Senior Year Memories Ch. 03


Usual Disclaimer Time: Even though this story almost entirely takes place in a high school setting, all the characters in this story are 18 years old or older, and since we’re living in the wide wonderful world of porno-land here, where clichés roam free and things might get a little unrealistic from time to time, please remember it’s all in good fun, I swear.


Previously, on Senior Year Memories: Nerdy 18-year-old Ryan Collins’ life has been a little crazy since taking on a tutoring extracurricular for his favorite teacher, Mrs. Lynn, after the mean girl he was tutoring, Kaitlyn, found out he had a big cock and took his virginity. Since then, she’s spread the word to her popular friends and made Ryan a target of Regan Hills High’s other slutty students, including the hot blonde cheerleader Brooke, who introduced him to the wonders of anal and promised to help get him into shape.


I’d always thought that my life would have its fair share of problems, but juggling my senior year level of schoolwork, what could best be called my poor excuse of a social life, and a pair of slutty cheerleaders who couldn’t get enough of my cock was never a set of problems I’d entirely anticipated. Fantasized about, maybe, but never thought it’d actually happen. Don’t get me wrong, I always knew the schoolwork and social life problems would be there, but the slutty cheerleaders, yeah, that was something I was still getting used to.

It’d been about two weeks since Kaitlyn first came over to my house and fucked me dry, and my formerly predictable life had been anything but since then. I was still dedicated to pulling off a 4.0 GPA and getting in whatever free time I could playing video games, and spending time hanging out with my best friend, Tori (which usually involved playing video games, which worked for me), but figuring out how to fit Kaitlyn and Brooke into my schedule, that’s where the challenge really was, because both of them were looking to monopolize my, and my cock’s, time.

When Kaitlyn and me were together, it was a strange feeling of reconnecting with an old friend. Half of our time we usually spent with the tutoring I was supposed to be giving her, and our updates to Mrs. Lynn were keeping us both in her good graces, me for being a good tutor and Kaitlyn for finally giving a shit about learning. I can’t say whether Kaitlyn actually cared about history or not, but she was pretty good at listening when she wasn’t being a raging bitch, and had passed Mrs. Lynn’s first pop quiz.

The other half of our time, we either hung out, getting to know each other again after years of having drifted apart as friends (and us being on opposite ends of the school’s popularity spectrum), or had sex. Lots and lots of sex. Kaitlyn was passionate and creative, channeling her bitchy energy from school into some pretty wild fucking. The shit she’d say would piss me off half the time, challenging me, pushing me onward, making the sex only better.

Time spent with Brooke was the polar opposite of time with Kaitlyn. While Kaitlyn was an old friend and an accomplished bitch, Brooke was someone I barely knew, bubbly and fun to be around. She wasn’t as smart as Kaitlyn, but far more compassionate and just a genuine blast to hang out with, at least when she wasn’t running me through the exercise ringer, and that was more often than not. She was obsessed with turning me into someone presentable by her standards, and had me jogging, bicycling and practicing yoga with her when we were together, and eating a very strict diet and working on my muscles when we weren’t. I wasn’t really into her trying to remake me in whatever image she had, but when I wasn’t exhausted, I was starting to feel a bit better. Given a few months of this, I might’ve actually started to look impressive.

When she wasn’t trying to exhaust me with exercise, though, she was just fucking me into oblivion. She may have looked the goody goody cheerleader, but when we were naked, she was a wildcat, taking me in all of her holes as hard as possible as often as possible and wearing as many pieces of her cheerleading uniform as possible (god only knows how many times she had to have that poor uniform washed). Brooke drained more cum from me than I knew I ever had in me and was always ready to come back for more.

Whatever I had with these two girls, I wouldn’t call relationships, but it was intense, and fun, and was making for a much better senior year than I was expecting at the beginning. Even so, I did enjoy the occasional late cheerleading practices they went to, allowing me time to get caught up on the few other things that vaguely resembled my life.

If my year only involved screwing the brains out of these two girls at every chance I got, it’d have still been a busy year, but one I was sure I could manage.

The way Kaitlyn and Brooke spread the word about me in their circle, though, it was only a matter of time before things got even more complicated.


I was getting used to getting canlı bahis interested and curious looks from popular girls I’d never talked to before ever since Kaitlyn and I started having sex, but it was on a Friday, two weeks to the day after this whole insane adventure with her started, that it took a turn I hadn’t expected.

Or, more appropriately, two turns, though I’ll get to the second one later.

The first happened when I was leaving Mrs. Lynn’s AP History class. Brooke had texted me a few shots of her pussy and asshole during class, claiming they both missed me, and I had just kicked the crap out of a quiz Mrs. Lynn gave us, so I was feeling pretty good about myself. As usual, I was one of the last to leave after talking some with Mrs. Lynn about the quiz, and then as usual I rushed out of class because I wanted to get to lunch on time.

They made fresh burgers on an outside grill on Fridays, and no way was I missing out on fresh burgers.

I didn’t see the hand snaking out of the utility closest next to Mrs. Lynn’s classroom, but I sure as shit felt it latch onto my wrist and pull me inside. I was confused, especially when I heard the cramped closet’s door lock behind me, but when the single light hanging light bulb in the room turned on, I started to understand.

My temporary kidnapper was Haley Campbell, yet another of Kaitlyn’s friends and yet another of Regan Hills High School’s proud Puma cheerleaders. Haley was 18 years old but built like a woman far past that point, with utterly insane tits that Brooke once told me were H cups, a narrow waist, and an ass that flared out almost wide enough to make her a perfect hourglass. She was dressed in a tight t-shirt and jeans today that showed off her figure well, and with long, straight red hair, pale skin, green eyes and full red lips, she was stunningly gorgeous.

Haley was also, if possible, an even bigger bitch than Kaitlyn was before we started fucking.

“Seriously? You?” was the first thing she said to me in this closet, and if I wasn’t mistaken, possibly ever. At least one on one, and not making fun of me along with Kaitlyn and the rest of her friends.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re the nerd with the giant cock that Kaitlyn and Brooke keep talking about? I mean, fucking look at you, you’re fucking pathetic,” Haley said, her voice dripping with disgust.

I was in too good a mood to take that kind of shit. “I don’t think you’d have dragged me in here if you didn’t think it might’ve been true.”

This took Haley off guard. It took me off guard, too, if I’m being honest; I don’t think either of us expected me to stand up to her like this, but I was rolling with it because the look of shock on her face was entirely worth it.

“What did you say?” she asked me, narrowing her eyes.

“You heard me. You touched my cock in PE last week. You’ve heard what Kaitlyn and Brooke were saying, and you want a piece for yourself, don’t you? That’s why you dragged me in here, isn’t it? Because you want some of this cock, you want it right now, and you want me to give it to you hard enough to make you scream, don’t you?” I said, almost feeling I believed what I was saying.

Widening her eyes, she said, “Yeah, pretty much.”

Her casual response took me off guard, and while I liked where it was leading, I wanted to see how far I could push it.

“Well… then beg for it,” I said.

“What?” she asked.

“You heard me. You called me fucking pathetic, I think I’m owed a little begging,” I said.

“Fucking what?!?!?” she asked, pissed. “Hey, remember, I pulled you in here, and I-“

“And you want this cock, and if you want it, you’re gonna have to beg for it,” I said, loving the chance to exercise a power I’d never had before.

Haley grumbled. “Fine. I want your cock. Happy?”

“Oh, come on, you can do better than that,” I said, grabbing my cock through my jeans, running my hand up and down its hardening outline to help inspire her. The way she looked at it, her eyes widening again, I could see a change, almost hear the soft moan escaping her lips.

“Please, Ryan, I want your cock. Give it to me, please, I need to feel your cock in my hot little pussy, I want to taste your fucking cum, I want you to pound me hard, make me fucking scream like I’ve never screamed before,” she said.

I considered, briefly, if this was enough begging.

Then I said, “Cool. Pull your pants down and bend over.”

“Just like that?” she asked, disgruntled.

“Look, I wanna make this quick because I still want to get to lunch, and it’s only gonna be quick if I start out with eating your pussy, okay?” I said.

It was hard to tell in the dim light, but I think Haley might’ve blushed. “That sounds good.”

“Good,” I said, pulling off my shirt, kicking off my shoes and pulling my pants down. Haley eyed the bulge in my underpants hungrily as she started pulling at her own shirt.

“You don’t have to take your shirt off, you know,” I said.

“No, but you wanna bahis siteleri see these tits, don’t you?” she said, cupping them with her shirt bunched underneath.

“That… that wouldn’t be bad,” I said.

“Then stop complaining,” Haley said, pulling her top off. Her titanic tits were somehow held up in a lacy orange bra that strained at their massive weight, but when she unclipped the back, they burst free. The size of melons and just as firm, topping these tits were bright pink nipples stood out firmly, begging to be sucked. As she unbuckled her belt, I couldn’t help myself from closing the distance and sucking on those firm little nipples, flicking them with my tongue excitedly. Going by the way she moaned, I don’t think she minded much either as I circled my tongue and suckled on them, nibbling slightly. I brought my hands to them, squeezing them, lifting them and just wondering how the hell someone can get natural tits this big and not caring because fuck they felt so nice.

“I thought you said you were in a hurry,” she taunted.

“I am, but they just look so good,” I said.

“Well, play with them all you want, but I wanna see that cock, I want that cock in me, and I want to cum harder than you made Kaitlyn and Brooke cum, okay?” Haley said, kicking off her shoes.

“Just take your pants off and let me eat your fucking pussy,” I growled.

“Fine by me,” she said, pulling her pants and panties down in one smooth move, revealing a plump set of pussy lips with an untamed field of curly red hair above them. Getting down on my knees, I dove in, giving that pussy a quick kiss, and a lick, and before finding her clit and sucking on the succulent little nub intensely for a moment. Haley moaned pleasurably, grabbing one of the metal racks of supplies behind her for balance. That I had that effect made me smile, because I then grabbed her by the hips, spun her around, and bent her over into one of those racks so I could eat her pussy out from behind.

Haley tasted different from Kaitlyn and Brooke but was her own form of pleasurable as her musky, tangy and already quite wet cunt welcomed my tongue in. I was stuck between wanting to draw this out to enjoy it and still wanting to get on to lunch, but I wasn’t one to pass up a good opportunity for some hot sex, so I was going to find a way to make this work out for both of us. I dug my tongue into Haley’s pussy, searching around for pleasurable spots while rubbing two fingers with increasing pressure over her clit, circling them and enjoying listening to the vileness spewing from her mouth.

“Fuck, you fucking nerd, god, you eat pussy good, fuck, Ryan, fuck, fuck, eat that fucking cunt, eat that fucking cunt because you know you won’t get any bette- FUCK!” Haley screamed out as I shoved three fingers into her sopping pussy, twisting them around so she’d shut the hell up about me and just start moaning.

“What was that you were saying? That you were the best I’d ever get? You ever think that this might be the best you’d ever get? That this fucking pathetic nerd could make your knees weak and your toes curl like no fucking jock could ever hope to do?” I hissed, standing up beside her, fingers still inside, pulling down my underwear with my other hand to show her my hard as a rock 10 inch cock.

“Oh, oh, oh,” was all she could say, every ‘oh’ ending rolling into a soft moan as I thrust my fingers deeper inside of her.

“You want that cock?” I asked.

“Yes,” she moaned.

“You willing to beg for it?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Haley whimpered.

I wanted to give it to her pretty badly by this point, but even more, I wanted to show her for her arrogance and being such a bitch to me. I leaned in to her ear and hissed, “Beg for it.”

“Please, Ryan, give me your cock!” Haley whimpered.

“If you’re not gonna give your best effort the first time, I don’t know what I’m even doing here,” I taunted.

“Please, give me your giant fucking cock, make me cum, make me cum and you can drain your cum all over my giant fucking tits!” she begged.

I had to give it to her, when she gave it her all, Haley was really good at begging. I pulled my fingers from her sopping cunt, lining my cock up at the entrance and thrust it all inside with one stroke. Her eyes bugged out as she screamed in surprise, and to silence her, I thrust my fingers coated with her pussy juice into her mouth. She suckled on them as if her life depended on it, licking them clean as I started to fuck into her harder and harder.

I pulled my fingers from her mouth, then gripped her giant, heaving tits in both hands as I fucked her. “Oh, you’re a dirty fucking slut like the others, aren’t you? You talk a big game, but swing a big dick in front of your face and you’re just a cumslut like the rest.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes I am, yes I am, god, I’m just a fucking big-titted cumslut, fuck, keep fucking me, fuck, I’m such a bitch all the time ’cause I can’t get enough, fuck, fuck, so good, fuck!” she yelped as I pounded her into bahis şirketleri the rack, harder and harder. I was afraid, for a moment, of all the noise we were making, someone had to hear us and someone would be drawn to the sound, but I didn’t care. For all her bitchiness, I was going to show Haley what I was capable of doing.

After the mouth and finger fucking I gave her at the start, it didn’t take long doing this for her to cum screaming, writhing and collapsing into the metal rack as her fluids rolled down her legs. I slowed, letting her retake her balance as I inched in and out of her. Panting, she looked back at me, planting a wet, lingering kiss on my lips. It must have been my imagination, but I could’ve sworn I heard a low moaning that wasn’t her not far off, but it must’ve just been me getting caught up in the moment.

Speaking of…

“So, you promised to drain my cum onto your tits?” I said, pumping into her for emphasis and enjoying the squeal it pulled from her.

“A deal’s a deal,” Haley said, wobblingly dropping to her knees and sucking on my cock. She got almost half of it into her mouth before she pulled it from her mouth, saying, “Get your phone? Kaitlyn and Brooke told me you’d want this in your ‘Senior Year Memories’ album, right?”

“Well, that was nice of them,” I said, reaching down for my phone and turning on the camera. Haley got back to work, first sucking on my cock, then burying it between her two giant tits. I never thought it’d be possible to see my cock disappear like that between a pair of boobs, but I’d never been titty-fucked by a girl with breasts as big as Haley’s, either. Actually, I realized I’d never been titty-fucked at all before, so this was a whole lot of new experiences wrapped up in one.

I thrust in and out of her tits, watching as my cockhead appeared and disappeared into the valley of titflesh as she held them together, licking and sucking on it whenever it got close enough to her mouth.

“That’s it, that’s it, keep fucking those tits, keep fucking those tits, feed me that hot cum, feed me, yeah, fuck, feed me, you like this, don’t you, me on my knees, taking your cock like that, don’t you? Wanna cover my face, my tits, make me a cumslut whore like the others, don’t you?” Haley continued talking between slurps, looking up into my eyes with such a want that it drove me over the edge.

“OH, FUCK, I’M CUMMING!” I roared, spraying shot after shot of thick, white cum all over her face, her lips, and even covering those giant tits of hers. Haley tried to keep up with it at first, trying to take in every shot that hit her mouth, but even that wasn’t enough, the cum pouring down from between her lips.

“Oh, fuck… wow, I’m just covered!” Haley said, laughing as she scooped up my cum on her fingers, sucking it off only to scoop up more. I was lightheaded from such a hard cum, but I was able to get a couple good shots of Haley looking up at me, coated in and eating my cum, adding them to the ‘SENIOR YEAR MEMORIES’ album.

If it kept filling up at this rate, it was gonna be one hell of a year.

“So, uh, yeah, thanks for that,” I said, looking for my clothes.

“No problem. You ever need a good tittyfuck, let me know. Just eat my cunt like that first, and I’m all yours,” Haley said, looking around for something to clean off with and settling on a roll of paper towels. Checking my phone, I saw that I still had forty minutes left of lunch.



Dressed in record time, I ran for the cafeteria, replaying our encounter in my head.

I knew what had happened these past couple weeks wasn’t normal, nor was it sane, but I was settled on thinking it was pretty fucking fantastic. There’s no reason a guy like me should’ve gotten so much ass like this, even with a cock as big as mine. It was a mix of dumb luck and a school with some impressively slutty girls, I knew that, but it was my dumb luck, they were slutty girls who were willing to give me the time of day, and I was loving it so far.

I was walking on air, or, well, running at the time. Hanging out just outside the cafeteria was my best friend, Tori, her mess of red hair crammed under a Regan Hills High School Puma’s baseball cap. Seeing me, she waved.

Having just had some awesome sex, and seeing my best friend waiting for me, it felt like nothing in the world could stop me.

Not even Kyle Bowman stepping into the hall in front of me.

“Collins, hey, buddy, I’ve been looking for you!” Kyle said.

Kyle wasn’t my buddy. Kyle was a six and a half foot tall wall of muscle with a tiny head and an impressively groomed blonde crew cut up top. He was a thug, through and through, but because he was rich, almost handsome and his thuggish side came out best on the football field, he was able to get away with pretty much anything he wanted. One of the things he wanted, apparently, was to make my life as miserable as possible, because, well, I made myself an easy target.

I wasn’t feeling like an easy target this day.

“So I’ve heard,” I said, looking to get past him. He stepped in my way. Toward the cafeteria, I saw Tori starting for us. She’s been able to fend off Kyle in the past, sometimes, but who knew what today would bring.