. I reach over to turn off the water, then think twice about it, as it would be too quiet without the water, although I wonder how no one has heard us yet, then decide I don’t care. I can feel Buddy’s cock on my fingers through your pussy walls, pumping away at your ass, and decide I want to fuck you too.

I get his attention and make a few motions, he’s unbelieving, this happens only in the porn we sometimes watch on his laptop, but he gets the idea and is gungho, so I lean down and grab your legs behind the knees.

He backs up against the wall of the shower and bends his knees a little, his cock still in your ass as I lift your legs up and you hook your feet around my ass.

I steer my cock with one hand and do my best to support you with the other, until you and Buddy notice that I’m struggling. He lifts you up and you grab onto my shoulders again to help support yourself. I start to enter you. It’s so tight! I can feel the pressure from Buddy’s cock, still in your ass. You feel as though you might split open as I press myself into you, but the feeling is so good at the same time.

Now we’re both inside of you, lifting you up, your legs wrapped around me our bodies are pressed against you by the tight quarters of the shower stall, water still splashing everywhere…pouring down between us..It’s a little awkward so I take a half step backward and Buddy a half step forward.

This gives us room to lean a little when we need to as we begin to fuck you in both holes at once. Developing a rhythm comes slowly, but we eventually get it.

Suddenly I realize that you’re tightening up even more, you must be about to come. I look at Buddy and he’s looking back, he felt it too. I can feel you begin to tighten up on me, I didn’t think it was possible, and by the look on Buddy’s face, so can he, but we continue to fuck you, sliding ourselves in and out, still feeling each others cocks through you. He begins to contort his face and I know the tightening is too much for him, that he’s about to cum as well. He abandons our common rhythm to fuck a little faster, I’m content to hold in place and allow him to do this, I can feel both your pussy beginning to milk my cock and his cock through you, moving in and out, faster and faster. Your pussy is definitely beginning to contract on me, as you lean your head in and whisper in my ear that you’re cumming, I smile, it couldn’t be more obvious to me if there was a big neon sign.

The wave of sensation taking you as you cum, Buddy’s cock spits his hot load into your ass.

You’re contracting on me fully by now, milking and squeezing my cock with the muscles of your cunt. I’ve been close for a while, but thanks to our earlier fun have been in complete control. Seeing and feeling the both of you cum pushes me, though. The soldier has finished, but you are still cumming all over us both. I get his attention with some difficulty, and begin to move again, fucking you as you contract on me, knowing I have only a few strokes, you’ve been cumming and it won’t last forever.

As I push back in, I feel Buddy’s cock twitch. It’s enough to push me even further and I cum as well. You’re still riding the waves of pleasure, although you’ve stopped contracting on my cock as I cum into your pussy. Once I’ve finished, I wrap your limp body up in my arms and slip my still stiff cock out of you.