Shagging My Partners Boss 3


Shagging My Partners Boss 3It was dress up day where my partner works during christmas so i decided to go and see what they wore.Most people wore comedy outfits,eg reindeer hats.snowmen outfits,elf costumes etc,but her boss wore a sexy santa outfit.The santa outfit was short,it only just covered her ass,and she had knee length black boots on.When i walked in she was up some steps and you could see that she only had white frilly panties on.She looked absolutely fuckable.I decided to leave and return just before closing time.When i got back she was all on her own.She saw me come in and after small talk i told her how hot and fuckable she looked.She thanked me and said for me to go to the office whilst she locked up.I heard her lock the door but she didn’t appear so i walked out into the shop.She was by the cash register with her back to me.I came up behind her,slipped my hands around her waist,and pressed up against her.My by now stiff cock was digging into her and she let out a small moan before saying,”Not here.somebody might see us”.”I know isn’t it exciting”.I ran my hands over her body,lingering over her firm tits,massaging them slowly before tweaking her hard nipples.She let out another small moan before i ran my hands back down her body,stopping at her waist.I slipped my hands into her skimpy little panties and began to rub her clit.She was already wet and i knew her pussy would be even wetter inside.I slipped my finger inside and she let out a gasp of pleasure.”Your a very naughty boy”.”Well you should know.After all you have fucked me once or twice”.”And i intend to again”.I eased my cock from my trousers,and grabbing her ass,spread her cheeks and proceeded to rip her panties.”They were a very expensive pair of panties” she said before laughing.I pressed my stiff cock against her pussy and she said that,”I am not wet and ready enough yet,surely”.I said,”Thats all right.I like a nice tight pussy to stick my big cock into”.At this i grabbed her ass and thrust my cock hard into her pussy.She gasped loudly before i took it out,leaving just the tip in before thrusting back in again.She gasped and moaned in equal measure as i slowly built up a steady rhythm.As i began to fuck her harder and faster she screamed,”That’s it.Fuck me.Fuck me hard you horny bastard.Fuck my mature pussy till its raw”.I loved fethiye escort it when she talked dirty.It was especially enjoyable knowing that she was normally all prim and proper.Her mouth became ever dirtier as i buried my cock deeper and deeper inside her.”Oh my fucking god.That is so fucking deep.I can feel that against the back wall of my cunt.God you are such a fucking horny fucker”.As she said this i could feel her start to shake and i knew she was having her first orgasm.Her whole body shook as i continued to pound her by now very wet pussy.”Oh shit.I am fucking coming.I can’t control it”.I could feel her pussy juices running down my cock but then she began to shake even more.As she did this her pussy pushed my cock out of it.”Oh shit.Oh fuck”. At this she began to squirt heavily.A torrent of juices flowed from her pussy onto the shopfloor and she began to scream and shout in equal measure.”OH.Oh shit.OHHHHHHHHH.FUCKING HELL”.This was an amazing sight and when she had eventually finished squirting she turned round and her look said it all.”You fucking bastard.I have never come like that before.I have certainly never squirted before”.My cock was still rock hard so i lifted her up and impaled her onto it.I grabbed her ass and slid her up and down my cock.”This is one of the wettest pussies i have ever fucked”.”Well its your fault mate”.I helped her ride me like this for ages before i told her i was about to come.She told me to,”Push me down on your cock.I want to feel it deep inside me when you come”.I pulled her down on to me just as i started to come.I began to shoot my hot young spunk deep inside her mature wet pussy.”Thats it mate.Come for me.Come deep inside me.Fill my mature pussy with your young spunk”.I shot what seemed 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