ShirleyMy wife and I live in a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs. It was one of those small neighborhoods where everyone knew each other. We lived across the street from a nice old man named Arthur who had recently passed away leaving the house to his son Andy. Shirley and I had met Andy a couple of years ago when we moved into the neighborhood ourselves. He had been renting an apartment near by and we would see Andy every now and then when he came around to visit his dad. After Arthur passed away Andy decided that he was going to keep the old house instead of selling it and was in the process of moving in. With everything from his apartment combined with everything that was already in the house Andy had to sort through it all and decide want he wanted to keep and what he was willing to part with.Apparently Arthur hadn’t gotten rid of anything over the years. The house was full of antiques and he had even kept all of the clothes and whatnot from Andy’s mom.Andy had come over to our house and had asked Shirley if she would help him. Being a young single guy he had thought that Shirley’s opinion as a woman would be valuable in deciding what he should keep. Shirley had agreed to help him and had been over Andy’s twice this week and was going back for the 3rd time.After we got home from work we had a quick dinner and Shirley went across the street to Andy’s without changing from her work clothes.On that particular Evening she was wearing a nice light blue Button-up blouse with a skirt that went to mid thigh and a pair of black stockings and heels. I figured that she would be over there for a while so I decided to watch some TV while she was gone.After 2 hours Shirley was still across the street at Andy’s house. I took a peek out the window and could see that Andy’s garage was open, the front porch light was on and there were many lights on in the house mainly around the living Room area. I figured that Shirley and andy were still working so I decided to continue watching TV. After another hour Shirley had still not returned from Andy’s. Again I look out the window at Andy’s house but this time things looked very different. The garage was now closed and the front porch light was off along with most of the other lights in the house except for maybe a single light in the living Room.I thought that it looked pretty odd that Andy’s house appeared to be all closed up for the night but Shirley wasn’t home yet.I figured that she would be home any minute but for a moment I did wonder what they could be doing over there with the house all closed up and the majority of the lights off.I figured that she would be home any minute but I had started thinking about Shirley and Andy spending all that time together and started to imagine what they could be doing over there with the house all closed up and the majority of the lights off.On more than a couple of occasions I had noticed Andy checking out my wife and I heard overheard him flirting with her, not once but twiceI can’t really blame him, Shirley is a beautiful woman with a fantastic body. At 30 years old she has two daughters from her first marriage and we have a three year old boy together. She is very active between her job and the k**s but still finds time to hit the gym.I’m not one of those husbands who gets jealous when another guy looks at his wife. For me, when someone else checks out my wife I take it as a compliment. She has an amazing ass and a fantastic set of tits and I do get turned on knowing that another man finds her desirable. I don’t know why it excites me but I have thought about other men seeing Shirley naked and I have had many fantasies of my wife being with other men. I get excited thinking about another man fucking her and I would love to watch her suck another man’s cock.I stood at the window and looked across the street at Andy’s house. Another ten minutes had past and still no Shirley. My imagination was running wild and I had to know what they were doing.I was anxious and excited at the same time. Anxious because I feared that my wife was across the street getting fucked by Andy and excited for the very same reason! I didn’t need to think any longer as I was compelled to make my way to Andy’s house to see what was taking Shirley so long.As I walked across the street, I wondered what exactly was I going to do? I didn’t want to knock on the door or ring the bell. That would just cause them to stop doing whatever it is they were doing If they were doing something.And what if they were? What would I do? How would I feel?I had gotten myself so excited, at that moment the thought of my wife cheating on me was overshadowed by the thought of seeing her getting fucked by my neighbor. And what if they weren’t doing anything, what would I feel then?Relief? Relief that my wife wasn’t cheating on me?Or maybe Disappointment if my neighbor wasn’t fucking her?I softly walked around to the side of the house and walked down the narrow path toward the backyard. Before reaching the backyard I came upon the kitchen window. The lights were dim and the blinds were open.I slowly peeked into the window. From this window I could see the entire kitchen and most of the family room. In the family room was a sofa which faced away from the kitchen so all I saw was the back of the sofa. It appeared that the top of Andy’s head was resting on the sofa’s back cushion. The television kadıköy escort was on and it looked as if Andy was watching it. I did not see Shirley. I continued toward the backyard with the intention of looking through the patio door. From that angle I could see the sofa from the side which would allow me to see what Andy was doing. I rounded the corner in the backyard and stood to the side of the patio door.I inched around the corner and saw Andy sitting at the end of the sofa with his head back.I continued inching around the corner a little more and the first thing I saw was her feet sticking out from in front of the sofa.I let out a gasp and froze in place. My mouth hung open and I stood there silently for a moment looking at my wife’s feet knowing that there could only be one reason why they would be sticking out from in front of the sofa like that. From the angle I was at Shirley’s feet were visible from the ankles down, Side-by-side with the toes of her black high heels sticking straight into the carpet and the heels pointing back towards the TV.Andy had one arm resting on the arm of the sofa with his head resting back. I crouched down and slowly worked my way up the side and around to the front of the deck for a better angle. When I peered over the top of the deck and through the patio door the seen took my breath away. My wife was kneeling between Andy’s legs in front of the sofa. Her blouse and skirt were on the floor and she was wearing only her high heels and black stockings, a black lace thong and matching bra. Her head bobbed up and down while she took my neighbor’s cock in and out of her mouth. The rush of emotion that came over me was intense. “Yes! Oh my God yes!” Was the first thought that came into my head. This was one of my biggest fantasies and it was happening. Right here. Right now. My fantasy was coming true. I had wondered so many times what it would be like to watch Shirley suck another man’s cock and here it was happening right before my eyes. It was like I had just received a gift from the Gods. Seeing my wife with another man’s cock in her mouth gave me the biggest hard-on of my life. She had her hands on Andy’s thighs bobbing her head, sliding her lips up-and-down his thick shaft. I could see her cheeks hollowing slightly on the up stroke. With the sliding glass door open to the screen I could not only see but I could also hear what was happening. I heard light moans from Andy and sucking and slurping sounds coming from Shirley.I thought my cock was going to rip straight through my jeans.I unfastened my pants and released my raging hard-on. I began to slowly stroke myself while watching Shirley suck on Andy’s cock.I don’t know how long she was sucking his cock before I got there but a few minutes after I had started watching Andy stiffened up and began to grunt and I knew that he was cumming in my wife’s mouth. Shirley kept sucking while Andy filled her mouth and I knew that she wouldn’t stop until he was completely drained. I couldn’t believe that I had just watched my wife suck my neighbors cock and swallow his cum.Her head bobbing slowed and at the exact moment she let Andy’s softening cock slip from her mouth my cock exploded in my hand. Shirley stood and began to dance in front of Andy and I smiled because I knew exactly what she was doing and that the show was far from over. Her blouse and skirt were on the floor because she had done a strip tease for him and while he sat on the sofa.After her striptease she had given Andy a blowjob and drained his cock because he would last longer the 2nd time around. This is something that she has done with me many times and now I was going to watch her use the same technique on my neighbor.Now she was going to give him a lap dance to get him hard again so that he could fuck her.Shirley stood in front of Andy and began to move and sway, Gyrating her hips and moving her hands down her body seductively. She moved forward to the edge of the sofa, then bent at the waist leaning forward And placing her hands on the back of the sofa on either side of Andy, So that her beautiful breasts incased in her lacy black bra were dangling in his face.Andy reached for her but Shirley slowly backed away still moving Seductively. I could tell by the look on Andy’s face that he was definitely enjoying what he was seeing, as was I. This was a show that I had seen many times and now I was watching her perform for someone else.My wife reached back and unfastened her bra and turned facing away from Andy before slowly removing it. Then with her bra dangling from her fingers Shirley extended her arm to the side and let the lacy undergarment drop to the floor.Now wearing only her stockings, heels and thong she continued to dance seductively for him. She leaned forward slightly and wiggled her ass towards Andy then looked over her shoulder and gave her left cheek a smack.Shirley then crossed her arms in front, covering herself and turned to face Andy.She teased him for a few moments then moved her hands away revealing her firm naked breasts. She moved towards Andy then once again turned and with her back to him Shirley sat on his leg and began grinding her crotch into his thigh. After a few moments she leaned back against his chest, resting her head on his shoulder. Andy üsküdar escort seizing the opportunity reached around and took my wife’s tits in his hands.Shirley wiggled around on his lap while Andy squeezed and caressed her firm 34c’s.Moving again she turned to face him and placing a knee on either side of him she sat on his lap. While grinding her crotch into Andy’s lap my wife arched her back thrusting her tits out towards him.I could see that Shirley’s nipples were rock hard and I could tell that my wife was enjoying this just as much as Andy was. She then placed her hands under her breasts and leaning forward held them up to his mouth as an offering. Andy was quick to oblige her and took my wife’s left breast into his mouth and began sucking hungrily.After a few moments Shirley pulled her nipple from his mouth then held the other one up to his lips and he hungrily sucked on that one as well. Moving her hands away Andy replaced them with his own, then Holding her tits firmly in his hands he began sucking hard on my wife’s tits. First the left. then the right. back and forth. he showed no favoritism giving them both equal attention. Shirley’s little performance had the desired effect. And once Andy had regained his erection he scooped her up and laid my wife down on top of the big square coffee table in front of the sofa.Kneeling on the floor in front of her Andy hooked his fingers under the waistband of Shirley’s thong then slid them down her legs and tossed them to the floor.My cock hardened once again and my pulse quickened with excitement knowing what was about to happen next. Andy knelt on the floor in front of her then Shirley drew her legs up and placing her hands on her knees she opened her legs for him. “This is it” I thought. “This is really going to happen””I am going to stand here with my hard cock in my hand and watch my neighbor fuck my wife”.Andy positioned himself between Shirley’s legs then took his cock in his hand.His cock looked to be about the same size as mine but maybe a little thicker.He pressed the head of his cock against the entrance to her pussy then with one smooth thrust Andy slid his cock all the way in to the hilt. Shirley let out a small moan as he entered her and I let out a moan of my own as I watched him sink his hard cock deep into my wife’s pussy.He stayed there for a second or two, buried deep inside her then grabbing her by the ankles he held her legs outstretched in a wide V.Sliding his cock out until only the head remained then back deep into her pussy Andy began slowly fucking my wife.With Andy holding Shirley’s legs by the ankles I had a clear view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. After a few strokes he had developed a steady rythm. Not too slow but not fast either and was fucking my wife with long smooth strokes using the full length of his cock. Shirley propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at his cock while he fucked her. Every now and then Andy would bury his cock deep inside my wife’s pussy and hold it there for a few seconds while grinding his pelvis against her. I could tell that Andy was enjoying fucking my wife and I know it sounds weird but I was truly enjoying watching him fuck her.I had never seen anything more erotic in my life. The sight was truly amazing. My wife looked so sexy lying there on the coffee table wearing nothing but her black stockings and heels getting fucked by another man. It was like watching a porn video and my wife was the star. Andy had now increased his speed and began fucking Shirley a little faster. She tilted her head back with her mouth slightly open and began to moan with pleasure from my neighbour’s cock.Fucking her a little harder now his hips smacked against Shirley’s ass causing her tits to bounce slightly on her chest. I slowly stroked my cock watching Andy fuck my wife and I found myself saying things in my head to encourage him. “Yes, that’s it” I thought. “That’s it Andy, fuck her. Yes, fuck her good”.Andy had been fucking Shirley for at least ten minutes now. Her moans began to increase in intensity and she lay back flat on the coffee table. Still holding my wife’s legs outstretched he maintained a firm grip on her ankles, thrusting his hard cock in and out of her pussy. Within a few minutes Shirley had started to tense and moan a little louder and I knew that she was beginning to reach orgasm. “Yes!” She cried out. “Yes! I’m gonna cum! Oh God yes! I’m gonna cum!”My wife gets a little vocal when she cums which was one of the things that I really enjoyed about fucking her. “Fuck me!” She cried. “Yes! Oh God Yes! Fuck me! I’m cumming! Yes! Yes! I’m cumming!”.Her back arched and her body tensed as her orgasm hit her. I stood there peering over the top of the deck watching my wife cum from the pleasure of another man’s cock. Andy continued fucking Shirley straight through her orgasm never missing a stroke.Even after her orgasm diminished he kept sliding his cock in and out of her pussy in a steady rythm.It was at that point that I had to stop stroking my cock because I was afraid that I was going to cum again and I wanted to make it last as long as possible. After another minute or two Andy released his hold on my wife’s legs and pulled his cock from her pussy. He helped Shirley up from the table and moved it aside then laid down on the carpet. tuzla escort My wife straddled Andy putting one knee on either side of his hips and lowered herself down onto his cock.She put her hands on his chest for support and began thrusting her hips, sliding her pussy up and down his shaft. Slowly at first, then picked up a fairly rapid pace, and as she road his cock Andy reached out and began to squeeze and play with her tits. I had to shift slightly to the left to get a better view as my wife bounced up and down on Andy’s cock. After a few minutes Shirley moved her hands from his chest and placed them on the floor by Andy’s shoulders With her tits dangling in Andy’s face my wife began rocking back and forth sliding her pussy along the length of his cock. Andy once again took the opportunity to play with and suck on Shirley’s tits. He took her hard nipple into his mouth and as before he switched back and forth from one to the other. A few minutes later they changed positions again. Shirley got on her hands and knees and Andy knelt on the floor behind her. Andy was going to fuck my wife doggystyle. He took her by the hips and Shirley let out a little squeal as Andy shoved his hard cock deep into her pussy.This time he started fucking Shirley at a fairly rapid pace. There was an audible slap from my wife’s ass and she made little grunting sounds every time Andy thrust into her. Again I found myself cheering him on in my head. “That’s it Andy, fuck her good, yeah, just like that, fuck her real good “. I had started stroking my cock again. I was so incredibly hard that I could have used it as a crowbar. This fantasy come true was truly amazing. As I said before I know that it sounds crazy but there was no jealousy and I was not angry, upset or hurt because my wife was getting fucked by another man. I had wanted this to happen. I had wished for this to happen. Andy was giving Shirley a good fucking and I was very pleased and excited with the way he was fucking her. Andy reached out grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled my wife’s head back. Her mouth hung open and her tits hanging freely beneath her began to jolt forward with each thrust of his cock. After a few minutes of fucking like this my wife started to announce her second orgasm.”I’m gonna cum again! Oh my God You’re gonna make me cum again!” “Fuck me! Yes! Oh God yes! Fuck me!”Hearing my wife begging another man to fuck her was enough to push me over the edge. “I’m cumming!” She cried out as her orgasm hit her. “Oh God I’m cumming! Yes! Oh God yes!”As my wife came with her second orgasm I shot a huge load all over the side of the deck post.As before Andy didn’t let up at all. He continued to fuck her like that until it appeared that her orgasm had subsided but he wasn’t through with my wife just yet. Without missing a stroke he placed one hand on Shirley’s back between her shoulder blades and pushed the upper part of her body down to the floor. With her tits mashed into the carpet and her ass up in the air Andy began fucking Shirley hard. Her ass bounce and slapped loudly every time he smacked into her. He fucked her like that for three or four minutes pounding away like a jackhammer ramming his cock into my wife’s pussy. Her whole body lurched forward from the impact as Andy fucked her like a machine. I didn’t know how much more of this pounding she could take then Andy grabbed Shirley by the hips and shoved his cock deep inside her pussy. Holding her hips tightly against him Andy’s whole body tensed and he let out a series of loud grunts. He continued thrusting his hips forward with his cock buried deep inside her as he filled my wife’s pussy with his cum. Once he finished unloading into Shirley he fucked her a little more for about a minute then let his softened cock slip from her pussy. My wife stayed like that for a couple of minutes with her ass up in the air and Andy’s cum dripping from her well fucked pussy onto the floor. Once they began to clean themselves up and get dressed I figured that it was time for me to sneak back across the street. When I got back to our house I realized that it was a little after 11 O’clock. Andy and Shirley had been having sex for practically an hour. I decided to go upstairs, get undressed and wait in bed for my wife to come home. While I lay there waiting, everything that had happened that night was racing through my mind. From the moment I looked out the window to coming back home and everything in between I was incredibly turned on watching my wife suck Andy’s cock and swallow his cum and Her giving him a sexy lap dance with him sucking on her tits. The way he fucked her to orgasm on top of the coffee table and watching her ride his cock was incredible.The way my wife looked on her hands and knees wearing nothing but her black stockings and heels with Andy fucking her from behind and how he had pounded her hard with her ass up in the air. I had loved it all. Every minute of it. I absolutely loved watching Andy fuck my wife and watching him cum inside her was the icing on the cake. It had been about twenty minutes since I had gotten home when I heard Shirley come in the door down stairs. A few moments later she came into the bedroom and asked if I was awake. I didn’t want her to think that I was waiting up for her so I made out like I was asleep. Shirley left the lights off and started getting undressed for bed. Se removed her blouse and bra and with the dim light coming through the window I could see when she removed her skirt that she was not wearing her black thong.I smiled and figured that Andy had kept my wife’s underwear as a souvenir.I hope that sometime in the near future Andy asks Shirley to go over and help him again. I would really love to see an encore performance.