seen him before


seen him beforeIam not really into guys I love sexy well kept ladies but my sisters friend really caught my eye. I had a leak in my sink about a week back and I needed someone to fix it my sister told me she had met this Guy on xhamster and they had been talking for bout a month and seen each other twice cause he’s married .She asked him to take a look at it and he came over one day and I showed him where the sink with the leak was. I had just woken up an hour before so I was still in short and t shirt he came in and we talked fethiye escort and he went back out for his tools on his way back in I noticed his cock bouncing as he walked and I could not help having to look .He walked into the restroom open the cabinets and started to make room to work as I remembered I had left my foldout under the sink OMG! He just put it aside as I walked away embarrassed when I came back bout five min later he was on this back fixing the pipe and I notice his balls hanging out the side of his escort fethiye shorts I made no noise just stood there and looked for some reson it really turned me on I could feel myself getting wet. I then walked away before he notice and for sure I knew he had no underwear .I then let him I was going to the store I needed change to pay him he said OK and that he was almost done. As I came back I guess he didn’t hear the door so I walked up slow to get a last peak and saw him looking at his cock in my mirror WOW!! This just fethiye escort bayan turned me on I walked to the kitchen made some noise and he walked out again I notice his cock bouncing and I know he saw me looking so I offered him a water or beer he took the beer. I walked to my room to grab my remote for the TV a I took off my thong walked back and he was at the table and I asked how much and he answered what ever I want to give him so I bent over to get money out my bag and I noticed him threw my livingroom mirror pull his short aside and stroke his fat cock I felt like pulling down my shorts and asking him to fuck me. I turn gave him a bill and he said he had to go as we walked out I notice him pull out his cock again wow I was left so wet!!!!