Sexting Pt. 22

Close Up

Chip and Jennifer pulled up to the starting area and parked. Several of the runners were jogging around the parking area loosening up. Jennifer started to jog around the parking lot. Chip held up his hand after a few minutes and Jennifer started to walk. Chip directed her to the starting area.

Jennifer checked in and came over to where chip was standing. He put his arms around her and kissed her. There were upwards of 15,000 people standing waiting for the race to start. The PA was blaring music from one of the radio station. People were jogging up and down the opening part of the course. The announcement calling all the runners to the starting area, momentarily cut the music.

He went over the instructions he and Jennifer had talked about on the trip from the town house to the start of the race. “Keep your pace at about seven minute miles. If anything hurts seek medical attention. Relax and have fun.”

The first tier runners, had red numbers; they were expected to finish the course in two hours lined up first; everyone else behind them.

Chip broke the embrace and kissed his wife again and watched as she walked to the starting area. Someone on the PA system counted down and blew a gas horn sending the first tier runners down the course. After a ten-minute wait the horn sounded again and the rest of the field started.

Chip was in the car and followed the course on a parallel street. He parked at five miles from the starting line, He walked to the where people were watching and waited to see if he could see Jennifer. At about thirty-five minutes he observed her passing that point in the course. He started the timer function on his phone and got back in his car. He moved five miles further and waited. The timer beeped indicating that she should be coming by his location soon. He scanned the field and saw her still running strong. He shouted encouragement and walked back to his car.

He decided to move five-miles further down the course and found a good spot to watch the runners. Almost on schedule he saw Jennifer still running strong. She was with several members of the armed Services some Army a few Air Force and one or two Navy runners.

Chip moved back to his car and drove to the 20-mile mark. He knew that she had been running close to two and a half hours. Jennifer should be coming by at the two and a half-hour mark. The field had stretched out to a single line but they kept coming. Chip waited looking out to the field to catch a glimpse of his wife. The group of Military runners pulled into view and stuck solidly in the middle was Major Jennifer Connolly.

“Six miles to go, Major.” He yelled.

Jennifer turned up the street that rose gently, but to the runners it felt like a mountain. Chip again got in his car and drove to the finishing area and found a parking spot. He opened the trunk and pulled a toy plastic bucket and several bottles of water. The bucket was just in case Jennifer felt like throwing up when she finished. He checked the contents of the cooler as he was going to take her to the cabin to come down. Chip waited at the reception area and watched as runner after runner crossed the finish line. Chip looked at the race timer and saw that she still on the course at the three-hour mark.

The race timer clicked over to 3:15:00 mark and runners kept streaming in. Chip saw some members of the military come through the finishing line. He was beginning to worry that something had happened. Jennifer should have crossed the finish line by now. At about a mile from the finish line the course took a left turn. The rise was greater than before and several runners were walking up the course.

Chip looked at the race timer and saw that thirty more minutes had passed; Jennifer was still not insight. At the three hour forty-five minute mark Jennifer pulled into view. She put a strong kick for the final mile and crossed at three hours and fifty minutes.

Jennifer stopped and bent over. Chip came up to her and got her upright and encouraged her to walk. He passed a bottle of water to her and encouraged her to take small sips. A race volunteer walked up to them with one of those “Space blankets.” Chip wrapped her up in the silvery plastic and they walked into the convention center.

“I don’t think I have the right, but I am so proud of you, darling,” said Chip he kissed her.

Jennifer was silent as she continued to walk with chip’s arm on her shoulder.

“Chip I need to stop and sit down,” said Jennifer.

They found a chair and Jennifer sat down. Chip went to collect her time. A clerk handed him a illegal bahis slip of paper and a finisher’s medal and he found Jennifer standing. She was breathing normally and was moving well. “When am I going to fuck you mister,” said Jennifer as Chip drew close. Chip started to laugh. Chip kissed her and they walked out of the building and found his car. Chip pointed the car toward the highway leading to the cabin. “Chip you realize I have to work tomorrow.”

“Darling, relax I called the Colonel and she agreed to let you come in at noon. We ‘re going to the cabin to splash in the cold water,” said Chip.

Jennifer was about to speak when Chip looked at her and mouthed, “Silence”

Chip continued to drive and pulled up to the gate. He got out and opened the gate got back in the car and drove through. He was about to get out to lock the gate when Jennifer opened her door, got out and secured the gate. They continued to the house and parked in the front yard. Jennifer got out and opened the door. Chip followed her through the door carrying an ice chest.

Jennifer walked into the bedroom and started to strip her clothes off. She went to the bathroom and started to run the shower. She waited until she saw steam start to come off the shower stream and climbed in and let the hot water stream over her body. After soaping down and rinsing off she got out and toweled down. She reached into the cabinet and pulled out one of several terry robes.

She went to the bedroom and got on the bed and fell asleep. Chip was in the kitchen putting some of the provisions from the cooler. He heard the shower turn on and then off and the door open and close. When he finished Chip got on the couch in the living room and he also fell asleep.

During his nap Chip replayed the scene when Jennifer came over to his apartment the first time. He remembered that she took his cock in her mouth. As he dreamed his cock reacted by becoming hard. Their first fuck caused him to ejaculate and wake up. He quickly got in the shower and cleaned off his cum.

Jennifer was waiting for him when he came out of the bathroom. “Have a little accident, Darling,”

“I dream about you and I get horny, is it a federal crime,” replied Chip.

“Well I can get rid of some of that hornyness,” said Jennifer reaching into the robe and manipulating his cock.

Chip embraced his wife and they kissed. With a free hand Chip reciprocated by massaging Jennifer’s pussy.

“I guess we want to play,” said Jennifer. Keeping their hands in each other’s privates they moved to the bedroom and fell on the bed. Jennifer moved to bring his cock to her mouth and began to suck on his quickly stiffening cock. She then positioned her pussy near Chip’s tongue and soon felt it probe the inner regions of her pussy.

Chip started to pull his cock away from her mouth but she put her arms around his ass and drove his cock deep into her mouth. She soon realized why he was pulling away when he shot a load of cum. Jennifer swallowed and kept sucking on his cock. She let go and moved to kiss him. “I told you that I didn’t mind you shooting in my mouth. You taste great.”

“Darling I tried to pull a way because I wanted to finish in your pussy,” said Chip.

Jennifer looked out the window and noticed that the sun was going down and the light on the pond was really nice. “Do we have any scotch up here?” asked Jennifer.

“Twenty-year single malt,” replied Chip.

“Get us a couple of glasses and join me on the deck,” directed Jennifer.

She got off the bed and did not bother to tie the robe as she walked out to the deck. Chip went to the kitchen to get the drinks and joined her. The temperature was cool and the single cube of ice kept the scotch cool. They positioned the lounges so they had a view of the clump of trees at the other end of the pond.

“I think I should rent the place out for weekends,” said Jennifer.

“Well it does have amenities, I think that we need to fix the pavilion or take it down,” said Chip.

“That will be our project next summer,” said Jennifer.

Chip’s hand started to explore his wife’s breasts and he moved over to the lounge that she was occupying.

“You are being a little forward Major Johnson, I’m not sure that I like all this attention,” said Jennifer.

“One fuck then I feed you,” said Chip.

Chip moved on top of her and she used her hands to guide his cock into her pussy. When he was fully lodged in her cunt he kissed his wife.

“Darling, that feels so great but my tits need a little attention,” said Jennifer.

Chip spread illegal bahis siteleri the robe apart exposing her breasts and he moved down and began to suck on one of her nipples. He used his hand to massage the other. He suddenly started to move his cock in and out of her pussy. He leaned down and kissed his wife.

“Let’s finish together, Darling,” said Jennifer.

Chip drove his cock as deep as he was able, then withdrew and repeated. Jennifer moaned with every stroke. Jennifer’s cunt started to contract around Chip’s cock encouraging him to finish. Chip thrust forward and he felt his cock shoot a load of cum in her pussy. He leaned down and kissed his wife He began with her lips and then moved down her neck. He then paid special attention to Jennifer’s breasts; they were aroused and the nipples were hard. He finally finished at her pussy. His tongue traced the outline of her slit and he gently sucked on her pussy lips.

He rose and sort of staggered into the cabin. Jennifer got up and walked into the bathroom and ran the shower again and rinsed off. She dried herself and put on a fresh pair of underwear and her sweats from the morning. Chip had also gotten dressed and was pulling out some microwave meals. “I know that these are a few steps above MRE’s but I didn’t want to stop and get fresh ingredients, or go out. We can wash it down with this,” said Chip as he was opening a bottle of wine.

“This is fine, Chip, I am glad that we are alone, I am only in the mood to entertain one person and that is you,” said Jennifer.

“I hope that I am entertaining enough for you,” said Chip

“Make love like you did earlier and you will entertain me,” said Jennifer.

They ate dinner and discussed the week ahead and decided that they would continue training. But tonight was time for celebrating. Chip got up and pulled Mint Chip ice cream out of the freezer and spooned out two dishes. He walked outside and pulled the scotch glasses and rinsed them out and refilled them.

“Are you trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me, Major?” asked Jennifer.

“It is a celebration of your great effort in the race and in the office. Then I will take advantage of you,” said Chip.

“You better be good mister I demand a high standard,” responded Jennifer.

Jennifer picked up her glass and walked to the living room. Chip put dishes in the washer and sat beside her. He leaned over and nuzzled her ear. She turned and her lips met his and she put her arms around his neck and they kissed. Chip’s hand moved between her legs and manipulated her pussy.

The large window was open and the last glint of the sun highlighted the ripples on the pond. The moon was peeking up over the tree line. There was a slight breeze coming through the door. Jennifer released the kiss and took a sip of scotch.

“What were you dreaming about this afternoon? It got you all hot and bothered,” asked Jennifer.

“I was remembering the first time that you were in my apartment at the university. I will be honest I really wanted to have sex with you but I never dreamed that we would make love the first time,” responded Chip.

“I was unsure about making love with you but I was so tightly stretched I almost raped an undergraduate. My affair with my bi-sexual lover was winding down. Your joke got me interested and I decided to take a chance. We violated all the modern etiquette rules about using protection; but I wanted that cock in my mouth and I am allergic to latex. I also forgot to bring a natural skin condom. You fed me beer the first time and beside cumming outside of my body it was fun. It was good to have a person that has experienced some of the same issues I had,” said Jennifer.

“I was so glad that you agreed join me; on the walk over to the apartment I kept looking for the Campus Police thinking that they were waiting to arrest me.,” Said Chip.

“I would never have had that great cock arrested. I am going to be sore tomorrow, but I love the feeling of accomplishment from finishing the race. I haven’t thought about the office at all today,” said Jennifer as she rearranged herself on the couch,” said Jennifer.

“It is easy to not think about the office when all you need to do is put one foot in front of the other. You did real well 3:50, Darling,” said Chip.

Jennifer rose off the couch and walked to the patio doors and closed them. She pulled the curtains closed. There was a lamp on a table and she clicked it on casting a soft glow in the room. She pulled the sweatshirt off exposing her breasts. She threw the shirt toward Chip. canlı bahis siteleri He batted it away, and it landed on the floor next to couch.

“Mister I need to see your equipment, I can’t be fucked by a guy with his pants on,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer dropped her sweatpants and panties and was totally naked. She picked those up and threw them at Chip; who allowed them to wrap around his head and he inhaled her scent.

Major Johnson when do you think that you will get out of your clothes? Some time this century would be good,” said Jennifer as she walked toward Chip. She sat down on his lap and started kiss him. She rose and pulled him up and started to unbuckle his belt and allowed his pants to fall to the floor. She hooked her thumbs on the waistband of his briefs and dropped them to his knees. She began to manipulate his cock and was gratified that he was responding to her attentions. Grasping his cock she directed him into bathroom and sat him on the toilet.

“You and I are getting a little furry Mr. Johnson,” said Jennifer.

She approached Chip with a can of shave cream and a razor. She handed them to Chip and with her hand she directed his cock into her pussy. She eased down on his lap with Chip’s cock lodged in her cunt. She took the can and dispensed a volume of shave cream and began to paint Chips face. When his face was fully covered she took the razor and began to shave her husband. Jennifer finished his cheeks and the area on his upper lip. She pushed his chin back and ran the razor over his neck. She rose and grabbed a towel, came back and again inserted his cock in her pussy. She wiped off Chip’s face and waited. Chip filled his hand with shave cream and spread it over her face and began to shave his wife’s face. Chip felt her vagina contract around his cock. He momentarily lost concentration.

“Watch what you are doing big boy,” said Jennifer as another wave of contractions hit chip’s cock.

Chip tilted her head back and began to move the razor over her neck. He finished by wiping her face clean. Jennifer hopped up and down on his tool until he was about to climax. She kissed her husband and waited until she felt his climax. When she felt that Chip was finished she got up and kissed his cock.

“I’m going to get more scotch; join me when you feel up to it,” said Jennifer as she walked naked out of the bathroom.

Jennifer was sitting on the couch when he emerged; Chip walked over and sat next to her. She was about to take a drink when he pulled the glass away and kissed her. He moved her down on the couch and got on top. He impaled his cock in her pussy. Their mouths met and Chip moved his cock in and out of her pussy. “I don’t think that you got all of the pleasure that you wanted,” said Chip.

Chip started to move with more force with each stroke. “I don’t plan to stop until I know that you are fully pleasured,” said Chip.

Jennifer started to show some distress with each stroke. “Don’t stop, fuck me babe, fuck me,” said Jennifer.

Chip again felt her cunt contract around his cock, which motivated him to move with more speed and force. “Fuck me Major, fuck me.”

Jennifer stiffened and she yelled that she was cumming. Chip continued to ram his cock in and out of her pussy. “Don’t stop Major, Don’t stop,” cried Jennifer.

He felt Jennifer’s fluid bathing his cock. There was a loud moan and Chip shot a load in her pussy. They both became still as they came down from the excitement. Chip got off his wife and stood next to her. He bent down and kissed her lips. Chip encouraged her to get off the couch and they walked outside again. Both were naked and the light off the moon cast a glow on the deck. Chip embraced his wife and they danced to their own music.

“No darling, I do not want to go in the pond,” said Jennifer.

“Don’t worry that was not my plan. You feel so nice next to me,” replied Chip.

Chip danced them back in the cabin and shut the door. Jennifer moved to the bedroom and stretched out on the bed. Chip lay next to her. He covered them with the blanket. She rotated and kissed him.

“Thank you darling, for helping me reach my goal. Now I want that nice cock in my pussy one more time,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer’s hands were not idle and Chip responded to her. Jennifer lay on her back and opened her legs. She felt his hands massage her pussy lips. He eventually moved between her legs and kissed her pussy. His tongue explored her inner reaches and felt her contractions. Jennifer’s breathing changed; she began to take deeper breaths each one becoming louder. When he felt that she was about to climax he thrust his cock in her pussy. He kissed his wife and felt the walls of her cunt collapse on his cock.

“Your dick feels just as nice now as it did when we first made love, fuck me darling,” said Jennifer.