Sexy Cop Fucked by BBC Suspect Ch. 04


Lindsay walked into the precinct ladies room and freshened up her lipstick in the mirror. She unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse and gently pressed her big tits together and nodded to herself with approval.

She got in the elevator and descended to the basement of the station where the holding cells were located. The six suspects were sitting on a long bench in the last cell. Lindsay’s pussy quivered with excitement. She was so disappointed about RJ’s disappearance and wanted to satisfy her desire for a big cock.

“Alright gentlemen, on your feet!” Lindsay commanded the group.

The suspects slowly stood up, groaning and obviously not happy to be in their current situation. Lindsay had the desk sergeant, Sergeant Stevens, unlock the cell. Lindsay pointed to one of the suspects. He was about 6’2″, muscular and probably 19 years old.

“You. Come with me.”

The young man looked back at the others and smiled as he followed Lindsay out of the cell. They made their way to the interrogation room. Lindsay sat the suspect down and cuffed his hands using the handcuffs attached to the table. She sat facing him with her back to the two way mirror as she glanced over his file.

“So, Devon Simms, where were you last night?”, Lindsay questioned.

“I was home all night long. Whatever you think I did, I didn’t.”

Devon was sticking to whatever story he had. Lindsay noticed him looking down at her cleavage. She knew she had him. Her big tits were almost impossible not to notice.

Lindsay glared at him. “So it’s gonna be like that? Ok.”

Lindsay stood up and walked out of the room leaving Devon a little confused. She walked down the hall and into the viewing room. Captain Nieves and Detective Meyers were taking notes on the interrogation.

“I just need to use the restroom real quick and then I’ll get back to the interrogation.” Lindsay said as she stepped back out of the viewing room.

Lindsay walked into the ladies room. She removed her blouse and bra. She stood topless, looking at herself in the mirror. She gently pinched her hard nipple and could feel a wave of excitement run through her body. Lindsay put her blouse back on over her naked tits. She shoved her bra in the paper towel dispenser and walked back into the interrogation room. Her big tits bounced as her high heels clicked along the hard floor. She sat back across from Devon and continued her interrogation.

“So, are you sure you were home all night long? Because I have reason to believe that you had something to do with a bank robbery.”

As Lindsay spoke, without skipping a beat, she slowly started to unbutton her blouse. Devon’s attention was now drawn to Lindsay’s chest. Her blouse was completely unbuttoned. The material ever so slightly covered her hard nipples but most of her big tits were exposed. Lindsay made sure not to make sudden movements as to not alert Captain Nieves and Detective Myers what she was doing. Her back was towards them and they wouldn’t have any reason to suspect anything.

Devon’s mouth was wide open and he stared down at Lindsay’s huge tits. Lindsay bit her lip and slowly pulled back the rest of the blouse, revealing an unencumbered view of her huge natural breasts.

“Think about it long and hard Devon. If you tell me what I need to know, I can help you.” Lindsay pinched her nipple as she spoke to Devon.

“Uh… uh… well I like I said, I, uh, I was home all night.”

“Now, this is the last time I’ll ask, and if you still wanna bullshit me, I’ll just get another one of your friends up here and I’m sure I can get one of them to talk. But if you tell me what I wanna know, maybe you can walk.”

Devon knew that if she did this to everyone of those guys, that someone would talk eventually.

“Fine, ok. Me and those guys didn’t rob the bank. It was RJ McAllister’s crew. They did it.”

Lindsay paused for a moment and then felt relieved. Now she could get RJ and his big cock back. Caption Nieves and Detective Myers smiled at each other in the viewing room.

“I don’t know he she did that but she did it.” Captain Nieves said to Detective Myers. “Now we got RJ for good this time.”

Lindsay discreetly buttoned her blouse back up and left the room. She went to her desk and got the proper paperwork for Devon to make a formal statement. Alanya escort When Lindsay returned, she passed Captain Nieves and Detective Myers in the hall.

“Nice work Detective.” Captain Nieves said. “We’ll get a warrant for RJ’s arrest right away.”

Lindsay smiled as she entered the interrogation room. She placed the paper and pen in front of Devon.

“Ok, so start to finish, write everything.”

Devon smirked at Lindsay.

“I bet you get a lot confessions with that tactic.”

Lindsay laughed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, now start writing.”

“You know something, I know all about you…Lindsay. RJ told us all about you. How you got a thing for big black dick and you can’t resist it.”

Lindsay looked back at the closed door then back to Devon and whispered. “Yeah that may be true, and when we get RJ back in here I’m gonna fuck his big black dick whenever I want.”

Lindsay knew that no one would believe Devon if he repeated what she said to anyone. It also turned her on to talk about fucking RJ’s cock to someone.

“Well I hope you’re prepared to wait cause you ain’t never gonna find him. Not without my help anyway.”

Lindsay didn’t ponder long. “Ok, what do you want?”

Devon looked down at Lindsay’s blouse and grabbed a hold of her left tit. He squeezed through her blouse. Lindsay loved being groped and taken advantage of. Then Devon grabbed Lindsay’s wrist and guided her hand to the bulge in his pants. She could feel that it was stiff.

“I want you to finish what you started.”

Lindsay wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity for a big black cock. She started to unzip is pants but Devon stopped her.

“No. If I’m gonna snitch on RJ, I need my boys on my side so they don’t kill me for being a snitch. Even though I don’t really like him, I ain’t gonna snitch for nothing. If I let them take turns with you they just might agree with me. Let’s take a trip downstairs to the cell.”

Lindsay smiled with excitement. The thought of fucking six black cocks at work was making her panties soaked with fluids. She grabbed Devon by the arm and lead him out of the interrogation room. They got in the elevator and when the doors shut, Lindsay rubbed Devon’s cock through his pants.

When they arrived downstairs, Lindsay had the Sergeant open the cell and Devon walked in.

Lindsay looked over at the sergeant,

“Hey Greg, how bout you take lunch, I’ll keep an eye on these guys. I just have to get some paperwork situated with them.”

The sergeant shrugged his shoulders and nodded. “Ok sure, thanks a lot Detective.”

He handed her the keys and walked off. Lindsay told Devon to run their deal by the other guys. She stood outside of the bars while they debated. She noticed a homeless man in the next cell over from the group. He was very disheveled and most likely drunk. He sat and looked hard at Lindsay through the bars of the cell. Lindsay was disgusted by the man’s appearance and stench.

As Devon talked with the other guys they exchanged looks at Lindsay. They looked her up and down as she just stood there waiting for their answer. She tried looking sexy and appealing as she could. One of the guys whispered something to Devon. Devon looked over at Lindsay, then down to her chest and nodded his head toward her breasts.

Lindsay unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Her naked tits were on display for the six men and the homeless man in the other cell. She stood there in her tight skirt and heels. The men all nodded in agreement to Devon. Lindsay could hardly hide her excitement.

The men pulled Lindsay into the cell and began to grope and suck Lindsay’s big tits. She felt her skirt being removed and then her panties. Now she stood in the jail cell totally naked except for her black pumps. Her pussy glistened as the men squeezed, licked and sucked her big tits and ass.

Lindsay watched the homeless man in the cell over. He was holding onto the bars and appeared to be enjoying the show. Lindsay held eye contact with him while her body was being ravished. Then Lindsay was pushed down by her shoulders. She squatted down until she was eye level with big thick black cocks. She reached up and grabbed one in each hand and took a third into her mouth. Another guy laid down under Lindsay Alanya escort bayan and shoved his big cock in her pussy. Lindsay rode the big cock and shoved it as deep as she could into her cunt while sucking and jerking the other dicks.

Devon directed Lindsay to stand up and face the homeless man’s cell. She grabbed the bars and bent over slightly as Devon and the guys took turns fucking her from behind. The homeless man watched as Lindsay’s big tits bounced.

“Go ahead, OG. Give ’em a feel.” Devon encourage the homeless man.

He reached through the bars and squeezed both of Lindsay’s huge tits. She screamed as she came from the big cock in her pussy.

All the men rotated into different positions before they all fucked and got sucked by Lindsay. Lindsay’s mouth and face were covered in thick cum. Her pussy dripped cum as she stood up. She licked her big tits clean and wiped up what she could.

“Wow guys that was amazing! I came twice!” Lindsay told the men. “Now, where can I find RJ?”

Devon and the boys told her where he was hiding out. She got dressed just in time as the desk sergeant returned from lunch.

“Thanks Detective.” Greg said to Lindsay as she handed over the keys to the cells.

“No problem Sarge. I will be sending down the release forms for these six guys in cell one.”

Lindsay notified Captain Nieves where RJ could be found and he sent a swat team to go get him. Lindsay waited anxiously for the arrival of the swat team to bring him to the station.

When the team arrived, they placed RJ down in the holding cells and Lindsay went down to talk to him. RJ knew when he saw Lindsay’s face that she wasn’t happy with him. She spoke to him quietly through the bars of the cell.

“How could you just leave like that? After everything I did for you. I let you stay at my house and I fucked and sucked your cock whenever you wanted.”

RJ didn’t say anything. He just hung his head. He knew he should’ve at least let Lindsay know he was leaving, he owed her that.

Sergeant Stevens walked over to Lindsay holding his stomach and appeared to be in some type of distress. “Detective, I’m sorry, but would you mind covering for me again? That Mexican food isn’t agreeing with me.”

“Sure Sarge. Take your time.” Lindsay said as he passed her the keys and darted to the restroom.

“You know RJ, you’re gonna be going away for a very long time. We have numerous witnesses that are willing to testify that you robbed that bank.”

RJ smirked at Lindsay. “You’re bluffing. You’re just mad at me for leaving and you think you can scare me into fucking you. I know you miss this dick. Besides nobody around here would snitch on me.”

“Oh RJ.” Lindsay said, “I don’t need your dick anymore. And you are sadly mistaken. Devon Simms and his crew told me everything about you and your crew robbing that bank. It only took me a half hour. I just had to offer them a deal and they sang like canaries.”

“Let me guess, you fucked them all? You are such a slut, I shoulda known better.”

Lindsay couldn’t give in to RJ. If she did, he would just let her down again. Instead she wanted payback.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right about that. I am a slut. And I did miss this big cock of yours.”

RJ looked around as Lindsay stuck her hands through the bars, grabbing his cock and pulling it out. He noticed the homeless man, but no one else was around. RJ squeezed Lindsay’s tits. He noticed she still wasn’t wearing a bra. She slowly jerked his cock till it was nice and hard.

RJ laughed as he thought he had Lindsay right where he wanted her. “Now suck my dick bitch.”

It took everything she had to let go of RJ’s beautiful cock. She seductively looked at him as she stripped off all of her clothes. Then, she walked over the the homeless man’s cell and opened it. RJ, confused, didn’t know what to say. He watched as Lindsay walked inside.

The homeless smiled a toothless grin when he saw Lindsay, fully naked enter his cell. He stood up and Lindsay wrapped her arms around him. He groped her big tits and ass as RJ watched. His dick was still hard. Lindsay knelt down and pulled down the tattered pants of the man. She looked over his cock, which was fully hard and kissed it while looking at RJ. Then she began to suck it. Escort Alanya She moaned as she took the man’s dirty cock in her mouth. RJ couldn’t believe what he was watching. Then Lindsay got onto the bunk on her hands and knees.

“Come over here and fuck me. If you make me cum, I’ll let you go.”

The homeless man didn’t waste any time. He finished pulling his pants off and got on the bunk behind Lindsay. He inserted his cock in her pussy and began to thrust wildly, fucking her wet cunt.

Lindsay moaned some more and RJ could tell, from experience, that she was about cum. She let out a long moan and reached between her legs and rubbed her clit as she came. After she was done she started sucking the homeless man’s dick until he shot a hot load into her mouth. Lindsay looked at RJ and opened her mouth showing him the load of cum. Then she smiled at him as she swallowed it down. After getting dressed, Lindsay walked back over to RJ.

“So, I see you enjoyed that.”

RJ’s cock was still hard in his hand.

“I did. So, can I get the same deal you made him? I make you cum, you let me go?”

Lindsay laughed. “Do you really think I’ll fall for that again? You’re gonna rot in prison, especially now that I know I can get a black cock anytime I want. I don’t need you anymore.”

“You bitch! I’m gonna tell them everything! You’ll lose your job.”

Lindsay wasn’t fazed by RJ’s threats. Just then Sergeant Stevens came back from the restroom. “Thanks again Lindsay.” He said as he settled back at his desk.

“Hey Sarge! I want to file a complaint! This detective just sexually harassed me and then she fucked that old dude over there!”

Sergeant Stevens looked at RJ then at Lindsay. He started laughing uncontrollably.

“Do you really think I’d believe that? You, her and that guy?”

Sergeant Stevens continued laughing at RJ’s complaint. Lindsay smirked at RJ as she left. Moments later, Sergeant Stevens received a phone call. When he hung up, he walked over to the homeless man’s cell and opened it.

“You’re free to leave.” He said.

The man walked out of the cell whistling and left.

Lindsay sat at her desk thinking about everything that happened. She couldn’t help but think about RJ. She was still so angry with him for leaving, but she still couldn’t shake the urge and obsession she had for him and his cock. None of the other guys she fucked made her cum the way the RJ had. Lindsay decided to let her emotions take over and knocked on Captain Nieves’ office.

“Sir, do you have a minute?”

“Sure Lindsay, come on in.” He said as he stood up from his desk.

“Well Sir, I think I jumped the gun a little bit with RJ McAllister. I’m starting to think that Devon Simms was lying. I think they robbed that bank and blamed RJ.”

Concerned, Captain Nieves asked Lindsay why she thought that.

“Well Sir, because RJ told me where he was last night and it checks out. He told me he was at the bar on Pine Street during the time of the robbery. So I called the bar and they emailed me a copy of the surveillance video. It appears RJ was there for most of the night and more importantly, during the time of the robbery. We have to let him go.”

“I can’t believe this! I have a press conference in twenty minutes, how am I going to explain this?” Captain Nieves paced as he tried to come up with a statement.

“I know Sir, I’m sorry. I’m going to release RJ. Maybe it’s not too late to pick up Devon and his crew.”

Lindsay was on a lying path and was getting farther and farther from the truth the more she spoke.

“Damnit Lindsay, you better hope we can get them back in here. I am seriously disappointed in you.”

“I understand Sir.” Lindsay turner and left the office. She made her way down to the holding cell and informed Sergeant Stevens of the release. “Sure thing Detective.” He opened the cell door for RJ and Lindsay walked inside.

“My house. Now. You better fucking be there or I swear to god I will find you and kill you myself.”

RJ smiled at Lindsay as he walked past her and left the precinct. Lindsay realized that if Devon and those guys are in the wind, she will be in deep shit.

Later on, on her drive home, Lindsay could only think about RJ and how good his cock felt in her hand. She couldn’t wait to see him.

When Lindsay arrived home she opened the front door and to her surprise, RJ was there in the living room. But he wasn’t alone. Devon and his crew were also there. Lindsay’s jaw dropped.

“Is there a problem, Officer?” Devon said.

To be continued…