She Watched Me in the Mirror


Continued from “I Watched Her in the Mirror”, where a hotel room mirror showed a new perspective…

* * *

Diana sat up on the bed and looked at me. She leaned closely to me and said in a deep, quiet voice, “I want you to fuck me.” She paused, but then spoke rapidly, “I want towatch you fuck me. I want to see it and hear it and feel it just like you did. I want to see you sliding back and forth inside of my body. I want to see you pressing full inside of me and feel the pressure deep inside of me at the same instant.”

She said in a more firm and demanding voice, “I want to see your body flex and quake as I feel your cum spray inside of me. I want know what it is like to watch you come to me…”

Diana stood up at the edge of the bed and wriggled her pants off. She stood in front of me, presenting me with her beautiful, slim body, clad in a simple white bra and thong. She was amazing. I laid there in awe that a woman with such inner beauty and outer charisma wanted her fantasy fulfilled by me. I adored her.

She reached down to the front of her bra and unclasped it. Her breasts lept from it as she pulled it off. She slid her hands down the sides of her body slowly, swaying to the left and right as she did so. Her left hand stopped at the top of her panties, but her right hand slide inside inside the waist. Her hand moved from her waist down between her legs. I could see her fingers begin to make small circular motions underneath her panties.

I stood up and faced her. She reached out with both arms to embrace me. I took her in my arms and pulled her close to me, our bare chests pressing to each other. I loved the feeling of her soft, silky breasts pressing against my body. I leaned to her ear and kissed it. I inhaled deeply through my nose, smelling her hair and skin. I can only describe the way her aura rose to my nose asbeautifully feminine.

I could hear Diana breathing heavily in anticipation, and could feel her chest rising and falling close to mine. I took her by the hands and walked her to the side of the bed. I turned her towards the mirror.

She stood there, with only her panties on, with me pressed behind her. I held my head just to the side of hers, so she could see my face. She pulled my arms around her. I kissed the side of her neck and her shoulder. I saw her exhale and close her eyes.

“Keep canlı bahis your eyes open, Honey. Look at how beautiful you are,” I whispered.

Dammit! I felt her tense up. I knew I had made her feel self-conscious. I tried to recover.

“Sweetheart, watch my hands…”

I felt her relax a bit, and I saw her eyes move to my hands in the mirror as they began to glide across her chest. When I touched her nipples, she let out a sigh. She grasped my left wrist and guided it down towards her panties. I took the hint, and slid my fingers just inside the waistline. I brought my right hand up to her mouth. I extended my middle finger slightly above the rest. She opened her mouth and began to suckle it. I could feel in my fingertip the same delight I had felt between my legs a short while ago. She licked and caressed my finger, pleasuring it as she does the rest of my body.

I withdrew my finger from her pleasing lips, and moved it down between her legs.

“Watch…” I whispered in her ear. She saw my hand disappear into her panties. She gasped when she felt my warm, wet fingertip touch between her legs. She breathed deeply and slowly and she saw my move up and down. At the same time, she felt my fingertip gliding between the folds of her skin.

I dipped my finger inside of her. She saw my hand movements, and felt my finger massaging circles inside of her body.

“Oh my God…I can feel you touching the walls inside my body and I can see you touching me at the same time…” she moaned.

I moved my hand up slightly, and began sliding her clitoris gently under my finger.

“Uuugghh!” she moaned deeply.

I moved both my hands to her hips, just inside her panties. I slid them down to her knees and they fell to the floor. She stepped out of them and turned around to me.

“Please…Honey, please. I need you inside of me,” she begged.

I only had one step in reverse until I felt the edge of the bed against the back of my legs. I sat down, and then laid back, with my feet still on the floor. Diana kneeled up onto the bed and straddled me, her fresh wetness a tiny distance from my full firmness.

I looked to her face and I saw the look in her eyes that told me, in her mind, she had already sunken me deep inside of her. I put my hands up to her sides. I grasper her tightly just below her rib cage. I had stopped her in time…she bahis siteleri tried to plant me inside of her, but I held her up.

“Oooohhh, Honey, pull me down onto you,” she pleaded.

“Turn around. Turn around and straddle me. Spread your legs wide apart, grasp me in your hands, and then gaze into the mirror and you guide me into your depths,” I instructed in a moaning voice.

Diana capitulated. She spun around over me, and placed her knees several inches from either side of me. I could no longer see anything but her beautiful backside. I loved this position, because I could hold her hips and rock her up and down on me as I watched her from behind. I felt her warm hand wrap around my girth. I held her up and only allowed her to rest herself down on me slowly, so she could enjoy the first moment of feeling me inside of her as she watched it play out before her.

I felt her lips against the tip of me. I felt them give away gently, and I felt the warmth and wetness of her insides wrap around the very end of me. She lowered herself slowly. I felt more of her tightness give away to me, and the heat of her body ungulf me.

We both groaned out load when Diana’s hips rested full against mine, and she had taken me completely inside of her body. But Diana’s groan drowned mine out. I held her there, and looked up to make sure she could see us in the mirror.

“Tell me what you see…” I whispered.

“Oh, damn, Sweetie….its amazing. I can feel you full inside of me…but now I know what this feelinglooks like. Its beautiful.”

I could feel her breathing erratically, and her tightness quiver around me. Her hips began to tremble. I knew that she was already close, and I wanted her to have this. I flexed inside of her, and rubbed myself against the inside of her body, just where she needed me.

I bumped against her tender inner spot, and held her tightly down on my hips.

“Oh Gaaawd yes…right there, Baby.”

I continued with my inner massaging and within moments she began to hop up and down on me. She arched her back, and threw her arms back and planted her hands behind her, next to my chest. I pressed deeply inside of her and pumped several times.

Diana shook all over and then her body pulsed up and down several times.

“Uuuuuughhh…I’m coming!” she screamed.

She bucked up and down on me bahis şirketleri several more times. Oh God I loved it when she came to me. Diana’s movements subsided, but never came to a halt. I whispered for her to look back into the mirror. She sat back up on me and looked forward. She continued her movements and began with long, deep thrusts of her hips down to mine. I could see her lift up off my lap, and as I looked down I could see the gap between her body and mine. She kept me inside of her but pulled the full length of me back and forth inside her body.

“Damn, Baby, you look wonderful sliding in and out of my body,” she whined.

Her movements increased in tempo. She leaned foward and placed her hands on the bed just interior to her knees for support. She bounced up and down on me, watching me pump in and out of her. Her downward movements becoming more and more forceful. She pounded herself down on me, and I jammed myself up inside of her as deeply as I could.

Diana was crying out with pleasure. She begged me to fuck her and whined how much she wanted my cum inside of her. I dug my fingers into her hips and fucked her with all I had. I pounded the insides of her body with a force I feared would hurt her. But she continued fucking me as hard as I fucked her.

“Fuck, Honey,do it! Spray your cum inside of me!” she yelled.

I could feel the beginnings of my orgasm. I cried out.

“Diana, I’m going to come to you! Watch me come to you!”

I pounded between her legs and then thrust up towards her with all my strength. She looked in the mirror to see my upper legs flex and then jerk upwards to her. She gasped she saw and as felt me pulse deep inside of her. She couldn’t remove her eyes from the base of my cock as it was stuffed inside of her body and jetting its silky cum into her body. She felt me flex over and over inside of her, and was amazed to see it happen. She felt my orgasm subside, and she dropped her head down. She deftly spun around on me, without letting me drop outside of her.

She laid her chest down on mine and put her head against my neck, breathing rapidly.

“Oh my God…that was unlike anything I’ve ever seen or felt.” she panted.

She stretched her legs back and laid on top of me. We kissed deeply for a long while. We whispered of our love for each other and rolled to the side, snuggling. We laid there for hours. We talked and kissed and snuggled and made love until late in the day. We both decided it was a wonderful way to end the year, and looked delightfully forward to what lay ahead in the new year.