Sexcapades at Work


I was excited to go to work even on a Monday. This wasn’t because I loved my job. It was my co- worker Wilson. I first met him at my interview. He knocked over a chair and struggled to put it back. I had no idea at that moment that I had met the man who would be the best fuck of my life. First it started with short conversations with him standing in my office doorway. Then it went to email flirting. At first in the emails, we would just joke around but then it got flirtatious quickly. Our first kiss was at work. He was teasing me about something. I remember getting closer to him to tease back but we were so close and lips looked so good. I leaned in and kissed him. He stopped me because coworkers were still in the office. I realized at that moment I was a goner. Wilson had made me forget where I was and how I should behave just with a look and his charm.

At the time we were both dating other people so we had to keep it on the down low. It was easy to make excuses to have short meetings behind closed doors. Each time we would make out and let our hands roam over each other’s bodies. It was difficult not being able to give in to our desires and fuck. Finally one day at work we were assigned a project that would keep us together and alone at work. Everyone left and we locked the doors to the main office. We started making out as soon as the door was locked. As we were kissing he started walking me back to his office. I pushed him in his chair and got on my knees in front of him. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his long thick cock. I moaned thinking about how good it would canlı bahis feel in my pussy. That will have to wait for later.

I slowly ran my tongue from the base to the tip. Then I slipped his cock in my mouth. I licked and toyed with the tip of his cock. Then I took his cock all the way in until it hit the back of my throat. I place my tongue on his cock and started sucking like my mouth was a vacuum. I moved up and down sucking harder when I got to the tip. I started going faster and deeper feeling his cock hit the back of my throat. I was using my one hand to lightly squeeze and play with his balls as I was sucking. He moaned and grabbed my hair harder. I knew he was close because he started fucking my mouth. He asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I moaned and he knew what that meant. He fucked my mouth fast and then stopped deep in my mouth, he grunted and I felt his warm sticky cum shoot out his cock. I swallowed down all of his sticky salty cum. I looked at the clock and realized we didn’t have time to continue. He kissed me hard on the mouth as I turned and walked away he spanked me on the ass and said he owed me. I told him I would collect soon.

A few days later we had to go to a day-long conference. Wilson was driving the car. He had told me not to wear underwear and wear a skirt. I was a nervous but excited at what he might have planned. As we were driving he placed his hand on my leg. Then he slid his hand under my skirt and started teasing my pussy with his fingertips. Then he looked over and said remember I owed you. At the same time he stuck his finger in bahis siteleri my pussy. I gasped in excitement and a little fear. Anyone could look over and see him finger fucking me. I became wet so fast feeling his thick finger sliding in and out of my pussy. He saw that I was nervous he laughed and stuck another finger and started fucking me harder. The palm of his hand was hitting my clit as his fingers went in. I was moaning and even though I was scared I was getting closer to coming. I said that I wished it was his cock inside me instead of his fingers. He responded I’m glad you said that as he turned into a parking lot.

The building looked like an old abandoned grocery store. He pulled around the back and parked in a secluded area that looked like it was used for loading and unloading trucks. As he put the car in park I reached over and kissed him hard. I couldn’t believe we would finally be able to fuck. We had waited so long for this moment. He asked where do you want to? I said right here and I climbed on top of him and straddled his legs. As we started kissing he pushed the seat back. I fell a little and we both laughed. He said unbutton your shirt and take of your bra. I want to see your big slutty tits when you ride my cock. My tits fall out as I undo the clasp. He grabs one and bites down on my nipple. I moan in pleasure and a little pain. I’m learning to love the pain he gives.

I reach down and undo his pants. Together we slide off his pants and underwear. His big thick cock is already hard and ready to go. Now it’s my time to tease him. I rub my soaking wet bahis şirketleri pussy over the head of his cock. He moans and pulls me close to him and spanks my butt hard. I laugh and continue rubbing my pussy over his cock. He pinches and twists my nipples in retaliation to my teasing. I lean in and kiss him hard on the mouth and lower my tight soaking wet pussy on his rock hard thick cock. I sit there for a second enjoying being so full of his big cock. I slowly slide my pussy up to the head of his cock. Then you pull me close and kiss me. I slide down your big cock and say oh Wilson your cock feels so good inside of me. I moan and then I start riding your cock faster squeezing your cock with my pussy when I pull up. You continue to grab and pinch my tits as I’m riding you. I am so wet you can hear the noise when your cock goes in and out. As I continue riding your cock you start rubbing my clit. I cry out yes mmm don’t stop.

I am so close so you pinch and twist my nipple and that sends me over the edge I cry out oh Wilson. My pussy squeezes your cock as I’m cumming. This pushes you close to the edge. I’m laying against you and you pull my head up using my hair. Then you grab my hips and start fucking me hard from below. Fuck my slut pussy harder I yell. That makes you fuck me even harder. I can feel that you are close so I say cum in me. I need your sticky cum inside of me. That sends you over the edge and I feel your cum shooting into my pussy filling it up with your cum. We kiss one last time and I climb off of you. I say I guess we should head to the hotel where the conference is. Then you say we are heading to the hotel but not to the conference. What a good idea. Then you say no a good idea would be you sucking my cock on the drive to the hotel. Mmm I can tell the fun is just beginning.