Serial Sex


I’m like most, perhaps all, single females in this country. I’m looking for a man. I want a man. Actually, “want” is the wrong word. Need. I need a man. All my adult life I’ve been in ongoing relationships. I’m used to doing, and having done to me, everything lovers with healthy sexual appetites do to each other. My vagina and his penis, definitely. But a lot more. Hands and mouth and tongue, also definitely. Just looking at each other, smiling, and having sexy thoughts. Knowing that a little later you’re going to be satisfied for sure. Making sure you satisfy him, that he enjoys everything, because then you know he’ll reciprocate and you’ll experience the greatest highs of your life. Just trusting one another, feeling free to try anything, depending on one another. It’s more than just sex, it’s a whole life style. And I don’t want to live without it. I don’t mean it’s a matter of life and death. It almost is but it’s really a matter of having the full life that you want. Of being happy and contented instead of bitchy.

I’ll find a guy. In fact, a guy will probably find me. It’s happened in the past. I guess I’m attractive enough that guys notice me. I mean, I’m not Miss America but I’m doing the most I can with what I have. I’m a little tall, 5’8″. Slim, although I prefer trim, at 116 pounds. 31 years old. I’ve always been athletic. I’m on a mixed-sex softball team in a league and also on a mixed-sex soccer team. The last five or six years I’ve also been going to a gym. I began to feel that I wasn’t staying fit naturally as I used to and needed some good workouts. My last boy friend claimed I was like the actress Jennifer Garner that’s in the TV show Alias and that he wouldn’t want to fight me because I’d probably beat him. I don’t think I’m as attractive as her, although my body probably is similar to hers since I’m in great shape. And I have dark hair sort of like her and my facial features are at least symmetrical and normal. My boy friends have always told me how good looking I was.

I’ve been in four long term relationships over the years with a half-dozen one nighters in between as I tried to find the right guy for the next long term. It all started back in high school. I don’t know about you but I suspect that in the sophomore and junior years of high school most kids experience what I did. We know nothing much about sex but it’s our number one topic. And the number one part of sex for the moment was oral sex. We heard how you wouldn’t get pregnant that way but would still experience sex. We even heard second hand what some girls who claimed to have done it had to say about it. So, I was intrigued.

I was dating this guy, George. We were both athletes, both on varsity teams at school. I had been a string bean but great at basketball. And the string bean had started to get some shape to it by then. My breast’s weren’t huge, B cups (as they still are), but they were there. And I had hips and a butt. And plenty of hair around my genitals.I used to look at myself naked in the mirror and think about sex. A lot. George and I necked pretty heavy, feeling around, but had never really done anything more. I wanted to and I’m sure George wanted to but he was much too nice to push me much and I began to think it would never happen. When it finally did, it was because I dared him.

We were in the driveway at my house, shooting baskets. We were both good at it. Sometimes I could beat him and sometimes he could beat me. I don’t know how I got the nerve but all the talk with other girls at school had got me aroused, I guess. So, I said, “George, let’s have a contest from the foul line.”

“O.k.,” he says, “for what? What does the winner get?”

That’s when I came up with new rules. I looked him right in the face. “If you win, I suck you. If I win, you lick me, tongue fuck me.”

He just looks at me. He’s a good looking guy, tall, lots of other girls would like to date him. Then he gets this lopsided grin. “You’re on,” he said.

I had the ball so I stepped to the line and shot. I missed the whole basket. I was too good for this to be an accident. As the ball bounced back, I turned and tossed it to him. He looked at me with a questioning face, then grinned and stepped up to the line and threw the ball hard against the back board. As it bounced back, he took it, turned to me and said, “I guess we both lose.” I’ve thought since that it was a terrific thing for him to do.

Up in my bedroom I led by getting naked so he did, too. The first time we saw each other naked. Since I had invented this, after we kissed, I had him sit on the side of the bed. I kneeled between his knees and got hold of his very erect, very big, cock. Big enough it scared me a little that maybe I had gone too far. I had felt it through his clothes before but in person was something else. I kissed it and looked at it and finally got my mouth around that big lump at the end and starting sucking and licking. I didn’t have the faintest idea of what to do but the more I did, I Niğde Escort discovered that I sort of liked it. It was very sexy. I tried to get more of it in my mouth. I kept one hand wrapped around the bottom part of it and sucked on the top half. I almost accidentally got hold of his balls with my other hand.

I don’t know what the connection is but as I sucked on him, I could feel my genitals getting wet, acting sexy some how. I moved my hand from his balls down to myself and slid a finger into me. And then it was like he exploded in my mouth. To say I was surprised is an under statement. It had never entered my mind before. I lifted my head up and away from him and he shot stuff on my face. My mouth was sort of drooling what he had shot in me first. It’s one of those times when your mind works awfully fast or something. All sorts of things ran though my mind in a split second and I realized what was happening and what girls had mentioned before. So I put my head back down and got him back into my mouth and took the rest of it. I had a huge mouthful. I had no idea what to do. I think it was instinct or something that had me swallow. Meanwhile, George has his hand in my hair and is saying, “Nancy, that’s unbelievable. You’re so great.”

It took a while for us to sort it all out. I licked my lips and tasted everything and we both were standing and he was holding me close and we kissed and kissed some more. And then I’m on the edge of the bed and he’s down between my knees and as he gets to me I spread really wide to give him room. I’ve never experienced anything better in my life. I mean, since then I’ve had terrific sex but that first time that a guy’s mouth and tongue and fingers got me to an orgasm was something else entirely. His face ended up all wet and sticky from me and we were holding each other and kissing and laying on the bed and he was hard again and soon was pushing in to me and I realized it’s exactly what I wanted. It didn’t hurt at all, I must have lost that barrier somewhere before. It felt weird, having something inside me but it also felt great. We both had another orgasm as he fucked me.

George and I had regular sex for about five years, through high school and through the first couple years of college. We both went to college in our home town. We never lived together. We both lived with our parents, in college just as in high school. But lots and lots of sex. Lots of condoms after that first time until I got on the pill. Getting the pill wasn’t easy since I had to get my mother involved but she seemed to understand. She even told me once that if the pill existed when she was my age, I might never have been born and she might never have married my Dad. Anyway, we had lots of sex and tried everything we could think of.

In college, George didn’t make any varsity teams like he had in high school and I did, basketball. I was no star but I was on the team. He took different courses than I did. We gradually found some new friends. We both began to realize that all we really had was sex. We weren’t buddies any more as we used to be. It took a while. As I’ve learned since, break ups are always difficult. And we never really had a fight and broke up. We just saw each other less and less until it all disappeared. Today, he’s long since married and a father and when we see each other, which is seldom, we’re still friendly. But it’s long over. I did learn from him, though. For instance, he took varying times to cum. And the first time was always the quickest. So, accidentally, we had done it right that first time. If we were going to do more than just a quick fuck, things went best if I sucked him off first. To begin with, I liked to. But it also got him to then eat me. And he would recover while he was getting me to an orgasm so that after, when we fucked, he lasted a long time and I would orgasm again. Maybe more than once. I think I also learned that I’m naturally horny. I mean, sex and penises aren’t always at the top of my mind but they aren’t very far below the surface. Almost anything brings them up. I guess, b asically, I’m always ready for sex. I don’t think that’s true of all girls.

So, I missed the sex a lot. I had my first one night stand. I was just so horny that when a guy made a move, I cooperated. It really wasn’t all that good and I felt like a slut. I’m not sure I learned anything but for the moment I realized that maybe I shouldn’t immediately fuck every guy I met.

I was in the commons area at school having a cup of coffee with some friends. They all had a class and left. A guy came up and said, “Hi Nancy.” It took a moment and then I knew who it was. A basic, required Sociology class had hundreds of students so we broke into smaller groups that were taught by a TA, a teaching assistant, and only got the full professor once a week in a huge auditorium. This was Dave, the TA that taught that class last year. So I said hi and he sat down and we talked and I finished my coffee and he asked me out for a Niğde Escort Bayan date that night.

Well, he had been getting his master’s and now, that accomplished, he was going for his doctor’s and had moved up a level to whatever the lowest level of full time teacher is. And he had his own one-bedroom apartment. And after a movie that’s where we ended up and I had sex without feeling like a slut, even though I did it on the first date. In fact, I felt like a princess or something. I ended up moving into his small apartment with him, which my parents didn’t like at all and I was afraid they would cut me off but they didn’t. Sex with Dave was something else. I learned a lot. For one thing, what I remember the most, he could eat me forever. Really. I’m sure it was for more than hour sometimes. He’d bring me up and then slow down and then bring me up again and slow down. I would end up pleading with him to just fuck me and then I’d shut up and enjoy it because it was just so good. I tried to do the same with him. Make him last and last. But much sooner than him, I’d get too horny and quit sucking him and climb on him. He would kiss me and kiss and lick all over my body, my legs, my butt, my toes, everywhere, slowly working to my vulva as he called it. Then lick on my vulva forever before finally getting it in me and fucking.

I’m sure I became a much better lover from being with him. Much more patient. Much more sensuous and less urgent. I also learned to live with someone, to sleep with someone. I spent a few nights with George but we were never in bed to sleep. But if you’re living with someone all the time you have to get your normal sleep. Not that there wasn’t lots of sex but we actually did sleep, too. Eventually, we didn’t even have sex every day. And then there’s getting up in the morning and getting washed and dressed and made up for the day with both of you in a little bathroom. Or trying to shower or bathe together in spaces not designed for that, which gets very sexy. I remember sitting naked on the john while Dave stood next to me naked, brushing his teeth. He must have been thinking about something because his cock just grew and grew until I grabbed it and pulled him to me and tried to swallow it. Things like that made life very interesting. I lived with him through part of my junior year and all of my senior year. I got a job in the accounting department of a federal agency (where I still am) after graduating and lived with him for almost a year more. But again, he was academic and I was in a different world and we just sort of grew apart while remaining to be stuck together by our genitals. I ended up getting my first apartment.

Then I screwed up. I had several one night stands. I would just get so horny I had to do something. Dumb. After softball games both teams would often stop at a bar for some beers. A guy on the other team got active with me and we ended up back at my place. As soon as we got in the bedroom he climbed on and stuck it in me. No foreplay. I told him afterwards that he didn’t cut it at all, that I was going to have to satisfy myself and he got insulted. Which was o.k. with me because he left. Another guy that I met at the gym turned out better at first but then he’d call me at 2 am and want to come by. I was to become his easy fuck when he hadn’t found anything better. Well, I never let him back even though he called a number of times. And there were a few more that I don’t even want to remember. When you get horny enough you do dumb things. Or at least I do.

At work, I got called briefly into a meeting with some foreign guy that was doing business in the U.S. and was looking for some special permits. I gave a little accounting information and left. A day later I got a call from the guy. He wanted to take me out to dinner. So I went. He was a very nice guy. Maybe forty. Good looking. Dressed beautifully. A very expensive restaurant. He’s French. He’s setting up a business operation in the U.S. that’s connected to his business in France. Anyway, I went back to his hotel, a beautiful, expensive hotel, and we ended up making love. Really making love which is more than just fucking. He’s good. Even better than Dave used to be. He told me how lovely I was but kept repeating it as he tasted every bit of my body. I mean he made love to my whole body. It was just great. Then we did almost the same another night. He told me that he was going to be traveling back and forth a lot and spending a lot of time in the U.S. and wanted to arrange to be with me every time he was here.

He told me more, too. He has a wife and children in France and he’s happily married. He wants me to be like a second wife here but yet not actually be a wife. Just a mistress. Well, the sex was terrific and I didn’t have anyone else at the moment so I agreed to an extent. I would come stay with him when he was in town but I would keep my own place and my job. I would use him for sex just like he would use me for sex. I’d be his mistress Escort Niğde but at the same time he’d be my fuck toy. And he was happy with that. I figured I could back off any time. I wasn’t a home wrecker because if it wasn’t me it’d be someone else and I had no plans to try and steal him.

André and I ended up having three years together. He was here about half the time. He bought me great clothes, nice gifts. I stayed in expensive hotels with him, ate in terrific restaurants. He even took me to many social occasions. I met many of the people he worked with. A couple even made a pass at me. I saw more plays and operas than I ever had before. It was a very different life. And then he must have bribed some government people in his work because he went back to France permanently and managed to barely escape a lot of legal trouble here.

So I was back on my own and, truthfully, fairly happy about it. Being with Andre was like living a fairy tale. It wasn’t real. But the sex had been great. It was very real. Now I wouldn’t miss half the softball and soccer games any more. But I also needed to find a man to have sex with. And I didn’t want to do a dumb thing like I did before, run through a half-dozen one-night stands in order to find someone.

There was a guy from our office on our softball team. Clint. A nice guy. Good looking. From a completely different department so I never worked with him. But he’s married. By accident, I ended up sitting next to him at a place where we often went to have a few drinks after a game. He seemed very down, very sad, so I asked him what was wrong. It turns out his wife left him. She left him for another woman. Well, actually, she kicked him out and brought her friend in to replace him in their bed. He was sad about her leaving but felt even worse that she preferred another woman over him. It made him feel less of a man, he thinks. I tried to say good things but, truthfully, what can you say in a situation like this? The way my mind works, I tend to think some good sex is always the best possible answer. So I told him that instead of feeling bad, what he needed to do was find another girl fast and have some great sex. Prove to himself that he still had it. Sort of like getting back on the horse after it throws you. The next thing I know, he’s making all sorts of moves on me, telling me that I’m right and how beautiful and desirable I am and so on. Well, I needed some good sex myself so we ended up back at my place.

Well, he’s actually very good. More like George than Dave or Andre. I mean, horny and wanting sex rather than trying to make things last longer. He has a really nice cock. Seems to just fit perfectly, both my mouth and my vagina. And he loves to eat pussy. He fucks like it may be the last time in his life, really hard at it. And he’s up for going at it over and over. He had three orgasms that first night. I must have had four or five anyway. He’s nice about it, too. Says a lot of good things and is gentle when he should be. He even ate me again after he fucked me, which is not the norm from my experience but is just terrific.

Turns out, he’s living in a motel so the next day he checks out and moves in with me. For a while, every night was like that first one. But, as it had always before, the sex started to slow down a little over time. I mean, it still happened and was still very good. But instead of three times a night, he’d go twice. Then once. Then every other night. And that’s where things stayed for about two years. I suspect we still had more sex than most married couples and he never denied me when I felt horny. He also stayed very good at eating me. Sometimes I think he’d rather eat me than fuck me. Interesting. Why would a female choose another female over a male that loved to eat pussy? Is a strap-on dildo better than a real cock? I guess I’m jusy very hetero. To each his own.

But then his wife wanted him back. She decided she’d rather have him than her girl friend. He told me that I was much better in bed than his wife and all sorts of nice things but he went back to her. I’d be willing to bet that she missed his income and will probably keep her girl friend on the side but still, I was again in need of a guy.

No sex at all for almost two weeks. Which is where this whole story started. Frustrating. Maybe it made me picky. I finally call the building super about a small leak under my kitchen sink. I probably should have a couple months earlier but it never bothered me much until now. The super asks me about my schedule and says he’ll have a plumber come by. Anyway, one evening after work, it must have been about six pm, my doorbell rings. Maybe it’s my frustration but when I open the door I see the man of my dreams. Gorgeous. Tall. Very manly, lots of muscles. Nice looking. Great smile. I think I must have been staring with my mouth hanging open because he interrupts me.

“I’m here about the leak under your kitchen sink,” he says. “Jake the plumber.”

I come back to my senses a little. I reach out to take his hand. “Hi, Jake,” I say, “Nancy. C’mon in.” I can’t keep my hands off him. I almost pull him in. I touch his side, put my hand on his back to guide him to my kitchen. I also quickly check his fingers for a wedding ring.