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Sharing is caring!I have always wanted to watch my wife with another man. Her sexy 34D and redish brown hair on her 120 lb frame are amazing to watch move in the bedroom. I have fantasized about being able to watch her with someone else froma different viewpoint over and over, and finally I was given the chance with my best friend.My friend, Tim was visiting us from out of town. I could tell he always had a thing for my wife Katie. That night Katie decided to wear a little dress I had bought her a while back. It was a simple blue cotton dress but it hugged right underneath her large tits. We decided to go out for a night of drinks, after which we came back to our apartment for some night drinks. All of us were extremly dr*nk. As we all are flirtatious and continue to drink I suggest to my wife that she give Tim a little tease. I turn on some music and tell her to dance for us. Tim and I sit on my couch and watch my wife dance on the coffee table. Both of us are getting turned on watching katie dance, and occasionally seeing flashes of her ass and black thong. After a few minutes she stops, and I think she is going to stop. Just then she lifts up her skirt and pulls down her thong. We get a brief look at her freshly shaven kadıköy escort pussy. We cheer and she continues to dance. Only now we are getting glances at her pussy when her dress bounces up. I then tell katie that Tim looks uncomfertable as I can see his rock hard cock making a bulge in his pants. Tim quickly puts his hands over his crotch embarressed.Katie looks at me with a question in her eyes, and sees the answer almost immediatly in mine. She jumps down down and pushes the table out of her way. She drops to her knees and begins to play with Tims crotch. After a minute she pulls his pants down and reveals his large dick. She looks at me one more time, and then puts his cock in her mouth. Starting off slowly she begins to suck him up and down. I lift up her dress above her waist revealing in full glory her ass. I can see Tim loving what he sees and feels. Watching my wife suck another man was so thrilling. I couldnt contain myself anymore and climb down on the floor. I begin to lick her asss and kick her tight pussy. It is dripping with anticipation. She would never ask to get fucked, as she is not that kind of girl, but I knew what she üsküdar escort wanted. “Tim, please fuck my wife”Katie looks at me and can’t believe what she hears. She stands up, lifts off her dress revealing her big tits barely contained by a sexy push up bra. She lays down on the couch with a leg on each side of Tim. He leans over and starts to eat her out. I make out with her while he does this, and I can taste hsi cock on her breath. I tap him on the shoulder and gesture for him to slide up and fuck her. He slides his cock inside of my wife. I couldnt believe it. I have never seen her kiss another man, let alone get fucked by one. He continued to thrust into my wife as I pulled my cock out and put it in her face. She was sucking it while getting fucked. Her moans were more like little hums all around my cock and it felt fantastic as I watched her tits bounce back and fourth as Tim continued to fuck my wife. Suddenly, Tim stops. Demands that she roll over. At this time I climb underneath her so she can continue to suck me off while getting fucked. Again, I command to Tim, “Fuck my wife!” He begins to pound her little tight pussy from behind as she gets a mouthfull of my cock. Her eyes tuzla escort water half with extasy and half with pain as his large cock slams into her. A few minutes go by and Tim alerts me that he is going to cum. “Tim! CUM IN MY WIFE”I could tell my wife was unsure about it, but I hold her head deap on my cock so she doesnt get a chance to protest. He slaps her ass, and pushes in deep, as he starts to moan and I can tell he is cumming in my wifes little pussy. Her mouth tightens on my cock as she feels his cum shoot all over her insides. He slowly pulls out and I see the cum on her lips. She stops sucking me and, lets us know that Tim got off too fast. She asks for us to sixty-nine and for me to get her off with my tounge. I agree knowing that Tims cum is still inside her. She quickly flips around and strattles my face. She begins to smash her pussy on my face while sucking me off. Tim gets up and I can see him come around to finger her asshole as I eat her out full of his cum. After a few minutes she tells me she is going to cum. His cum has started to drip out and I can taste it in her freshly fucked pussy. I begin to cum her mouth as I feel her pussy tighten on my tounge. She begins to twich as she squirts all over my face. I know have a mixture of his cum, her pussy juices, and sweat from the two of them all over my face. Tim slaps her ass again, shaking more juices onto my face. “Thanks guys” he says. With that, he put on his clothes and went and laid down in the spare bedroom. Katie and I laid there for about an hour just basking in our post sex glory.