Sex with My Ex


I’d been out with girlfriend and was tipsy. He always texts me when I’m out. We haven’t been together for nearly a year but we are friends now, or working on being friends. He tells me he worries about me driving but I know he’s checking up on me, wondering if I’ve met someone. He’s still a little possessive and jealous, even though he tries hard not to show it, I know it.

Anyway, this night, I was horny and a little tipsy. I called him around midnight on my drive home. He answered almost immediately and the next thing I know he is in his car driving to meet me at my place…

Over the phone he starts telling me how badly he wants me. How he’d been touching himself that evening, thinking about me and my body. He loves my curves, loves the way I feel in his hands, loves the way my body responds to his touch. All his talking is making me wet, wetter and wetter, as I drive home.

When I arrive, he’s already there. I pull into my garage and he walks in before the garage door closes down behind my car. As I get out and close my car door, he pushes me up over the hood. He kisses my neck, right there where it meets my collar bone, a slight bite and sucking on that spot that makes me groan.

“I want to take you right here,” he says, “right here bent over the hood of your car, but first I want to watch you cum. So I’m going to be patient and wait until I have you in your bed.”

He takes me by the back of my neck and leads me into the house. He follows me up the stairs and I can feel his eyes on my ass. At the top of the stairs, he suddenly pushes me up against the wall, face first. His hot breath is in my ear as his body pushes against mine and I can feel his crotch grinding against my ass.

“Goddamn, I love your ass,” he says. “I love the way you walk and I love knowing you don’t have any panties on under those too tight jeans.”

His hand starts rubbing between my legs, and I moan into the wall as he lifts me up by my crotch.

One thing that never went wrong in our relationship was the sex. He knew how to touch me from the very start. There was no practice session needed.

He takes me by the neck again – he knows how hot I get when my neck is touched – and leads me into the bedroom. He pushes me down onto my bed, face first. “Turn over,” he says.

I roll over and he lies down next to me. He kisses me hard, with his tongue deep in my mouth, and I can feel his hand return back down between my legs, rubbing me through my jeans. It feels amazing. I am practically grinding on his hand and I’m certain he can feel the heat thru my jeans, if not my wetness.

He alternates between kissing my mouth and kissing my neck. None of it gentle. Occasionally, I feel his teeth on my neck. His other hand is behind my head, holding me there, his fingers entangled in my hair.

The hand between my legs captures one of my hands and puts it on his cock. “Feel how hard I am for you, baby? You make my cock so fucking hard.” I moan in response, breathless. I love it when he talks to me like this and he knows it.

Then he begins to unbutton my jeans and pull them off of me. He sits up and pulls my sweater off over my head also. Then he stands up to take his own clothing off.

While he does, his eyes never leave me as I lie there in my lacy bra and my heels, shivering, waiting for his touch. “You still keep your hair trimmed short down there, the way I like it, eh?” he says with a smirk. “God, I love your fucking body. You’re so fuckable.”

He comes back to the bottom of the bed and sits by my feet. Then he puts his hand on my ankle and runs it up my calf, over my knee, on top of my thigh. Then over my tummy making me catch my breath, his touch is so light. Then his hand goes over my ribs to my breast.

Now he is lying next to me, his hard naked body pressed Ordu Escort up against me, so I can feel the wet tip of his cock against my hip. He pulls at the nipples of my tits, one after the other, back and forth, so I can feel them being pinched as he pulls the nipple away from my body, twisting and shaking them a little each time. Over and over he does this so they get super hard and they stand up and out from my breasts.

Then he takes one in his warm mouth and the contrast to the chilly air and the pinching feels so good.

He takes this time to put his hand back down between my legs and demandingly pushing my thighs apart. Then he brushes his fingertips over my clit as he reaches further down to my pussy.

“You’re so wet, baby girl. Your pussy wants me so badly, doesn’t it? Tell me how badly you want me.”

I moan and whisper, “Please touch me.”

“Oh yeah, I know what you like. I know what you want, so beautiful when you’re turned on like this. I love your sexy body, the way it responds to me. I love the noises you make when I touch you like this and the expression on your face when I pleasure you.”

He slightly dips his finger in my pussy, getting it wet and then he returns to my clit which is hard and erect, begging for his touch. He makes small circles with his wet finger around my clit. I moan with his touch. It feels so incredible.

He sits up and moves to the bottom of the bed. He spreads my legs so he is looking up at me between them.

Again, he dips his fingers in my pussy and then brings them up to my clit. “Hold yourself open for me, baby.” I do. I spread the lips of my pussy wide so he looking at all of me, open to him, exposing my clit even more and widening my hole for him to see. He circles my clit some more. Wets his finger in me again, rubs my clit. “Oh, yeah, your pussy is so needy. It wants me so badly,” he says. “And I know what else you want.”

He wets his fingers and this time touches me lower, circling my tight ass, with his wet finger. The sensation makes me moan again. It’s so good. I can feel myself get wetter. My body arches to his touch and I spread my legs wider. I want more and he knows it.

“You’re dripping juice onto your ass,” he says. “Just begging me to shove my finger up your ass, aren’t you? And your pussy is so wet and hot.”

Suddenly he stops touching me and I whimper from the absence of his hands.

“You want me to keep touching you?” he asks.

I nod. “Beg me,” he says. “Please,” I say. “Please, what, slut?” “Please touch me.”

“Touch you where?”

“Oh god, please keep touching my clit and my ass,” I beg, “Please.”

“Good girl. You beg so prettily.”

He slowly puts his finger into me again. This time deeper. Much much deeper. I moan from it. Then he takes his wet finger and starts stroking my wide open pussy again, and my ass, in long strokes, down and then up and then down. Stopping at my clit and at my ass hole. I am holding myself as wide as I can and moaning so loudly, breathing so heavily.

Then he stops and brings his hand back, putting one finger inside me, that he then curls up deep inside me hitting my G-spot. “Oh, there, yes, oh God, yes,” I moan. It feels so incredible. He starts making little movements in and out with his hand and I can hear how wet I am, hear the noise of his hand moving inside me.

He has just one finger inside me, rubbing my G-spot, and he’s still sitting between my legs so he can watch how my body reacts to his touch. It makes my clit stand up and beg to be touched.

He leans forward and puts his mouth on my clit. He starts sucking on it while his hand is still moving inside me. “Oh my god,” I cry out, “that feels so fucking good. There, yes, like that. Oh god, baby.” I feel like I could cum any minute Ordu Escort Bayan if he keeps it up and my hands move to the top of his head. I arch my back and press myself up into his mouth.

“Oh God. Right there. Yes, please, don’t stop. Please, I am so close.” I am moving my hips up and down in little motions as if he has his cock inside me. I cannot help it. It’s instinctive.

He stops suddenly and sits up but keeps that finger deep inside me against my G-spot.

“I want to watch you. I want to see you get yourself off, touch yourself. You’re so fucking hot when you do that.” His right hand never leaves my wet pussy but his left hand grabs mine and leads it to my clit, leaving it there.

Then it moves up to my nipples, tweaking one and then the other, harder than before

“Perform for me, slut. Let me see you get yourself off,” he says.

I do as he has asked. First licking my fingers so they’ll move smoothly over my clit. Then I start rubbing myself while my left hand continues to hold my pussy lips wide open.

This is how I pleasure myself when nobody else is around, when I don’t have an audience. This is how I hold myself when I’m alone, getting myself off.

“Like this?” I ask. “Is this what you want to see?” I look him in the eye as I make circular motions around my clit. He can’t keep his eyes from my body.

“Yeah, baby, like that. Put on a show for me. Let me see you cum all over my fingers,” he says. I close my eyes as if I am alone. I keep rubbing.

Occasionally, I lick my fingers to keep the wetness so they move smoothly. I love knowing he is watching. Love the way he talks to me and looks at me. It makes it so much hotter.

Once, he spits directly on my pussy, adding his spit to mine. I moan loudly. This seems so sexy to me, I feel like he is marking his territory, like he is unleashed, not holding anything back, animalistic.

“Cum, for me, baby,” he says. “I love watching your body move like this. God, you turn me on. I think about you touching yourself like this all the time, Elizabeth. Please cum for me. I wanna see you cum.”

I moan again. I am breathing so heavy and being so loud. It feels so good. I am so close. I can feel the pressure building around my clit, that sweet intense pressure.

Then suddenly the wave crashes over me and my toes curl, my legs stiffen, and my back arches as I orgasm. It feels like it rolls over me over and over. I cry out again as the pleasure overcomes me. I can only make noises of pleasure as I continue to rub myself and his hand continues to move against my G-spot.

As it begins to subside, I stop rubbing and as I do, he suddenly grabs both of my hands and puts them over my head. I can feel him holding himself above me, and his hard cock slides into my pussy so easily.

My clit is still sensitive, the orgasm had not completely subsided, and the touch of his pelvic bone to my clit feels almost too much. But he thrusts into me hard, not asking if I’m ready, just taking. I start to raise up my hips to meet his with every thrust and we begin to push against each other rhythmically.

“Yeah, babe, you’re so hot and wet and tight. This is my pussy. I own this pussy. Nobody else gets you off like I do, right? That’s right. You feel so fucking good. Can you feel how hard I am for you? I love fucking this pussy. Hell, yeah. Damn, that’s so good.” He’s right, nobody else feels like this, knows just what I want and how I want it like he does. This is so good. His cock is so good.

He is hard and thrusting into me, meeting me, up and fast, faster and harder. His pelvis pushes against my sensitive clit, sending aftershocks thru me, making me wetter.

I can hear how wet I am. Can he? Does it turn him on, I wonder? Does the sound of his hard cock going Escort Ordu in and out of my wet, hot pussy, turn him on? The sounds I make as I moan and gasp and take his cock?

Does the smell of sex in the air turn him on? The smell of our sweat, my wetness, and his precum?

Or is it just what he sees that turns him on? Men are visual, right? So watching me cum, seeing his fingers pleasure me, seeing how wet I get and how lost I get in the pleasure he gives me, is that what gets him off?

Or will it be the feeling, the touch, the physicality of his hands holding mine, holding me down, pinning me down, his hips thrusting into mine, our stomachs meeting at each push, the feeling of my tight, hot, wetness wrapped around his long hard cock?

Suddenly, he pulls away.

“I want to watch you suck me,” he says. And he lies back on the bed.

I get on my knees between his legs. I pull my long hair off to one side of my head. I bend forward and put my hands high up on his thighs which are spread apart. My tongue starts at the base of his cock and I lick up the shaft to the tip. I try to keep eye contact with him the whole time. I can taste the mixture of my cum and his precum on his dick, salty and sweet.

I do it again. Then I start down even further, around his balls, licking and swirling around them before I come up to the shaft and run the flat of my tongue along his cock to the tip. I tongue the slit at the tip.

“Oh God, yes, Elizabeth. Like that. Oh you are so fucking good at that. Oh God, that feels so good. I love the way you suck my cock.” I do that over and over. I lick his balls first, then the shaft, then the tip. Again. And again.

Then I catch the top of his cock in my mouth and take the entire thing in, sliding down so I envelop the entirety in my warm mouth, keeping the suction on a little. Then up again. then down again, far enough that he feels the tip reach the back of my throat. And again. Each time so he knows that he’s hitting the back of my throat.

He moans, still watching. I can tell he loves watching me.

His cock is now coated in my saliva. I take my hand and start moving it with my mouth so there is constant pressure, either with my wet hand jerking him off, or my hot wet mouth sucking on him. Up and down but now, instead of the back of my throat, I try to take him down my throat. I try to take the tip of dick back there every time I go down, feeling the spit increase as I do it. Hoping he doesn’t get turned off by the increased sloppiness.

He puts his hands in my hair, tight. “Oh, god yes, all the way, baby,” he says. He thrusts his hips up to meet my mouth as I go down on him. And he’s holding my head down too, not too hard, just hard enough, encouragingly Showing me that he is in charge and letting me know what he wants, at this is turning him on, that this feels good.

I want to please him just as he has pleased me so I try harder to take him into my throat, ignoring and suppressing my gag reflex as best I can.

“Oh you are so fucking good at this,” he says. “That feels so good. Such a good girl. Such a slutty little good girl. Yes, oh yes,” His fingers in my hair tighten, hard. almost too hard. “Yes, oh, yes, I’m cumming!” he yells out. “Oh God, yes!” As his fingers tighten, his hips thrust up at my face.

He is cumming and I tighten my mouth around his dick. I suck a bit to make certain to get all of his cum as it goes almost straight down my throat. “Oh yeah, like that, oh yeah,” he moans. “Yes, Elizabeth, yes. That is so good.”

Then his body relaxes completely, and his fingers relax in my hair. After a couple of beats, they release all together. Then his hands move down to my shoulders, and pulls me up and off of his cock. He pulls me up into him.

“Damn, girl, that was amazing. I love fucking you.”

He wraps his arms around me and holds me to him. He kisses my hair, the top of my head, and my forehead. Then he kisses me on the mouth. He sighs and holds me close so I can hear his heart beat.

I close my eyes and listen to him start snoring.