Sex on Legs Pt. 02


Recap: Our hero is a happily married man who cheated death in his early 20s thanks to the medical intervention of a rogue doctor wanting to try a radical new hormone and stem-cell based treatment. This left him very strong and muscular in contrast to his once weak and sickly state.

A few years after his recovery, his loving wife suggested that they branch out in their relationship to experience sex with other people seeing as they had only ever been with one another.

While a little reluctant, our hero only ever has his wife’s happiness in mind and seeing as she had stuck by his side whilst he slowly wasted away to nothing, he agreed to the opening of their marriage after they had laid out some rules.

Due to his wifes urging, he found himself striking up conversation with an all too keen café attendant from his work who has just dropped a bombshell on him. Something he had never considered before in his life.

He, is attractive.


“I don’t normally dawdle after work. I’m keen to get out of the office and to the gym. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted and I’m far from having body dysmorphia. I guess the novelty of being so strong and being able to move freely and without pain still hasn’t worn off yet.

Usually I’m out the door right on knock off because I’m just keen to get away from work. I don’t mind my job but who honestly likes sticking around in an office?

I’ve never been one to put my training above more important things though. And in all honesty, with the treatment the doctor has me on, I’ve wonder if I even NEED to train. Heck I took a month off once to do some renovations and Sam swore that I grew in that time!

I couldn’t really tell myself as I don’t really keep track or bother to look at myself much. I’m too busy having fun seeing what my body can do.

Where was I?”

“You were dawdling.” Replied Tim. Who is always as eager as myself to leave work for the day but is polite and courteous enough to stop and listen whenever people want to have a chat.

Eventually I released him from my conversational grasp seeing as I had nothing else to stall with and we were reduced to just looking at each other and then the door awkwardly.

I made my way downstairs to the building’s lobby. I had half a mind to walk right past the cafe and into the parking lot.

I don’t know why I felt this way! When I told my brother that Sam and I we’re having an open marriage he clapped me on the back and called me a ‘Lucky son of a bitch!’ I guess it’s something most guys want. The chance to fool around guilt free while still being in a long term relationship.

Which just made me feel even less like a normal guy seeing as I felt guilty as shit about Natalie. And we hadn’t even done anything yet!

I didn’t mean to walk right past the cafe, but mulling all this over in my head kinda put my blinders on and I soon found myself almost at the door to the parking lot when I heard a shout.

“Hey, wait up muscles!”

I think I froze. In my mind I slowed down casually and turned with a cheeky grin but I’m almost certain security footage would show me hitting an invisible brick wall and turning with a grimace on my face. Not that it deterred her.

“Man you really are serious about your training huh. You were practically running for the door. Did they keep you back late or something? Normally you’re out earlier than this.”

I fumbled some words around in my brain while chewing air before answering.

“I… yeah they did. Some bullshit about an important merger. Wait how do you know when I leave?”

She smirked and raised an eyebrow in what would probably have been a coy fashion if she wasn’t so damn forward. “Are you kidding? Watching your arse walk out that door is the highlight of my day.”

This took a bit to compute. First I’m sex on legs and now I’ve got a nice arse. Also I think she called me muscles earlier but at this canlı bahis point I’m too busy fighting back a semi to notice.

Natalie brushes past me, her gym bag slung over her shoulder and looked back. “Well come on, I don’t wanna keep you do I?”

I don’t know where the thought came from. I’ve never watched porn to get an idea of sleazy pick-up lines but I did read a lot while sick so I’m normally pretty quick witted. So maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised when I casually blurted out. “Oh good, so you’re only planning on borrowing me then?”

She had stopped at the garage door with her hand on the handle at that and I had to slam the brakes on to keep from making a Natalie-me-door sandwich. She then looked over her shoulder smiling naughtily and winked “I’d ask if your wife offered you for overnight loans but something tells me she wouldn’t be too keen.”

She then pulled the door back and deliberately pressed her firm round buttocks hard into my crotch, making sure to grind and wiggle as much as discreetly possible against me.

I caught her lips circling into a tempted O as she looked down then back up into my eyes with a raised eyebrow.

I smiled awkwardly a little as I shuffled back with her, not wanting to break contact. “I uh… have a lot of keys on my keyring?”

She reached behind and playfully tapped a hand against my almost empty pants pocket before she walked away and into the parking lot. “I call bullshit. I bet you’re just big all over aren’t you?” She strutted away, shouting back at me, “So which one is us muscles? Hope there’s some room in the front.”

Looking around to make sure nobody saw I deftly adjusted my growing cock in my pants and untucked my shirt to hide my bulge before following. She had put a bit of distance between us and I finally got to have a good look at her body. Normally she’s wrapped in an apron but apparently my time wasting with Tim had gave her the chance to get changed into her gym gear. Unless she’s always worn gym tights under her apron.

At about 5’9 Natalie has what turns out to be an amazingly athletic physique. Long shapely muscular looking legs that were capped with round firm buttocks. While her hips weren’t near as wide as my wife Sams, they were still wide enough to accentuate what looked to be a very narrow waist peeking from the flared opening of her cropped hoodie. And If the crevices created by the strap on her bag were anything to go by, she possessed a much more ample bosom that I had actually thought.

You’re probably wondering why I’m only just now noticing the body of a girl that I want to have sex with. Truth be told, it was the face and the cheekiness that got me in the first place.

For someone who never wore any makeup outside of some lipstick, eyeliner and eyeshadow she had amazingly clear lightly tanned skin. She always wore deep mahogany kind of coloured lipstick too which make her already full lips seem even more plump and juicy. I’m a sucker for good lips it seems. I’ve always enjoyed kissing so that makes sense I guess. And the eyeliner and shadow combo made her big blue eyes pop. All of which worked well with the strong but feminine lines of her jaw and chin. But her most striking feature to me, outside of the obvious bold attitude, was the 2mm of blonde stubble that covered her perfectly shaped scalp.

My wife is curvy with long brown hair. And this whole thing is about experiencing different things and people. I really couldn’t think of a person more different to Sam right now.

“Hey, day-dreamer, if you want to touch as well as look you should probably point out which car is yours.”

I shook myself from my reverie and realised I had been staring at Natalie’s arse the whole time we were walking. And had closed the gap between us significantly while doing so. I’m not sure why I was embarrassed by this but I was and started to stammer a little.

“Oh fine, but only a sample to clear your head.” With that, she walked bahis siteleri back to me, grabbed my big hand in hers and slapped it against her right arse cheek, then gave it a squeeze making me grip involuntarily. “Oh! You got a grip don’t you!”

I pulled my hand back like it was burned and gawked at her luscious ass then at her face while she looked at me in open mouthed surprised which turned to laughter. “You weren’t kidding, you’ve never done this before have you?!”

All I could do was shake my head slowly. Eyes still wide, expression still a little shocked.

“Oh sweetie” she stepped close and pressed her firm body against mine, looking up into my eyes. “It’s ok, I’ll make sure I’m gentle.” At some point she had managed to slip a hand between us and snaked it towards my crotch, once there, she wrapped it around the outline of my growing bulge and gave it a firm squeeze.

I couldn’t tell you which one of us looked more shocked by this. But I can tell you it was her who gasped and said. “What the fuck?!”

I broke eye contact and pointed at my car, starting my statement off with a slightly broken voiced squeak before coughing and saying “Oh look! Here we are, there’s our ride!”

I pulled my crotch back from her reluctant-to-falter grip and started walking stiff legged towards the vehicle, unlocking it as I approached.

As I walked away I heard Natalia quietly quip. “Fuck the car, I already know where my ride is.”

The drive to the gym was quiet. Me keeping my eyes on the road in between furtive glances at Natalie. Who had spent the entire drive angled towards me in her seat, looking me up and down like I was a chocolate bar and she was a diabetic. A finger grazing her lips and teeth as she smiled cheekily. Eventually I couldn’t take much more of it.

“What? C’mon you’re being a creeper.”

“Sorry, I just never thought… I mean I had an idea but… Ok tell me something, and don’t lie.”

“Don’t lie to someone I’m trusting with the private fact that my wife and I are screwing around? Got it.”

“Yeah yeah, but seriously. Do you have to feed it peanuts or what?”

“Wh- my di-? It’s not a friggin elephant trunk Nat!”

“Could have fooled me.”

“Come on, you’re just trying to talk me up because you know I’m nervous.”

“I’m beginning to think the whole things a fucking act muscles.” She then reached back over to her gym bag and pulled something out, slid her seatbelt around her waist, and started lifting her jumper off.

“Are you right there? What are you doing!?”

“Oh I forgot to put my sports crop on, hope you don’t mind.” With that her jumper was off. There she sat next to me in just a bra. It confirmed what I thought about her waist, slim and tight to the point of having the slightest outline of a six pack visible. I was right about her bust too. She did a great job of concealing what I later found out to be a pair of very full C cup breasts.

“Do you mind?”

“Do I mind what?”

The last thing I expect on my drive to the gym of an afternoon is to have a bra handed to me.

“Oh god that’s better. Those things can get stifling you know.” She rested her hands on her neck and stretched it side to side, pressing her firm breasts together with her forearms. Pulsing her arms slightly to make them squash and bulge tantalisingly.

I frantically tried to watch both the road and her breasts at the same time. I think I almost detached an optic nerve. My throat went dry and any objection died in that desert. The only sign was my slowly working jaw.

“Aww I’m sorry, did I break your brain there for a moment?” she had a fiddle with the air vents on her side and leaned forward letting the cool air pumping out wash over her skin, forming goosebumps on her breasts and hardening a pair of delicious pink nipples that looked like baby toes.

“Mmmmm that’s better. Seriously this is normal for me. I can’t wait to get that thing off. Most days I take it off before bahis şirketleri I get in the car anyway. Mind you I’ve usually got a shirt on still, but then again I don’t usually have such hot company for my ride.” He hands came up under her breasts and gave them a gentle grope before she finally pulled back from the air vents.

“Ooh! Bit too cold. Might have to warm them up again.” With that she slid back in her seat sitting sideways to face me fully. “Do you mind?”

After the last ‘Do you mind’ I should have learned to brace myself for a shock just a little but I’m an idiot it seems. Thank god I drive an auto because once she took my hand and pressed it against her cool breast I honestly doubt I would have had the strength to pull it away if I needed to shift gears.

Her smaller hands pressed against the back of mine and she slowly manipulated it into a slow rhythmic squeezing motion while biting at her plump lower lip and smiling naughtily.

“Mmmm you’ve got such warm hands. Thanks for letting me use it.”

Once I subconsciously settled into a rhythm, one of her hands slid down my exposed forearm, her short nails slowly raking up and down the lines of my muscles, her other hand slipping down her own body and sneakily making its way into her gym tights.

Slight gasps escaped her lips and sweat started to bead on my forehead despite the best efforts of the air-conditioner. I don’t know how I mustered the concentration but I managed to pull us onto the street that the gym was on and make our way to the parking lot.

“I… uh”

“Mmmm just one second.”

“We’re almost th-“

“Almost there…”

There was a thump and a jolt as I turned too soon and managed to miss the driveway, taking the curb a little. Natalie let out a surprised yelp and grabbed my wrist with both hands as I reflexively tightened by grip on her breast. The car came bouncing to a halt in a spot just at the side of the gym thankfully out of view of most patrons.

“Oh! We’re here! Cool!” Natalie gave my wrist a little slap snapping me back to reality and pulled my hand away from her breast, placing it on the shifter. She then slipped her gym crop on followed by the hoodie, grabbed her bag and climbed out of the car. “See you inside!”

I sat there as the passenger door slammed. Stunned. Thoughts racing through my head as my heart pounded. What the fuck was going on with this woman? Was this what it was really like to be with someone else? Are Sam and I so different from regular people or is Natalie just strange? I honestly thought she was going to make a move on me in the car just then when we pulled up but instead she just bailed? After all that?

I undid my belt and shuffled in my seat, I could feel my heart starting to settle down but a new pulse was becoming painfully evident in my pants. My cock had been caught in an awkward position and while it wasn’t fully hard was pretty damn uncomfortable. I knew I’d have to either wait a moment for things to calm down before I got out or walk in holding my bag in front of my crotch.

I was just coming to terms with the thought of doing the latter when the passenger side door swung open.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Natalie crawled back onto the seat beside me and grabbed me firmly by the shirt collar, mashing her full luscious lips hard against mine. She kissed me deeply and slipped a surprisingly thick tongue into my mouth. Little explosions went off in my brain at the sensation and I was almost fully lost in it when I was snapped back to reality by her hand reaching down once more to grip and squeeze my semi hard cock tightly through my pants.

“Mmmmmm fuck.” She exclaimed as she broke the passionate kiss. “Ok let’s go get this workout over with so we can have some fun.”

And the she was gone again.

I sat back blinking away the stars and trying to form thoughts in my head before looking down and noticing that I had grown even bigger than before.

“For fucks sake man.” Turns out I was waiting first then holding the bag over my crotch second.

I pressed my head back against my seat and rubbed my eyes with the heels of my hands.

This girl was going to eat me alive.