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SHE LOVED MY RODIn autumn of 1961 Maria Bellucci and I just couldn,t keep our hands off each other. My first serious sexual affair at age sixteen I loved and lusted after her tight pussy and she couldn,t seem to get enough of my cock. Having gone pheasant hunting with me she suggested we go fishing before the season finished November 1st, but basically she wanted a remote spot to fuck undisturbed and I was Up for it in All ways. Being a chilly damp day I packed my two man tent with it,s waterproof floor, an old large rug and small camp stove to boil water to make coffee, my old beat up,kettle to boil the water in. On our way out we bought food for lunch and borrowed my father,s whisky flask to add to the coffee to warm our insides. I wore heavy cord trousers, sweater, heavy boots and baseball cap while Maria wore a baseball cap, heavy canvas coat and boots to keep dry mostly in the intermittent some times tuzla escort heavy rain. I drove us to one of my favourite spots for late season fishing on a tiny creek most people would pass by, but I knew the channel here was ten feet deep with strong current where small bait fish thrived and of course large predator fish were attracted and could be taken without too much hard work and of course I wanted to prove my fishing prowess to my new lover. First we set up the tent before I boiled a kettle of water to make a couple cups of coffee in battered tin cups to warm our insides up before we added live minnow baits to our lines and cast out just a few feet as the creek was only about ten feet wide here bounded by a farmer,s field both sides. I,d also erected a canvas wind block with the old rug in front of it to block the sharp biting wind which made things rather uncomfortable. Despite the cold weather the tuzla escort bayan fish were hungry and between both of us we,d taken half our daily bag limit by lunch time, our catch kept alive clipped to a metal snap,on stringer. We took a break to eat our lunch and then were ready to feast on each other. I then discovered sexy Maria wore Nothing but bare skin beneath her coat, her puffy nipples standing out on her curvy titties, her furry pubic thatch midnight black against her pale skin. It Didn,t take long before she had lowered my cords and extracted my stiffie from my underpants so she could fondle me as I licked and slurped her snatch. Of course Maria wouldn,t wait too long before she guided my cock into her steaming slit and began to move her pelvis to meet my thrusts deep in her womb, the sensations amazing as usual. I have to confess that of all my lovers over the years she was one of the most escort tuzla physical which meant she liked to use her body to bring me as much pleasure as possible and was also one of the loudest with vocals. No prude this my Maria had no qualms telling me exactly what she wanted me to do to her, how much cum she wanted pumped in her womb and groaned loudest when in the midst of a mighty orgasm. As was usual with her once my prick had stopped spurting it’s contents she squeezed out any excess and scooped it up,with her long fingers to gulp,it down loudly and lewdly knowing I loved it and I,d reward her by eating her pussy to climax by which time I was ready for more pussy or maybe her tight butt hole. Today we put our things back on and after more coffee laced with brandy returned to fishing till by 3pm we had our bag limit so packed up, then Maria sucked me off and ate my delicious semen before I drove her home where we cleaned the fish and invited our families to a fish feast later in the week. By the spring of 1962 and April when the new fishing season started we would resume our days fishing, but Maria certainly Love My Rod! TBC