Senior Year


Growing up we moved a lot….I mean a real lot, sometimes twice in a year, which as a kid sucked, I mean just when I started making friends someplace we would have to move, as an only child it was frustrating, maybe if I had a brother or sister it would have been easier.

By the time I reached High School I was rebelling more and more about any move. We had been in the same place for almost 2 years and I had made some real friends and when the time came for us to move on I just flipped out…it was the beginning of my senior year and I wanted to finish where I was.

After much yelling and crying and planning an agreement was struck for me to stay with what was now my best friend Steve’s family. Steve lived in a big old house with 3 floors; he had an older brother who was a pain in the neck and a younger brother who was very shy. Everyone had their own bedroom, and they had a couple of extra rooms up on the 3rd floor.

From the first day we met Steve and I clicked, we liked the same things had a similar sense of humor and we were both a bit nerdy. Even our birthdays were just days apart, we both turned 18 together at a party thrown by Steve’s family. Steve’s mom was hot (what we would call a MILF today) and his dad worked nights and was rarely around.

My dad agreed, much to my relief, to send money every month to cover my expenses and give me a small allowance. Within a couple of weeks I had moved into a small room up on the third floor…it really wasn’t much bigger than a typical bathroom but it was warm, it had one window, space for my stuff and a desk, and chairs, and I had privacy. I was the only one up there as the other much larger room was used for storage.

Steve and I hung around together constantly and often we would do our homework upstairs in my cubby hole as I called it so we could escape from his brothers. His mom would often come up and check on us bring Kartal Escort us snacks drinks and so forth.

One night she came up to bring some snacks to us all she had just a t shirt on, no bra and short shorts. I could see her dark nipples showing through the thin fabric. She stood leaning in the doorway and all I could do was stare at her tits as she talked to us. My cock growing harder by the second. A crooked smile was on her face as she walked into the room bringing some snacks.

I could tell she had been drinking her speech was a bit slurred, as she put a bowl of chips on the desk she stumbled and fell into me knocking me back onto the floor and she landed right on top of me, my hands instinctively went up to stop her from falling on me and I grabbed hold of her tits….when she landed on me it took what felt like forever for her to right herself and for me to let go of her tits.

I could feel my hard cock against her body, her fantastic tits in my hands felt so wonderful. I instinctively squeezed her tits as I held them and I could have sworn she pushed her pussy onto my cock as she got up. I was just wearing shorts and a t shirt myself my erection was quite apparent. After much apologies and embarrassment she left. Steve was all apologetic about her saying her and dad had been fighting a lot lately and she had been drinking almost every night and he just kept apologizing for her. I told him don’t worry about it and that she could fall on me anytime…at which we both laughed. Steve said yeah I can tell by that boner in your shorts that you didn’t mind that one bit….now it was my turn to be embarrassed and I tried to hide my erection which only made it worse.

Steve kept looking at my hand which was trying to cover it up and said wow your huge you must really be hot for my mom…I smiled and said I’m going to have some great dreams tonight about her and I kind Yakacık Escort of snickered.

Soon after we finished up, Steve went back downstairs to his room and I headed off to the bathroom to wash up for bed. The bathroom was right across the hall from the master bedroom and just as I was turning to the bathroom door Steve’s mom came out of the bedroom heading for the bath herself, she now had a short robe on which was silky and showed off her beautiful tits even better.

I kind of stammered and offered to wait, she smiled and said no its OK you go first. I quickly went into the bathroom and wanted to jerk off right then and there but with her outside the door I couldn’t so I washed my face and hands brushed my teeth quickly. and with a semi-hard on quickly opened the door to head back upstairs hoping to pass by un noticed. She was still standing there and so was Steve I had to squeeze between them.

I turned facing Steve as I went and my semi-hard-on rubbed against his hand as I brushed past. Now I am even more embarrassed. I quickly took the stairs and got to my room closed the door took my shorts off and slipped into bed. I soon started rubbing myself thinking about Steve’s mom. Soon I was stroking my cock with visions of those lushious tits in my head and I exploded all over my stomach. I cleaned up and went to sleep.

Even as I fell asleep all I could think about was Steve’s mom. Soon I was dreaming about sucking on her tits and fucking her pussy I could feel my cock sliding in and out of her, her pussy so warm and wet…but it wasn’t a dream it was Steve. He had come up into my room, found me in bed with a hard-on and started to suck me off.

At first I couldn’t understand what was happening was I dreaming was this real, then it hit me and I tried to get up an push him off…he picked his head up and told me shh…..I know you want her…let me take Kadıköy Escort care of this and he went right back down on me…ooh it felt so good.

I was still a virgin, yes I had jerked off often but the most I had done with a girl was feel her tits, touched one girls pussy, (got slapped for it) and had one girl touch my cock. But I had never had a BJ and I had never cum by someone else’s efforts.

I could feel my orgasm building and I told Steve he was going to make me cum figuring he would stop but he didn’t he just started going faster and faster within second I came torrents into his mouth and he made gulping sounds and just kept going. After what felt like an eternity he picked his head up, looked at me and said “do you hate me?” Are you going to tell everyone I’m queer?”

I surely didn’t hate him but I also didn’t understand what had just happened. When I used to call someone “queer” to me it meant odd or strange, it had nothing to do with his or hers sexual preference. So I told him what I thought and I said no, I don’t hate you and I would never tell anyone anything to hurt you. But I did ask him why he did that to me?

He said he had always been more attracted to boys than girls and although he liked girls, (he had a girlfriend and at the time I didn’t) he told me he just didn’t feel sexually attracted to them. When he saw me with a hard on over his mom and then when I rubbed it against his hand as I passed by him in the hall he just had to have me.

Well Steve visited my room often late at night after that, as a matter of fact he sucked my cock every day/night he could and we remained good friends for many years till he moved out to LA in ’74. Every now and again I get an email from him.

Steve’s dad and mom divorced, it turned out that Steve and his dad was very much alike. His dad also preferred men over his wife.

Me I still enjoy pussy but Steve spoiled me. Over the years I learned no one sucks cock better that a man does. I am and will remain bi till the day I die!


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