Sex With A Policewoman

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Sex With A PolicewomanWhere i work often has dress up days where we can dress in our own clothes.Sometimes they become fancy dress days.On one particular day two of the women decided to come dressed as policewomen.One of them,Tanya,who was in her late twenties,had the full uniform on complete with hat and neck scarf.The other women,Laura,who was in her late forties,had mostly the full uniform,but instead of the regulation skirt she had tight leather trousers on.Despite this she looked hotter than Tanya and every time i passed her i couldn’t help but stare at her.I just hoped my erect cock didn’t show too much.When we sat down at dinner time i made a beeline for her and sat down next to her.I told her that it was fantastic that she had made the effort to dress up and looked fantastic to boot.I said that i wouldn’t mind being arrested by her and being handcuffed.From out of her pocket she produced a pair of hand cuffs and slapped them on my wrist.She told me to never mess with a policewoman and this caused much amusement amongst the other diners.I managed to keep out of her way for the rest of the day but as i was getting ready to drive home there was a knock on didim escort my window.She was standing there indicating for me to wind down my window.As i did she said that she needed me to accompany her.I asked her why and she told me to get out of my vehicle.As i got out she slapped the handcuffs on me,with one on her wrist.She led me to her car and took the handcuffs off her wrist and puttting it on my other wrist told me to ‘sit in the backseat’.After a short drive we arrived at a lay-by where she parked up.Keeping my hands cuffed she lead me to the front of her car.She took down her leather trousers,climbed onto the bonnet of her car and told me to’Tongue my pussy.Lick me out’It wasn’t easy at first,with my hands still cuffed,but i eventually found a good position and began to lick away,before probing my tongue deep inside her pussy.She was obviously enjoying this as she started to make appreciative moaning noises and pushed my head into her.As i continued to do this she started to shake and began to orgasm.She pushed my head away just as she was about to come.She gave a very loud moan and then shouted ‘Oh fuck.I’m coming’.She took two of her fingers and escort didim slipped them into her wet pussy and began fingering herself furiously.Another shout of ‘Oh fuck.Oh fuck i’m coming’ and she removed her two fingers from her by now soaking wet pussy.As she did this her pussy opened up and she shot out jets of warm pussy juices.I knew they were warm because she sprayed me in her juices.Most of my face became smothered in her juices as she continued to come.As her orgasm subsided she turned round and bent over her car bonnet.Sticking her arse in the air,she held her pussy open and said’I need you to fuck me.And i need you to fuck me hard’. I somehow managed to unzip trousers and get my by now very stiff cock out despite still wearing the handcuffs.I walked over to her and slid my stiff cock into her soaking wet pussy.As i began to fuck her i managed to place my hands on her waist to give me something to hold onto and built up a steady rhythm.’Oh god.Thats it.Fuck me.Fuck me deep’.As i thrust in deeper and fucked her ever harder she told me to pull out.As i pulled out she said’Now stick it in my arse’.I rubbed my cock that was covered in wet juices from didim escort bayan her pussy around her hole then slowly eased it into her anus.It was tight but i eventually managed to get it all in.I built a rhythm again and she began screaming,’Oh shit.Shit.That is stretching my arse wide.I am going to be sore later’.I continued to fuck her hard as she continued to shout at me and urge me on.When i said i was about to come she told me to pull out again.After i had pulled out she turned around to face me and lay back on her car bonnet again.She pulled her blouse open exposing her magnificent breasts and told me to come all over them.I gave my cock a couple of quick tugs to finish me off then let fly.I watched as my cock shot jets of come out covering her tits.This was a fantastic sight especially when it started to drip down her body.She scooped some up in her hand,licked some off her fingers,then slipped her fingers into her pussy.She came out with sticky fingers and told me’to lick them clean.Then lick my pussy clean’I licked the mixture of come and pussy juices off her fingers,then got down on my knees and proceeded to lick her clit with my tongue.I then probed my tongue into her pussy and licked and sucked it dry.When i had finished she told me’i hope you have learn’t your lesson never to mess with a policewoman’then told me i was free to go now and released me from the handcuffs.