Sharons picked up

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Sharons picked upCHAPTER ONEPretty Sharon Stits trembled with fear as the huge, powerful man dropped his pants and exposed his enormous cock.“Suck it off,” he commanded. Sharon quivered.Her big blue eyes were riveted to the man’s gigantic prick and a shiver of fear mixed with unwonted excitement shot through her body. His cock looked more like an instrument of torture than an organ meant for pleasure.Compared to the nice young pricks she’d become accustomed to, this swollen, wet club of a cock looked dangerous. His prick was very long, terribly thick, and throbbed like giant wet heart. The man attached to the cock was not a nice man, that was clear to Sharon.The man named Clint stepped up to her. There was an evil grin on his face, as if he knew he was frightening her — and loving it! Sharon recoiled in terror because close up his cock looked terrifyingly large. She didn’t want to have anything to do with a huge prick like his.“Take it in your mouth slut!” the man ordered.Sharon lifted her fearful eyes and looked at him pleadingly. Her ripe full lips moved quiveringly, but no words came from her mouth. Only her eyes begged to be left alone.The man didn’t give a damn about her look of fear and trepidation. He stepped out of his fallen pants and moved up to her. His lips drew back from his big, white teeth. His powerful hand reached down and grasped his enormous, throbbing cock. Slowly, evilly, he pumped his huge fist up and down on his juicy prick, smearing his pre-cum all over the skin of his cock-shaft. He chuckled with satisfaction at the look of horror in Sharon’s eyes as she watched him pump. He wanted to shock and terrify her. It added to his erotic pleasure to see an internet star like Sharon trembling before his amazing cock. He wanted to hurt her. He wanted to hear this pretty little Milf whimper and scream and beg for mercy.As he loomed over her shivering firm body, he could hear her panting breath and see her ripe, jutting Tits rising and falling nervously. He smiled lewdly at her and his free hand slipped behind her head. He took a handful of her soft brown hair and gave it a slight twist.A startled sound escaped Sharon’s throat. Her soft pouting lips fell open. She gasped.Grinning all the while, the man lifted her by her hair to her feet, forcing her to rise before him.“Put your hand on my cock Tits u stupid cunt,” he said evenly.OOOO he knows my nickname too Tits thought. Sharon quivered. “P-please, no…”“Do it Tits!” Clint shouted.She cried as he twisted her hair harder. Her small hand shot forward and her fingers curled around the immense thickness of his raging prick.“Jerk my cock nice,” Clint ordered. “Run your soft hand up and down my prick.”Sharon’s eyes filled with tears. A whimper escaped her lips, but her fist started moving up and down the full length of his mighty cock.“That’s it, baby,” the man chuckled, urging his cock at her. “You like that, don’t you? You ever seen such a big prick before? Bet not. Well, it’s all yours, honey, just what you need. That’s it, pump it good. Get a liking for it — because you’re going to suck it for a long time.”“Ohhh, noooo,” Sharon whimpered. “Please, I… I… don’t want to do that I’ll jerk it for you. I will, I will. But, please, don’t make me do that.”“You’re going to do everything I tell you to do Tits,” the man said roughly. “That’s what you’re here for. You’ve been looking for it, now you’ve got it.”His other hand touched the naked flesh of her hip and he slowly stroked upward with the flat of his hand. Sharon felt the thrill travel up her body. She couldn’t fight back against the unwanted pleasure.Then Clint grinned, watching her shiver as her hand worked on his cock, he ripped her blouse off and grabbed her lovely firm 36C tits. He tweaked her pink nipples until they stood up and tingled. Sharon started sniffling and trembling. The man seemed to know that her tits were her weak spot. It had always been hard for her to remain a nice girl when boys played with her tits.There now you are “Sharon with Tits out” and as you should be when with me whore.Not wanting to be naughty with this huge man, she cried and begged him to stop touching her. That made Clint burst into erotic laughter as he mauled her tits. Her whimpers became contaminated with soft moans as his big hand stroked her tits.Chuckling obscenely, he shifted his paws to her quivery shoulders and forced her down onto her knees. Sharon struggled to stay on her feet, but that only aroused the man further. He laughed and knocked her to the cold floor.He dropped down beside her and Sharon gasped to see his big, powerful, hairy arms, one to each side of her like huge temple columns. He lowered his face to her defenseless naked tits and licked his big tongue up and down on them, taking time to chew each of her spiking pink nipples.“Ohhhh, don’t do that,” Sharon pleaded. kayseri escort bayan She tried to twist her luscious tits away from the man’s lapping tongue, but that only made them more exciting and lickable. Her nipples stood up, rubbery and sweet. She moaned as his wet tongue licked them and his teeth playfully mashed them.Her reluctance and fear got all mixed up with powerful feelings of erotic pleasure. Unwillingly, her pretty tits jutted almost hornily. She whimpered helplessly and writhed with both a desire to escape, the man’s huge tongue, and an unwanted desire to have her sexy tits abused.She remembered that before she got to this house on the outskirts of town, before she realized what she was letting herself in for, she had flirted with this big hairy man. He had been in a flashy car with his partner, Jim, and Sharon had responded to their playful teasing about how delicious she looked on the street in her shorts and halter. Then she had foolishly let them give her a ride, actually thinking they would drive her home. She soon discovered that these men weren’t like her father or her uncles or even her next door neighbors. These men were dangerous to a woman dressed like she was.She recalled how naive she had been, wedged between them — on the front seat of the car, letting them peek over at her half-naked tits, believing she had the situation under control. How sexy it had all seemed for the first few minutes.She shivered to think she had thought the men were sexy. These men weren’t sexy. They were downright horny! b**stly! a****l! Vicious! Lewd! Obscene!Still, horrifying as this all was, Sharon felt tremors of arousal in the of her tummy. Deep in her belly, she felt her secret fuck-urge waking up, just as if he were a nice boyfriend licking her tits. But he wasn’t a nice boy. He was a big, powerful brute of a man, nibbling and munching her tits as if he’d never seen a womans tits before!She had been forced out of her shorts and halter and the two ogling men had made her stroll around the room stark naked while they got hard-ons by looking her over head to toe. It had been very embarrassing! Just a few moments in their presence made her forget how nice sex was. These two men were so violent, so obviously hungry for her — too hungry!She didn’t mind showing off her sexy body as she was all over the internet already. In fact, ever since she was a little girl with pretty little tits, she’d known boys liked to see everything they could. She was used to being admired and it had always been very exciting to watch boys’ pricks get hard for her when she displayed her Tits to them and let them play with her. But this was different!She didn’t mind fucking, either. She’d gotten her first stiff prick up her little cunt when she was a young teenager, and from that moment on, she knew she liked to fuck. So she fucked a lot in school, in drive-in movies, in the back seats of cars, and while babysitting. Fucking was pure pleasure for herand so was contrlling the boys with her bare Breast showsActually, the boys she liked best called her Tits in school and they were the ones with balls enough to rub her cunt and turn her on. She loved to fuck them. Sex was so much fun!She still remembers them calling her in the hallways in front of others Hey Tits, tonite at my place be thereBut there was something terrifying about these two grown men who had trapped her in this house. There was something overpowering and threatening about Clint’s hot eyes, powerful hands, and vicious erotic nature. Not only that his cock was absolutely enormous, the size of four boys’ pricks put together! And now he wanted her to suck his cock.She feared the man right now. He was humiliating her by making her feel these deep thrills in her pussy. And that wasn’t all he was doing to her.Sharon shivered when she felt the thick, wet head of his prick press against the soft flesh of her hip. She glanced down to see that he was lewdly gripping his cock and deliberately dragging his swollen cock-head along her tender flesh.“Stop, stop,” she whimpered, writhing against his prick. She didn’t want to feel good, but she couldn’t help what the feel of his cock did to her. He was pressing the cummy cock against her tits now.He straddled her and wiped the end of his prick over her erect perfect nipples. The sensation was alarming and Tits gasped. Why did her nipples get so tingly when he did that? He was a horrible man. A b**st! A bastard! Why did her tits get so sexy?Clint seemed to know what the Milf was suffering. He understood sexy Moms like Sharon. She was youthful, full of life, horny and needing to be abused by a real man. She needed a man’s guidance now, some horny stud to show her what sex was really all about. And he was the man for the job.He dragged his cock between her tight full natural tits and escort kayseri trailed a line of pre-cum up to her throat, up under her soft chin. His big, hot cock-head touched her lower up.“No, nooo,” Sharon whined, twisting her face away.The man chuckled and chased her lips with his prick, jabbing his cock-head at her mouth.“Suck it Tits,” he commanded. “Quit playing little-girl games with me, damn-it! Open your fucking mouth and suck my cock!”Sharon wanted to escape this ordeal, wished she could run and hide somewhere. But the man’s enormous cock kept teasing her lips. No one had ever done that to her before and it was somehow erotic. The only pricks she’d ever sucked were the ones she’d wanted to suck. Now here was this giant cock, throbbing wetly at her lips, and there was no escaping.Trembling, she turned her face, and the man’s horny cock slipped onto her soft lips. She closed her eyes to keep from seeing his monstrous prick. Her lips quivered a moment, then parted. The man’s rigid cock-pole slipped into her mouth, more and more, then started sliding in and out almost face fucking her.Sharon moaned as her small mouth stretched into a big O on his huge prick. She whimpered as his wet cockhead slipped back and forth over her sensitive tongue. Actually, she liked to suck a stiff prick. What made her reluctant and nervous now was simply the immense size of the prick in her soft mouth. And the man pushing the cock in! How horny he was. He scared her.The monstrous cock fucking in and out of her mouth was wonderful and it took her breath away. His prick was heavy and thick, and Sharon wondered how he carried his cock around all day. She wondered what these men wanted to do to her. Was she going to be thoroughly fucked, ****d,ripped open and Breasts mutilated, and made to say all sorts of say things? What was going to happen to her? These thoughts made Sharon feel extra erotic. After all, she and her girlfriends often got very horny front reading some erotic novels. Sometimes they giggled together and pretended they were the captive females in the stories, and they’d get tick cookies just imagining what it would be like to be ****d by big, strange men. Now it was actually happening to her!She had to admit that the big man wasn’t hurting her in any way. He was just powerfully horny. He was just sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. That wasn’t so bad, was it?Suddenly her pink tongue took a lick at the man’s hot cock-head in her mouth. She heard him groan, and a naughty thrill of excitement coursed through her body. It dawned on her suddenly that she could make this man as weak as she’d made boys. Her feminine insight told her that though she was his captive, right now he was hers.Men went wild when she sucked their pricks.How wicked, she thought.Her hands lifted to his thick cock-shaft and she caressed his hard-on like she would a normal mans. She loosened her throat muscles and took more of his thick cock into her mouth. Her hands ran up and down the length of his prick. Her tongue licked his cockhead, caressed and tickled his prick. She started sucking him off in earnest, moaning a little and making soft feminine sounds.“That’s it, baby,” the man groaned hornily, pushing his stony hard-on deep into her mouth. “Suck it! Lick it! That’s it, suck my cock, honey, and I’ll give you a giant load of hot cum!”Sharon gasped around his prick and her eyes shot open. Suddenly she struggled against his mouth-fucking hard-on. She whimpered and pushed at him, but he only laughed and fucked her soft mouth faster.Sharon was aghast. She’d forgotten about the cum! Now this man was going to shoot his whole load of jism down her throat.“M-mm-mmmmm!” she protested, fighting against the event. She wanted to stop him, to beg him to stop, to plead with him to release her from this part of a mouth-fuck.But even as she whimpered and cried, she knew there was no stopping this a****l. The man was chuckling, loving every moment of this. His enormous hard-on slipped easily in and out of her tight young mouth, all wet with her saliva. Sharon could feel his cock growing larger and thicker and hotter.Something came over her at that moment. She didn’t understand what was happening to her, but all of a sudden, she wanted him to shoot his cum. The immense size of the horny man’s cock sliding in and put of her hot young mouth somehow turned her on. It was as if her deep, feminine feelings were in tune with the man’s mounting climax, as if her mouth wanted to be filled with his thick, creamy cum.Her eyes fluttered shut. Her fingers trembled around his enormous cock-shaft. She pulled his prick deeper into her sucking mouth. Her head started turning and twisting as her mouth moved deliciously on his hard-on. Wet, gurgling sounds came from her throat. She was sucking the man’s cock with a passion. If she kayseri escort could have seen herself, she would have died from embarrassment.But she didn’t know this man, didn’t know his sexual nature. Secretly, he had no intentions of letting her suck his cum up out of his big hairy balls. Not right now. To Clint, this sexy Bitch sex slave, wassomething to enjoyed thoroughly, a delicious piece to be tortured with the pain of erotic arousal.Clint thought it might be fun to hang Sharon by her Tits when she was done her duty to his cock.The boys at the Chrysler dealership he worked at would love to see her hanging from the shop winch spinning helplesslyaround hanging only by her tits. Mabe they would use some vice grips to add hammers or even BRAKE ROTORS to her ankles for the extra weightHow much cu she take he wondered? Well thats for laterHe reached down and worked Sharon’s clinging fists from his throbbing cock and slowly eased his soaked prick out of her mouth. Sharon’s eyes opened slowly, lazily. Her ripe lips moved, but she couldn’t speak. What was going on? Why had he taken his raging cock out of her mouth just when he was ready to get what he wanted?Confusion darkened her eyes and her brow wrinkled. Clint stood up and laughed, his enormous boner bobbing above her, all wet and stiff and horny looking. Sharon’s pink tongue flashed across her lips and for one crazy, helpless moment she actually wanted to attack his cock and suck the cum out.But she lay there, bewildered, feeling exposed and vulnerable and puzzled. She became aware that the other man, Jim, was also stark naked and coming up to her. Her blue eyes danced from stiff cock to stiff cock. Both men were grinning lewdly at her, as if they were enjoying her condition of advanced lust. She felt so naked before their hot eyes, so helpless and defenseless. Worst of all, the tickle in her cunt was getting out of hand. She was shocked. How could she feel this way with such evil men?She didn’t like the way Clint and Jim looked at one another in silent agreement. She gazed up at them, her experienced mind whirling, wondering what they wanted of her. Why didn’t the man shoot his load into her mouth?She soon found out Clint reached down and crushed her aching abused tits. Jim reached down and started rubbing her cunt. Sharon gasped and caught her breath as both her nipples and her clit tingled with strange new excitement. She whimpered when the men lifted her to her feet and guided her to bed. “No, nooo, please,” she sniffled, seeing the big bed.Her knees trembled as the men pulled her across the room. They stretched her out on the mattress. Clint tied her wrists to the head of the bed and Sharon stared up in alarm and amazement.“Wh-what are you doing?” she whined. A new sense of fear mingled with her confused erotic feelings and had a hell of a effect on her pussy. She couldn’t understand what they wanted of her. According to the sex books she’d read with her girlfriends, men wanted to **** a girl right away. They wanted to push their wet cocks in all her fuck-holes and shoot lots of cum into her. Why were these men standing over her with huge hard-ons?“Please,” she begged as the two men ran their hot eyes up and down her lovely naked body. “I-I don’t understand. What are you going to do to me?” A shiver ran through her and made her twitch on the bed. “What are you trying to do to me?”Clint chuckled and said, “Exactly what we are doing, baby. What’s the matter? You feeling horny or something? Do our big cocks get you all hot?”“No, no,” Sharon lied.The men laughed and their hands returned to her supple curves. Jim stroked her cunt soothingly, in a way that made Sharon moan against her will. Why was he being so gentle with her pussy? He was obviously in a condition to ravish her brutally.Her thoughts became doubly confused when Clint knelt beside her and licked her tits tenderly, laying her stiff nipples with the tip of his tongue. Sharp thrills shot through her tits and cunt as the men teased and pleased her.Jim lowered his face to her curly tuft of pussy-hair. He extended his tongue and touched the tip of it to the very end of Sharon’s stiff, quivery little clit.“Oh!” she gasped, and her ass jerked on the bed.Clint licked his tongue round and round her pink nipples, then took one into his mouth softly and gently sucked. Jim closed his lips around her extended clit and gave her clit a lick and a suck.“Oh, Fuck!” Sharon shrieked.Her head whipped back on the bed. Her hands twisted wildly against the rope around her wrists. Her tits thrust upward. Her pussy squirmed. The mouths on her nipple and clit drove her crazy on the bed. In just a few moments, her whole body was alive with fuck feelings. Strange desires overwhelmed her mind and she twisted, moaning and whimpering.“I think she’s ripe,” she heard Jim say thickly.“I think you’re right,” Clint chuckled evilly.Sharon forced her heavy eyes open and gazed at the men as they stood up, their cocks throbbing wetly before her. The way they were looking at her now made her shiver from head to toe.How does this stort Continue…write it for me