Sex Actually


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‘GAME! That’s five in a row, bitch,’ Cam exclaimed.

‘Ugh,’ Amy snorted, ‘I can’t believe I have to be in isolation withyou for a week.’

There was nothing malicious in their words. All their jibes were good-natured, and one of the characteristics of their friendship they valued most. It had been that way since as far back as they could remember — after meeting on the first day of primary school, they remained best friends twenty years later. In fact, going too long without banter in one form or another usually indicated that something was wrong.

‘I’m done,’ Amy said, putting her controller down. ‘This is getting embarrassing.’

‘You’re going to give up that easily?’

‘How about we play something more my forte?’ she said.

Cam walked to the Switch and turned off Smash Bros. ‘Sure. It’s in the cupboard.’

Suddenly in a better mood, Amy practically skipped across the room and returned with a wooden chess set. ‘You set it up,’ she said, putting the box on the table.

‘Why me?’

‘Loser sets up, you know the rules.’

‘We haven’t played yet.’

‘From last time.’

Cam sighed as he took the lid off the box. He wasn’t bad at chess, but she was something else (at least in his estimation). Such a hobby was typical of Amy; her spare time was often spent with her head in a book or racking her brain over some puzzle or another. It was one of the things he liked about her, and set her apart from most women her age.

After setting up the pieces, he opened with E4 and braced himself for yet another bruising defeat. Amy responded with C5, then they automatically reeled off the first few moves. Cam had memorised a few openings she’d taught him, which meant at first glance he looked like a competent player. The problem, however, was that he had no idea what to do afterwards. While she seemed to be able to calculate several moves ahead, he struggled to formulate a plan beyond one move at a time.

‘So how’s your dating life?’ he asked, hoping his nosiness might distract her. ‘You’ve been single for a year now, are you ready to get back on the horse?’

‘Trying. I went on a date about a month ago with a guy I met online, but it didn’t work out.’

Cam grinned, sensing one of those stories. ‘How so?’

‘He was nice and normal over chat, but as soon as we sat down at the restaurant, he said I should go with him to his parents’ “stately home” in the country.’

‘He didn’t hang around,’ Cam said, moving his bishop.

‘No kidding, I’d only met the guy five minutes before. When I told him no, he got tetchy. I stuck it out till the end, but it was really tense after that.’

‘I’m not surprised, you broke his aristocratic heart.’

‘Hey, it takesat least two dates for me to meet the potential in-laws, landowners or not.’ Amy castled. ‘Anyway, how about you? Got your eye on any lucky ladies?’

‘Got my eye on a few. The problem is they don’t consider that lucky.’

Amy smiled. Cam had always been fond of self-deprecating humour, even though she didn’t think it was warranted. He’d had a few girlfriends in the past, and she imagined that his willingness to take a shot at himself was part of his charm.

‘I took a girl out a couple of weeks ago,’ he continued, capturing one of Amy’s pawns, ‘but I probably won’t see her again.’


‘No chemistry.’

‘Ah. How are we both so hopeless at dating?’

‘I have a theory about that,’ he pondered, leaning back in his chair. ‘I’m beginning to think that we’re so many levels above everyone else, people are intimidated at the prospect of dating us.’

‘Right,’ she said. ‘And back here on Earth, you’ve left your queen hanging.’ She captured it with her knight. ‘It’d be nice to find someone eventually, though.’

‘You will. You’re smart, and not the worst-looking bird in the world.’

‘Oi,’ she said, ‘you know I hate that word.’

‘That’s why I use it,’ Cam said with a grin.

‘Pfft. You were right after all about those women not being lucky.’

Cam laughed as he retreated with his knight. ‘Maybe we’re just destined to be alone. Tell you what, let’s make a deal: if we’re both still single at forty, we’ll take pity on each other and get married.’

‘You’re on,’ Amy said. ‘Checkmate.’

Cam looked down at the black queen in front of his king. How great it would be for a woman to chase me like that, he thought. ‘Well played. Games are less fun when you’ve got no chance of winning.’

‘Exactly how I feel when we play Smash Bros.’


‘Not a bad effort, Ams, I’m stuffed,’ Cam said.

‘Not bad? I remember a time when you used to compliment my cooking.’

‘I can’t let you get complacent. Standards might slip.’

She shot him a look of amusement and irritation rolled into one. ‘We both know my foodnever slips. Anyway, you’re on wash-up duty.’

‘Fair’s fair, I suppose,’ he said. ‘Whose turn is it to pick the film?’

‘You know full well it’s mine. And I’m going to get you back illegal bahis for making me sit throughHot Fuzz last night.’

‘Get me back?’ Cam said as he got up to take plates to the sink. ‘Are you implying you didn’t like one of the funniest films of the noughties?’

‘It was so silly,’ she said. ‘They literally murder people to win “Village of the Year”.’

‘I think isolation is damaging your sense of humour.’

‘Whatever. You’re going to love the classic I’ve got planned for us tonight.’

‘Oh no,’ Cam groaned from the kitchen. ‘Seriously? It’s not even Christmas.’

‘See these?’ she said. Cam poked his head around the kitchen door to see her holding out her empty hand. ‘These are all the effs I give.’

‘Very droll.’

After Cam finished washing up, he returned to the living room to see the title screen forLove Actually on the TV. ‘I can’t believe you’re not bored of this, you’ve seen it a million times.’

‘And tonight will be a million and one. Buckle up.’

‘At least I have these to numb the pain,’ he said, holding up two beers. He passed one to Amy, then sat next to her on the sofa.

It turned not to be as bad as Cam had expected. A well-stocked fridge, combined with good company, made watchingLove Actually — again — almost fun. Especially since he could annoy Amy by mocking all the sugary scenes.

‘Aww it’s so romantic,’ she said as Mark declared his love for Juliet by holding up cards.

‘No it’s not,’ Cam protested, ‘he’s trying to steal his best friend’s wife.’

‘He’s not trying to steal her, he’s declaring his love so that he can move on.’

‘Right, and I suppose that’s why she kisses him. We both know it doesn’t end there. It’s Peter you should feel for.’

Amy snorted. ‘You’re so cynical.’

‘You meanrealistic.’ Cam stood up. ‘Another beer?’

‘Do you even need to ask?’

Cam returned with two more bottles and they continued to watch. After ten minutes had passed in silence, Amy suddenly said, ‘Can I ask you something?’


‘Why has nothing ever happened between us?’

Blindsided, he didn’t immediately provide an answer.

‘Cam?’ she said.

He took a careful sip of his drink. Although certain of what she was referring to, he sought to confirm it nonetheless. ‘What do you mean?’

She flicked her eyes to his crotch. ‘You know…’

He took a few more seconds to choose his words. ‘I guess it’s because we grew up together. That kind of stuff would have been weird.’

She took a deep swig of beer. ‘Have you thought about it, though?’

Cam shifted on the sofa. ‘What’s brought this on?’

‘Just humour me.’

‘Well… yeah,’ he confessed.

While that was true in the sense of guys visualising sex — to some degree — with most women they meet, in truth, he hadn’t given it that much thought with Amy. Objectively, he thought she was cute, but like he’d said, their having grown up together had kept such thoughts from his mind.

‘You perv,’ she teased, enjoying his discomfort.

‘You’ve had too much to drink,’ Cam said.

‘Or not enough,’ she replied after another swig.

‘What about you,’ Cam said. ‘Have you ever thought about me? I know it’s hard not to, given that I’m such a stud.’

Amy laughed, causing beer to dribble from her mouth. ‘I love you sometimes, you know,’ she said, cuddling up to him.

‘I know.’

While Amy’s focus returned to the film, Cam reflected on their conversation. He was confused why she’d brought up the topic of intimacy between them, particularly as it was something she’d never done before. For the first time, he began to give the prospect of something happening between them serious thought.

The film paused, and his reverie was interrupted by Amy looking up. ‘Cam, are you smelling my hair?’

Realising he was, though not having been conscious of it, he scrambled for an explanation. ‘Um… I just… It smells different than usual. Are you using a new shampoo?’

‘It’s the same shampoo I’ve used for years. Weirdo.’

She continued looking at him, and while the situation initially had them both smiling, their expressions soon became serious. Whether it was the alcohol, the film, or the effect of isolation, their lips met in a kiss.

They pulled away in an instant, rendering it no more than a peck. They stared at each other, unblinking, in disbelief.

‘Definitely too much booze,’ Cam said in an attempt to diffuse the tension.

‘Maybe,’ she agreed, ‘but it was nice, though.’

Before he had a chance to reply, they were locked in a second kiss, heavier and more passionate than the first. As beer-induced giddiness took over, Amy’s hand found its way to Cam’s crotch.

‘Ams what are you doing?’ he said with only a faint tone of protest.

‘Making you hard, apparently.’

He couldn’t deny it, aware that his cock was expanding under her touch. Continuing to kiss him, she softly caressed his balls and the underside of his shaft, pitching a tent in his shorts. When he felt firm under her fingers, she pulled back to admire her illegal bahis siteleri handiwork.

‘Very hard,’ she said.

Cam looked down, then back to her. He said nothing, but his want was apparent in his eyes. Without breaking his gaze, Amy freed his cock from its polyester cage and wrapped her hand around his hard flesh. They continued kissing as she stroked him, finally opening their lips to taste each other properly. Both were pleasantly surprised, each seeming to instinctively know what the other liked. What had started off as a drunken peck was spiralling into something more, fuelled by the physical chemistry they were discovering they had.

‘I think we should take some clothes off,’ Amy said.

Not giving him time to answer, she whipped off her top in an effortless motion. He gawked at what was revealed; Amy’s pert breasts were perfectly proportioned on her frame — pale, round, and topped off by two cute, peach-coloured nipples.

‘Are you going to sit there catching flies, or are you going to take yours off, too?’

Cam blinked himself back to the moment, then removed his shirt and threw it across the room.

Amy raised an eyebrow. ‘You’re in better shape than I expected.’

‘Don’t look so surprised. I wasn’t joking when I claimed to be a stud.’

Following another tipsy giggle, she straddled his lap and kissed him — an effort to shut him up as much as anything else. Whatever her motivation, Cam made the most of it, gliding his hands over every inch of her back. Although he’d touched her a lot over the years, be it through hugs or friendly joking around, none of that had provided the opportunity to trulyfeel her body. He marvelled at the smoothness of her skin; from her pronounced shoulder blades to the serpentine contours of her spine and waist, it felt warm and unblemished, like hot cream beneath his fingertips.

Amy was aware of her rise in temperature, and the underlying cause. She was incredibly turned on.

It was fair to say that she’d initiated their spontaneous tryst, yet she couldn’t precisely figure out why. She hadn’t harboured a secret longing for him over the years, and while she’d asked him why nothing had ever happened between them, that had been more about shooting the breeze than an intimation that they should fool around. Yet here they were. Was it the alcohol, the delirium of isolation, or simply something that had always been there but had gone unacknowledged?

Whatever the answer, feeling his hands roaming her back while they kissed was more intoxicating than any amount of drink, and her fervour was compounded when Cam suddenly traded her lips for her nipple. She cooed as he sucked on her point, her chest flushing under the flickers of pleasure. Not neglecting its counterpart, he shifted his attention between breasts, bringing both of her teats to a glass-hard state.

Amy tasted as good as she felt, and as Cam’s efforts were rewarded with appreciative groans, the compulsion to sample more of her intensified. He departed her chest, pulling back to admire her glistening nipples.

‘They get so puffy when they’re turned on,’ he commented.

Amy blushed, matching the colour of her face with her chest.

‘It’s not a bad thing, they’re cute as hell.’ He briefly sucked on each one again, then tugged at her leggings, lowering them past her hip line. ‘But I bet the rest of you is even cuter.’

She nodded straight away, and as she alighted Cam’s lap and lay back on the sofa, a realisation hit her, the implication of which she wasn’t sure how to process: she’d never felt so comfortable in a sexual encounter. It felt so seamless, so right, and so deliciously thrilling when he took off her leggings and underwear and laid eyes on her sex.

‘I wasn’t wrong,’ he said.

She spread her legs for him, and Cam could only smile to himself at how much her pussy suited her. Kicking off his shorts and lying between her thighs, he kissed her neat slit, tickling the area above his lip on a faint triangle of fuzz.

Soft sounds escaped her throat as he lavished her with kisses, each one stoking her desire. She clutched at the sofa cushions, oscillating between relish and impatience, and as the caress of his lips dampened her folds, the latter began to take hold.

‘Mm… do you enjoy teasing me?’ she said breathily.

Deciding he’d made her wait long enough, Cam finally delved beneath the surface. The piquancy of her arousal was like a party on his tongue, and as he explored her pussy, he was scarcely able to believe just how turned on she was for him.

Amy groaned, open-mouthed now, as his tongue explored every petal. She’d never experienced pleasure so electrifying, and while she was no stranger to having her pussy licked, no ex-partner had got her so wet so fast. By the time he reached her clit, she was gushing under his spell.

‘Oh wow,’ she moaned, writhing under him. ‘How are you so good at that?’

Ignoring the rhetorical question, Cam focussed on her button, tenderly flicking it up, down and side-to-side. Amy sounded her appreciation canlı bahis siteleri with rapid breaths, experiencing a lightness in her chest she hadn’t before. She glanced down at her nipples, no less rigid since Cam’s suckle, and threw her head back upon touching them, revelling in the stimulation of one of her most faithful erogenous zones.

‘Right there,’ she squeaked, kneading her breasts. ‘Keep going.’

Cam obliged and, buoyed by her enthusiasm, slid a finger inside her, inviting her g-spot to the sensuous party.

‘God, I can’t take it anymore,’ Amy cried. ‘Come here.’

As he raised himself from between her legs, she beckoned him towards her, her flushed face animate with a wanton expression. Cam didn’t hesitate, manoeuvring his body on top of hers and planting a passionate kiss on her lips.

The taste of her own pussy escalated her arousal. It had been one hell of a warm-up act, but now she craved the main event, and the sensation of Cam’s hard cock merely resting on her primed cunt was borderline torture. She wriggled her hips, trying to create an angle of entry.

Cam broke from their kiss. ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’

‘Cam. Shut up and fuck me,’ she said.

Without further hesitation, he repositioned himself and lowered his hips, gliding effortlessly into his best friend’s pussy.

‘Slow,’ Amy gasped. ‘Let me get used to you.’

Cam complied. It had been a while for them both, and they welcomed a more gradual pace. He rocked his hips, eliciting faint moans from Amy with leisurely strokes. As she acclimatised to his girth, she wrapped her legs around his waist, drawing him deeper. They groaned in tandem — him in response to the hot pressure of her insides, her at the joy of her pussy being stretched. Once he was all the way inside, they held still.

‘You alright?’ Cam asked.

She gave him a smile, made all the cuter by her flushed cheeks. ‘Better than alright,’ she said playfully. ‘I never realised how endowed you were.’

‘You never asked.’

‘Ah,’ Amy gasped as Cam drove his point home with a thrust. ‘I’m beginning to regret that.’

‘And I’m beginning to regret never asking how tight your pussy was.’

‘Well now you know,’ she said with an impish smile before pulling him in for a kiss.

As their tongues intertwined, the motion of their bodies resumed, Cam rhythmically thrusting his hips while Amy squeezed him between her thighs. The result was nothing forceful or complex, just two friends enjoying unexpected sexual pleasure.

‘Oh, Cam,’ she cooed as her increasingly wet pussy invited deeper and faster strokes, ‘why have we never done this before?’

‘Because it would be weird, remember…’

Amy’s reply was quashed by Cam planting his lips on her collarbone, then trailing kisses along her neck. She arched her back and raked her fingers down his back as the pleasure in her loins built. The last thing she had expected was to have an orgasm, but her body was subverting that notion. Her skin flared, feeling Cam’s lips like jolts of electricity; her legs shook; and her drenched sex sang with each stroke of her best friend’s cock.

‘Oh, fuck,’ she squealed, digging her nails into Cam’s back as she climaxed.

He kept going, exacerbating the carnal rush through her body, propelling it to every extremity. She held him tight, squeezing her thighs as hard as she could, only relaxing them when her orgasm began to subside. She kissed him, desperate for his breath inside her as well as his cock, which she knew was as yet unfulfilled.

‘I want you to cum too,’ she whispered.

‘I’m not wearing a—’

Pushing him back, she got out from under him. ‘Sit back.’

He did so and, kneeling between his legs, she draped her lips over his cock.

‘Fuuccckkk,’ Cam groaned as her warm mouth bobbed up and down his length. She displayed no hesitation, enthusiastically swirling her tongue to flawless effect, applying velvety pressure to his shaft one moment, teasingly tonguing his glans the next.

‘Jesus,’ Cam said, ‘where did you learn to give head like this?’

She smiled at the compliment despite her full mouth. His words weren’t necessary, however; she could feel him swelling between her lips. Pulling back, leaving his shaft slick with saliva, she focussed solely on his exposed head, leaving no nerve ending untouched.

Cam lolled his head back, incredulous at the carnal talents of his childhood friend. He’d received blowjobs from women who thought deeper was better at the expense of everything else, unaware that the head of a cock is the most sensitive part. Amy, he now knew, was under no such illusion.

‘Ams I’m gonna cum,’ he warned, expecting her to spit him out.

To his surprise, she did the opposite, taking him as deep as she could. The sensation of her throat was the final straw; he whitened his knuckles gripping the sofa and, with another cry of’Fuck,’ exploded into her mouth.

She was surprised how much he had to give her, but endeavoured to keep working his cock as it lathered her throat with its creamy load. She sucked him dry while savouring his groans, alive to his elation with each hot pulse. When his surge petered out and she swallowed the remaining dregs, she couldn’t suppress another devious smile, thrilled that he came so hard for her.