Seductions Dominion


The cool hardness of a wall at my back, pressing insistently against my shoulders is a pleasant contrast to the flushed and eager warmth of the rest of my body. Flickering golden light dances across the planes of my face, throwing one side then another into shadows and starkness, reflecting fire from my crystalline eyes. I shiver, knowing that somewhere, in the room in which I stand, you are watching my growing arousal. I ache to see you, to allow my senses to feast upon the mere sight of your flesh bathed in the same radiance as mine.

Frustration mounts, making my bared nipples grow taut and full of expectation. Images in my mind ignite as I picture the blessed heat of your mouth enclosing first one, than the other sacrificial offering, devouring it and making ecstasy my master.

In another heartbeat, I know that you are there; I sense your presence. The measured inhalations you make seem to breathe my name with reverent desire. The shimmering candle-light is momentarily obscured, throwing a line of black across my abdomen, painting my body in stark lights and darks. Your shadow figure looms before and above me, and I gasp at the sheer power of my attraction towards you, looking up to catch the flash of your eyes as you fasten çiğli escort your ravenous gaze upon me.

Consumed by the mingling of our unspoken need, I am rendered immobile by the fierce intensity with which your eyes rake across my exposed skin. Each portion they slide across feels seared, as if by a tongue of arcane flame, and the spell you weave with silent incantations of promised pleasure threaten to push me over oblivion’s brink.

Step by agonizingly slow step, you move closer, refusing to touch me with anything more than your stare. I swallow convulsively, to relieve a sudden dryness, any words that would have been even remotely adequate are mysteriously locked in the parched depths of my throat. I slip my tongue out to moisten my dry lips and note your shiver of arousal at seeing my simple yet erotic gesture.

Knowing that in no way am I bound by any visible means to the wall at my back, I choose to remain motionless, prolonging the pleasant agony; wanting you to come to me. Making my lips form the shape of your name, I silently beseech you to come to me, to touch me.

You step even closer, allowing the light from the candles to once again gleam in my eyes, mirroring the fire that foça escort flares in their depths, inspiring fierce desire within us both. Eager to reach out for you, to run my hands across the smooth chest that is scant inches before me, I deny myself even that small pleasure. In the heat of the room, I can feel the beat of your heart, the pulse of the blood in your veins that with each surge, seems to whisper my name with utmost eroticism.

I close my eyes, as I feel the breath of wind that signals the movement of your body ever closer to mine. Your head lowers toward mine, and I know that your lips are posessed with an agenda all their own; their goal…… to coax, to enchant and to intoxicate me.

Electric fingertips glide up the outside of my arms at last and my breath rasps in my chest, strangled by the iron fist of my own flaring sensual response. I moan then, a sound that is at first soft, then increasingly more urgent as your magical hands reach the column of my throat. Your skilled fingers dance across my flesh, feathery strokes moving from my neck’s nape, to the oh so sensitive location behind and along the lobes of my ears.

I lean the weight of my body slightly forward, as your hands izmir escort slide down to cup the planes of my cheeks in the palms, your thumbs brushing over the swell of my full, slightly parted lips. Tilting my head up and back, until my neck is arched and bared to your hungry mouth, I shudder and cry out in a low voice as your lips and teeth descend to caress the smooth skin offered them.

Goose-bumps leap out in rows across my forearms, and my blood sings to the thrill of your touches. As your tongue pauses at the hollow where my pulse throbs a pagan rhythm, it flickers repeatedly against the quivering skin there, making my body arch up and forward, pressing the length of myself against you from shoulders to hips.

As if unleashed from an unseen bond, my arms embrace you, my fingertips stroking the nape of your neck, the nails tracing the flushed skin. I feel the urgency of your need, as your cock pulses against my inner thigh and with a sudden and devious decision, I slip a questing hand down between our bodies to stroke your shaft, to feel it throb in my gentle grasp. Leaning back against the wall, I press down firmly with my other hand upon your shoulders, making you look at me, a question in your glittering blue eyes.

Reading the silent request in the intensity of my return gaze, you drop slowly to your knees before me, your hands sliding their palms up the outside of my legs, stopping to grasp my hips firmly, rubbing a thumb on each side to and fro across the smooth flesh of my upper thighs.