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ShoppingAs I walked through the shop my heart raced. I was here for one reason. To buy women’s lingerie. I had always chickened out at the last second and was determined to go through with it today. I slowly made my way into the small shop browsing over nothing in particular when a older good looking guy came up to me.”Is there anything I can help you with” he asked with a grin.”Uh…yeah….I was uh, looking for something for my girlfriend.” I asked nervously. “What exactly are you looking for?””Uh, something sexy.” I just knew he could see right through the lie but he didn’t let on even after I gave him the sizes I needed. He helped me pick out an entire outfit. I ended up with white see thought panties, a white bra, matching stockings karaman escort and suspender belt and a tight little white dress that would barely cover my arse. Before we made our way to the checkout he asked if that was all I needed with a devious knowing grin. I said no and paid for my things and left. As I got to the car I could barely contain myself. I wanted to strip right there and put on the things I had just bought. Once inside my car that is exactly what I did. After all but ripping my clothes off me reached into the bag for the panties. Looking up I saw the man from the shop walking towards the car. Oh no, I thought as I sat in a crowded parking lot completely naked. I was frantic, reaching for anything I could escort karaman find to cover myself. As the passenger door opened my hand came from the back seat and I covered my dick with the small pair of white panties. “You forgot your receipt.” he said with a smile as he sat down and closed the door. I was speechless as he moved his hand to the panties and pulled them from my lap. I was too shocked to protest when he grabbed my hand and moved it to the large bulge growing in his pants. Slowly he used my hand to unzip his pants then moved my hand inside his briefs to his cock. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was completely naked in a public place with my hand on the first dick I had ever touched other than my own. karaman escort bayan With my hand on his monster he slid his pants and underwear to the floor revealing what had to be at least 10′ of meat. Taking my hand away he began stroking himself.”Why don’t you try on your new things for me?” He asked handing me the panties.I don’t know what I was thinking but I couldn’t say no as he had me get into the back seat and change. After putting on my new outfit I reached into the back and grabbed my black patent heels. He then made his way over the console into the driver’s seat, started the car and backed out of the parking spot. As he drove through the busy car park he had me get up front with him grabbing my hand and moving it back to his cock. We continued out of the car park and onto the main road as I stroked him dressed as a slut. After a few minutes he gently pulled my head to his lap putting me face to face with his beautiful meat. Opening my lips I slowly lowered taking hi