Seducing a Younger Couple.

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Seducing a Younger Couple.My name is Cynthia and I am a happily married 41 year old. My husband Stephen and I live in a plush house in an exclusive suburb which overlooks Sydney Harbour. He is a marketing manager for a large retail outlet and I help out with the on-line side of the business. I have a more or less rubenesque figure and am very proud of my big natural boobs that have huge round coral pink aureoles. I’m always seeing men catching an eye full of them, even if I’m showing just a little bit of cleavage. I have more than a hint of cellulite on my bum and thighs, but I’ve learned to live with it. My husband thinks it’s sexy and over the years I’ve found out he is far from alone. If you ask me, the glamour magazines have got it way wrong about what men find sexy. In my younger years, I certainly wasn’t a prude, but I probably wasn’t overly adventurous either. After I met and settled down with my husband Stephen, we started to explore our sexuality more. As time went by, not much was off-limits to us. We participated in the Sydney swinging scene and after we got over the initial inhibitions which come with this territory, we really enjoyed the experiences. Over the years, I have collected and used a very larger number of toys, some of which I had also used on Stephen. I quickly learnt the art of licking a pussy and from the first time I tried it, I was hooked. To keep our sex life fresh, at the first day of each month we nominate a sexual adventure we would like to participate in that month. Each month we take turns at choosing and on the 1st May it was my turn. I put to Stephen the idea of finding a nice shy young couple in a bar or a restaurant, taking them home with us and fucking them silly. I thought it would be good to go back to the traditional way of finding some action – by spending some time on the town rather than trawling the chat groups. Not that I have anything against the latter, but I just thought that a young couple having a nice quiet romantic night out with each other, would never expect to end up having raunchy sex with a much older couple at the end of the evening. After a couple of weeks of trying, we didn’t have much luck. We didn’t find many couples that we were interested in, and when we did, we could never really click with them after initial flirting and a bit of chit-chat. We were starting to despair, but we decided to give it one more go on the last Friday of the month. That evening, we both dressed professionally and demurely, so as not to arouse the initial suspicions of our potential conquest. Part of the fun for this little adventure, is corrupting a nice young couple, so we didn’t want to scare them off straight away. I was wearing a calf length stylish black skirt and black stockings coupled with an emerald green top with buttons down the front and a nice suit jacket. Stephen was clean cut and dressed in a suit and tie that were stylish but conservative. We caught a taxi to one of the more upmarket piano bars in town, one that often attracts younger couples on special occasions such as birthday’s or anniversaries. We propped ourselves up at the bar. It was fairly early in the night, but we did spy a nice young couple that made my pussy tingle. Stephen also thought that the young lady looked delectable in the cocktail dress that gave her breasts a seductive fullness. Watching the couple though it was clear that they only had eyes for each other, and from overhearing little snippets of their conversion, it sounded like they were on their first date. Both of us thought that while it would be divine to have our wicked way with these two back at our place, it just probably wasn’t going to happen tonight. An hour or so had passed, and we’d had a few drinks by then, but no other candy had caught our eye. We were thinking of moving on to another bar we frequent, when in walked a couple that caught our attention. The girl was a tall but slender Eurasian girl. She was wearing a green cocktail dress, almost the same shade as my top. Her breasts did not appear large, but by the same token she wasn’t flat chested. As she glided in and sat down, I caught a glimpse of her backside which looked young and tight, but not overly muscular. She wore black stockings and a pair of black boots that came up to her shapely calves. The young man was tall and appeared a bit geeky and of average build. He was dressed in slacks, a collared shirt and a neat jacket. They lobbed at a table near the main bar and we watched them settle in and get their first drinks. As the young lady went to the bar for another couple of drinks, I left Stephen at our table and sidled up to the young lady and made a comment about how we did an excellent job at colour coordinating with each other. She smiled politely and l offered to get her and her boyfriend a drink. In a chatty tone, I introduced myself and my husband and asked her what her and her boyfriend’s name was. She responded with Angela and Jonathan. She was a bit taken aback about being bought drinks, but I insisted and asked her what they would like. She said they would both like a glass of house wine. Since I was paying I insisted that they getting something flashier – a cocktail perhaps. Angela seemed pleased with this idea, and she said that she really liked cocktails, but she and her boyfriend were university students so they were a bit short of cash. I bought Angela a Long Island Ice Tea and a rum and coke for Jonathan. I’d always found that I had an uncanny knack at working out what drink a person really likes and wants, and she seemed chuffed with the choices I had made. I followed Angela back to her table with the drinks and introduced myself to Jonathan. I asked if I could bring my husband over to join them. Jonathan seemed a little nervous about this, but Angela was quite relaxed and blurted out in the affirmative so that seemed to ease him a little bit. As we got chatting, we found out that Jonathan and Angela were on the anniversary of their first date, and they had also come to this particular bar on their first date. Angela was 19 and Jonathan was 20, and both were studying the same course at one of the local universities. I asked Angela where she got her exotic beauty from and she coyly replied that her mother was from Malaysia while her father was from England.Angela said they’d both been doing it tough financially so they really cherished a meal and a night out with a few drinks. They’d both been looking for some part time casual work that didn’t interfere too much with their studies, but they had struggled to find any. Stephen really seized on this and discussed what he did at work and how there were some options for on-line work, and he explained the sort of accounting work I was doing for the business from home. He said they had been looking for some new casuals to help out with a backlog of work. While this discussion was going on, I made sure I kept the drinks coming. After awhile it was clear that Angela and Jonathan were really starting to lose their inhibitions. Angela was resting her hand on Jonathan’s thigh, and lightly caressing it. Without going over the top, Stephen was complementing them on how both of them looked and what a great couple they made, and they both responded positively to this. By this stage they certainly looked very comfortable with our company. The bar was nearing closing time, so I suggested we go somewhere else, or alternatively that they could back to our house for another cocktail or a coffee and we could show them the type of work that they could be doing. We offered to pay for the taxi fare back to their home afterwards and they seemed happy with this. It was turning into a great night for them, they’d had plenty of free drinks, and now had a prospect of some casual work starting next week to ease their financial burden. Little did they know how good the night would get! We managed to flag down a taxi and we journeyed back to our home with this delectable young couple tagging along. We all got out of the car as they admired the house and its location. I opened the door and invited them in and after putting the car in the lock-up garage Stephen followed. kırklareli escort My pussy was wet with anticipation and I could make out through his clothing that Stephen’s dick was already rigid. After making and serving another round of drinks, I went to the bedroom to change, while Stephen busied himself and our guests in front of the computer screen and commenced explaining various bland data entry procedures. Looking back I still think Angela and Jonathan were blissfully unaware at this stage of the ribald we had planned for them. I emerged from the bedroom clothed in a much less demure outfit than I had on before and fixed another round of drinks. I changed into a loose fitting diaphanous top with a plunging neckline and underneath I wore a sexy lacy bra that pushed my breasts up and out so that a valley of cleavage was unmissable. I changed into a pair of relative short and tight shorts and only had a thong on underneath. Stephen looked up somewhat absently from the computer screen and playfully chastised me for dressing this way in front of our guests. I fobbed him off by saying that a woman should be allowed to be comfortable in her own home. Jonathan had moved to the couch, and I position myself near him so he couldn’t help but stare at my bulging cleavage. This worked a treat as he barely took his eyes off my tits and I joked out loud that Jonathan was mesmerised by my boobies. Angela was initially shocked by this, but the copious cocktails had reduced her inhibitions and her initial shock gave way to a mischievous grin. For his part, Jonathan just sat there and smiled sheepishly. With the pretence of a chaste evening for Jonathan and Angela slipping away, Stephen really kicked things off by suggesting that I let all of them have a better look, I feigned laughter and observed that Jonathan shifted in his seat somewhat uncomfortably and Angela has started to blush. Neither though seemed repulsed in any way by the turn of events that the evening was taking, and if my reading of their body language was right, there was the hint of excitement starting to be exhibited by both. Stephen suggested I get up and do a strip tease for our visitors and before either could respond I got up to commence, while Stephen chaperoned the willing Angela to the couch to sit to the right of Jonathan and he sat to the left. I placed a CD on and moved back to the centre of the room as some sensuous music began to play. I commenced moving to the rhythm, caressing and squeezing my breasts, caressing and squeezing, caressing and squeezing through the thin fabric. Jonathan looked hypnotised while Stephen smirked and stared fixedly at my hands and fingers as they performed tight circles around my large erect nipples. Angela looked flushed and slightly aroused as she stared as well. I slowly lifted my top to reveal my breasts in their beautiful white bra and I continued to stroke the upraised bounty above the bra. All eyes in the room were focussed on me, which I find simply sexy. I continued to caress my chest and gyrated my hips and ass until I moved close to Jonathan, bent ever so slightly towards him and then reached around and unclasped my bra letting it fall to the floor. My magnificent tits hung about a foot away from his face and I could hear his excited breathing. I then covered them back up coyly with my hands as I stepped slightly back from him. Stephen broke the moment by quietly asking Jonathan if he would like to fuck his wife while his girlfriend watched. Jonathan did not respond, but the perceptible change in breathing belied the answer. Stephen continued with his direct discussion, asking Angela if she felt a bit damp. Again no verbal response, but none was required as she shifted ever so slightly on the couch. Stephen smirked to himself as he reached smoothly to stroke the clothed thighs of both Jonathan and Angela. I continued my routine, letting my breasts sway to the beat and continued to caress them. Not surprisingly, I could see that both Stephen and Jonathan had rigid shafts in their pants. I let by boobs hang tantalising free as I started to work my hands around my shorts. I parted my legs slightly and ran the edge of a finger up either side of the inner side of the front of my shorts. I kept repeating this to the rhythm of the music, probing ever slightly deeper as I continued. Finally, I slid my short shorts down my legs and stood their in my thong and nothing else, my chest heaving from exertion and excitement. I turned around so my back faced my audience, bent down so my ass was in the air and gave all three a great view with only the thong covering my shaved slit and puckered asshole. I was almost certain that the aroma of pussy juices were starting to emanate through the room. I stood upright again and sidled over to Angela to give her a good view of my body and I looked straight into her alluring eyes and smiled lasciviously. I couldn’t wait to get the real action happening, so I danced for a minute or so more before sliding to the floor extending my legs out and upwards and sliding the thong off to reveal my pink pussy. Once the thing was gone I extended my legs further and held my pussy lips open. There was a plain box underneath the coffee table, and I released myself from my filthy pose to reach over, pick it up and open it and I pulled out a petite vibrator of about five inches long. I got comfortable again on the rug on the floor and started to work over my oozing pussy and then inserted it between my big pussy lips and started to fuck myself in front of my husband and these two young and sexy strangers. All three of my audience were no longer still. As I knew they would be, Stephen’s hands were all over Angela while he still kept an eye on me fucking myself. He is pushing up her dress with one hand while his other hand explores and softly kneads her breasts. Jonathan looked like he was going to burst and I told him that I want to see his cock and he doesn’t hesitate as he removed his pants urgently. He was so erect that the top of his cock was peaking over the waistband of his briefs and I can just see a hint of pre-cum glistening on his cockhead. I started to fuck my pussy harder with the vibrator as he unveiled his young hard cock. I removed the vibrator from my sticky pussy and asked him to lick my cunt. He got on the floor between my spread legs and licked me with long, slow, and strong strokes that tingled the side of my engorged clit. As I laid back in rapture, I glimpsed that Stephen had managed to hike Angela’s dress up to the top of her slightly parted thighs and was busy with a hand in her crotch. He was whispering in her ear, and while it was largely inaudible from where I was, I knew those whispered words will be lewd as hell. He motioned for Angela to stand up and she did so, extracting herself from her dress and stands their in matching bra and high cut panties. Stephen was vigorously rubbing his own cock through his pants as he gazed at Angela in her sexy underwear. It became all too much for me, the sight of my horny husband enraptured with the sensuous Eurasian girl, and the young tongue dancing around my pussy. My orgasm started deep and I felt my eyes loll around in my head as the waves of ecstasy crashed over me, and I let loose a primal scream. Uncontrollable I grasped Jonathan’s head in my thighs and came on his face, shuddering as I peaked. As the orgasmic waves subsided, I released Jonathan from the velvet vice of my soft thighs. As I caught my breath, I saw that Stephen had gotten his lovely cock out and Angela’s head was bobbing up and down on it. Her long dark hair cascading across Stephen’s thighs and obscuring his cock as it slid in and out of Angela’s mouth. Angela still had her panties on, but her bra had been removed, revealing a pair of amazingly pert breasts that were being kneaded with lustful vigour by my husband. Jonathan was still dutifully rubbing and caressing my inner thighs and I motioned for him to move up so I could start feasting on his solid cock. He did so and I took his cock into my mouth and started deep throating him while I lightly grasped and tugged his turgid scrotum. I escort kırklareli knew he wouldn’t last long and I as I stared into his eyes he let go with a salty blast into my mouth and down my throat. Some of it dribbled out the side of my mouth and dripped on to my tits. As I sucked him dry his cock started to soften, and I beckoned him to lay back and use my breasts as a pillow to watch the show that was unfolding. I sat up leaning against the TV cabinet with my legs spread and Jonathan sat between my legs and rested lightly on me, the back of his head in the middle of my chest. We were now both in perfect position to watch Stephen and Angela. Both Angela and Stephen were completely naked. Angela’s nipples were rock hard and Stephen’s cock was no different. Angela was now standing with legs slightly spread and she was bending over to allow Stephen to rub her shaven vulva from behind. We had a fine view of her face and boobs which were still pert when hanging down. Stephen was an expert at fingering a pussy and the squelchy noises of his hand in her wet pussy mingled with the sound of Angela’s shallow staccato gasps. My pussy was starting to get wet again at the sights and sounds. We could hear Stephen talking dirty to Angela, telling her that she was going to be fucked and sucked to heaven and asking if she enjoyed being watched by her boyfriend and me. Angela was speechless as Stephen’s digits worked her pussy into a lather, and she accelerated down the road of a massive orgasm. Her staccato gasps became long wails as she threw her head back and quivered with orgasm to the extent that it appeared her legs might give way completely.I turned my attention back to Jonathan whose dick was starting to harden again, but not yet to the extent that it was before. I massaged the inner sides of my boobs on the sides of his head and delicately nibbled on his ear. Stephen had now turned Angela around and she was mounting his cock, giving us a lovely view of her tight young buns. I whispered to Jonathan how sexy his girlfriend’s ass was, how much Stephen liked anal sex, and how I wanted his cock in my ass before the night was out. He started to moan and his cock was really standing to attention again, but I just let him sit back for now so we could both watch his sexy young girlfriend ride my husband’s cock. Stephen had tightly grasped Angela’s asscheeks and was holding them open as she vigorously rose up and down on his cock. At the bottom of the downward stroke, she ground into Stephen with her pussy and ass, before rising again. It took a little while, but Stephen got in tune with Angela’s rhythm and thrust upward as her young pussy slid down his cock. The odour of sex filled the room. They kept going at it hard as their bodies made slapping noises as they came together. The look on Stephen’s face was the intense look of a man building to orgasm and his cock strokes started to lose their rhythm before his head slumped forward as he filled Angela’s birth canal with sports of his semen. Angela continued to glide up and down his still hard cock as white froth slid down it. Angela dismounted and as she did so, cum gurgled out of her still slightly open pussy and landed in gooey splotches on the floor. I shifted Jonathan from my embrace, and told Angela that I wanted to lick my husband’s cum from her cunt. She didn’t raise an eyebrow to this as she is probably hungry for another orgasm. I found some pillows from the couch and positioned myself on the floor so that I could lie on my back. Once comfortable, I asked Angela to straddle my face. As her pussy descended I could see the gooey mess that my husband had made and savoured the unmistakable aroma of pussy juice and semen mixed together. We shuffled around a bit and both got comfortable and then I went to work cleaning up the mess. My husband had given her one hell of a creampie and splodges of my his cum still make there way out of Angela’s pussy hole and onto to tongue and face. Her breathing started to get frantic as my tongue lashing built up more momentum again and she squirmed around on my mouth and while one of her hands squeezes her tits. Jonathan got the message and started massaging his girlfriend’s tits from behind and helped to hold her steady as I rubbed my tongue up and down her engorged slit and up probed it into her used vagina. She started to climax again, even more vigorous and vocal than before. The contractions of her orgasming pussy caused more of my husbands cum to be ejected into my mouth. As her orgasm receded she hung above me somewhat limply, suspended above my sodden face by Jonathan as he held her under her arms. Stephen acknowledged our team effort with warm applause. Jonathan’s cock was rock hard again and I really wanted to feel a cock in my pussy. Jonathan assisted Angela to her feet and I got up and motioned for Angela to lay down just where I had just been. I then get on all fours with my pussy directly over Angela’s lovely face. I told Jonathan to fuck me and fuck me hard. With little hesitation he got behind me and directed his cock towards my moist hole. He was directly on target and it slid into my well aged pussy with ease. He grabbed my hips and started up a solid rhythm as he withdraw his cock to just the tip and plunged it back into my welcoming warm hole which was just inches away from his girlfriends mouth. Jonathan continued with a nice steady rhythm and I felt the tightness of another orgasm building. The speed at which it descended caught me by surprise and I let go a huge primal grunt as my pussy muscles contracted around the pole hammering away inside me. Jonathan’s orgasm was not long behind me and he fired a volley of semen into me. We held steady for a little before Jonathan withdraw his retreating cock from my cunthole. Once he had pulled out, I directed my pussy downwards towards Angela’s face and contracted my pussy to launch the load I’d received onto her. Almost involuntarily she raised her head to greet the oncoming goo, and then raised her head even further and start to lap and nibble at my pussy to dutifully clean up the mess that her boyfriend had left. We all spent a little bit of time recuperating and Stephen went and got us another serving of drinks. He also slipped on a DVD of a no-holds barred amateur orgy. On our massive TV screen with surround sound, it was like having even more erupting pussies and cocks in our living room. As the action unfolded on the screen, we saw some wicked anal penetrations as well as squirting pussies, fisting action, cumbaths, double penetration, as well as two cocks wedged in one engorged pussy. With the action on the screen, the naked bodies present, and the cloying smell of sex still in the room we had all become aroused again. Stephen scooped up Angela from where she had been sitting and carried her over to the pillows on the floor and quickly arranged her on all fours. He then picked up the tube of lube that was one the floor and squirted some on his fingers. He then started to slowly caress Angela’s puckered anal opening. Applying the lube softly and slowly, letting Angela relax and enjoy the sensations. Stephen kept at this for quite a period of time before starting to briefly dip the tip of his finger into her bumhole. I’ve been fucked in my bum by numerous men over the years, but Stephen is by far the best at getting a woman ready for the ribald onslaught of a cock pounding away in the back passage. His patience and care makes it so good that most women have toe curling orgasms from his anal attentions, even those who are unsure about the whole deal and have never climaxed from anal sex before. Stephen continued to further relax Angela’s sphincter, gradually working more and more of his finger in until he started to plunge his whole index finger in using smooth and slow strokes. All the time he was applying more lubricant. Angela moaned with building excitement as her anal passage became accustomed to the probing. With the help of more lube, Stephen sliped another finger in and continued the almost hypnotic rhythm that was accompanied by increasingly fervent moans from Angela. Watching this has made kırklareli escort bayan me long for some anal treatment as well. For me, the glorious vulgarity of anal sex is always a turn on, and provided the man slowly primes me in the first instance, I can really cum hard. I asked Jonathan to follow Stephen’s lead and get my asshole ready to be fucked. I knew my asshole would be a bit slacker than Angela’s and wouldn’t need quite the amount of attention to get it blossoming. I got myself into a doggy position so I could watch my loving husband fuck this nubile Eurasian girl’s asshole while I was anally fucked as well. Jonathan started to lube up my anal opening, not with as much skill as I know Stephen would have, but nonetheless he was getting the job done. I heard Angela squeal as Stephen started slowly and steadily to nestle his hard cock into her bumhole. He urged her to keep relaxing, and with one last firm push I could see that he was completely lodged inside her now. Jonathan had worked what felt like at least two and possible three fingers into my ass and was now probing away, sliding them in and out, and I savoured the increasing fullness. I told him to lube his cock up and slowly slide it into me. He fumbled a bit, missing the bullseye slightly in the first instance, but I told him to be patient and just work it slowly in. After a bit more effort his cock finally went into my accommodating anus and he started to gently slide it in and out. I pulled my asscheeks apart so he could have a perfect view of my anus clinging to his cock as he fucked me. Jonathan increased the speed at which he was fucking my asshole, no doubt spurred on by the vulgar view he was getting as he watched his cock buggering me. My husband was really fucking Angela hard now. Her body had obviously adjusted to the cock that was in her ass, and she was groaning in ribald ecstasy. My husband was withdrawing and plunging in with long strokes, and his balls slapped her asscheek’s on every plunge. He had a firm grip of her hips and was dragging her back on to his cock each time he thrust in. He started quickening up and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came. His raspy moaning was getting more and more urgent and I saw his asschecks tighten before he let out an almighty wail as he gave Angela an anal creampie. He continued to rock back and forth, his cock still embedded in her sphincter and sounds of increasing sloppiness emanated from Angela’s asshole as it filled to the brim with my husband’s seed. As he withdrew, I caught a glimpse of cum bubbling out of her gaping asshole Meanwhile the young cock in my backside was continuing to glide in and out, effortlessly now. I scrabbled around on the floor and found within reach the vibrator I had used before. I turned it on and rubbed it around vulva and slid it around my oozing slit before driving it between my pussylips. I was now in heaven as the young dick in my ass pounded away in combination with the incessant buzzing that filled my twat. I bit down on my lip and my whole body shook as an intense orgasm surged through me. I could feel Jonathan’s cock become harder for instance before it started twitching and I felt a flood of cum irrigate my colon. His cock quickly softened and pretty much just fell out of my now well used anal cavity. I thought it would be a while before both men were back in action, but I saw no reason why that should stop all the action. I went over to where Angela sat and picked her up. She let out a little yelp of surprise, but from the look in her eye I could see that the little minx was far from satiated. I laid her on the pillows on her back and bent over her and gave her a luscious kiss that she responded to instinctively. I withdrew slowly from the kiss, and went about adjusting her on the pillows so that her pussy and asshole would be both easy to access. There was still a dribble of my husbands cum emerging from asshole. I reached over for the box of toys I had opened before and picked out a sleek number about seven inches long that I knew buzzed extremely intensely. I looked Angela in the eyes as I slid the tip of the vibrator inside and around in my mouth. I then slowly lowered it towards Angela’s exposed pussyhole and I could see that she was holding her breath in anticipation. I placed it slowly onto her slit and against the edge of her clit. Her thighs tensed immediately and her eyes widened as the vibrations took hold. I teased her relentlessly bringing her to the edge of orgasm but not pushing her over. She twisted and writhed and finally I slid the vibrator into her oozing pussy. I repositioned myself so I could start feasting on the already overheated clit as I worked the vibrator in and out of her lush hole. I grasped her clit between my lips and sucked hard as I slid the vibrator firmly in and out. In no time at all she shuddered violently and ground her sodden vulva into my face as she came almost uncontrollably. As her panting subsided, I looked over at the two men and it became clear that the lesbian action in front of them had done the trick, their penises stood erect again. I craved another orgasm, so I thought I’d get the men ready for some extra special action. I got on to me knees and got my self comfortable and asked both men to come over. I arranged them so they were either side of my face and I grasped both their cocks. Gently tugging at them first and rubbing my thumb around the purple tips. I then took one in my mouth while I continued to tug and massage the other one. Every so often I alternated between cocks so that neither missed out. I licked the cocks from root to tip in long flat strokes and took each one down the back of my throat until I nearly gagged. I then moved both cocks closer together for some cock to cock teasing before jamming them both into my mouth. I rubbed the purple tips against each other, sliding them around, pushing them together. I positioned them just how I wanted them and with a little bit of work I was able to take both of them in my mouth and I kept sliding them into my mouth while pushing them together. Angela was watching this and I could see she was getting excited again! She came over, reached under me and started rubbing my pussy while rubbing her firm breasts lightly against my back. Both cocks were fully coated with my slobber as I withdrew them from my mouth and let them go. I told Jonathan to lie down and I mounted him, his cock sliding straight in, and I languidly fucked him as Angela started to give my husband another blowjob. My husband knew what I wanted though and politely withdrew his hard cock from Angela’s bobbing head. He came around behind me, pushed my weight forward, and spread my asschecks. With deliberate swiftness, Stephen put his cock at the entrance of my already occupied pussy and pushed until his cock slid inside me and up against Jonathan’s cock. About 11 inches of cock was wedged in my accommodating pussy. Stephen started fucking my distended pussy, his cock sliding along Jonathan’s with every stroke. After a little while, Jonathan also picked up the rhythm of Stephen’s thrusting, and he began fucking me in unison. I was overwhelmed with fullness as both cocks plunged away in my birth canal, To top things off, Angela started fondling my tits and squeezing and twisting my nipples quite hard. I knew I couldn’t resist this onslaught and I came yet again. As I was coming it was too much for both men as well. I don’t know who came first, but both squirted more seed into my pussy. Stephen pulled his cock out of my hole and offered it to Angela who obliged cleaning it up, tasting both her boyfriend and my husband’s cum mingled with my pussy secretions. I jumped off Jonathan and after Stephen was cleaned, Angela did the same to him. Both men were now well and truly spent and I was largely satiated. I chaperoned Angela to the shower where we both started to clean ourselves off as we both knew this hot night was drawing to a close. I couldn’t resist giving Angela another orgasm though with the showerhead! After we were showered and dressed, and both men had showered individually themselves, we arranged a taxi for our guests and sent them on their way. We ended up employing both Angela and Jonathan, although we never had sex with them again. But as we all know, there are plenty of lovely young couples willing to be coerced into activities of a sexual nature, and these are stories for another time!